The Frontstretch: NASCAR announces new format for the Chase by Mike Neff -- Thursday January 30, 2014

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NASCAR announces new format for the Chase

Mike Neff · Thursday January 30, 2014


During Brian France’s state of the sport address on Thursday at the Sprint NASCAR Media Tour presented by Charlotte Motor Speedway he announced the much anticipated change to the format for the Chase for the Sprint Cup. The field will include 16 drivers and will provide the unique opportunity to win and automatically advance.

The Challenger round of the Chase will consist of 16 drivers. The group will be made up of race winners from the first 26 races of the season. If there are not 16 winners, the top point scorers who have not won a race will be included. After the races at Chicagoland, New Hampshire and Dover, the three race winners and the top nine point position drivers without wins will advance to the Contender round.

The three winners from Kansas, Charlotte and Talladega, which make up the Contender round and the top five point position drivers will then move on to the Eliminator round. The races at Martinsville, Texas and Phoenix are the races in the Eliminator segment which will determine the four drivers who will contend in the Winner Take All final race at Homestead. The three race winners in the Eliminator segment and the highest driver in points without a win will go to Homestead with a chance at the title.

After each round of the Chase, the points will be reset so that all of the drivers in the round start with the same number of points. At Homestead, the driver who finishes highest in the final running order out of the four Championship round drivers will hoist the Cup. In the final race there will be no bonus points for laps led.

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01/30/2014 04:21 PM

Well, forty-five years of following Nascar Cup Series racing, (before Sprint, before Nextel, before Winston, back when it was still called the Grand National Series), has now finally ended with this newest pathetic attempt to drum up interest in a now boring racing series. I’ve endured the addition of bland tracks, the screwed up cars, (not just the COT & the Gen6 cars, but the ones from about 2000 on, nothing but twisted abominations), & non stop hype of lousy racing, drivers that aren’t qualified to be on the track, constant bombardment of ads, (“the Digger Cam now sponsored by Playtex Bras!”), & everything else they could possible conceive of that takes away from the racing. I nearly gave up on the “sport” when they first announced the Chase, but stuck it out to watch some of my favorite races, (though I had been writing about it online & I did stop that as my interest dropped), but now I simply just no longer care & will not waste my time watching any Nascar races this year.

Adios Nascar! Good thing I’ll have F1, Indycars & my local short tracks to feed my racing addiction with.

01/30/2014 05:35 PM

Totally ridiculous and confusing system. So how exactly will this make the ‘casual’ fan watch? With equal points in the top four for the last race, not only is there no point watching the first 26 races of the season, theres now no point watching the first 9 races of the chase. I feel sorry for whoever wins the ‘championship’ because it will be totally devalued. When this system fails to bring in the ‘casual’ fans, what will be next? Maybe have a champion every 4 races and then a ‘super’ champion for the last race….

01/30/2014 08:08 PM

So, according to Brian France, it’s win and you are in, and it is winner take all.

OK, here is a scenario to think about. After the September race at Richmond, Dale Earnhardt leads the points and Jeff Gordon is second. However, neither driver has a win. But, from third to twenty-fifth, there are 16 drivers who have won! So, those 16 are in, and Earnhardt and Gordon are out. How will that look to Brian? If that did happen, France would have to leave the country in a hurry, before the fans storm the Castle Daytona and drag his carcass out into the street and hang him by his ankles from the nearest lamppost!

Now, lets get to the first three races in the farce, I mean chase. At Chicagoland, Danica has to make an unscheduled pit stop on lap three. As she exits the pits, she moves up too fast and takes out Jimmie. Then, at Loudon, Jimmie and Kyle Busch make contact that ends Jimmie’s day early. After Dover, Jimmie is eliminated.

Now, here is Brian’s worst nightmare. Carl Edwards wins three races in the first 26. Then, he wins one in each of the three preliminary segments. Then, Carl goes to Homestead and finishes good enough to finally get the championship.

Come 2015, what changes will the brainless one come up with then to make sure the above scenarios don’t happen again? And they very well could! And I hope they do, just to see Brainless Brian squirm!


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