The Frontstretch: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Fontana Fall Finale Race Recap by Matt McLaughlin -- Monday October 11, 2010

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The Key Moment – Tony Stewart got enough of a push from Clint Bowyer to solidify his lead on the final restart, coasting to victory over Jimmie Johnson in a green-white-checkered finish.

In the final Chase appearance for Auto Club Speedway, the track finally put on a race that featured some close competition from start to finish.

In a Nutshell – It wasn’t a bad race, and it wasn’t a bad crowd either. It’s just too bad it took Fontana twenty races to stage a race that was at least mildly interesting.

Dramatic Moment – When you restart a race with two laps to go on a track that wide, there’s bound to be some racing.

What They’ll Be Talking About Around the Water Cooler This Week

Is Bowyer going to get a secret $50,000 penalty (on top of his NHMS penalties) for pointing out there was no need for the final “debris” caution? Said debris had been there for most of the final run, which was well documented by ESPN footage.

You have to wonder if Clint Bowyer’s second-place car will be dragged back to NASCAR’s R & D center (especially in light of the comments Bowyer made noted above) and if it will pass this time.

It certainly was inspiring to listen to Kyle Busch’s motivational speech to his team after he lost an engine late in the race. Knute Rockne he’s not. In all seriousness, though, I’ve never liked watching drivers remove their helmets prior to parking the car. I’ve seen a lot of incidents on pit road and in the garage area that occurred outside the field of play and left local drivers badly hurt.

ESPN has a major quandary on their hands. How can it be that the first three races of the Chase have drawn some of the worst ratings the network has ever seen for stock car racing? It’s gotta be the economy, right? Hmmm. NFL ratings are through the roof. I guess football fans have found a way to pay the cable bill in tough times while us dumbass stock car fans are spending all our money on firearms, beer, and beef jerky. It’s interesting; in recent polls I’ve seen, somewhere between 75 and 88 percent of fans say they don’t like the Chase. Could that have anything to do with declining ratings? No, ESPN is pretty sure that it’s the earlier 1 PM start time for races (which fans asked for and which every fan I know of delights in.) Yep, move the start time of races to 3 PM ET and the ratings will fix themselves overnight. If they start races at 3 PM, I think we all know within a couple years the NFL will be eating NASCAR’s dust, as stock car racing attempts to reel in the Big Kahuna of television ratings, Timber-sports!

It’s tough times at the International Speedway Corporation, with 20 percent of the workforce laid off as struggling NASCAR still tries to make a profit during a difficult 2010.

In somewhat related news, the ISC has announced a belt-tightening austerity program to increase profits that involves laying off twenty percent of the staff at their corporate headquarters, which conveniently enough shares office space with NASCAR corporate headquarters. I think perhaps one layoff alone would do enough to return both firms to firm financial footing… give Brian France the ax. (Not literally… he’s not allowed to play with sharp objects.)

Speaking of ESPN, enough is enough. It’s time to let the pre-race crew get it out of their system by tossing ‘em an inflatable Jimmie Johnson love-doll (with realistic kia-beard) and letting them consummate their man-love for the reigning four-time champion. It’s not going to be pretty, particularly with Darrell Waltrip beating and screaming at the door of the booth to gain entrance, but if one more pre-race show becomes a love sonnet to the No. 48 team and its driver, there might have to be special warnings issued that the following program might put diabetics into shock.

RCR and Bowyer’s team lost their second appeal of the penalty they were charged with after the New Hampshire race. Anyone who is surprised should be told not to leave milk and cookies out for Santa this year; he isn’t coming.

They’re poorly drawn, they’re foul-mouthed and offensive as hell, but South Park’s recent season-opening episode devoted to NASCAR was more entertaining than most of this year’s Cup races… even if the damn No. 48 car did win again.

Out of work and running out of hope in this economy? Looking for a drastic career change, a huge paycheck, and a chance to work for an organization that was once highly respected? ESPN has an immediate need for a full-time Danica Patrick apologist to explain away her latest miserable race finish as “absolutely not her fault.” It wasn’t Alabama’s fault they lost Saturday night, either. The NCAA just puts too much emphasis on the team that scores the most points rather than concentrating on fine plays made earlier in the game and which one has more overall enthusiasm to score a win.

Sorry, Danica. This is stock car racing. This is a cruel game. Your results define you…

The Hindenburg Award For Foul Fortune

From hero to goat in just one week: Greg Biffle’s chances for victory went up in a plume of smoke before the 100-mile mark at Fontana.

It wasn’t a good afternoon for the Jack Roush organization, the standard bearers of Ford’s title hopes. Greg Biffle lost an engine early in the race while running eighth. Carl Edwards had mechanical issues and wound up 34th in the final rundown. Matt Kenseth’s engine was preparing to puke its innards over the final laps of the race and he wound up thirtieth. David Ragan tangled with Kurt Busch late in the race to end his day.

Kurt Busch had an evil-handling car most of the event but had scratched, clawed, and fought his way back up to the top 10 until David Ragan cut across his bow. The two-car wreck and resulting damage knocked Busch down to 21st.

I suppose the kindest way to describe Marcos Ambrose’s day is “eventful.”

Mark Martin appeared to have the fastest car on the long runs but a plethora (nay, a virtual cornucopia) of cautions at the end of the race doomed his chances. He wound up sixth.

The “Seven Come Fore Eleven” Award For Fine Fortune

Guess who expanded his point lead on Sunday? Surprise, surprise…

Jimmie Johnson made hard contact with Paul Menard late in the race and got his car sideways, but not only managed to gather it back in, he did so without losing any positions on the track en route to a third-place finish.

Denny Hamlin had to start shotgun on the field after a transmission change, but he worked his way determinedly forward to finish eighth after too many close calls to enumerate.

Kevin Harvick overcame a pit road speeding penalty to finish seventh. Speeding has been an issue for Harvick this season, but a non-issue for his pit crew.

A late race pit road speeding penalty seemed to doom Jeff Gordon to a finish somewhere in the twenties, but a late-race call for two tires helped reassert himself all the way to ninth.

Worth Noting

  • There are just two tracks left on the current Cup schedule where Tony Stewart hasn’t won: Las Vegas and Darlington.
  • Stewart’s win seals up this year’s manufacturer’s championship for Chevrolet. And I don’t think they used any federal bailout money to pull off the feat…
  • Jimmie Johnson has finished first, second, and third in the last three Cup races.
  • Kasey Kahne’s fourth-place finish returns him to the top 5 after a five-race absence. He’d been averaging a 26th-place finish in those previous five races. I’m thinking double chicken money this week at RPM.
  • Ryan Newman (fifth) is averaging about a seventh-place finish in the four Chase races to date.
  • Mark Martin’s sixth-place finish was his best since Memorial Day weekend at Charlotte.
  • Regan Smith’s twelfth-place finish was his best of the season and matches his best ever career Cup result. Smith also finished twelfth in last year’s Firecracker 400.
  • Elliott Sadler’s thirteenth-place finish was his second best result of the 2010 Cup season.
  • The top 10 finishers at Fontana all drove cars that looked the same to me and didn’t in any way resemble anything the Big Four are trying to sell on their lots. Seven of those cars bore Chevy bowties on the nose, two of them Toyota decals, and one of them a Ford blue oval. The top finishing driver who had a Dodge emblem sewed to his clown suit was Sam Hornish in fifteenth. And they call this sport “stock car racing” because… ?

What’s the Points?

The top three in the points hold serve, with Jimmie Johnson now leading Denny Hamlin by 36 points and third-place Kevin Harvick by 54.

Jeff Gordon advanced a spot to fourth in the standings. Somehow, this guy has mastered the magic of taking horse apples and turning them into applesauce and ponies.

His win, coupled with other driver’s miserable days, propelled Tony Stewart forward five spots in the standings to fifth position.

Kurt Busch maintains sixth in the standings and is the last driver within one race’s worth of points of Johnson. Realistically, everyone from seventh place on back is left to race for pride, not a title.

Carl Edwards’ ignition woes dropped him three spots to seventh, with Jeff Burton moving up a spot to eighth. Kyle Busch and Greg Biffle each fell two spots; they are now ninth and tenth in the standings, respectively. Matt Kenseth and Clint Bowyer round out the 12-man field with six races left.

Who needs some newfangled elimination system to parse drivers from the Chase? They seem to be able to do it all by themselves, thank you very much.

Side note: if Ryan Newman had made the Chase, he’d be fourth in the standings and not thirteenth. But if Heather Locklear had married me, I’d be driving a Ferrari not a GMC

Overall Rating (On a scale of one to six beer cans with one being a stinker and a six pack an instant classic) — We’ll give Fontana’s final Fall foray four cans of adequately cooled Colorado Kool-Aid.

Next Up – The Cup circuit heads off to Charlotte, presuming the giant sinkhole hasn’t swallowed the place up entirely by then. I’m sure they’ll get it fixed. Anyone else been around long enough to remember the ruptured sewage line at Charlotte that spilled onto the track, causing the infamous “Wall of Doo-doo” red flag? I think Bruton Smith still owes me a new pair of boots for that one.

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phil h
10/11/2010 01:33 AM

hey,there were actually quite a few race fans at Fontana!Ain’t it funny,the three chase tracks before had bare seats!The Chase track,that will not be in 2011,was practically full! Go figure!

Bad Wolf
10/11/2010 02:29 AM

“Hmmm. NFL ratings are through the roof. I guess football fans have found a way to pay the cable bill in tough times while us dumbass stock car fans are spending all our money on firearms, beer, and VAGASIL”.

Fixed it for you, Matt.

Bad Wolf
10/11/2010 02:35 AM

Sorry I missed the 4 beer racing out in California, but I did see some real racing action at “The Rock” on Speed Channel.

10/11/2010 06:50 AM

Yup, bought another deer rifle just the other day. And I don’t buy beef jerky, just more ammo!

Bill B
10/11/2010 07:18 AM

Wow, hell has frozen over. The California race was actually a good one. I agree with the 4 cold beer rating. Possibly even 5 warm cans of piss beer. The law of averages must have caught up.

Randy, I disagree. I think NFL ratings are boosted by the fact that the 32 largest metropolitan areas in the US all have HOME teams. This creates interest and pulls in lots of casual fans that don’t want to be in left field when everyone at the office is talking about the game on Monday. There is no home team in NASCAR.

10/11/2010 07:41 AM

what race? yesterday was a day when everytime the phone rang i found out a friend lost a parent.

spent most of the day trying to comfort two close friends who lost parents yesterday, and the one’s mother-in-law was removed from life support as well.

maybe someone needs to remove brain fart france from life support.

Carl D.
10/11/2010 07:43 AM

For the record, there were 7 field goals and one (late) touchdown scored in the Colts/Chiefs game. There wasn’t a receiver that could catch a football even when the QB managed to get the ball within a zip code of them. It was as if Brian France had taken over the NFL for 3 hours.

The decision to keep David Ragan and send Jamie McMurray packing last year has to be keeping Jack Roush up at nights. Ragan definitely earned the “Best Stevie Wonder Impersonation in a Racecar” award yesterday.

Someone other than Chad Knaus could still win the championship this year. A giant sinkhole could open up at Charlotte next weekend and devour the 48 car.

10/11/2010 07:55 AM

Loved the “South Park” episode last week. All of poor and stupid people were at Rockingham on Saturday. I was hoping Menard would have put JJ in the wall…maybe next week.

10/11/2010 08:24 AM

Matt: Regan Smith won the 2008 Talladega chase race, but was penalized a lap by na$car for NOT sending Tony Stewart airborne into the stands on his way to victory.

10/11/2010 08:24 AM

I was shocked! Shocked! The race was actually good and the Producer/Director — not Goldberg, but another person, a female person who is/was his boss was on top of it. Girls CAN race. I, Matt, like you, do not care for Fontana at all. But it exceeded my expectations.

Did I just say something that might be damning by faint praise? Mayhaps, but I shall stand by it because even a blind Squirrel named Gillian finds an acorn once in awhile.

Still, I’ll take the ARCA Race on Sat. over it or, if you please the final, Sunday, of the European Late Model Series at Warneton, Belgium over it.

Cheers and Thanx! Another super column.

10/11/2010 08:25 AM

without the fake debris caution late in the race…this was looking like a 1 or 2 can race…at best.

10/11/2010 08:25 AM

Hey, Janice…with an idiotic comment like that about France,I can only imagine the comfort that you provided to your friends.

You certainly have a way with words.

10/11/2010 09:06 AM

Shayne — I just received this text from Eric Cartman, who is, this morning “All by Himself”.

“You are a tool! I am as poor and as stupid as anyone! I defy anyone to prove me wrong! I won the Denver 300! I loved the ARCA race! You are a tool! tool! tool! I can spell Shayne!I can spell tool! If you were there you are as poor and as stupid as me! If you watched on TV you are in debt for the TV and will be poor and stupid soon! I need some more sample packs of Vagisil! I will share! I am poor and stupid, but I am clean!”

Well, Shayne, there you go. Give Cartman a bit of Glory and he just carries on and on and on….


Thank you.

10/11/2010 09:32 AM


I agree, we need to keep Shane Hmiel in our thoughts. And pray for a full recovery.

Is it just me or does ESPN try harder not to show the stands and empty seats at ISC tracks, while having no problem showing the stands and empty seats at NON-ISC tracks. Yes ACS had a good crowd yesterday. I believe the best in years, but there were lots of empty seats in the turn one area.

10/11/2010 09:51 AM

They did a good job of hiding it, but they’re were tons of empty seats. ESPN went out of their way not to show head on shots of the grandstand. I saw some photos on twitter that show mostly bear seats near the turns. Can we just not run the rest of the races and give the 48 the trophy, this is getting old.

10/11/2010 10:05 AM

ESPN’s blatant and shameless promotion of Danica disgusts me. Dale Jarrett was particularly fawning.

10/11/2010 11:02 AM

haha.. i read that as jimmie johnson finished first, second and third in the last cup race.
i guess if anyone could…

10/11/2010 11:06 AM

I stabbed a man with a trident.

Seriously though, is it just me or has Dale Jr officially not mattered this entire year? Wasnt this supposed to be his year? Its going to be tough for Nascar to extend the chase to the top 20 cars so that Jr can make it.

Don Mei
10/11/2010 11:13 AM

OK everyone, repeat after me…the ratings are down because more and more fans think the chase itself is totally bogus as are the spec cars that are nothing more than decal specials. You can rationalize all you want about the reasons for that; no fantasy leagues, no home town loyalties but lets cut out the nonsense. I dont bother watching the races anymore. Im content with the highlights on Speed’s news program on Sunday evening. Thats enough for me. Besides, on a picture perfect fall day like the one we had yesterday in New England, going for a motorcycle ride seemed a hell of a lot more interesting than another boring Nascar race.

10/11/2010 11:27 AM

Words we’d like to hear from Mike Helton:

“We’ve lost Brian France… and no one wants to look for him.”

Nice article Matt!

10/11/2010 11:59 AM

Can’t resist, Matt.

If Heather had married you, you’d be divorced by now and with the pre-nup you’d still be driving the GMC. But you’d be smiling…a lot.

Some people don’t realize there is a real world out there. They say things happen in threes. Been there. The only thing worse than hearing a parent has died is having a parent tell you their child has died.

10/11/2010 12:08 PM

Biff blew a motor; Carl – bad fuel pump; It seems as though the racing gods have yet again chosen to anoint the 48. The string of Chevys that have walked on water goes back over two decades. It was Waltrip, then Earnhardt, then Gordon, and now Johnson. Others win occasionally to help make it look legit. But look at the success those 4 drivers have had since 1984 and tell me they were “just that good.” Balderdash! Not only is that unreal and unbelievable, its also now unwatchable.

I switched over to the F1 race from Japan. Yeah, NASCAR sucks THAT bad now.

Kevin in SoCal
10/11/2010 12:12 PM

And the typical anti-Fontana bias shows up in the comments. The main parts of the grandstands were full, and only the edges were empty. While at other race tracks, entire SECTIONS were empty. And Fontana still gets slammed. Admit it folks, this race had more than the usual 60,000 fans in the stands for once. And I wasnt even there. It was even a decent race for once, too. Much better than Dover. I’m glad to see Matt watched the race objectively instead of turning in his usual “Fontana sucks, move along, there’s nothing to see here” article.

Wintergreen, I dont know which race is the fourth Chase race next year, but I do know we get Chicago as a Chase race to replace Fontana. That’s like asking if you want arsenic or cyanide with your breakfast. I’m pretty sure has next year’s schedule posted. I’ll let you check it out.

Bad Wolf
10/11/2010 12:32 PM

How many free tickets did the track give away this year?

10/11/2010 12:41 PM

Bears! Beats! Battlestar Galactica!

10/11/2010 12:42 PM

The JJ lovefest makes the race unwatchable. Throw in the fawning over Danica and it is ridiculous. It feels like I’m watching a stupid 3 hour reality show.

Prayers out to Shane Hmiel for full recovery.

10/11/2010 01:07 PM

I watched football all day. Whenever I switched over to check on the race, they were in commercial. I did catch the last 7 laps and prayed for Smoke to stay ahead of Johnson, which of course he did. I have always like football but since the racing became so bad, I’ve actually come to love it. I just love watching a sport and seeing every single minute of action! It was hard not to watch the races at first, but I’m over it now. I come here for my update about what happened and I’m almost always happy I didn’t waste an afternoon. Great article, Matt! Randy, go smoke yourself!

10/11/2010 01:14 PM

“The JJ lovefest makes the race unwatchable.”

Im no rocket surgeon but doesn’t it make the most sense to spend a good deal of time talking about the 4-time consecutive champion who is poised to make it a record 5th straight? If I worked for any major network I would spend as much time as humanly possible covering the obvious front-runner for best Nascar driver ever. That’s like saying, “Man I dont get it why they keep talking about the Yankees during the MLB post season.”

10/11/2010 01:19 PM

Who is this DANICA person that the announcers are always talking about? Has she won any races? She must be very important because she gets a lot of air time even though she never seems to finish higher than 30th. Very few drivers that finish that low ever get their name mentioned on TV. So she must be a TV celebrity or something.

10/11/2010 01:33 PM

Stop complaining and sign up. I even bought a t-shirt.

Michael in SoCal
10/11/2010 03:49 PM

Bears! Beats! Battlestar Galactica! — JimDwight is a happy man right now!

10/11/2010 04:32 PM

Matt,I was sitting in Turn 2 at the UAW Doo Doo 500.

10/11/2010 04:43 PM

Shayne, That website is run by a lawyer friend of Brain’s ex in-laws.

Its getting more interesting everyday….

10/11/2010 06:49 PM

Maybe the reason the seats were fuller this time is because it is not as hot as Labor Day weekend.
“In somewhat related news, the ISC has announced a belt-tightening austerity program to increase profits that involves laying off twenty percent of the staff at their corporate headquarters, which conveniently enough shares office space with NASCAR corporate headquarters. I think perhaps one layoff alone would do enough to return both firms to firm financial footing… give Brian France the ax.” I believe that, Brian France, could pull off a huge public relations coup for himself, & make more money for himself…by dipping into some of his petty cash fund & buying out or doing whatever it takes to get Jr. out of HMS, & to an owner who wants him winning. It would fill seats at Brian’s tracks to have Jr. running up front and winning again, which I do not believe that Rick is ever going to allow. If Rick wanted Jr. winning, he would be. I don’t believe that it is going to happen as long as Jr. is yoked to Rick. Chevrolet (aka Chevy) owes Jr. for all he has done for them, & getting him away from Rick & putting him with an owner who wants him winning would be a nice way to show their gratitude, or maybe Toyota can do it for him.

10/11/2010 07:16 PM

Why are we trying to compete with the NFL?

10/11/2010 07:57 PM

“In a surprise development in the Jeremy Mayfield case, a third, private citizen is corroborating claims Brian France ordered Mayfield black-flagged during a dispute with then-owner Ray Evernham. A retired business attorney, Michael J. Miller, says he was told by former France in-laws the NASCAR CEO gave the order while drinking scotch during a race at Indianapolis in August, 2006.”

I heard it here first. Let’s see if the media (those that don’t bow to NA$CAR) will run with these allegations.
10/11/2010 08:01 PM

I don’t watch full races because of the JJ lovefest, too. Clicking over briefly between NFL timeouts, ESPN had about 4 errors in the 15 minutes I watched. 200mph down the ‘backstretch’? 24 car going low – was actually the 48 car, 24 was high….and can you believe that when the one caution came out, a car had completely spun, tire smoke and all, and ESPN was like ‘we are trying to find out why there is a caution’!!! How can DOZENS of ESPN crew/cameramen/commentators not know a car just spun. GIMME A BREAK!!!! They have become a complete joke. Oh, and crew chief commentator had to be corrected that the leader HAD actually already cycled through the pitstop sequence, HE MISSED IT? HE MISSED THE LEADER PITTING? WHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT!!!!! NFL. NFL. NFL….NFL…NFL.




OH, I don’t play fantasy NFL, but would be TOTALLY PISSED RANDY, when the fake debris caution would change the outcome of the race, and thus my ‘fantasy’ results. Talk about pouring salt on the wound.

10/11/2010 08:32 PM
permalink much for later start times being the issue…ratings were down -26% (per jayski site)…scratch start times off the list of excuses

10/11/2010 09:21 PM

Marybeth, the alien from planet Amp, what’s the matter, can’t find any more lame Jr. is the greatest driver in na$crap history articles on the internet lately? Since you average at best driver is offially a field filler now, just above start & park status, why are you posting your delusional JR. BS here, when this article didn’t even mention JR.?

thomas dalfonzo
10/11/2010 09:34 PM

All Sunday afternoon races should begin at 12:00 PM EST. If these stupid networks wouldn’t waste so much times with vapid, idiotic pre-race shows, we would be able to see races when they should be shown, as early as possible. The Speed Channel can do itself a big favor and cut NASCAR Raceday to just a half-hour show instead of two hours. Shut up and race, that’s what I say.

Also, the thing that Fontana can do to redeem itself is to up its banking to about double the size it has now, which would make it go from 14 to 28 degrees in the turns. In addition, the track should host a Saturday Night race in mid-March.

Kevin in SoCal
10/11/2010 11:32 PM

So, Marybeth, when are you gonna answer my question? Is Junior just stupid and doesnt realize what Hendrick is doing to him, as you say? Or is he just content to sit in a race car and drive around for 300-500 miles and collect a fat million dollar paycheck so he can go off and play with his toys the rest of the week?

10/12/2010 09:48 AM

They won’t penalize Bowyer for his comments as they were on his own radio. If he says it to media outside car, then he’ll get it for sure. If they start to penalize for in cr communications, teams will scramble them and no one will be able to hear. That’s been hashed through by the media already.

As for the racing at Cali, A+++. 400 miles is perfect, puts the edge on! Great race, I hope the spring race next year stays at 400 miles.

10/12/2010 02:08 PM

If JJ was leading in the final 20 laps instead of Bowyer, there wouldn’t have been a debris caution and JJ would have won in a snoozefest again and it would not have been given 4 beers on the scale.

Nascar throws these yellows, especially when someone is leading that they don’t want to win, to make these boring azz tracks exciting. Guess it worked this time, but too bad everyone knows its coming.

10/12/2010 03:43 PM

For the most part I’ve stopped watching the races. The only race that I’ve watched all the way through lately was the night race at Bristol. I’ll check in on them every so often to see who’s leading. I did that on Sunday and was so bored that I went back to watching the horse racing. Yes, I’d rather watch horses than horsepower. More interesting and shorter. They actually talk about all of the horses and jockeys.

10/12/2010 06:50 PM

Since this is a site run by and for the haters in NASCAR, I will add my own dislike of the Ford camp to the discussion. The BEST part of the race Sunday was seeing all FOUR of the Roush Fords bite the dust. (Take that Buzz.) Felt a little sorry for Kenseth, but Biffle and Edwards are jerks (like Roush himself) and Ragan is simply incompetent.

Here’s hoping that HMS is well on its way to another championship, hopefully with JJ making you all barf your beer.

And Matt, that would be a chia-beard, not a Kia- beard. Get with the program – the Chia pet has been in existence for at least 40 years. Are you that far behind the times?

10/12/2010 06:58 PM

been going to nascar races, since,back in the 60’s but the races are so boring, and a love-fest for jj and kyle, i tape all the races and when thosebutt-kissing announcers, start on jj, kyle,denny and carl, i fast- forward. the chase and the fake cauions are a joke. nascar has gone to the dogs!!!