The Frontstretch: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Pocono Race Recap by Matt McLaughlin -- Monday June 7, 2010

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Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Pocono Race Recap

Matt McLaughlin · Monday June 7, 2010


The Key Moment: On lap 188, Denny Hamlin, who dominated the second half of the race, reasserted himself by retaking a lead he wouldn’t relinquish.

In a Nutshell: After three hours of tiresome triangular tedium, folks are sure going to be discussing those last 35 laps for awhile.

Dramatic Moment: Due to a cornucopia of strategies during the final caution periods, the fastest cars ended up mired in traffic in the waning laps. The fastest of them won, but a bunch of the rest ended up scrap on the final lap.

What They’ll Be Talking About Around the Water Cooler This Week

Where was the caution when Kasey Kahne’s car got in the grass and hooked hard right into the wall on the final lap? Hamlin had the race won. Because there was no caution thrown immediately, drivers like Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman ended up running wide open into the carnage. It is flat out amazing to me there were apparently no serious injuries in that melee.

What has relative newcomer Denny Hamlin got figured out about Pocono that has eluded even talented veterans like Mark Martin? (Who has finished second here six times, but never won.)

Wow, do you think Joey Logano is a bit miffed at Kevin Harvick? I don’t know about commenting on another driver’s wife like that, especially if you’re single. And I doubt we’ll be seeing Kahne and A.J. Allmendinger enjoying a few laughs and a game of paper triangle football at the local Waffle House after Monday’s team meeting at RPM.

Psst. I’ve got a secret for you. Want to see some of the old school style racing me and the other old folks are always going on and on about? Order up coverage of Tony Stewart’s All-Star dirt track race Wednesday night from Eldora. As an added bonus, profits help a variety of good causes.

Class, compare and contrast… Darrell Waltrip’s incessant irritating self-promotion in the booth, and Kyle Petty’s more laid back self-deprecating humor. I know which I prefer. Welcome back, TNT.

Was it just me, or was there more passing under the rain delay than there was for the first hundred laps at Pocono? What a sorry-ass snoozer most of this race was.

The “Gillette Profusion Whatever the Hell the rest of the official title was” ended a charming anachronist trend that dated back to 1997 wherein the two Pocono races were simply known as the “Pennsylvania” and “Pocono” 500. Yeah, it’s a minor issue, but I guess track management at Pocono needed a few bucks to pay the note on the “World’s Largest Restroom.”

Only three drivers chose to do the weekend double, flying from Pocono to Nashville to compete in the Nationwide series race. Those drivers finished 1-2-3 in Saturday’s event. Draw your own conclusions as to what that says about the health of NASCAR’s AAA division.

Kyle Busch chose to shut down one of his truck teams this week. Busch is the latest in a long series of Cup drivers who have found that this owner/driver scenario is tough. In Busch’s case, it was a litany of sponsorship woes, wrecked race vehicles, and unpaid bills that caused his current problems. Somehow, these guys just aren’t getting the message that the best way to make a small fortune in race team ownership is to start with a large one. It makes what Kevin and DeLana Harvick have been able to accomplish as team owners that much more remarkable.

Denny Hamlin’s victory burnout was very impressive… right up to the part where he bounced the front of his car off the wall.

Denny Hamlin did a burnout that would have made John Force proud to celebrate his win, but lost a ton of style points for nosing the car hard into the wall to finish his freestyle exercise.

Hey, did you hear that the Pocono race track property now includes a 25-acre solar farm, a hotel, and a restaurant just in case this racing thing doesn’t work out? Track owner Dr. Joe Mattioli professes that he’s “scared to Hell” when he sees the number of empty seats at some tracks this Cup season. That ought to set some bells to ringing down at the NASCAR headquarters in Daytona Beach.

I don’t know what to make of this, but I’m hearing that this week MLB umpire Jim Joyce was offered a job with NASCAR to officially determine if debris cautions have to be thrown in the final ten laps of a race.

Did former Cup champion Bobby Labonte really just start-and-park a car? What happened to ending your career with some small measure of grace and class?

The Hindenburg Award For Foul Fortune

Clint Bowyer dominated the first half of the race, but he joined the multitude of drivers slapping the third turn wall and his Chevy was never the same again.

Kasey Kahne took one hell of a lick in that final lap wreck. Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin (who had the front end of his Chevy shorn clean off), Martin Truex, Jr., and Greg Biffle were all lucky to escape that incident unscathed.

Joey Logano probably deserved a top-5 finish. Certainly, he deserved a chance to speak to Harvick after the race to clear the air after winding up 13th. (I do want to say Logano did a nifty bit of driving to keep the No. 20 car out of the wall after getting tagged. He just about had it saved, too.)

When Jeff Gordon won’t even accommodate the TV cameras long enough to plug his sponsors, you know he’s well and truly pissed off. His 32nd-place day was a struggle with a particularly bad ending… and this is a track where he used to dominate!

Mark Martin’s midseason slump continued with a 29th-place finish at Pocono.

The “Seven Come Fore Eleven” Award For Fine Fortune

Sam Hornish, Jr. probably raised a lot of eyebrows and earned some respect with his dogged drive to retain the top spot late in the race.

There was nothing about the way Tony Stewart’s car was running most of the day that indicated it might be capable of a top-5 finish. In fact, it looked like one of those race cars that was destined for show duty at mall openings in a few years, but Stewart went on to finish third.

If you looked at the radar images just prior to the race, it seemed there was no way they were going to get 500 miles in on Sunday. NASCAR did a remarkable job drying a two-and-a-half mile track after the band of showers passed through the area.

It’s hard to consider a fourteenth-place finish fine fortune, but it was flat out cool to watch Ryan Newman just run his car up into the wall and keep it wide open to finish the race after he apparently lost steering in the final lap wreck.

Worth Noting

  • The top 10 finishers at Pocono drove two Toyotas, six Chevys, a Ford, and a Dodge.
  • Joe Gibbs Racing entries have won six of the last nine Cup points events.
  • Kyle Busch (second) has now strung together eight consecutive top-10 finishes in the Cup series.
  • Tony Stewart’s third-place finish was his best since Bristol.
  • Kevin Harvick (fourth) has missed the top 10 just once in his last seven outings in the No. 29 car.
  • Jeff Burton (seventh) has top 10 finishes in four of the last five Cup races.
  • Clint Bowyer (ninth) led more laps Sunday (59) than he had in all the other season’s races combined (49).
  • Sam Hornish, Jr.’s eleventh-place finish was far and away his best result of the season.

What’s the Points?

Kevin Harvick retains his points lead, but is now just 19 ahead of Kyle Busch in second. Hamlin’s fourth win of the season advanced him forward two spots to third in the standings. Matt Kenseth is fourth, while Kurt Busch rounds out the top 5. Hendrick teammates Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon are now sixth and seventh.

Jeff Burton, Carl Edwards, and Greg Biffle round out the top 10. Mark Martin is eleventh, while Clint Bowyer returns to the top 12 in points, advancing a spot to twelfth.

Ryan Newman fell out of the top 12, down two spots to fourteenth. Tony Stewart advanced three spots to thirteenth in the standings, and is now just a single point out of a playoff berth.

Overall Rating (On a scale of one to six beer cans, with one being a stinker and a six pack an instant classic) — The first 150 laps of the race were about as awful an occurrence as I can imagine that didn’t feature live kittens being fed into a chipper. But things got pretty hot there in the last 35 laps, perhaps even a bit too spicy on the last lap, so we’ll give this one three cans. At least they got it in on Sunday.

Next Up: The Cup circuit heads off to Michigan to start that stretch of the season I call the Summer Doldrums… a spate of typically somnolent races that drags on until Bristol in late August.

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06/07/2010 01:39 AM

First off a Huge Shout Out to Jayski for Honoring the Veterans on the 66th Anniversary of D-Day. Thank You Jayski and THANK YOU VETERANS.

Nice piece on Richard Petty with Kyle during rain delay. Sure is nice to watch a Cup race that is not being dumbed down.
Larry Mac did a good job, I can not stand his weekly lose/tight bit on fox.

Did I hear Kyle Petty say that Kurt Busch got a penalty for not having a valve stem cap on(safety issue), that cow catcher is way more of a safety issue then a valve stem cap could ever be.

I also was wondering about Bobby Labonte and if he start and parked (heard they may start doing this). Its bad enough when you have past “racers” like Joe Nemeckek and Dave Blaney doing this, but a past champion. Where is his pride.

Good to see Joey have a little fire even though I believe the contact was just a racing incident with 2 laps to go. I do not mind the GWC but this is at least the second time, the first being Martinsville where they threw a VERY quick caution so that we would have a GWC.( not a Jeff or Denny fan, but they had the races won before nascar manipulated the out come of these races).

Where was Kasey brain, yes A.J. blocked him but Kasey had plenty of time to hit the brake before going into the grass. Could it be the team “all-star” does not like being in 3rd place in team points?

Looking forward to Wednesday Night at Eldora for the Prelude, good hard racing with no points and for good charities. Will be in turn 1. Go Rowdy

Bruce Florman
06/07/2010 01:41 AM

According to the “unofficial” results on, Jimmy Johnson finished 5th and Mark Martin 29th.

Bad Wolf
06/07/2010 01:56 AM

I was reading Mulhern and he had a piece on teams switching drivers to gain more owner points, which dropped Robby Gordon from 34th to 36th and caused him to miss the race. Now that’s BS.

Agreed on the switch from Fox to TNT. How refreshing to not hear the pre green flag schtick of Larry and Darrel, and no self promotion and schilling. I also thought the piece on the Petty’s during the rain delay was great. Does Fox make Larry Mac act like a country bumpkin buffoon on purpose? He’s much better in his role on TNT.

06/07/2010 06:13 AM

Jimmie Johnson’s mid-season slump continued with a 29th place finish at Pocono.
Hmmmm…..I thought he did much better than this.

06/07/2010 06:40 AM

Found it hard to follow the race Sunday – TV coverage didn’t show the leaders as much as usual.

Also, did DW have a cold or something? Commentary was severely lacking.

Glad the start of the race got postponed – 1:00 is too early. Give us time to get home for church and have lunch!!!!

Bill B
06/07/2010 07:10 AM

The wave around rule once again guarenteed that no one fell off the lead lap and that the first 180 laps meant nothing. Then it was followed by the obligatory crapshoot at the end ensuring that even guys that kept their now clean all day had to draw a number to see where they finished. What a joke of a racing series.
I offered to bet my friend 5 bucks that there would be a debris caution within three laps once the race reached the halfway point (ensuring that the race was official). NASCAR didn’t disappoint, at lap 97 a debris caution came out to bunch up the field and get everyone back on the lead lap. BTW, my friend wouldn’t take that bet. Where was that debris anyway?

Bill B
06/07/2010 07:13 AM

Oh yeah, what a pleasure it was not to hear “reach up and pull those belts tight one more time” followed by “boogity, boogity, boogity”.

06/07/2010 07:17 AM

“ It is flat out amazing to me there were apparently no serious injuries in that melee.”


“Want to see some of the old school style racing me and the other old folks are always going on and on about? “ – No.

As for TNT – I really liked Kyle’s analysis of the cars coming through turns three and four at pocono. He must have said it 5 times yesterday.

“What happened to ending your career with some small measure of grace and class?” – Who was the LAST driver to do this? Mark Martin? Terry Labonte? Kyle Petty? Sterling Marlin? Dale Earnhart? Ward Burton? No one does this.

06/07/2010 07:34 AM

Couldn’t have said it better myself , WELCOME BACK TNT !! . What a difference after having to endure clusterfox . No agenda , no pre-race stories followed relentlessly while ignoring everything else ( though Lary tried to , the others refused to play along ) , cars besides Johnson and Gordon actually get on tv with TNT . Alexander was a little weak , Wally and Kyle were good as usual .
No Bad Wolf , Larry actually IS a bumpkin . He is by far the weak link in the TNT coverage . There are a number of very smart ex crewchiefs who could blow Larry into the weeds with their knowledge and correct use of the English language . Why he and Hammond keep getting work is a giant mystery to us all .

06/07/2010 07:44 AM

I agree , TNT did a very good job . They covered the race instead of covering the pre-race story lines . I do think the after race interviews were a bit much . Some of these pit reporters are only interested in creating a story rather than reporting on one . Trying to goad the drivers into insulting each other is pretty low rent .
I know i was ready to shoot myself when the rain delay came . Just when we thought it was safe to watch a NASCAR broadcast again , we’re stuck with Larry for two hours . Which director or producer thought that was a good idea ?

slander q. libel
06/07/2010 07:53 AM

Ok, how about this: Delana Harvick vs Joey Logano in a no-holds-barred cage match. I don’t know about anyone else, but my money’s on Delana…

06/07/2010 07:56 AM

i had read a few weeks ago that bobby labonte would be start-n-park cause his team lacked sponsorship.

what no comment about the bubba-repair of the pothole? i thought it quite interesting how they used cardboard to smooth out the epoxy.

i was surprised with g/w/c cause i thought hamlin had taken the white flag before the caution came out. don’t they get it…g/w/c = major wreck.

during rain delay, was it logano that phil parsons was talking with and something was said about phil needing to eat and phil said he was wearing his brother benny’s uniform. driver looked clueless.

06/07/2010 08:05 AM


GWC = Big Wreck
Wrecks = Drama


06/07/2010 08:05 AM

@ WCFan: I agree with you whole heartedly. Kasey had every opportunity to avoid wrecking his car. It was just plain stupidity to keep going all the way to the grass.

@ Matt: It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? If not for NASCAR’s “debris” cautions, Pocono would have gotten a 1 can rating. The mis-management of the racing sucks, but it is the only reason the end of the race was as competitive that it was. It’s depressing that one of the last independently owned race tracks on the circuit produces such uninspired racing.
Whether he’s single or not, Joey hit the nail on the head. Delana is definitely the man in that relationship! That’s ironic, too. Because she is sooo damn HOTTT!!!

@ DansMom: lmao and you had the audacity on Friday to claim that you are not an idiot!
I just hope that you were praying to be transported to Oz so that you can ask the wizard for a brain.

@ Slander: I’m with you, and it wouldn’t even be a close fight. Delana would score a first round knock-out on Joey.

06/07/2010 08:30 AM

Nice reporting in your “What’s the Point’s” section, Ace.

The #2 and #48 each gained a spot, and did not lose a spot as your wrote.

Someone also pointed out that Johnson finished a tad better than 29th…try 24 spots!

You have been mailing this column in a long time…now I guess you are just cutting and pasting from old columns!

06/07/2010 08:37 AM

Hey, did you hear that the Pocono race track property now includes a 25 acre solar farm

Wait…aren’t all farms solar farms??

Bill B
06/07/2010 08:43 AM

GWC = Big Wreck
Wrecks = Drama


I guess anyone can learn to type but not everyone can learn to think.

06/07/2010 08:47 AM

Jim – Matt hasn’t writen a good column since 2001

Noel – can’t we be ladylike? Why do you insist on bashing me without backing up your claims!?!?!

Carl D.
06/07/2010 08:51 AM

The last driver to retire with class was probably Harry Gant… that guy oozed class.

As for Labonte start & parking, he has a contract and I guess he has to honor it, but it will be cold day in hell before I wear one of my many Bobby Labonte t-shirts or ball caps.

Joey’s tantrum was fun to watch. I still think Delana could take him in a fistfight, though.

bobofthemtns…. good point, although I have heard stories of plants being grown indoors with artificial lights

06/07/2010 08:54 AM

Anyone else notice how long it took for the caution to come out after that big wreck?

All day long cars were barely spinning, or just running through the grass and the caution comes out immediately. Are NASCAR officials watching these wrecks in awe or something?

Carl D.
06/07/2010 08:57 AM


“Matt hasn’t writen a good column since 2001”

And yet you keep coming back. I think you’re secretly his biggest fan. Come on out of the closet, Darlin’

06/07/2010 09:00 AM

to DansMom…i believe Rusty Wallace definately finished his career with grace and class…he had a win in his final year (i believe) and definately was in the ‘chase’.

06/07/2010 09:01 AM

You think Kasey made a rookie mistake???? Rewatch the video! It shows Kasey had the run & it also show AJ himself went all the way to the grass to put Kasey there. Kasey had no other choice. AJ made a deliberate move to block Kasey even though Kasey had the faster car. Just how do you think he could have avoided this at this speed? Lifting? Braking? Yep you try it & let me know the results!

06/07/2010 09:41 AM

DansMom: I can’t be lady like, I AM A MAN! Dale Jarrett, Ricky Rudd, and even Michael Waltrip retired with (some) class.
I didn’t bother to answer your question, because you are incapable of holding a thought in your empty head.

06/07/2010 09:44 AM

Oh yeah, and DansMom, if you were looking for me to back up my statement about you being a brainless idiot, see Kurt’s article from Friday, it’s there for the whole world to see.

06/07/2010 09:46 AM

Dan’sMom — this is TNT, not Fox — DW is now shilling on the Racdeday program on Sunday’s not in the booth, thank goodness.

TNT did a lot better with their coverage than the Fox crowd. The PXP needs work, I’d rather Ralph Sheheen was in the booth instead of Alexander, but Wally & Kyle are better to listen to than DW & Larry Mac. Did you notice – there was NO cheerleading.

I still think Pocono needs to cut the length of the races by 100 laps and shouldn’t have more than 1 race per season particularly not 2 events in a 6 week span.

In case NASCAR is interested – I’m not a fan of manipulating the races for “excitement” purposes. The GWC restarts at the end of the races have all resulted in a bunch of wrecks and are in Tony’s words “stupid”.

06/07/2010 09:50 AM

I secretly think that this column is written by a team of retarded monkeys in a bouncy-castle.

Managing Editor
06/07/2010 10:30 AM

Matt’s errors have been corrected and the points totals have been updated. Mark Martin, not Jimmie Johnson was 29th; we sincerely apologize for the errors.

Chris Evans
06/07/2010 10:42 AM

I agree with Tony Stewart’s comments about ‘stupid’ racing. That wreck yesterday at the end was dumb and was an indirect result of Harvick’s contact with Logano.

Also, that was pretty embarrassing that Hamlin wrecked his car celebrating his victory.

I agree that it was good to see Logano show some fire but I wish one time the drivers could confront each other without a million people between them on pit road. The crewmen always start acting like they are bodyguards for rappers when someone like Harvick is confronted. Can he not speak for himself anymore?

If Harvick had shown some patience he would have passed Logano cleanly within the next two laps and the ridiculous huge wreck at the end could have been avoided.

The comment about Harvick’s wife was a funny cheapshot by Logano. I would think that Kevin Harvick believes that he has a co-partnership with his wife. Maybe it is in name only but I think she owns the Nationwide Series and Truck Series vehicles for Harvick. She is also one of the few wives that wears a fire suit on pit road.

As President Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.”

06/07/2010 10:49 AM

Wait wait wait… Wouldnt Mikey Waltrip have to RETIRE first before he could do it with SOME class? And I’m not a doctor but I don’t consider what Mikey did the past few years as classy. I can field a junk car and spin out every 50 laps. That doesnt take a classy driver.

06/07/2010 10:56 AM

I cant wait until Danica shows up in Cup series and starts dating Joey Legano. With her hot body and pure skill combined with his hot temper and growing driving talent they would be god’s gift to NASCAR.

06/07/2010 11:25 AM

One more small error – there was a fourth driver who did the Pocono-Nashville double (McDowell). That is, if you can call S&Ping doing the double.

Anyway, did anyone else think NA$CAR’s track inspectors need to step it up? How long after the track was dry did it take them to even find that pothole, much less fix it? Do they not have enough personnel to run the dryers and check the track at the same time? It just seemed to me that they could have gotten started a lot quicker than they did.

And one more observation – trees do not a catch fence make. I wonder if Pocono will look at that when they install the SAFERs on the infield wall later this year? Eh, probabaly not.

06/07/2010 11:46 AM

You’ve gone new-school on us, Matt! The beginning of this race had faster cars moving to the front, cars passing for the lead (not many, but if only two teams came to play, that’s not their problem), and plenty of green flag stops! Then it descended into un-necessary cautions to give half the field a lap back followed by a shameful wreck-fest at the end. Maybe your “two races at Pocono” idea was a good one: a 450-miler with no debris cautions, and a demo derby in the infield afterward because apparently it’s not exciting unless there’s a pile of wrecked racecars.

And I love that Tony puts on the Eldora race, but he has a tendency to stink up the show if he’s driving in it. At least during this race’s “boring” start we had two teams stinking it up together!

Mullet Dan
06/07/2010 11:57 AM

Mom, the short bus is here.

Doug In Washington (State)
06/07/2010 12:09 PM

This wasn’t the first race Labonte parked it at. He parked at Dover too.

They’ll park until they fall out of the T35. With Labonte’s Champion’s Provisional (he has 5 left) they won’t miss any races, and all he has to stay ahead of are cars that have missed races this year anyway. Besides, he’s “competing” against Front Row (Back row?) Motorsports for the last spot in the T35 anyway.

06/07/2010 12:44 PM

“ but it will be cold day in hell before I wear one of my many Bobby Labonte t-shirts or ball caps.”

That about sums it up for me to. I was once the biggest Labonte fan in the country, growing up rooting for Terry and later Bobby. To see Bobby throw his career away the way he has was just too much for me. I understood the attempt to help the Petty’s, and I went along with it, right up till he turned down the obvious overtures from RCR to save his career which told me he had no interest in competing anymore…and now he’s down to start-n-park. It’s nothing short of sad.

BobM In PA
06/07/2010 01:03 PM

I’m a conspiracy theorist. I think Hamlin ran into the wall on purpose messing up the frontend. This way the Na$car inspectors wouldn’t be able to properly inspect the front end. Just like they stopped drivers from jumping on the roof, they should keep the winning car in order. Dam, he is too good there.

06/07/2010 01:42 PM

Bob that’s a great theory, but what if he didn’t win the race? It would be rather suspect (or montereal Nationwideish) for a random top 5 car to burn-out and hit the wall.

Reminds me of that scene in Dumb and Dumber “But Harry… what if he’d shot you in the face?”

06/07/2010 04:13 PM

Harry: “Lloyd… Peety didnt even have a head!”

Lloyd: “Harry, I took care of it.”

06/07/2010 06:28 PM

Please start posting the points standings as they really matter… according to the chase:
1.Hamlin 2.Johnson 3.Shrub 4.Kurt 5.Harvick 6.Kenseth 7.Gordon 8.Burton 9.Edwards 10.Biffle 11.Martin 12.Bowyer
The only way to expose the craziness of Brian’s point system is to use it all of the time! Everyone ignores the “reset” after 26 races have been run. Lets not ignore it anymore – lets use it all of the time and show how ridiculous it is.

06/07/2010 06:34 PM

Scruffs, it’s not rediculous. Since when has a driver 13th in points EVER made up enogh gound to win a championship?

06/07/2010 07:17 PM

The umpire could never work in NASCAR. He admitted he made a mistake and that never happens under Emperor Brian and his toadies.

Richard in N.C.
06/07/2010 07:36 PM

Grace and class are not areas in which the media has exhibited any expertise – like the media outlet that reported the death of Coach Wooden the day before it occurred.

06/07/2010 11:35 PM

Larry Mac and the English Language? Mutually exclusive. I still cringe when I recall his comment during the first All Star Race – then the Winston – he worked as an announcer. Nearing the end of an admittedly exciting event he exclaimed, causing English teachers everywhere to run for cover, “They ain’t nobody here what hadn’t went home yet.”

My wife an English teacher, almost passed out.

I wrote to FOX trying to point out that NASCAR was trying to appeal to a broader audience and this sort of spoken prose did nothing to help that cause. Clearly that note fell on deaf ears.

Don’t even get me started on either Waltrip.

06/08/2010 02:10 AM

Paul – THANK YOU! I enjoy racing. In fact, I love it. However, I swear my IQ drops about 1.5 points every time I watch a broadcast or read the comments posted by other “fans”.

People – LEARN TO READ, SPELL, and WRITE! It’s OK, the English language will not bite you. You can learn it … I think!?!?!?

BTW, if I see “rediculous” one more time I am going to throw up. The only thing that could possible mean is to “diculous” again. If you are not smart enough to figure out what I am talking about then stop posting and spend your time with some badly needed learning tools.

Paul – thank you and your wife. I nearly pass out on a weekly basis but for sure would have fallen had I actually heard Mac’s butchered sentence live on the air.

Margarrita Chicken
06/08/2010 07:40 AM

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. . . Does that mean there is no more Digger! CRAP, only 8 more months until FOX returns to racing. I hope Mikey is in the booth next year for FOX. Are the digger cartoons on DVD yet?

06/08/2010 07:58 AM


Vomit yet?