The Frontstretch: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Kansas Race Recap by Matt McLaughlin -- Monday October 4, 2010

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Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Kansas Race Recap

Matt McLaughlin · Monday October 4, 2010


The Key Moment – On lap 206, Greg Biffle powered by Paul Menard to take over the lead en route to an easy victory.

In a Nutshell – This race was easier to stay awake for than the last few. After all, it finished earlier.

Dramatic Moment – There was some intense racing there towards the end, but it was for the second through sixth-place positions. By that point, Biffle had presumably showered, changed into his street clothes, done his interviews, and was halfway home.

Kyle Busch’s Chase hopes took a hit when contact from David Reutimann, meant as payback for an earlier incident, messed up his rear end.

They’ll be talking about David Reutimann’s revenge hit on Kyle Busch for awhile. Discussing the incident after the race, Reutimann wore a “Reutimann’s Collision and Repair” T-shirt. Maybe he can have a new one silk-screened that reads “Reutimann’s Collision and Revenge?” (For the record, the repair shop is still in business down there in Zephyrhills, Florida. I wonder if they’ll find a badly tweaked yellow Toyota in the lot awaiting repairs Monday.)

If you were still awake, Matt Kenseth and Kevin Harvick waged a great battle near the front for a few laps. It looked sort of like stock car racing there for a bit.

What They’ll Be Talking About Around the Water Cooler This Week

Perhaps, nay certainly, Sunday’s event wasn’t the best race ever, but it was nice to see some new faces up front for much of the day.

Yet another great moment in NASCAR TV broadcasting! ESPN2, saddled with the pre-race program, had no audio other than annoying white noise for the first half-hour. The amazing thing was with the TV muted, Allen Bestwick and Brad Daugherty’s mouths still imparted the same amount of useful information as if viewers did have sound.

OK, maybe ESPN/ABC is listening to the fans after all. (We have full audio.) It seemed there was an actual attempt to move the start of the race forward closer to the actual announced 1 PM ET start time Sunday. Ultimately, the effort failed, but it at least looked like they were trying. (For the record, the Baltimore-Pittsburgh NFL game was two-thirds of the way through the first quarter when the green flag dropped. Who cares about a Steelers-Ravens game? Fans in Pittsburgh and Baltimore might be asking the same about a Chase race.)

“Look! It’s side-by-side racing for the lead. Guess it’s time for a commercial break!”

The question has to be asked. In a race with only five legitimate lead changes all day, why was it ESPN took the camera off Harvick and Stewart on lap 171 as they prepared to swap the lead to show fans racing further back in the pack? It was pretty clear that Stewart had a run on the No. 29 car, but fans saw the pass which they watched developing only in replay.

Don’t count me among their swarmy numbers, but my guess is right about now some casual fans are rethinking their opposition to bogus debris cautions in the waning laps of these races. If it gets any worse, I’d fully expect to see Mike Helton doing a swan dive out of the starter’s tower to draw a yellow.

Hey, you don’t have to be a race fan not to think too highly of Brian France! Here’s a multimillionaire who married and divorced the same woman twice in five years and is now behind in alimony and child support for his twins. The lawyer defending the interests of the former Mrs. France had this to say about Brian: “Mr. France apparently believes that he may engage the courts of this state in the same way he runs NASCAR. That is, he can make the rules, interpret them, and when he disagrees with them, change or ignore them.” Ouch. Maybe this cat is a race fan after all.

Want to pick an over/under number on how many articles NASCAR scribes bang out for tomorrow announcing that Jimmie Johnson is a prohibitive favorite to win his fifth straight title and anointing him the “Greatest Gul-dern Stock Car Driver That Ever Wuz?” (There’s not a lot else to write about, eh?) As the networks might say, “If the Chase were to end right now…” to which I’d add, “Most of us would probably be greatly relieved and easily able to find more productive and entertaining ways to spend the next seven autumn afternoons.”

It was a picture perfect year for Dario Franchitti over in IndyCar, winning both the Indy 500 and the points championship after Will Power faltered at Homestead.

Want to see how a season finale ought to be run and a championship decided? If you weren’t one of the tens of dozens of folks to catch the IndyCar season finale on some cable entity named “Versus,” look up the race on YouTube. Dario Franchitti, who entered the event second in points, led much of the race, running right beside Tony Kanaan lap after lap, wheel-to-wheel. Meanwhile, points leader Will Power (who has the greatest real name in all of auto racing) was running a spirited fourth, a few car lengths behind, but knew he’d have to make up another spot to take the title. The end of the race was a bit of an anticlimax, as Power put himself into the wall and Franchitti slid back to the last car on the lead lap. But the notion of a points leader needing to run third or better rather than finish 42nd in the season finale was thrilling. Drivers actually racing for a championship? Get someone at NASCAR on the horn; I think that’s the sort of novelty they need next year rather than eliminations.

My, how times have changed. Dover Downs, the casino owning entity that also owns Dover Motorsports, that track and its two race dates, would like to sell off its racing division, but apparently neither the France family and the ISC nor Bruton Smith and SMI have expressed any real interest in acquiring the track and its dates. That’s a far cry from a decade ago, when the two entities were fighting tooth and nail and flashing hundreds of millions of dollars for ownership of any track that had a Cup date. Dover Downs has already shown it is unwilling to lose money on its racing subsidiary by shutting down Gateway, which already had two Nationwide dates in place. However, the company announced a merger Tuesday with their casino operations which will help offset the loss of running races at the track and their other facility, Nashville Superspeedway – for now. Like our friend Mr. Dylan used to moan, “The times, they are a-changing.”

The Hindenburg Award For Foul Fortune

From hero to goat in just one day: pole sitter Kasey Kahne blew a shot at a decent finish after a wreck shortly after the race’s halfway point.

Winning the pole didn’t do Kasey Kahne any good. He lost a tire and drove into the wall on his way to a lowly 37th-place finish.

Kevin Conway, driver of the Extenze car, ran 38th after his engine prematurely ejaculated its reciprocating assembly.

Poor Kyle Busch. Who knew the Aaron’s Lucky Dog was female? As it turns out, paybacks are a bitch.

Jeff Burton ran up front most of the day, but after the penultimate pit stop some mechanical issue or ill-handling set of tires ended his chances at a respectable finish. He dropped to 18th.

The “Seven Come Fore Eleven” Award For Fine Fortune

Jimmie Johnson got blocked in his pit stall early in the race and spent much of the event running midpack before reasserting himself all the way to a second-place result.

Casual fans can be forgiven for not knowing Greg Biffle was in the Chase. Heck, some of them probably thought he’d retired this year. The win couldn’t have come at a better time for Biffle and the Ford camp.

Kyle Busch’s wreck paid unexpected dividends to his teammate Denny Hamlin. Hamlin was about to go a lap down when the caution for the Reutimann-Busch incident saved his afternoon. That’s probably why Kyle was so blasé in his post-race comments. Well, that and the Ritalin.

Worth Noting

  • Greg Biffle is the only driver to score a victory driving a Ford in the Cup Series this year. He also won at Pocono in August.
  • Jimmie Johnson (second) has top-3 finishes in four of the last five Cup races.
  • Kevin Harvick’s third-place finish was his best since he won the Michigan race in August.
  • Jeff Gordon’s fifth-place finish was his best since Chicago.
  • Carl Edwards (sixth) has finished twelfth or better in the last twelve Cup races.
  • Matt Kenseth (seventh) led laps for the first time since the first Michigan race.
  • Paul Menard (eighth) posted back-to-back top-10 finishes in the last two races for the first time in his Cup career. In fact, entering this season Menard had only scored two top-10s in Sprint Cup, period.
  • Ryan Newman (ninth) hasn’t finished worse than eleventh in the last six Cup races.
  • Kyle Busch’s 21st-place finish was his worst Cup result since the second Pocono race.
  • The top-10 finishers at Kansas drove five Fords and five Chevys. Denny Hamlin in twelfth had the best finish by any Toyota driver, while Kurt Busch in thirteenth headed up the Dodge brigade.

What’s the Points?

Jimmie Johnson leaves Kansas with the points lead. (Haven’t we all seen this Looney Tune before?) Former leader Denny Hamlin slides to second in the standings, eight points to the arrears of Johnson.

Kevin Harvick moved up two spots to third, thirty points back, that much closer to the regular season’s lead he held most of the year prior to the Chase. Carl Edwards also moved up two spots to fourth in the standings while Jeff Gordon rebounded three spots to fifth. Neither Edwards nor Gordon have won a race this year.

It wasn’t a good day to be a Busch brother. Kurt fell two spots to sixth while Kyle fell four positions to seventh. Greg Biffle’s win advanced him up a notch to eighth while Jeff Burton’s late-race malaise dropped him two to ninth. Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth, and Clint Bowyer round out your top 12.

Overall Rating (On a scale of one to six beer cans, with one being a stinker and a six pack an instant classic) — We’ll give this one two-and-a-half cans. While the race was better than Dover, in no way did it approach what I consider the minimal acceptable standard for a stock car race.

Next Up – It’s back off to Fontana. If the battered and beleaguered Chase still has any trace of a pulse, Fontana ought to deliver the death blow and take it off life support.

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Bad Wolf
10/04/2010 01:22 AM

“Meanwhile, points leader Will Power (who has the greatest real name in all of auto racing)”

How about “Dick Trickle”

10/04/2010 01:46 AM

One thing I’m certainly not questioning is the lack of debris cautions. Best racing of the year. There wasn’t much for the lead, but the rest of the T10 was close and it wasn’t fabricated at all. I don’t particularly mind 5 second leads anyway, that’s the way racing is supposed to work.

10/04/2010 02:02 AM

Matt, no comment about espn/abc looking at the lack luster chase and the exodus of fans from the tv?

As I say about somethings…..sosdd! Next week more of the same, and I will get a nap.

Dish keeps talking about dropping fox from their lineup. Hum, I know football fans are enraged, have to see if the controversy is settled by February. What’s with DW on “raceday”.

10/04/2010 04:25 AM

This is a little off subject but maybe some of Dover’s problems are KARMA for “buying” the lease of the Nashville Fairground Speedway then building the Nashville Super Speedway (where racing sucked) and moving the Busch and Truck races allowing the Fairgrounds to continue its downward spiral.

This past Saturday night was maybe the last night of racing at this once GREAT TRACK that helped produce some very good nascar drivers.

The Mad Man
10/04/2010 07:05 AM

Funny that ESPN would be blaming the start times. Have they ever considered looking at their coverage and commentary as a reason for the declining ratings in addition to the boring tracks, cars, drivers, and races?

Bill B
10/04/2010 07:15 AM

“my guess is right about now some casual fans are rethinking their opposition to bogus debris cautions in the waning laps of these races”

No one should care about what casual fans want. Real fans never want to see a contrived ending. I had no problem with Biffle winning by 5 seconds. Obviously a close finish is the desired ending but not if it comes at the cost of calling a fake debris caution.

Jody Wassmer
10/04/2010 07:49 AM

Wow, just what NASCAR doesn’t need: Jimmie Johnson with the points lead in route to a fifth straight title! Time for cold weather and snow to fly ‘cause this racin’ season is about over.

10/04/2010 08:16 AM

Just a few thoughts.

First, how can any TV network be blamed for the time that the green flag drops? The 1pm race starting at 1:22 has ALWAYS been that way. NA$CAR even promotes the race start time that way, but the TV networks don’t make 20 minute shows and time slots. It wasn’t a problem until the ADD crowd realized that the pre-race coverage starts on Thursday.

Second, Bad Wolf is right, Dick Trickle has the best name in auto racing. He had more mentions in a single weekend than Will Power will hear in his lifetime. If only Extenze (or Viagra) had been around to sponsor good ol’ Dick.

Finally, I was prepared to rip your article apart for never having anything decent to say, but, the Extexze/premature ejaculation comment was worth the entire read.

Carl D.
10/04/2010 08:17 AM


They may not be Ned & Benny, but Alan Bestwick & Brad Daugherty are head & shoulders above most of the other broadcast teams. Both are engaging, knowledgeable, and for the most part don’t insult our intellegence. ESPN’s racing coverage has it’s problems, but those guys aren’t part of them.

Kyle Busch needs to learn that when you live by the bumper, you die by the bumper. He thinks that because he’s in the chase he should be given special consideration by the non-chase drivers? Give me a break! Brad Keselowski is running for the Nationwide Championship, but that didn’t keep Kyle Busch from deliberately spinning him out in the NNS race at Bristol a couple of months ago. Kyle got what he deserves yesterday.

10/04/2010 08:21 AM

So, the Chase is “battered and beleaguered”?

Check the standings, and you’ll see more than half the field is within 100 points.

I checked the Jayski “old style” points format this morning, and Harvick would be cruising around with a 225 point lead and second place would belong to Gordon, who wouldn’t have any chance whatsover to run down the #29.

How in the world would that be better than what we have now?

Good Dylan quote, however.

10/04/2010 08:38 AM

Jimmie Johnson has the points lead………well my watching for the year is over, time to go into full NFL mode. See ya in Daytona

10/04/2010 08:48 AM

agree the race was better than Dover. It would be difficult for it not to have been. I do not agree with those who are crying in their stale beer about JJ. Hell, everyone complains about the NYY. Fact is Chad (mostly) and Jimmie have taken the rules given them and have mastered them. What is the problem? I’m not a Jimme fan, but I am a huge Chad fan. He is simply the best in the garage and the combination of him and Jimmie are strong as acid. I want Kyle Busch to win, but Reuti effectively took care of that. Payback is a bitch, yes — but only when it is my driver getting paid back.
Other than that I am in deep despair over NASCAR now. John Daly is saying big changes are coming. Uh Huh. If they are coming from Brian I imagine they will be just super terrifyic (no missspel).

Kevin from PA
10/04/2010 08:57 AM

Congrats Brian France. It is official. I am no longer a NASCAR fan.

I realized that fact when this morning I saw that only 8 points seperated 1st from 2nd in the standings. I should have been excited. Instead my reaction was “Who cares? it’s rigged anyway”. This is not a reaction a fan should have.

10 years ago I watched every lap of every race (plus qualifying plus the Busch series). Yesterday not once did I flip the channel over to the race even though the NFL has just as many commercials and dumb talking heads as NASCAR.

So what changed? Me or NASCAR? Why do the drivers seem less personable? Why do the races seem longer and more boring? Was I ever a fan or just a trendy viewer?

It’s strange that after spending hours of my life on a sport, I still do not know why I just don’t care anymore.

Long time reader, Matt but I think it would be a farce for me to keep reading and faking interest. Thanks for the years of great articles. However I have the feeling that you will not be far behind me.

10/04/2010 09:55 AM

I don’t this start time grip. The race is scheduled for 1 pm. At 1 pm they went straight to opening ceremonies, and the green flag dropped by 1:20.

The race wasn’t bad for a 1.5 miler. I agree, somehow IRL has managed to create an exciting championship finish without a Chase like format. Too bad other than that IRL is even more unwatchable than the worse NASCAR race.

10/04/2010 10:12 AM

If you’re a fan of debris cautions to “improve the racing” then you’re not a fan of racing. Theater or pro wrestling maybe, but certainly not racing. Even poorest local short tracks won’t stoop to such antics. Sometimes it’s a runaway, sometimes it’s magic, but at least it’s real.

10/04/2010 10:14 AM

little cub scout at church is a dale jr fan. chase got first place trophy for pine box derby for the troup. i told chase yesterday that he has something jr hasn’t had in a while. pretty bad when a 9 yr old admits the same thing.

10/04/2010 10:30 AM

Dick Trickle

10/04/2010 10:54 AM

Matt, I have to give you credit and my appreciation for writing about NASCAR all these years. My wife would also like to thank you. Due to your efforts I no longer sit in front of the TV every weekend wasting hours watching a sport that now has all the excitement of paint drying. Being a long time fan of NASCAR I still feel the need to keep up with the racing, well at least a recap. That is why we thank you today, for your writing now does for me, what many wasted hours in front of the tube used to do. After reading your recap every week I know that I didn’t miss a thing that can’t be read about on any given Monday. So again Matt we thank you, for giving many hours of my life back. Keep up the good work. And no this isn’t sarcasm, I really mean it.

10/04/2010 11:59 AM

“I checked the Jayski “old style” points format this morning, and Harvick would be cruising around with a 225 point lead and second place would belong to Gordon, who wouldn’t have any chance whatsover to run down the #29.
How in the world would that be better than what we have now?”

ARE U KIDDING ME? An artificially reset points system is better than watching a season unfold and finish with actual standings??? The Chase is alot of the reason for the total lack of interest in NASCAR these days. IMO……. The first 26 weeks of the season shouldn’t be just a big test session with all the hard earned points tossed out.

10/04/2010 12:13 PM


10/04/2010 12:16 PM

The ironic thing is that this article has become what matt thinks racing has become. The same boring crap every week. Dont watch nascar if you hate it so much. I want a real race recap, not a whiny little girl’s view

Carl D.
10/04/2010 12:38 PM


I’d go to if I were you. They tow the company line there and serve Kool-Aid as well.

Bill B
10/04/2010 12:49 PM

Some of us non-casual fans see the race just as Matt does. He just validates that we aren’t hallucinating.


Kevin in SoCal
10/04/2010 12:50 PM

Of course I agree with Jim at 8:21. An 8 point separation is a hell of a lot better than a 225 point spread, unless you’re a Kevin Harvick fan.

Someone needs to put Jimmie Johnson in the wall. I nominate Kevin Conway or Sam Hornish. Heck, even David Reutimann can try, even though he ended up spinning himself out instead of Kyle Busch.

South Park is doing a NASCAR show this Wednesday night, where Eric Cartman jumps in a car and tries to drive. It should be hilarious.

I wont be at the Fontana race this weekend. I’m not paying the same price for 100 miles less of racing, no matter how much you think its better to have less racing there. I’ll save my money for next year, get 500 full miles, and be one of the 90,000 in the seats. My wife will be happier too, as they wont be racing on her birthday in February any more.

phil h
10/04/2010 12:55 PM

how about old timer Dick Passwater! and no,i kid you not.

Bill B
10/04/2010 12:56 PM

Kevin in SoCal,
re “An 8 point separation is a hell of a lot better than a 225 point spread, unless you’re a Kevin Harvick fan.”
First I am NOT a Harvick fan. Second if the main purpose is to keep everyone close and not let anyone walk away with the championship no matter how much they’ve EARNED it, then wouldn’t your statement imply that it would be best if the points were reset every week?

10/04/2010 01:21 PM

Are they are going to change the name to—Dancing With The Cars—when they start the elimination format?

10/04/2010 01:24 PM

“Most of us would probably be greatly relieved and easily able to find more productive and entertaining ways to spend the next seven autumn afternoons.”

Most fans already have.

Let’s see what the points are like with one race to go and which driver has to finish 20th or better to win the chumpionship (as if we didn’t know).

10/04/2010 01:26 PM

Forgot to ask.

Can the fans vote on who gets eliminated? Please!

10/04/2010 01:54 PM

Ramsey Poston said regarding changes for next year: “Any time you have change, that is tough on your fan base. We’d obviously be open to anything that makes sense, but at this stage we’d want to give this a little more time before we made a quick decision.”

Seriously. Read the last sentence. Gawdalmity, they on top of it back at HQ!

Kevin in SoCal
10/04/2010 02:08 PM

Bill B, dont go for the strawman argument. One reset is plenty to start the “playoffs.” Multiple resets would just make this Chase even more rediculous.

DoninAjax, I vote to eliminate Dale Jr. Oh wait, I dont have to vote, he does a good job of eliminating himself.

10/04/2010 02:28 PM

NASCAR’s Chase for the cup = No Cup Driver Left Behind.

…unless you come from 12th to 2nd in the points in the first week. Then, your car is magically illegal after three days.

Or, if you’re Dale Earnhardt Jr. But to be fair, he chooses to leave himself behind. Top 10 not enough for Junior to make the points? Make it top 12. Top 12 not enough? Next year, it’ll be top 16! When top 16 isn’t enough? Jr. gets a 500 point leas on everyone else after race 26.

10/04/2010 02:36 PM

Bored now! Johnson takes over the 10 race champion points race — whoopee! Be still my heart. I would much prefer the old points system rather than this fake nonsense. Heck Chad and Jimmie have it down — win so that you are 1st or 2nd when the points reset and test, test test through the first 26 races – then do your deal in the last 10 – voila, another 10 race trophy for the shelf — I’d really like to see whether or not they could actually pull it off for 36 races, not just for 10.

I agree, Matt, can NASCAR please just give him the trophy again this year and I won’t need to bother with watching any more racing — oh wait, I may do that anyway.

the highlight of the day was seeing Reut man up and pay that little weasel Busch back. Funny how KyBu has up until always gotten away with his rough driving in the N’wide series, the trucks – he’s run over drivers right and left —I loved this one: Kyle Busch. Who knew the Aaron’s Lucky Dog was female? As it turns out, paybacks are a bitch.

Henry M
10/04/2010 02:43 PM

Gave up cable a few years ago, got too expensive. When races are on cable I go to a bar to watch. Now most bars have Sunday Ticket for NFL and they will not put NASCAR on, no matter what.

And ESPN wonders what happened to the ratings?

By the way, Brad Daughtery has some good writers, he is ignorant on all things NASCAR. When he has to wing it, he is lost.

Dick Trickle, in a landslide. Or sitting in a bathtub!

10/04/2010 02:46 PM

@ Carl D: I take offense to your “post on” comment.

I DO post on as well as here. I have posted on Brian’s ineptitude, his drug addled family, and the idiocy of the chase. I am NOT alone in making these comments. I have suggested fixing NA$CAR’s woes by burying Brian France, Mike Helton, and John Darby UNDER the new pavement in turn 1 at Daytona. I have NEVER been censored for ANY of my comments!!!
Granted, the articles are decidedly more “pro” NA$CAR than you can find here, but our opinions are not.
As far as “towing the line, and serving Kool-Aid” all Matt does is pander to the crowd that has become so jaded and bitter that it is a wonder they don’t hang themselves from their nearest shower rod! And that, my friend, is just towing a different line, and serving an alternate flavor Kool-Aid.

Finally, in case history interests you (or anybody else), Jim Jones served Wyler’s Grape flavored drink, and NOT Kool-Aid, at all.

Doogies Bach Party
10/04/2010 02:50 PM

It’s about dang time Jimmy took over his rightful spot on top. Now I can really start getting into the last few races this year. At least nascar knows how to treat its former champions… unlike baseball where the Yankees get relegated to the wild card.

Carl D.
10/04/2010 02:56 PM

Jacob: “Finally, in case history interests you (or anybody else), Jim Jones served Wyler’s Grape flavored drink, and NOT Kool-Aid, at all.”

I stand corrected.

10/04/2010 03:06 PM

Actually, there are pics from Jonestown that show that both Flavor-Aid and Kool-Aid were used.

IIRC, all the stuff was mixed up into big vats anyway.

So, “drinking the Kool-Aid” is still an acceptable term.

10/04/2010 03:18 PM

To Jacob:

How long have you been posting anti-Na$car on Na$ They used to be the King of censoring, & banning people who didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. I have been watching their website traffic tank for the last few years for that very reason.

Bill B
10/04/2010 03:38 PM

But that’s the point I am trying to make. A significant number of fans think resetting the points once is ridiculous. I’m not sure what “the straw man” argument is but now that we’ve agreed resetting the points is ridiculous we’re just haggling over the details.

10/04/2010 03:45 PM

Maybe if y’all get your wish and the also-rans put Kyle out of the Chase, he can start getting some payback of his own. How deep are Michael Waltrip’s pockets that he can pay to junk a car or two every week? It will be fun to find out.

Lead, follow or get out of the way, back-markers! (And that means you, David.)

However, I am glad to see JJ back where he belongs. Hopefully that is the last hurrah for Biffle and the other Roushketeers.

10/04/2010 04:23 PM

Nobody has seemed to notice just how BAD Reuti was at getting payback. In his post-race he was positively embarrassed. Would not look at the camera. Was not, IMO, that he was embarrassed about what he had done it was that he had done it so very badly. That is what you get when a nice fellow like him tries to be, well, tough.

He should seek out Carl Edwards or (if he can stand the smell) Kesolowski and get a little training in how to wreck someone with the first lesson being that effective payback means, “First, do not wreck yourself.”

10/04/2010 05:16 PM


Could not agree more with you 8:48 post if I had written it myself.


Where is Randy, I mean Dan’s Mom no I mean Randy today. Not seen anything from him since last Monday after YOU questioned his many posting names.

10/04/2010 06:02 PM

Why does Junior have more points than Joey Logano?

10/04/2010 06:31 PM

ElectricPeterTork and Carl D.: I stand corrected. It was grape Flavor-Aid with potassium cyanide and Valium mixed into it. (I have just gone back to my [?]biography[?] of the Jonestown Masscare) However, Kool-Aid was NOT used. It is only America’s lazy attitude towards our own language, that makes the Kool-Aid reference acceptable.

BoxCar: I have been posting on for 15 months now, and I say a LOT of vile stuff about NA$CAR and Brian France, and have never been censored, I am surprised, because I push the limits intentionally trying to get booted.

10/04/2010 06:46 PM

I believe that, Brian France, could pull off a huge public relations coup for himself, & make more money for himself…by dipping into some of his petty cash fund & buying or doing whatever it takes to get Jr. out of HMS, & to an owner who wants him winning. It would fill seats at his tracks to have Jr. running up front and winning again, which I do not believe that Rick is every going to allow. If Rick wanted Jr. winning, he would be. I don’t believe that it is going to happen as long as Jr. is yoked to Rick.
Jr. has 105 races in at HMS and now only 79 more to go until he is free & can race again. :)
Kyle ‘has had at it boys’ with so many drivers so many times in all 3 series, I don’t see where he can say anything without blushing. As they say, what goes around, comes around. The Chase has already been decided. Kevin Harvick won it by some 200 points. What is going on now is just an after party.
Bravo to Jamie Little! While interviewing JJ after the race, she pointed that JJ switched to & used JG’s set-up. I would like to hear JJ thank his r&d driver, Jr. too. Of course, JJ & JG can switch set-ups. They have the 2 new 2nd generation cars and Jr. doesn’t.

10/04/2010 07:05 PM

To Jacob:


HA! So I guess you know it all then!

Kevin in SoCal
10/04/2010 07:30 PM

So, Marybeth, is Junior just stupid and doesnt realize that you say Hendrick is screwing him, or is he just content to drive around on the track for 300-500 miles and collect a fat paycheck. You tell me.

thomas dalfonzo
10/04/2010 08:50 PM

I say the races should begin at 12:00 PM EST. At that time, while the green flag waves and the races begin, the NFL is still having their stupid pre-game shows. An hour later, while the first block of football games start, we will be halfway through the race. By the second installment of NFL games at 4:15 PM, the race will be over. That’s the best time and the best way to do NASCAR race coverage.

10/04/2010 09:16 PM

Kevin in SoCal

Junior wasn’t the one I had in mind.

Best name for me was Joy Fair from Michigan. Not female.

10/04/2010 09:35 PM

the sad thing is nascar has run away alot of older fans by taking races away from tracks that had very good racing and now alot of fans would rather watch football then follow the chase the points system worked fine since 1949 why did they feel they had to change it if nascar wants fans back start racing back at north wilkesboro and rockingham

10/04/2010 09:47 PM

Do ISC or SMI own Wilkes and Rockingham?


Oh well. No chance of ever seeing those tracks again.

But, hey, those two companies own tracks that provide thrilling racing as such as Kansas, New Hampshire, Texas, Chicagoland, and Fontana!

So boys, have at it!

Brian France Sucks
10/04/2010 10:28 PM

The real reason for the ill-timed commercial breaks: The NFL was going to commercial break. This happens all too often during the Chase races.

And the judge cracking on Brian France was utterly hilarious. But where was Ramsey Poston’s idiotic retort concerning said dis?

10/04/2010 10:34 PM

Televised Races used to happen like this:

At 1:00pm the broadcast would begin. Quick intro by the announcers, then cut to the National Anthem/Gentlemen Start Your Engines.
After a Commercial, they would come back with the cars on the track.
The announcers would hustle through the starting line-up, have one lap for “Keys to the Race” and the Green Flag would fly (usually at 1:07 or 1:08)

10/04/2010 10:38 PM

Marybeth the alien from planet AMP has been hitting the Bud/Amp cocktails again.Brain France isn’t going to bailout the Failed Field Filler driving the #88, he can’t even pay his alimony payments. just riding in circles collecting a paycheck from t-shirt sales to delusional Jr. nation fans from planet Amp, who can’t see the forest because of the trees.

10/04/2010 11:23 PM

“There was some intense racing there towards the end, but it was for the second through sixth-place positions.”

Isn’t that what they should be showing on TV. They’d rather show us Hendrick cars than any “racing”. Isn’t the point to show cars “racing” for position and not cars that pay to be shown?
What a concept.

Brian France is more concerned with money coming in than going out. More to count.

Bad Wolf
10/05/2010 05:04 AM

“Where is Randy, I mean Dan’s Mom no I mean Randy today. Not seen anything from him since last Monday after YOU questioned his many posting names.”

See “Laxbro” above.

10/05/2010 08:30 AM

Haha… I love that you all now assume that any name that calls out Matt’s crappy writing has to be from the same one person. Isn’t it possible that he really is just that crappy of a writer and several people are willing to call him out about it? The simplest answer is usually the correct one.

I am pretty sure laxbro is not Dansmom…

And so you dont have to busy your IT department with tracking down my IP, I also am not. Lol save those resources for finding a better writer.

MJR in Springfield Va
10/05/2010 09:04 AM

Said it before – will say it again….hasn’t changed since I quit watching a year ago…
NA$CAR stands for:

All we
About is

Going back to my other hobbies…figured I hadn’t missed anything – got that one right.

Signed – A Former NA$CAR Fan

phil h
10/06/2010 12:50 AM

actually,SMI does still own North Wilkesboro

Don M
10/06/2010 07:38 PM

Best racer’s name?
Jack Greedy.