The Frontstretch: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Martinsville Spring Race Recap by Matt McLaughlin -- Monday April 4, 2011

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The Key Moment – With four laps left, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s car got just loose enough to allow Kevin Harvick to slip by for the win. Junior tried a classic crossover move to retake the lead but missed by a couple inches.

With Sunday’s victory, Kevin Harvick made his wife happy with a nice new addition to their North Carolina home: a prestigious Martinsville grandfather clock. The dog? He had no comment.

In a Nutshell – Lots of lead changes, lots of bent fenders and frayed tempers, huge clouds of tire smoke, bunches of passes for the lead amongst different drivers and an exciting finish. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Dramatic Moment – If you weren’t on your feet for those final ten laps, contact your doctor. You may be dead.

What They’ll Be Talking About Around the Water Cooler This Week

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: there’s nothing wrong with the new NASCAR an old racetrack can’t fix.

Harvick came up with a clever plan to beat Earnhardt Jr. for the win. Hopefully, his team comes up with an equally clever plan to get their boy safely out of town once the Earnhardt Army comes looking for him.

You think Kyle Busch is sick of losing the lead with a handful of laps left to go lately? But once again, the “new” Kyle Busch was on hand accepting defeat graciously on both Saturday and Sunday. My guess is when Busch finally does blow his stack again, which will happen, it’s going to be volcanic.

While I enjoyed Sunday’s race, there was something that did bother me afterwards. Too many drivers, when interviewed were saying they didn’t want to be “the bad guy” spinning out a competitor. Excuse me? Did they not get the memo they were at Martinsville? Earnhardt Jr. not only said he didn’t want to be a bad guy, but took it one step further, claiming he didn’t want to be obnoxious. Hmmmm. I remember a seven-time champion who didn’t give a damn about being a bad guy or obnoxious to win a race… and he won a bunch of them in a certain black Chevy with a big white 3 on the side.

Lance McGrew must have some sort of ultra-powerful magnet implanted in the nose of Mark Martin’s No. 5 car. Lately, Martin is running into the back of everything but the pace car.

After a surprising finish outside the top 10 at Martinsville, Denny Hamlin blew off some steam Sunday about a faulty pit crew he claims is part of the problem for the No. 11 car in 2011.

Is there trouble in paradise over at Joe Gibbs Racing? Denny Hamlin was loudly and profanely upset over a few slow pit stops; next time he pitted, the front tire changer from the No. 20 team was manning the gun. Meanwhile, over at Roush Fenway Greg Biffle already has a new gasman this season and we’re only six races deep. It seems pit crew members and their careers are seen as expendable after that whole mess with the Nos. 24/48 and 33/29 teams last year.

I had to wonder why no caution flag flew when Brad Keselowski blew another front tire and hit the wall. (Hasn’t he been doing that a lot this year?) Perhaps the race was running a bit long after the red flag and network expediency took precedence over driver safety?

Fortunately, the tire debacle some people feared would mar this weekend never materialized, though the track didn’t rubber in until well past the halfway point. Yes, there was a suspicious amount of blown right fronts again, but you know the old NASCAR adage: “There are no bad tires. There are just bad race teams that do bad things to Goodyears.” Normally, when a new tire was going to be used at a track Goodyear would schedule a tire test prior to the event to see how the new rubber worked. Some have argued that gives the drivers who got to run that tire test an advantage, however, a likely reason why the company backed off in this case. So why doesn’t Goodyear hire their own tire test team of former Cup drivers, whose opinions the other competitors respect to go out and run for them before we have another disaster like Tire-gate at the Brickyard?

Well you know it’s been a slow news week in the sport when the impending arrival of 2007 F-1 Champ Kimi Raikkonen (note to self, add that one to spellcheck) driving a Kyle Busch-owned truck at Charlotte next month is big news. Yeah, it’s a little weird that a former Ferrari Grand Prix racer and champion will be at the wheel of a pickup truck racing, but we’ll see how it goes. Unfortunately in Northern Europe, the names of people and towns tend to look like the results of an industrial accident at an alphabet soup company. That means the Finnish driver might want to streamline the process and race here in the U.S. under the name Jimmy Rock… a much more masculine sounding title. And since there is always eager competition among NASCAR writers to come up with the worst puns, let me be the first to copyright the headline: “Raikkonen Drives To Best Finn-ish.”

Last week, we lost National Speed and Sport News. This week, we lost longtime automotive journalist David E. Davis, who edited Car and Driver all those years and founded Automobile magazine. I read my first issue of Car and Driver when I was six, and it was through the writings of guys like Davis, Yates, Shepherd, Berard, Smith and the rest of their incredibly talented staff that I learned even when you were writing outside the mainstream about stuff like cars and racing it was still important to write well, intelligently and colorfully enough to engage your readers. And yes, that’s even if back in the day every issue of Car and Driver sent me scrambling for the family dictionary to learn what all the big words meant.

What Kevin Harvick would be asking: “How did it feel to speed on pit road, Jimmie… and actually get penalized for it this time?”

The Hindenburg Award For Foul Fortune

Jimmie Johnson (finally) got nailed for speeding on pit road late in the race, thwarting his chances at a win. He mouthed off afterwards on Twitter, claiming NASCAR should open up all pit road speeds to the public after his Martinsville streak of sixteen straight top-10 finishes ended with an 11th-place result.

Denny Hamlin short pitted there at the end, then got caught out by Regan Smith spinning to bring out the eleventh and final caution. The winner of three straight Martinsville events was then resigned to 12th position.

Kasey Kahne was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when Martin Truex, Jr.’s throttle stuck wide open. Both drivers were lucky to walk away from the resultant savage crash but it ended both of their days. Some folks are saying it was the worst wreck ever at Martinsville. I guess they weren’t there on October 24th, 1985. (Editor’s Note: For those who weren’t around then… throw that date and Martinsville into Google to get your answer. You’ll learn something!)

Outside pole sitter Ryan Newman had a strong run going up front until his engine began self-destructing. He then nearly self-destructed Kevin Harvick’s day, exchanging contact before fading to 20th, two laps off the pace.

The “Seven Come Fore Eleven” Award For Fine Fortune

Kevin Harvick has now won two consecutive races but in those two events led a total of seven laps.

No, he didn’t win, but a couple races from now when the media is discussing how it feels for Earnhardt to go 100 races without a win he can at least point out how close he came this weekend at Martinsvile.

Matt Kenseth caught a lane change penalty early in the event and fell nearly two laps down. Somehow, he still drove on to a sixth-place finish.

Jamie McMurray had to overcome a penalty for a loose lug nut that forced him to make a second pit stop. He still managed to finish seventh.

Clint Bowyer barely avoided Dave Blaney’s stricken car spinning across the track to finish ninth.

Juan Pablo Montoya couldn’t quite catch Kevin Harvick down the stretch, but a fourth-place finish helped build upon a strong early-season start: he’s now seventh in points.

Worth Noting

  • Kevin Harvick (first) snagged his first Cup victory in 20 career starts at Martinsville. In fact, it was only his second ever top-5 finish in Cup at the track.
  • Earnhardt (second) enjoyed his best finish since last year’s Daytona 500.
  • Kyle Busch (third) leads all drivers with five top-10 results in this season’s first six races. He’s finished in the top three in four of the last five events.
  • So far this season ,Juan Pablo Montoya (fourth) is averaging an eleventh-place finish through six races.
  • Jeff Gordon (fifth) scored his first top-5 result since his win at Phoenix.
  • Don’t look now but Kenseth (sixth) has three consecutive top-10 performances. Oddly enough, he’s failed to lead a single lap in those three races.
  • McMurray’s seventh-place finish was his best since he won at Charlotte last fall.
  • David Ragan’s eighth-place finish was his best of the 2011 Cup season.
  • Mark Martin’s tenth-place finish was his first top-10 run since Daytona, where he also finished tenth.
  • Joey Logano (thirteenth) drove to his best Cup result in 2011.
  • Tony Stewart’s 35th-place disaster was his worst since Talladega in the fall of 2009.
  • The top 10 finishers at Martinsville drove seven Chevys, two Fords and a Toyota.

What’s the Points?

Kyle Busch rises three spots to take over the lead in the standings, displacing Carl Edwards who fell a spot to second, five points behind Busch.

Jimmie Johnson is now third, fourteen points off the pace. Fourth-place Kurt Busch is two points behind Johnson while fifth-place Harvick is one behind Busch.

It was a tough points day for the Stewart-Haas drivers. Ryan Newman dropped down four positions to sixth while Tony Stewart, curiously a non-factor all day, fell five rungs down the ladder to eleventh.

It was a better day for Hendrick teammates Earnhardt, Martin and Gordon. Earnhardt rose four spots to eighth in the standings while Martin rose four spots to tenth and Gordon four spots to twelfth.

Everyone from Gordon on back in the standings is already more than a full race’s worth of points out of the lead.

Overall Rating (On a scale of one to six beer cans with one being a stinker and a six pack an instant classic) — We’ll give this one a full-on, cold six pack of the good stuff, delivered by Heather Locklear in your brand new Dodge Challenger RT towing a bass boat.

Next Up – The series heads off to Texas next Saturday night. Those with a weak tolerance for tortured cowboy analogies might want to skip FOX’s pre-race show, typically the worst of the year… and that’s saying something.

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04/04/2011 06:50 AM

Too bad Nascar failed to realize that short tracks almost always keep the racing interesting. If they had fewer 1 1/2 mile tracks on the schedule, maybe ratings wouldn’t be dropping so badly.

04/04/2011 06:56 AM

Excellent race; excellent article. The ONLY negative I can say is that you should’ve had your spell-check on for all those Car & Driver names. (Re: Bedard). Keep up the great work!

Bill B
04/04/2011 07:22 AM

I love Martinsville races and yesterday’s race did not disappoint.

RE Jr’s quote “Earnhardt Jr. not only said he didn’t want to be a bad guy, but took it one step further, claiming he didn’t want to be obnoxious.”
That’s why people that aren’t Jr fans still respect and like the guy. He’s not a jerk.

Jeers to Fox not covering the race. There were several cars that had problems and we never really heard what happened to them or why. Stewart and Kvapil come to mind. All the sudden they were 30+ laps down and no one in the booth said a word (or did I miss it?).

I too wish there were more short tracks on the schedule. It negates all that aero dependency crap. There was actual passing going on all day, including legitimate passes for the lead.

Martinsville. The new Bristol.

BTW, nice picture of Havrick with his yappy-dog.

Mike Hunt
04/04/2011 07:23 AM

Well you know it’s been a slow news week in the sport when the impending arrival of 2007 F-1 Champ Kimi Raikkonen (note to self, add that one to spellcheck) driving a Kyle Busch-owned truck at Charlotte next month is big news. Yeah, it’s a little weird that a former Ferrari Grand Prix racer and champion will be at the wheel of a pickup truck racing, but we’ll see how it goes. Unfortunately in Northern Europe, the names of people and towns tend to look like the results of an industrial accident at an alphabet soup company. That means the Finnish driver might want to streamline the process and race here in the U.S. under the name Jimmy Rock… a much more masculine sounding title. And since there is always eager competition among NASCAR writers to come up with the worst puns, let me be the first to copyright the headline: “Raikkonen Drives To Best Finn-ish.”

Can you be more racist and insensitive you ignorant mick?

Bill B
04/04/2011 07:26 AM

Mike Hunt,
Funny how you blast Matt for political incorrectness while using a screen name that is equally politically incorrect.
Pot, meet kettle.

04/04/2011 07:30 AM

I agree, the sport needs more Martinsvilles and less Kansases.

Unfortunately, if Junior keeps running as well as he did yesterday, the ratings will go up and NASCAR won’t think they need to fix anything again.

Nothing against Junior, but I’m really rooting for him to finish 11th and not win any races, just to watch NASCAR tangle themselves in knots with new changes to the chase.

Brian France Sucks
04/04/2011 08:01 AM

D@mn, finally a good race, and I’m stuck flying and can’t watch it. NA$CAR needs more short tracks, but the idiots (i.e. Frances) at I$C and also the Smiths $MI think because they can put more seats around a 1.5 or 2 mile snoozer, that they'll make more money on a consistent basis. That only works if you can sell more than 70% of the seats, which doesn't seem to be happening. When you need binoculars to see the other side of the track, its too dmn big. BRING BACK WILKESBORO, ROCKINGHAM, AND PUT IOWA ON THE SCHEDULE!!!

Brian France Sucks
04/04/2011 08:03 AM

Apologies for my use of the @, which evidently makes print so small that it becomes painful to read. You guys get the gist of it though.

04/04/2011 08:21 AM

end of race was good. loved seeing jr chrome horn on busch. shades of jr’s daddy in that move. jr sure looked despondent over not winning, seems he really wanted that clock. maybe in the fall. be interesting to see how the “momentum” carries to texas. after texas, dega so the jr palace will be on top of the world if their king is riding a good wave heading to dega.

thank God for the safer barriers. hopefully martin truex and kasey kane will visit their local churches and make a contribution to the offering plate. that could have been very ugly and disasterous.

04/04/2011 08:28 AM

Wow, no cheap dig at Robby Gordon this week…lol

Are you growing up, Matt? lol

04/04/2011 08:30 AM

Great race, I was at the track and Martinsville is my new favorite. Action all day, the place went nuts at the end. Hear it NASCAR, we love short tracks. Thankfully the tires turned out not to be an issue. Nothing beats a Martinsville hot dog for breakfast.

Mr Bill
04/04/2011 08:40 AM

Matt, as you referred to the drivers saying they did not want to be the bad guy was the big story Sunday for me. Dale struggled in the post race interview to explain why he did not drive like his seven time champion father, and do what ever it took to stop Harvick from taking the lead late in the race. Junior knew what would have been done by the drivers of the past, but he chose to handle it a different way. I sensed a conflict within Junior about that final pass by Harvick and talking about the pass after the race. “Have at it boys?” Junior may have done the correct thing Sunday, but was it what a champion that dances to a different drummer would have done? Is this how rich drivers with big company sponsors react to a challenge late in the race? Dale Earnhardt Junior being passed by a black Richard Childers car late in the race with little action to stop the pass just doesn’t seem right to me. Is this the new NASCAR? This Harvick pass on Earnhardt and Earnhardt’s reaction was a big story to me.

The Mad Man
04/04/2011 09:17 AM

Having been lucky enough to have watched the race at the track I believe Martinsville is going to replace Bristol as the “must see” track. They had the biggest crowd turn-out in several years show up on Sunday, the race was exciting, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the fall.

Looks like Mr. 3 Faces of Eve still hasn’t sought help for his mental problems.

04/04/2011 10:40 AM

Had to watch the race on Fox, so the viewers at home didn’t see much until about 100 laps left in the race when the director stopped playing with his various toys and actually started showing the race.

Personally I’m glad Jr didn’t win for the same reasons that another poster mentioned. If he does, Nascar will break its own arm patting itself on the back at how wonderful everything is because Jr Nation will have artificially altered things because they suddenly tune back in. Hey, I’m all for the racing improving — then I will be happy to see Jr win.

BTW, Jr’s post race interview was really awful. I’m sure he was disappointed to only finish 2nd, but really, look up not at the ground when you’re talking to the press.

Mike Hunt — wow, you missed the humor and went straight to a bigoted comment.

Carl D.
04/04/2011 11:05 AM

A great race at an exciting and legendary track; you can’t ask for more. If you didn’t like this race, maybe crocheting is more your speed. This is the stuff Nascar was built on, but with safer barriers and safer cars.

Kyle Busch may or may not blow is stack at some point in the future, but if he does, it will be nothing like the resulting explosion if, as Gordon83 suggests, Dale Earnhardt Jr. finshes the regular season in 11th with no wins and fails to make the chase. Brian France’s head will spin around like a top and then explode like a pumpkin full of M-80’s.

Matt… Heather Locklear turns 50 this year. She may still be hotter than most women half her age, but that Challenger R/T is even hotter.

04/04/2011 11:33 AM

I thought that if a driver was penalized by nascar during the race they were not eligible for the lucky dog. This was the second race this year where I saw a driver who was given a drive-thru penalty receive the lucky dog. What’s up?

Good race Great finish

04/04/2011 11:35 AM

When Truex hit the wall the first thing I thought of was 1985 and how lucky Truex was.

04/04/2011 11:39 AM

Had no idea the Finnish were a race unto themselves.

And Matt, I’m with you. Richie Evans was a beast of a driver.

Finally I wouldn’t worry about Junior’s Army. If they’re anything like their leader, they’ll only show up 4 times a year and retreat when confronted. Harvick’s got more Earnhardt in him than Dale Jr. does because Harvick has a killer instinct. If Junior ain’t had it by now, he never will.

Still can’t understand a damn thing he says, it’s like watching a King of the Hill episode drunk.

All in all, hell of a race. Not as good as when Ricky Craven and DJ battled it out a few years back, but good nonetheless.

04/04/2011 12:13 PM

Now that was a race! Watched the whole thing in spite of FOX and their spectacular coverage. It would be nice to know why drivers in contention disappear from the front of the pack (1.e.-Stewart). I should know by now that total race coverage won’t be coming from the TV coverage. Funny how quiet DW got when Harvick passed Jr. I am a big Harvick fan and would have liked to see Jr. fight for the win a little harder. But it was good to see him up front. Got to love the short tracks. Totally agree – Martinsville – The new Bristol………
Matt – after 10 years, Harvick is still on your S-list.

04/04/2011 01:20 PM

I did not see the race, but, Matt, your line, “Junior tried a classic crossover move to retake the lead but missed by a couple inches.” is spot on. I have seen that part. Proves as much as RDEIII is a good race car driver he is not Sr. or Jr. Never woulda happened with those two. Dirt tracks. Short asphalt. Growin’ up poor and hongery. Jus’ Sayin’

04/04/2011 01:28 PM

If AJ Allmendinger could get any kind of good luck they’d be much higher in points.

Had a top 5 car…Was consistently running 2nd or 3rd on the speed charts all race and the best he gets is a 14th because of that last untimely caution…which also took guys like Hamlin and Johnson out of the race.

No wonder Jr. almost won..all the GOOD cars were relegated to the back at the very end of the race.

04/04/2011 01:29 PM

Matt…..loved the “We’ll give this one a full-on, cold six pack of the good stuff, delivered by Heather Locklear in your brand new Dodge Challenger RT towing a bass boat.
That painted the PERFECT PICTURE for me!

04/04/2011 01:31 PM

Hey Joe…just nitpicking, but that was KuBusch that Ricky tangled with a few years back, not Jarret. What a classic finish (there’s that word again) that was.

04/04/2011 01:42 PM

Boy!!! Susan sure has a burr up her butt this week!!

Bill B
04/04/2011 01:50 PM

The one major flaw in the Martinsville races now are the double file restarts. They just aren’t fair at all at this track. I’d rather be 11th than 4th on a restart which shows the inequity of the rule at a track with no outside groove. There is something inherently wrong with a rule that penalizes guys in the outside lane to that degree. That’s why so many guys got penalized for dropping down prior to the start finish lines on restarts. If you don’t drop down ASAP you lose 10+ spots. That’s something I wish NASCAR would find a way to fix.

Keeping it REAL
04/04/2011 01:51 PM

I’d dismiss Matt’s comments about non-southern, non-American drivers and their names as pure humor other than I’ve lost count how many times he’s made fun of them. Apparently in his world the only people who can really wheel a stock car are from the southeast USA (except the god-sends Kulwicki and Richmond, though they were both from the “correct side” of the Mississippi .. ). Apparently there are no good tracks or good races other than those in the SE USA also. His bias is just getting sickening. I’ve read Matt for a bit over a decade now and I’ll keep reading for a while yet because even though he really is becoming a bitter old man who is having more and more trouble holding in his political incorrect tendencies, he’s still entertaining and says what he thinks. I just think he should be called out for it. I’m sure he thinks of Kimi as a too-good-for-you F1 driver, but who cares. Let him make fun of him even if it does make one question the amount of racism that runs through his head. Doesn’t matter.

Regarding Jr, I am still struggling to see how he’s a pushover since he didn’t try to rough up a guy with a clearly faster car. He tried a crossover, and the car in front was clearly faster. How does this make Jr a pushoever and loser? Get real, people, and Matt too. I lost respect for Sr, despite being a huge Sr fan, when he ran over people to win. Thought he was being a punk and selling himself short. It is like you are saying “I’m not good enough to pass you without damaging you”. It is insulting, honestly. Jr is a breath of fresh air for me – the kind of guy who wants to beat you by racing clean.

Look at it this way. Mark Martin would have done it EXACTLY the same as Jr yet Matt would have sung Martin’s praises all day, saying “you go, crazy old man!”. We all know it is true. Way to be consistent, Matt. When an old fart from “back in the day” races clean he shows how it should be done and is a great example to our kids. When Jr does it he’s a lazy punk who has no desire to win. Love the consistency, pal.

04/04/2011 02:12 PM

So, if Susan is really Randy Goldman that would make her Susan Goldman. I once knew a Susan Goldman. She was a thoroughly nasty and negative person. And she certainly was ‘Randy.’

04/04/2011 02:38 PM

Hey Joe…just nitpicking, but that was KuBusch that Ricky tangled with a few years back, not Jarret. What a classic finish (there’s that word again) that was.


you’re thinking the Darlington race which in my view is the best race I’ve ever seen in person. DJ and Craven raced door to door at Martinsville on a delayed race on a Monday afternoon. My buddies in the cube next to me could verify that as I was probably the only Craven fan in Jacksonville, Florida.

04/04/2011 03:03 PM

Matt, you got it right , give this 1 a 6-pack of your favorite brew, this was/is REAL racing the way its suppose to be…Now on to the stupid dimwit suzie, I thought I stuck your sorry ass in the closet a couple weeks ago after you started giving us lessons on how a stupid person (this would be you) could bitch & moan about Everything in the world except Nascar on a Nascar board,so let me help you out again, we don’t care about your kyle fetish or any of your other ones, if you wanna talk about other sports find a closet & talk to yourself, but do the rest of us who come hear to read Matt’s column & comment on it a favor & just go away…& yes you were put down & away, now crawl back in your little hole & stay there this time..We promise not to miss you even a little bit.

04/04/2011 03:10 PM

A little off topic but has anybody heard or seen updates on Larry Pearson? I looked on the internet a couple days ago and no updates in about 8-10 months.

04/04/2011 03:32 PM

I really like reading the comments section on Frontstretch but it’s becoming harder and harder to sort through the trolls to get to the legitimate comments. Personal attacks on readers and Frontstretch writers are juvenile and I just don’t understand why it’s tolerated. The “ignorant mick” comment was way out of bounds and offensive. I’d rather see NO comments section than see hate language tolerated to any degree.

Keeping it REAL
04/04/2011 03:34 PM

How can you guys not love Susan, honestly. She hits it out of the park!

Susan – you’re 100% correct on the “crossover”. The comments baffle me. How is one supposed to make a crossover work on a stronger car. No, Dale Sr did not make every crossover work. Not even close, sorry folks.

I’m still cracking up about the comment “what if two Earnhardt cars tried it on each other?”. LOL – good thing Jr and Sr didn’t race together very long or maybe we’d have to rewrite our physics books ;-).

But remember, Susan, according to Matt no matter how old anything from the 80s really is, it is better than today. Even Heather Locklear .. at least in Matt’s book. Can you say crotchety old man? Call me sick, but at age 35 I think the under 40 crowd is a bit hotter than the over 40 crowd ;-). There are some hotties over 40 mind you, but even they were HOTTER at under 40 by far.

Carl D.
04/04/2011 03:40 PM

I gotta give credit where credit is due…. Susan puts up one heck of an argument even when she’s dead wrong. She’s just as hard-headed and opinionated as Matt; I like to think of Susan as the She-Matt. She reminds me of a cat in a bathtub… all spit and attitude. Unlike Randy, I hope she sticks around a long time.

04/04/2011 03:40 PM

I thought Harvick’s first Cup win was at Atlanta in his third start.

04/04/2011 03:44 PM

Susan aka Randy Goldman aka NachoVolcano
All the same drivel from the same he/she whatever.
We all show up here because we want to. What’s your problem/ excuse?

04/04/2011 06:34 PM

Children, play nice.

All together now.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the only one that matters is mine.

04/04/2011 06:38 PM

Dale Earnhardt Junior you are a good guy, if Harvick was behind you he would taken you out I know he did it to me two different time, after all is said and don Harvick IS NOT NICE GUY you are come on Dale get some boos your dad got booed all the time but most of the time we forgave him

04/04/2011 07:46 PM

Hey Joe…

When you’re right, you’re right…my brain cells are goin’ fast!

04/04/2011 08:07 PM

No sweat Jim.