The Frontstretch: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Bristol Spring Race Recap by Matt McLaughlin -- Monday March 21, 2011

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Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Bristol Spring Race Recap

Matt McLaughlin · Monday March 21, 2011


The Key Moment – Kyle Busch’s team got the No. 18 car off pit road first on the final stop and while Carl Edwards and Jimmie Johnson kept him honest at the end there was no catching Busch.

In a Nutshell – Sunday’s race struck a nice balance between “traditional” Bristol (wreckin’) and “new” Bristol (racin’).

Dramatic Moment – While there was some good racing throughout the event my nod goes to the first fifteen laps after the tenth restart with some of the sport’s biggest stars all seemingly in contention for the win until Busch checked out.

What They’ll Be Talking About Around the Water Cooler This Week

So maybe this is why NASCAR used to run mainly on the short tracks and not the super-speedways? Tear down Fontana and turn it into a moderately banked three quarter mile tri-oval.

It sure did seem Jimmie Johnson got away with moving awfully fast down pit road during that last sequence, didn’t it?

Sunday’s race length (just under three hours) was just about perfect. I feel that’s the target NASCAR should be shooting at most weekends. Now if we could just get FOX to present a race that started on time and didn’t basically serve as a “Tribute to DW.”

Man, what’s with Mark Martin running into the back of people this season? He used to race so clean.

Tires, tires and more tires. It doesn’t seem fair that teams should practice and qualify on one type of tire, then be forced to race that same weekend on a completely different sort with very limited practice to feel out the new rubber. On the other hand the “new” tires that were scrapped weren’t rubbering down the track. Instead they were being ground to dust bringing back memories of that debacle at the Brickyard a few years back. In one of those “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” situations,, Goodyear at least tried to rush rubber to the track that would allow fans to see some decent racing. But with the tires run Sunday at Bristol originally slated for use at Fontana next weekend, will there be enough to go around (no pun intended) next week?

It’s a little worrisome when drivers including Jimmie Johnson are saying that clean air up front makes all the difference…at a short track!

Yeah, I know it’s the fourth biggest sport’s facility in the country and that many people didn’t attend every basketball tournament game held today combined but the crowd at Bristol looked pitiful to be kind. Mike Mulhern of is reporting some area hotels were asking 385 dollars a night. That’s sort of a deal killer for race fans right now.

Jennifer Jo Cobb and the Nationwide team she was driving for, Second Chance Motorsports, spilt Saturday after a bizarre disagreement shortly before the race began. Cobb said she was told about ten minutes before the race that she was to start and park the car. She refused to start the car and walked off with her crew chief and other crew members who were on her payroll, not the team’s. While edgy, I think Cobb made the right call career-wise. It was a bit unusual to see a fully prepared race car sitting there ready to go but with no driver as a race began. Unsubstantiated rumors on Twitter claim some of the team members leaving the pits when Cobb decided to withdraw were threatened with a jack handle.

The Irish will have to live without Saint Patrick’s day for another year, and ESPN will have to live without their Saint Danica Patrick, patron saint of Saturday ratings, until Chicagoland in June. Ms. Patrick exited the scene with yet another wrecked race car and some angry gesturing towards another driver whom she felt was at fault. Frankly the replay was inconclusive and while Ryan Truex might have drifted down a few feet it surely appeared Patrick’s car had lost front end grip and she was moving up the track when the collision occurred.

The Hindenburg Award For Foul Fortune

Brad Keselowski had a miserable day, wrecking twice in the first 140 laps.

It was bad enough Tony Stewart had to run into a wreck not of his own making spoiling his day, but the car he ran into was one he also owned.

Clint Bowyer didn’t just lose an engine, he reduced it to bite size bits smaller than breakfast cereal.

The “Seven Come Fore Eleven” Award For Fine Fortune

It was a pretty good weekend overall for Busch with victories both days and the announcement of an extension with his sponsor.

Bobby Labonte had a strong run going until Paul Menard spun him. Labonte kept the car off the wall and rallied back to a thirteenth place finish.

Edwards looked great in Friday qualifying and at the start of the race but at the midpoint his car was badly off-song. He returned strong in the closing segments to finish second.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. got nabbed speeding on pit road (maybe he was trying to keep up with Johnson?) and lost a lap. He managed to get it back and drove on to an eleventh place finish, narrowly missing a third straight top 10 finish. He had to miss the lap 28 wreck just to finish the race.

Kevin Harvick got plowed into from the rear during the eighth caution period and his car suffered extensive damage. He was able to rally back to a sixth place finish.

Worth Noting

  • Sunday’s win was Busch’s fifth consecutive Bristol victory in NASCAR’s top three touring series dating back to last August’s truck, Nationwide and Cup events and both this weekend’s races.
  • Kurt Busch remains the only driver with a top 10 finish in all four of this season’s events and thus naturally he is leading the points.
  • Carl Edwards has finished first or second in three of this season’s four Cup races. He led at Phoenix as well but had a little help finishing 28th from his dear friend Mr. Busch.
  • Matt Kenseth (fourth) scored his best finish of the season and his first top 10 of 2011.
  • Paul Menard (fifth) is off to a great start this season with an eleventh place average over the first four races, the best average of any of the four RCR drivers.
  • Greg Biffle’s eighth place finish was easily his best of the year. Previously his best finish was twentieth at Phoenix.
  • Ryan Newman (tenth) has three consecutive top 10 finishes and has led laps in three of those events.
  • Clint Bowyer’s luck has seemed to be in the crapper since the win at New Hampshire and the subsequent penalty to start off last year’s Chase. He finished 35th on Sunday and has yet to score a top 10 result.
  • The top ten finishers at Bristol drove two Toyotas, three Fords, four Chevys and a lone Dodge. (Kurt Busch in seventh.)
  • Other notable drivers without a top 10 finish to their name this season include; Jeff Burton, David Reutimann, and Joey Logano.

What’s the Points?

Kurt Busch remains atop the points standings. Carl Edwards rose a spot to second and trails Busch by a mere point.

Teammates Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart are tied for third, twelve points out of the lead. Paul Menard rounds out the top 5 two points behind Stewart and Newman.

Kyle Busch’s win propels him forward eight spots to sixth while Jimmy Johnson rose five spots after Bristol to seventh.

Denny Hamlin’s tough day dropped him nine spots to seventeenth.

While it is insanely early to be worried about points at the top, some name teams have got to sweating a little this week. After California next week any team not in the top 35 in owner’s points will have to qualify with the go or go-home outfits at the end of qualifying sessions. Given an early exit at Fontana and unexpectedly good luck by some smaller outfits, they may find themselves in an embarrassing predicament. Teams that should be sweating it include the 31, the 7, the 20 and the 83.

Overall Rating (On a scale of one to six beer cans with one being a stinker and a six pack an instant classic) — We’ll give this one four and a half cans. With side by side racing, passes for the lead and an outcome that was uncertain up until the last fifteen laps it was a good ‘un.

Next Up – Insomniacs rejoice! The Cup series heads back to Fontana, a less than compelling track but according to the track’s GM, a premiere shopping destination. You ought to be well rested next Monday morning.

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03/21/2011 02:10 AM

All hail King DW. Thank God for the mute button.

Bill B
03/21/2011 07:27 AM

It’s nice to know I can get tickets to Bristol anytime I want. It looked like only 60% of the seats were filled. Oh how the mighty hath fallen.

The race was OK. If you compare it to races on 1.5+ mile tracks it was a “5”. If you compare it to classic Bristol races before the repaving it was a “3”. Either way, I’ll take Sunday’s race without complaining.

03/21/2011 07:58 AM

Bristol is definitely overpriced. I stopped going this year, over $400 to set up the camper for a week (with no sewer) even though you are only there 2 or 3 days and the tickets are ridiculous. I am going to Martinsville for a 1/5 of the cost for the weekend. People are getting tired of bending over for Bruton to go to his over-hyped track.

Carl D.
03/21/2011 08:29 AM

While I’m under no illusion that he will remain there, it sure is nice to see Bobby Labonte in 14th place in the points. Other than you, Matt, nobody else has mentioned him much at all.

I don’t think Robby Gordon is sweating falling out of the top 35 in points because he isn’t planning on running all the races this year. If Robby is worried about anything, it’s probably over the fact that he’s tearing up all his equipment.

What was with Ryan Truex taking all the blame for the wreck that ended Danica’s day? Replays clearly showed that Patrick came up the track into Truex moreso than Truex came down on her. Would he have been so apologetic if it had been any of the other racers? Has Ryan got the hots for the GoDaddy girl?

Finally…. I have a tremendous respect for Jennifer Jo Cobb. Whatever amount of money 2nd Chance Motorsports was paying Cobb, no way was it worth her dignity.

03/21/2011 08:42 AM

You we sure that was not Danica in the Go Daddy car?

Attendence was AWFUL this was probably the prettiest weekend in Bristol in over 15 years.

I enjoy the new Bristol and believe that it takes a lot more talent to race side by side for many laps without contact to make the pass, then having to use the bump and run. I also like to see green flag racing instead of caution filled laps.

Carl D
I kind of got the feeling she was not being payed by the team. because I heard she bought the tires and brought the crew with her.

I also agree with you and Matt
Good Job Jennifer on sticking to your principles.

03/21/2011 09:36 AM

Friends and I quit going to bristol after the change and broke a 9 yr streak..Went there last spring, was in the area for work..Camped for $140(primitive) Busch Tic $10- Cup Tic $40(start/finish , 40 rows up…..never buy tics in Advance!

03/21/2011 10:10 AM


Oh, not the race. The race was awesome. I’m talking about Matt’s crappy column.

And really people, all we have to discuss on here is the price of tickets and how many people are in the stands. Did any of you even watch the race?! Pathetic!

03/21/2011 10:19 AM

Yeah a pretty much boring race, there is a reason why the stands were like they were, duh!!
But then again if you don’t know anything about racing, it probably wasn’t to bad.

03/21/2011 10:46 AM

I was surprised at how many empty seats there were on Sunday. I was at Sebring on Friday and Saturday for the 12 Hours, and it was the biggest crowd I’ve seen there in the 12 years I’ve been going (along with 54 cars, the biggest car count in a long time with big manufacturer support). This tells me the economy is starting to come back, but something is wrong in Nascar land.

03/21/2011 11:09 AM

Is there an implication that Johnson gets special treatment from NASCAR?

I watched an ESPN special on Tim Richmond a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if the same thing happened to another Hendrick driver, say Johnson, how NASCAR would react? Like Tim or like Magic?

It’s too bad they don’t use real race cars in Cup. It would be nice to have them race Modifieds or wedges or topless.

Bill B
03/21/2011 11:11 AM

Yes I watched the race from beginning to end without missing any green flag laps. The fact that I am talking about attendance today instead of what (didn’t) happened on the track says more about my impressions of the race than anything I could write.
Don’t assume people didn’t watch the race just because their comments don’t talk about the topics you personally found important.

03/21/2011 11:15 AM

During the first set of pit stops the leader at the time Paul Menard had his car slip off the jack and lost 10 spots. Fox had the camera on him at the time and none of the 3 brainiacs in the booth ever mentioned why he fell back.

Bill B
03/21/2011 11:17 AM

RE: “I wonder if the same thing happened to another Hendrick driver, say Johnson, how NASCAR would react? Like Tim or like Magic?”

It’s been 25 years since Richmond’s era. I doubt that NASCAR could get away with the negativity that they did back then. First of all in was a new disease that no one understood and there was a greater level of fear associated with it as a result. Secondly, NASCAR wasn’t as worried about being pollitically correct as they are now. They might still react the same way and not let him race but they would talk a way better game and posture themselves to be much more supportive and empathetic (even though behind the camera’s eye there might not be much difference).

03/21/2011 11:38 AM

Like Edwards said in his interview after the race… I wish he would have paid back the favor he owes Busch from the deal at Phoenix. That would have made for a 6 pack or “instant classic”.

03/21/2011 11:42 AM

I was at the race this weekend. I have been to the spring race every year since 1995. They have ruined Bristol racing with the progressive banking. If you recall, the first race for the reconfigured track was the same year, the Car Tomorrow ran its first race at Bristol. Everyone left that day knowing something was definitely wrong. Was it the car or the track? I think the answer is the track.

So in 2007 we saw the first race on the reconfigured track. In 2009 while it was deemed a sell out, anyone that was there saw the writing on the wall (empty seats). Last year, 2010 was even worse, and was the first non sell out at Bristol in 55 straight races. Now in 2011, there entire sections that were empty. I am certain in the nearly 20 years now I have been going to Bristol, I have witnessed bigger Busch (yes Busch back then) crowds than the crowd there yesterday. Nascar, SMI and Darrell Waltrip can continue to blame the economy, gas prices, the weather and any thing else they can think of, but the problem with Bristol’s attendance has nothing to do with those things.

Love it or hate it, tight close quarter racing, beating and banging and the aftermath of a such a race, is what filled the seats for 55 races straight. Once those things went way, so did the fans.

Let me make it clear, I havent been going to Bristol for years to see wrecks. I went to see good hard nosed close quarter racing on a fast high banked one groove track. It made for exciting racing. Unfortunately a bi-product of that, was a lot of wrecks.

A trip to the track cost a lot of the money when figure, food, lodging, gas, tickets, etc… When the checkered flag drops and you feel like you didnt get your moneys worth, you start weighing the cost vs the entertainment value. Right now any fan investing in a weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway is NOT getting the best return on their investment.

This said, our group of 4 may be the last 4 in the stands if things continue to decline, because thankfully the weekend is not just about the race. Its a nice weekend away with my Dad and Son.

Bristol used to be one of the tracks you would want to take a someone that was not a fan of our sport to show them why we love racing. But now, if I took someone that asks, how can you sit and watch cars go in circles for hours, to Bristol, I wouldnt be able to defend that.

03/21/2011 11:52 AM

For those that dont follow DW on facebook or Twitter let me offer these quotes from DW yesterday.

“Bristol now produces “good” racing,old Bristol produced “bad” racing,more side by side racing,you can pass someone without wrecking them !” -DW

“gas is $3.75 a gal.we don’t have the extra cash laying around to spend on attending a race,its not the racing,its not Nascar,its the economy” -DW

“weather man saying it was going 2 rain all weekend hurt the walk up crowd today,those that were there say great racing and coverage was good” – DW

“let’s keep everything in perspective,the place holds a 166,000 people,today there was probably 100,000 people there,still a hugh crowd “ – DW

“Ive watched a bunch of basketball games this weekend,and I haven’t heard anyone complain about empty seats and bad camera angles,just sayn’” -DW

What’s that saying about opinions?

03/21/2011 12:24 PM

Matt guess you don’t understand timing lines. That probably explains why CHad picked what appeared to be a terrible pit box.

Brian France Sucks
03/21/2011 12:42 PM

To each their own.

I personally love the progressive banking. There are now 2-3 grooves, and racers can “race” without knocking others out of the way to pass. “Racing” takes more skill than, “see car in front>hit car in rear bumper> move them/spin them>repeat. I realize the knuckle-draggers want wrecks and more wrecks, but multiple grooves separates the racers from the posers. If you want wrecks go to the demo derby at your county fair. A 2-3 grove track is superior to a 1 groove track. Green flag racing is better than a wreck-fest.

Sue Rarick
03/21/2011 12:49 PM

People forget that before the concrete was poured Bristol had side by side racing. It was the original concrete paving that turned it into a single line track.

We looked into going to Bristol this year but rooms were just rediculous. Rick (see above) is going to Martinsville. We are going to Nashville (yes we know it’s trucks and nationwide) It’s still good short track racing (although I would love to see them back at the fairgrounds.

03/21/2011 01:12 PM

i let my tickets go after the night race last year this is the first BMS i have missed in 32 years, reason the racin just aint the same and with a $1300.00 price for my 4 seats it just ain’t worth it

Annie Mack
03/21/2011 01:39 PM

I guess I’m a knuckle dragger but I’m a proud one. I used to look forward to Bristol because even if your driver was caught up in a wreck, he could still win the race. It was exciting to see such close racing and watch the drivers use such finesse to pass cars.

Bump drafting didn’t mean you wrecked the car in front of you — well, not if you knew what you were doing.

Bristol is now just another track. I used to turn down invitations, even to family events, if Bristol was scheduled at the same time. I really miss that track. I’m glad the new fans enjoy it but I didn’t see their butts in the seats yesterday.

03/21/2011 01:42 PM

Progressive banking is like restrictor plates. It produces side-by-side racing, but it’s fake. For my money, I’ll take fake Talladega over fake Bristol any season. Of course, I’d prefer them taking the plates off and keeping a constant banking in the turns.

Dramatic move of the race: Kevin Harvick coming from the tail end of the lead lap to finish sixth in fifty or so laps with a wrecked racecar. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any of that drive except for crossing the stripe.

Plenty of us understand the timing lines, but since pit road speed limits are a safety rule, and the technology exists to make sure drivers don’t speed in the pits, the negative reaction to Johnson’s blatant speeding on pit road is not difficult to understand.

03/21/2011 02:14 PM

There was a lot of good racing yesterday. True it’s not like the old Bristol with the exciting finishes and short tempers. That’s why the stands are empty.

RandyGoldman is another Matt hater like Susan (or are they one and the same?). Good read Matt but I really miss psycho Susan … she really kept your column “alive” all week. Still time to chime in sweetie.

03/21/2011 02:33 PM

OMG this going to be another great week! Susan is back and she’s repeating her last post on Matt’s column from last week (which means she posted it earlier today). Someone’s yanking my chain. Susan can’t be a real person.

I think Dyno loves women (most likely his wife). He just doesn’t like pigs. Keep posting baby, you’re the best.

03/21/2011 02:50 PM

Careful what you wish for Gary, as you can see calling her sweetie got her so excited she had to copy/paste the same rant she posted at 12.30 this am on Matt’s AK story from last week, I think you made her feel liked..Anyway as my buddy aj said a couple comments ago, we stopped going after 9 years because the track got ruined when they re-did it, not even close to the same racing, but I do believe yesterdays race had its exciting moments its just too bad the TV coverage is getting worse each year or we might acually see some of the excitement as it happens, good read like usual Matt, I think 3 1/2 cans might have been more deserving for this one.OK suzie, get that keyboard a smokin !!!

03/21/2011 02:55 PM

LMAO, good one Gary…

Bill B
03/21/2011 03:12 PM

I was wondering who the hell Dyno was when I couldn’t find any comment above Susan’s.

By any chance were you ever a teacher? Just wondering because you always seem to talk down to everyone (like you are the only adult in the room and the only one whose opinion matters) and, more importantly, you are always “right”.

BTW, thanks for the biology lesson. Can you explain genes and chromosome alignment so everyone can be bored some more?

Fonzi Dew Lexington
03/21/2011 04:03 PM

Too much give and take…No one wants to watch a bunch of guys who race like they might take one…

Laidback Racing
03/21/2011 04:09 PM

we didn’t go to Bristol for the first time in about 10 years…the season tickets for Bristol cost more last year than my 3 Charlotte races, both Atlanta, fall dover and darlington…and that is just too much! Usually Bruton’s tracks are the least expensive and it is time for bristol to follow suit.

that being said…I agree with whoever posted that there was side by side before the concrete…watch any of Jr’s show “back in the day”??? Those big old boxes got 3 wide…AT BRISTOL!

03/21/2011 04:53 PM

We watched the race on Phawcks and were totally disgusted with the coverage of the last 30 laps: Anyone just turning on the TV would have thought there were only 3 cars racing! They continued to show those same three cars lap after lap even after it was obvious that Edwards was not gonna catch PeeWee Herman. They missed all the good racing that was going on behind them. The only way that we could see that Harvick was pushing toward the front was by the tickertape on the top of the screen – pretty much the ONLY mention of Bobby Labonte too. Its really too bad that Fox’s camera crews are all from stick-n-ball sports and don’t know what racing is.

Mr Bill
03/21/2011 07:03 PM

Matt, I read your article and again I was enlightened and informed. I never want to see a driver or one of those magnificent machines hit the wall. The new track at Bristol allows for skilled race car drivers to show what they have with out doing someone wrong. I stopped going to Bristol in the late 80’s simply because every race was won by a Junior Johnson owned car. Old DW, that everyone seems to have an issue with, won the race so many times in a row that even Kyle’s success is pale in comparison. Bristol goes through different cycles. In the 60’s people in the top of the stands would throw their glass beer bottles down to the bottom of the stands with glass flying everywhere, and that was accepted behavior. If you don’t love Bristol now just be patient. Things will change for sure.

03/21/2011 07:14 PM

Not normally one to comment on another staff members’ article, but one particular comment about a tweet DW made caught my eye… he said gas was $3.75 a gallon? Maybe in Nashville, but I filled up in Baileyton (30 min. or so southwest of Bristol on the way home) and it was a mere $3.29. Where Bristol has screwed fans has been hotel prices and campground prices. Some of the hotels have reduced rates, but some are still price-gouging and NONE of the campgrounds are reducing rates… so as much as people want to blame the economy, it really has little, if anything, to do with it. It’s about 45% progressive banking, 45% campground and hotel price-gouging, and MAYBE 10% economy (and that’s being as generous as the listed attendance yesterday.) If they had 120,000 fans, then my aunt is my uncle…

03/21/2011 07:18 PM

I believe that if the 48 is discerning timing lines & getting away with passing others on pit road, then the others teams would be doing it too. Which asks the question, I believe the purpose of a pit road speed law is for the safety of and to protect the crews on pit road. So, if you can cheat using the ‘lines’ it is OK to risk the lives of crewmen…?

03/21/2011 08:18 PM

Using the lines is not cheating it’s using the rules to the fullest, neither is it blatant cheating if you don’t cover the distance between those lines in a time that equals greater than the speed limit for pit road.
There is no rule against passing on pit road.

03/21/2011 08:55 PM

Marybeth if you were actually watching the races, you would know they all do it. The TV points it out frequently. The last one I remember was JR complaining about Harvick speeding past him. It is not cheating when you are abiding by the rules. NASCAR makes the rules, the teams take full advantage. Some are just better than others.

Bob Onnit
03/21/2011 09:06 PM

Susan: No one here want’s to read your book and care less about what happened last week. Go crank up your vibrator and you’ll feel better. Jeez, get a grip.

03/22/2011 08:23 AM

I was thinking the exact same thing about Mark Martin. He used to be regarded as the cleanest driver on the track. But the past season and a half, he’s changed. Then again, he joined the dark side at HMS, so even the good guys can go bad! LOL

03/22/2011 09:12 AM

A lot of people here seem to be understandably disappointed with NASCAR racing lately—I too was a long-time fan who finally got disgusted enough with it to quit watching (still like to read Matt’s column though). Here’s a friendly suggestion: check out a Super Late Model race at a near-by short track. The racing is exciting, the prices are reasonable, and the drivers are genuine.

For instance, this past December’s Snowball Derby. Four days and three nights of great local-class and late model action ending with an awesome Super Late Model 300-lapper. Reserved seats for the entire event: $75. On-site RV spot with water: $125. There was more real racing action that weekend than in an entire Sprint Sup season.

There’s a big Super Late Model 300-lapper coming up next month at North Wilkesboro—how could that not be great? Just because the modern NASCAR has turned into a watered-down version of automotive rasslin’ doesn’t mean there’s no good stock car racing left. Try a SLM event—you won’t be disappointed.

03/22/2011 09:57 AM

Fairlane 63: good idea. I plan to go to Slinger Speedway in WI and catch some short track racing on the “mini-Bristol” during the summer. Just wished they raced on Sat night instead of Sunday night.

Jeff G.
03/22/2011 11:36 AM

Well said Annie Mack!!

03/22/2011 12:15 PM

Where else can we read about primates, pigs, rapists, choking, sperm ‘n eggs, vibrators, Alcoholics Anonymous and placentas on a Nascar site? Why, right here on the FS.


You folks are fantastic, I love you all!

I need more popcorn.

03/22/2011 12:49 PM

Have to agree with Annie Mack too. Bristol was my weekend. No plans, no company, didn’t go anywhere – just Bristol. Not so anymore. But that attitude slowly came to be as the points racing mentality took over. It is more the points/ chase thing than the reconfiguation.

SS Mike
03/22/2011 02:07 PM

If more people went to a local short track, either dirt or pavement, and saw real racing instead of this crap NA$CAR feeds fans no one would watch NA$CAR.

I too quit watching NA$CAR years ago but do love MATT’s column.

Count me in as one who prefers races were you have to drive around the guy in front of you, not bump him out of the way.

03/22/2011 03:34 PM

“Paul Menard had his car slip off the jack and lost 10 spots. Fox had the camera on him at the time and none of the 3 brainiacs in the booth ever mentioned why he fell back.”

They also gave mention about the tire situation, but then never followed up about it towards the end of the race. Typical FOX. Never following up on stories unless it involves their favorites. And supposedly, Truex (Toyota) was the fastest car on the track yesterday according to DW.

Sounds to me like there was alot of price gouging going on in the Bristol area this weekend. That includes race tickets. No wonder the place looked half empty.

DW saying the coverage was good is laughable. The incar camera shot of Harvick in the last wreck took the cake. Cars are piling up behind him and we get a live incar shot of Harvicks car. Great production.