The Frontstretch: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: New Hampshire-2 Race Recap by Matt McLaughlin -- Monday September 20, 2010

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Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: New Hampshire-2 Race Recap

Matt McLaughlin · Monday September 20, 2010


The Key Moment – Tony Stewart ran out of gas coming to the white flag, handing the race lead and win back to Clint Bowyer, who had dominated the first two-thirds of the event.

In a Nutshell – The race is not always to the swift, or the battle to the strong…

Dramatic Moment – With passing at a premium at NHIS during extended green-flag runs, action tended to get heated on the restarts. Such luminaries as Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, the Brothers Busch, Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth, Chasers all, found themselves spinning or dodging wrecks on those restarts.

What They’ll Be Talking About Around the Water Cooler This Week

The quarterback controversy with the Eagles, the wild-card race in MLB, and what’s wrong with Tiger. In fact, they’ll be talking about just about anything but NASCAR racing because once again the sport’s New York, pre-Chase blitz barely earned a blip on the radar of popular culture. Now hold on thar, Bubba-Louie; NASCAR officials are said to be thinking about changes to the Chase… which is sort of like a fellow who has just taken off both hands in an industrial accident considering a trip to the ER. But not according to the legendary vernacular of Big Mike Helton: “We are not going to react just for the sake of reacting. At the end of the day, it is what it is.”

Our Matt McLaughlin has a little NHMS speech of his own prepared for Bruton Smith: Fix this track.

Remember when Bruton Smith first bought New Hampshire and had big plans for the joint? Rumors were rampant he was going to dig the place up and start over again with a one-mile version of Richmond. Then, the economy went like Patton and hit the tank, meaning we’re still stuck with the almost flat track better suited to the modified division than Cup cars. C’mon Mr. Smith, take the bulldozers to this place and fix it as you have at so many of your other tracks. Then, the folks up in those parts will figure out I don’t hate New England, I just hate this configuration of asphalt, snowmobile licensing requirements in New Hampshire, and the song “Time in New England” by Barry Manilow.

I’ve made this point before, but apparently those with the power to fix things were sniffing model glue that weekend. This whole Chase nonsense was supposed to give NASCAR some traction in the ratings war against the NFL, the most lopsided combat since the U.S. invaded Grenada. The NFL games and the race were both slated to start at one o’clock according to TV Guide. But while ESPN was re-running the same teaser that started the pre-race program, the Eagles and Lions (to cite a local market) were already on the field with two minutes elapsed in the game. The Steelers already had seven points on the board and the race had yet to start! The Eagles scored a touchdown while the pit reporters had their last round of pre-race predictions. In fact, the first quarter of most NFL games were nearly over before the green flag waved. (As helpfully noted by the ticker at the bottom of the race broadcast.) Here’s the deal: If the race is scheduled for one o’clock, by a minute after the cars should be racing. If you spot the NFL seven minutes, you’re not even going to catch up to their dust-trails.

It did seem this week that ESPN was cognizant of some fans’ complaints that they only focus on the Chasers, not the other 31 cars on the track during the final ten races. Of course, that’s a lot easier task for them when Dale Junior misses the Chase but has a top-5 run.

Tony Stewart’s temper has come a long way from an early career filled with more tantrums in one race than you see from guys over the course of a full season.

The New Hampshire track prides itself on an early string of sellout, standing room only crowds, and pretty healthy ones at that even during the economic downturn. Yet when compared to those measures, Sunday’s attendance can only be termed disappointing. Yes, I realize the economy is in the toilet, and New Hampshire isn’t the only track to struggle to fill the oversized grandstands they built in the salad days to rake in the cash. But it’s time for New England race fans to stop bashing me, telling me they deserve their two race dates because they sell out every year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In fact, I’ll probably be muttering it on my deathbed clinging to my sled “Rosebud…” “We gave up North Wilkesboro for this mess?”

Maybe he is growing up as well as growing older. Remember when back during his rookie season Tony Stewart ran out of gas leading at New Hampshire? It was the first time most NASCAR fans saw the truly petulant side of Stewart as he blamed everyone but himself for the problem. Today, he suffered the same fate, but assumed blame for his finish rather than throwing anyone under the bus.

If this week’s column seems shorter than normal, I have my reasons. I had a left rear molar go abscess on me Saturday night and I am fighting with all my might to get this column done and hang on until Monday to see a dentist rather than going bankrupt heading to the ER tonight. I’ll probably have another root canal procedure, but frankly I’m looking forward to that more than next spring’s New Hampshire race.

The Hindenburg Award For Foul Fortune

Tony Stewart ran out of gas with a lap and a few yards left to run while leading the race. He coasted home 24th.

Jimmie Johnson’s title defense got off to a less than auspicious start with a 25th-place finish after Kyle Busch got into him trying to avoid his brother’s spinning car and a wheel left loose on a pit stop. So that’s it for Johnson’s title hopes, right? Anyone else remember back in 2006 when Johnson finished 39th at Loudon and dourly reported his Chase chances as over? That was the year he drove to the first of his four consecutive Cup titles.

Apparently, it wouldn’t really have mattered if Mark Martin made the Chase. His car was off song all day and an equalized tire put the final nail in the coffin late in the race. He wound up 29th, two laps down.

Matt Kenseth became the latest victim of Brad Keselowski’s “Legend in his Own Mind” driving style en route to 23rd.

Kurt Busch’s Dodge became “the Twilight” zone for anyone running in close quarters with him. Many entered but few escaped as Busch struggled to contain his ill-handling Dodge, winding up 13th.

Clint Bowyer claimed victory at New Hampshire after a day in which he was both lucky AND good.

The “Seven Come Fore Eleven” Award For Fine Fortune

It looked like Clint Bowyer was going to have to settle for second after dominating the race and putting more people to sleep than a carnival hypnotist. But when the No. 14 car ran out of gas late, Bowyer retook the lead and was able to complete the final lap without fuel issues of his own.

Jamie McMurray was penalized for a tire that got away from the team during a pit stop, but rebounded to a third-place finish.

Denny Hamlin was spent spinning by Carl Edwards, but drove back to a second-place finish.

Worth Noting

  • His victory Sunday at Loudon was Bowyer’s first in 88 Cup starts (Richmond, May 2008).
  • After enduring his worst result of the season last week at Richmond, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. rebounded with a fourth-place finish Sunday. Next to Daytona, NHMS has been Junior’s best track of 2010. Four of his seven top-10 finishes to date this year were scored at those two facilities.
  • Kevin Harvick’s fifth-place finish was his best since he won at Michigan.
  • Jeff Gordon’s sixth-place finish matches his best since Pocono in July. It’s now been eight races since Gordon enjoyed a top-5.
  • Kyle Busch (ninth) has a string of four straight top-10 finishes after New Hampshire.
  • Sam Hornish, Jr.’s tenth-place finish was his best of the season and the first for any Penske driver not named Kurt Busch.
  • The top 10 drivers at Loudon drove six Chevys, three Toyotas, and a Dodge. Carl Edwards just missed putting points on the board for Ford with an eleventh-place finish.

What’s the Points?

Due to the contrived nature of the Chase, there was a whole lot of shaking going on in the standings. Denny Hamlin, however, remains atop the heap with a 35-point lead over Clint Bowyer. Bowyer moved up ten spots to second in the standings with his win, while behind him Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch remained third and fourth, respectively.

Jeff Gordon advanced three spots to fifth in the standings, while Kurt Busch dropped to sixth. Jimmie Johnson tumbled five spots to seventh in points, 92 behind Hamlin, while Carl Edwards moved up a spot to eighth.

Greg Biffle fell two spots to ninth, while Jeff Burton held onto the tenth position after also running out of gas on the final lap. Tony Stewart fell five spots to eleventh, 124 behind after his fuel issues, while Matt Kenseth fell a spot to twelfth, as low as any Chaser can fall this season.

Just outside the top 12, Jamie McMurray in fourteenth trails Ryan Newman by just one point.

Overall Rating (On a scale of one to six beer cans with one being a stinker and a six pack an instant classic) – We’ll give this one two cans of Natty-Bo, the worst beer ever brewed. The ending offered an unexpected surprise, but the “Sixth Sense” it wasn’t.

Next Up – It’s off to the White Cliffs of Dover, and not a moment too soon. The entire Northeast is enduring a drought (great for motorcyclists, not so good for farmers and those with allergies.) There’s no surer way to ensure rain than to schedule a Cup race in these parts.

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09/20/2010 12:38 AM

[quote]In fact I’ll probably be muttering it on my deathbed clinging to my sled “Rosebud”, “We gave up North Wilkesboro for this mess?” [/quote]

Yeah, really. What a joke. Lousy, er, Loudon, just plain ass sucks. Newsflash to the idiots that say “we sell out” at New Hampshire. Of all the tracks Bruton Smith owns, NH has the third fewest seats, behind only Kentucky and Infineon.

Try selling out 160,000 like Bristol or Texas before you get too excited. Dumbasses. Even at that, give me Darlington, Rockingham, or North Wilkesboro ANY DAY.

The Mad Man
09/20/2010 06:54 AM

Even after giving away thousands of $40 tickets the place still had empty seats. I wonder how bad it would’ve looked had they not given away all those free tickets? Have they become the new Fontana?

09/20/2010 06:56 AM

Stewart hasn’t grown up…he’s just realized that when he goes on a tirade he makes his owner look bad.

Smart move giving Junior all of Mark Martin’s best engineers, eh? It’s only taken Junior 27 races to score three top fives. Meanwhile Martin’s been running like crap.

I was thinking about the race starting well past 1:00 too. I don’t know how these people think sometimes.

Good stuff as usual Matt.

Bill B
09/20/2010 07:09 AM

I thought that race was OK except for the mystery debris caution that NASCAR threw when it looked like one of their Chase boys might go a lap down. In all fairness you should have gave it at least three good beers or maybe four crappy beers.

Ghost of Curtis Turner
09/20/2010 07:28 AM

In the words of Bart Simpson:
“I didn’t think it was possible to suck and blow at the same time.”

Pretty bad when the free seats on the back streach hill are empty….

Carl D.
09/20/2010 07:29 AM

I thought yeasterday’s race was pretty darned good. Lots of excitement, surprises, and best of all, some hard racing. I don’t like the chase, but since we’re stuck with it, what a great way to start it off and generate some interest. At least Nascar got one thing right… oh, wait… next year the chase starts in Chicago(land), one of the most boring tracks on the circuit. Could the Nascar bosses be any more inept?

Carl D.
09/20/2010 07:43 AM

One more thing…

The way I see it Matt Kenseth was just as much at fault for the contact with Brad Keselowski as Brad was. A past Championship, or even the name Matt, doesn’t mean Kenseth is beyond making a mistake. Matt came down, Brad drifted up, and Matt got wrecked. It was just the result of hard racing.

09/20/2010 07:53 AM

why would you even think about trying Natty-Bo?

Carl D.
09/20/2010 08:14 AM

And one more thing… there’s no QB controversy in Philly. Anyone who would start Kevin Kolb over Michael Vick is an idiot. The real controversy is whether Andy Reid is an idiot or not.

Kevin from PA
09/20/2010 08:16 AM

Shame on you Matt!! The Chase is working!! ESPN actually talked about the race results and the Chase standings for 30 seconds this morning!!! That is about 25 seconds more than they normally devote to NASCAR. I mean that was 30 seconds of J-E-T-S talk that they gave up just for the Chase.

Bet you feel silly now!!

Kevin from PA
09/20/2010 08:20 AM

Hope you get feeling better by the way.

09/20/2010 08:39 AM

Wasn’t the modified race on Saturday better than Cup? If you ever get a chance to see them live don’t miss it and take ear protection. God I miss Richie.

Watched football yesterday (CFL-Our balls are bigger)
Seems Johnson’s horse shoe is upside down. How come he was the first car one lap down and there was no caution for a Pierre Debris spin? Emperor Brian can expect a call from Mr. Rick about now.

The race yesterday wasn’t even mentioned in the TV program listing in the Sports pages but Soccer was.

Mike In NH
09/20/2010 09:00 AM

Ghost: there are NO backstretch hill “seats”, just grass, and no free seats anywhere. That area is for the folks who paid for the premium RV spots, and they were all on their roofs since the hill is too low to see the frontstretch.

I was there and there was a lot going on and some pretty fun racing, but of course I can probably count on one or two fingers the number of you critics who’ve actually gone to the race. And as usual, while there were some empty seats, there were always lots of folks out of those seats either standing down near the track or at the bathroom or what have you. But please, don’t let me confuse you guys with the facts. Carry on.

09/20/2010 09:44 AM

As someone that lives in the heart of baltimore, I take offense to the Natty-Boh comments. While it is, by far, not the best beer in the world… there are definitely far worse beers. It’s also really tough to beat $0.50 happy hours!

Didnt get to watch the race, but listened to it in the car. I thought the sat radio broadcast was awesome, so I bet the TV had to be freakin sweet!

09/20/2010 10:25 AM

Mike in NH is right, I doubt most of these critics have ever been to Loudon. It’s been 10 years for me since I’ve been to a race at Loudon as I live in the south now, but Loudon is a great track for spectators. In person the racing is great, it’s tough to hustle a car through the corners there. The modifieds are great, but then they are Nascar’s best division. I’ll take the magic mile over Kansas, Kentucky, Chicago, Michigan, Vegas or California any day.

09/20/2010 10:27 AM

Hey Matt! When the race was putting me to sleep early, I was thinking the same thing about them giving up NW for this horrible track! But those of us faithful will get to see some great racing at the ProCup Race at North Wilkesboro on October 3rd. We’ll be there and it works out well that race will save us from having to watching the boring Kansas NA$CAR race on TV. Come on down!

Mr. H
09/20/2010 10:44 AM

I owe the tv viewers an apology . I have paid huge sums of money ( under the table of course ) to the booth , the pit reporters , the tv production crew , the directors , NASCAR , hell , even the tv networks themselves to make Hendrick Motorsports the ONLY thing they show or talk about . I’ve even gone to the extreme of making NASCAR hold up the start of the race until one of my ego maniac crewchiefs makes his official pre-race speech to the tv viewers… errr , i mean to the crew . I realize there are other teams and drivers in the race , but none are nearly as important or loved as my teams are .
And i’m getting damn mad about not giving you , the fans , the 100 % HMS coverage you want . My media people reported that the network only devoted 71 % of the entire broadcast to my teams . And worse yet , JJ / Gordon only received 68 % of that time .
I know that you , the fans , don’t think nearly enough air time is spent on my teams . And i don’t feel that i’m getting my monies worth . But believe , i will keep pushing my way in , paying off everyone i can think of , until i and my teams get all of the tv coverage . Or until my ego manages to kill all interest in NASCAR racing , whichever comes first .

Bill B
09/20/2010 10:47 AM

Awww come on. I’ve lived in Baltimore my entire life (almost 50). I’ve drank a lot of beer. I tried National Boh once…. ONCE!
I understand backing the “local team” but it’s kind of a bit of a joke here when you think about it. All I know is I won’t drink it. More power to anyone that does (hope the money they saved was worth it).

09/20/2010 11:23 AM

Mad Man, are you serious with the Fontana comment? As someone who attends NH races regularly, its obvious the author and those bashing the track have never been to a race there.

Premium RV tickets are on the backstretch and NHMS holds more fans than Kentucky. While the turns (the last tickets sold) looked empty towards the bottom the frontstretch was full. And North Wilksboro can’t hold 100,000 people like NH can. Sorry.

And TV is only as good as the network covering it. Showing Matt Kenseth car by himself lap after lap with 30 laps to go will give everyone the impression that the racing sucks.

Poor babies. The drivers actually have to earn their paycheck when they go there. Just terrible. Last time I checked your local short track was flat so your comment about the track being flat as being the cause of the boringness (is that a word?) doesn’t hold water.

The racing that you think sucks is because of the car and points racing, not the track.

09/20/2010 11:27 AM

I was at the race yesterday (laconia Grandstand, Turn 3) and the racing was fantastic. People just don’t understand unless they’ve been there. Mike in NH knows what I’m talkin’ about. McLaughlin? Why don’t you take a seat.

Mike In NH
09/20/2010 11:38 AM

And apparently the #11 team didn’t get the memo that “passing is at a premium” at NHMS. But then again, they are racing professionals, not journalists and posters….

psych1c vamp1re
09/20/2010 11:57 AM

Matt, if ANY track in NA$CAR needs a bulldozing, it is Pocono. They could build you a new North Wilkesboro, and maybe you would finally shut your mouth, or at least use an industrial saw to remove both of your hands. Then maybe somebody that can get the idea that it’s NOT 1994 anymore could have your job. By the way, just to keep you informed, New Hampshire is MUCH more “Northeast” than Delaware, which could best be described as MID-ATLANTIC!!! Maybe when the dentist does your root canal he could drill right through your cranium

psych1c vamp1re
09/20/2010 12:02 PM

@ DansMom: Denny won SIX races (so far) this season. That is more than any other driver. You should try to think about what you write before you write anything!!!

09/20/2010 12:20 PM

I must have been watching a different race, Matt.

Loudon’s race was about 3-4 times more exciting than last week’s Richmond race. I should know, I was at the Richmond race and was bored to tears (never though I’d say that, either).

Yesterday’s race provided some of the hardest side-by-side racing I’ve seen all season. It’s the first race in quite a while that didn’t require the DVR fast-forward button to get through!

Can your negative comments and start watching the race!

09/20/2010 12:25 PM

Matt, I had a root canal ache when I was at a race at Michigan Speedway around 1980. Five hours each way plus a stop at the border. The only way to ease the pain was to bite down on a toothbrush. When I told the dentist he said he’d never heard of that. Hope it’s over soon.

Kevin in SoCal
09/20/2010 12:33 PM

My favorite comments today are the attendence issues. It doesnt matter if a place holds 60,000 and they’re all full, its better than a place that holds 140,000 with “only” 100,000 full. Those empty seats are a blight on the sport and the track, and dammit, we should be racing at that 60,000 seat place. [/sarcasm]

By the way, how many seats does your typical baseball or football stadium have? 50,000? 60,000?

09/20/2010 12:35 PM

I’d say it was the tooth talking, but then again Matt is always grumpy!

09/20/2010 12:37 PM

Did anybody else notice that NASCAR RACING was listed in ABC’s schedule for the 6:30 – 10:00 P.M. SAT. night? Instead they had news and game shows broadcast. Damn the luck.

psych1c vamp1re
09/20/2010 12:55 PM

DansMom No, your point still makes no sense. The complaint about Cup drivers in Nationwide races is about Full Time Cup drivers running full or part time in NA$CAR’s development series. Denny is NOT a full time Nationwide driver coming to steal all of the wins in Cup. He IS one of the Cup regulars that does come over to dominate the Nationwide series.

09/20/2010 01:21 PM

Here in New England we had/have a beer called Narragansett (‘gansett for those with no taste or smell glands) it was so bad that when the catch all brewery that bought all the defunct beers names and re-brewed it, they actually made it better.

The race was great. You could tell the drivers were being tested especially at the end of their tire runs. There was quite a bit of passing mid pack. When Burton then Smoke ran out of fuel the crowd was stunned.

I gave it 5 ‘guest’ beers (beer you buy to impress your guests) as opposed to make you sufer with the ‘gansett.

There were tons of people there and they were SELLING tickets right up until the start.

09/20/2010 01:25 PM

Attendance ain’t racing…

so why do you even report on it?

09/20/2010 01:47 PM

Hey, Matt…Does your face hurt?

It’s killing me!

What time was the appointment? Tooth Hurty?

Boy, I crack mysef up.

Others made the point first…the race yesterday was waaay better than the Richmond snoozer.

But if it’s not within 125 mile of Charlotte, I guess it can’t be a good race.

I guess we should move all the races back to the Southeast. Then the networks will drop their coverage and internet columnists like Matt can go write about something else, because he won’t be able to write his column without watching on the tube.

09/20/2010 01:57 PM

Anyone else notice that Jr only does well when the race doesnt really matter? I mean a 4th place finish the week after the chase is decided? Talk about not handling the pressure.

09/20/2010 02:19 PM

Can’t wait to hear you defend Dover next week

phil h
09/20/2010 02:27 PM

Matt,sometimes I think you won’t be happy until Nascar is gone.Geesh,are you sure you like racing?

09/20/2010 02:44 PM

I was there and the attendance was excellent…don’t see this as being nothing more than something you news reporters trying to stir the pot and make something out of Nothing.

Race was excellent, that good long green stretch of racing (just over 100 laps) was even good…why cause the cars race here.
Those of you complaining only because there are not a lot of wrecks goin on, you want wrecks watch crash derby’s…this is nascar. And yes the chase format does kinda suck. Love NH, Love Nascar

Bill B
09/20/2010 02:49 PM

OK DansMom,
I get that you are trying to be cute with the Nationwide vs Sprint driver argument… BUT IT IS SO STUPID.
For the record… If someone drives the full schedule of Sprint then they are considered SPRINT CUP drivers by the majority of normal people. At that point (full SC schedule) it doesn’t matter where else they run, they are considered Sprint Cup drivers. I understand this is a tough concept to understand but that is what has become the norm when labeling drivers. Society is so demanding isn’t it?

09/20/2010 03:02 PM

Wow Matt, I must have been watching a different race than you, because I thought that that was one of the most exciting races of the year. It certainly beat last week’s snoozer. I like the fact that NH is unique race track, not another cookie cutter. I saw lots of passing, how did Hamlin & Jr get to the front?

09/20/2010 03:11 PM

Matt doesnt actually watch the races. My guess is that he writes the majority of his column before the race actually happens and then fills in the specifics after he checks Good thing frontstretch is paying him for all his hard work.

09/20/2010 03:19 PM

Matt McLaughlin should think to himself rather than thinking out loud.

This column is a waste of time.

Brians Mom
09/20/2010 03:58 PM

Looks like we have a whole slew of new handles from GoldMom this week, with a couple of them arguing between himself. How many seats did you have at the race, “Nascar Crusader/Dans Goldmom and the rest of your Cybilesq split personalities? Do they charge you extra because so many people live in your head?

09/20/2010 04:17 PM

Gee, Dansmom, I’ve usually felt that your comments were those of a corporate shill, but your comments about Nationwide regulars beating up on Cup guys shows a level of zen awareness and humor that seems to have gone right over the heads of most of the other posters,even those who recognized the sarcasm.
Besides, who watches the Nationwide races anyway? It’s always the same thing; either Kyle or Kevin or Carl or Brad or Joey or Denny or Clint or Tony wins. Why even race when you know who is going to win.
Good thing Little Gator won one and Who Said.
Oh, and also that owner/driver dude; you know, the one who does those mayonnaise commercials.

09/20/2010 05:02 PM

NFL Redzone was having a free preview yesterday.

Every time I changed the channel back to ESPN, they were in commercial.

Yeah, I was able to catch the laps that mattered (10 to go through the checkered flag, and when Jimmie Johnson spun out), but other than that? A Slate full of good football games vs. a race at New Hampshire?

Sorry NASCAR. You lose.

psych1c vamp1re
09/20/2010 05:24 PM

DansMom: I’m psychic enough to see that you are retarded. Do you also complain when college football players make it to the NFL? Denny is a CUP driver full time, and races part time in the Nationwide series. I think you are just upset that Jimmie is falling behind. How’s that for my psychic abilities?!? By the way, for the record, if you read my other posts, I think I made it clear what I think of Matt’s thoughts about the race.

09/20/2010 05:40 PM

Psychic, why would anyone be upset that a college football player made it to the NFL? That doesnt make any sense. I dont think you reserve the right to call anyone retarded.

09/20/2010 05:48 PM

Oh my god North Wilksboro closed 14 years ago. Quit crying about it. The sport outgrew it. I like the racing at NH, its a really unique track in circuit dominated by 1.5 mile tracks. The place looked pretty full yesterday, and the racing was excellent.

09/20/2010 06:01 PM

How did Denny Hamlin get to the front? If I am recalling correctly he got spun out and was forced to the pits to get tires and gas. Thus when a long green flag run ensued, he had fresher rubber and enough gas to finish. As other drivers peeled off into the pits, he “passed” them. At a track like NH where tire falloff is signifigant (Ie they wear out, not actually fall off the car) it’s easy to look like Superman.

Basically the same deal with Junior. It was pit strategy. (Or maybe NASCAR let him run a 502 stroker to get him back up front.

What I didn’t see was a lot of hotly contested passing. What I saw too much of us was drivers courteously waving one another by. That’s not racing. That’s lawn tennis.

When Stewart ran out of gas and Bowyer passed him do you consider that an exciting pass for the lead? I consider it shooting bass in a barrel.

09/20/2010 06:28 PM

How long did it take for the first “If the chase ended now…”?

09/20/2010 07:27 PM

hum, glad i’m not the only one that thought they saw a different race than matt. i think that quite often.

i guess i just overlook the empty seats now, unless it’s really noticeable. i know before ams race, i got all kinds of mail offering me special deals, and they gave away a ton of tickets on radio and at car dealers, that’s why elliott grandstand was so full, as those are the cheap seats now. i’m getting the email and snail mail pieces from dega and charlotte.

stewart gambled on fuel, so did bowyer, but he had enough. stewart still gets mad, he just tempers it now cause he needs sponsorship.

i wonder if the diecast will become available of the 4th place car that jr drove at new hampshire. i’m sure someone will drop $60 on it.

dover is mid-altantic….delmarva area – delaware-maryland-virginia. and they way overbuilt that track years ago. man sitting in that traffic is as bad as atlanta traffic.

naty bo… worse than naty-bo. naty bo is good for steaming chesapeake bay blue crabs. sigh…can’t get them in ga either, and way too expensive to have shipped to me.

hope the root canal didn’t set you back too many $$$. when i had to have one, it was $1000 out of my pocket and $1000 from insurance. or course that included the crown as well.

09/20/2010 09:40 PM

Lefty Got it. Twighlight TOTALLY missed it.

09/20/2010 09:53 PM

I think they are giving tons of free tickets away to all the races.

Great Clips gave 20,000 tickets to its customers for the Atlanta Busch race.

Attendance and paid attendance are two different things.

09/20/2010 10:01 PM

You want to know why Bruton didn’t bulldoze the place? Because some drivers actually LIKE the racing here. This place is unique and Sunday it proved why it deserves a little respect. Everyone touts a place like Richmond for a great “classic” NASCAR race. The race I saw yesterday was head and shoulders above what Richmond produced last week for drama and intensity. The haters and “classic” NASCAR snobs need to get over themselves and realize the sport needs variety to survive.

09/20/2010 11:21 PM


So where’s the variety?

North Wilkesboro, Rockingham, a Darlington race… all unique tracks, all dropped over the years for more 1.5 mile cookie cutters… or even worse, California.

But, ISC doesn’t own unique tracks, so there we are.

09/21/2010 09:49 AM

Hahahahaha… twilight!