The Frontstretch: The Busch Series: Cup Lite? by Meegan Sweeney -- Thursday February 8, 2007

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The Busch Series: Cup Lite?

Second Fiddle · Meegan Sweeney · Thursday February 8, 2007


Edwards, Biffle, Kenseth, Bowyer and Harvick. Hmm, where have we seen these names before? They've all been through the Busch series the first time, but they've come back for more. Why? What will they gain, other than more money for the companies they race for? Seat time? Most of them are seasoned enough to where that shouldn't be an excuse. The Busch Series is important for those who have not been in their place, or have been in ‘lower' series of racing, to get the experience they need to make it to the big time.

On Saturdays, a NASCAR fan could always count on seeing rising talent. But nowadays the names all seem familiar, don't they? Most of the teams on track on Saturday are also represented in the Cup series on Sunday. What makes them different from their Cup counterparts? Just the car, I think. With the Busch series losing its title sponsorship, wouldn't it be more appropriate to call it Cup Lite?

I can say first hand that I've seen Martin Truex, Jr. rise through the Busch series and he did well on his own, despite all the Cup drivers competing against him. But what about the others? When will they get their time to shine? When will they get all the media attention they deserve? Isn't that what this series is here for?

The Busch Series is important to the teams as far as driver development goes as well. All these Cup drivers are getting the rides…but the ones that need it the most are not. Star power to fill seats in the stands should not be the reason that they're there either. I can see why NASCAR feels that way, but if they want to gain more new fans in this series, they need new faces. They are coming, but they are few and far between.

Every Saturday, it just seems that I don’t even want to watch these races because of these Cup drivers. Buschwhackers should not be allowed in the series. Maybe if these Cup drivers would stop thinking about their money and think about helping a fellow driver out, there would be a reason to watch.

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02/08/2007 10:38 PM

I totally agree with you Meegan! Its out of control.
I do think there is a solution, but the press would have a hard time doing it. If they gave little to no air time and/or less news print space to these Mega teams – and gave more articles and airtime to the up and coming stars of tomorrow- wouldn’t that have an effect on who a sponsor would pick to have a product on? If articles started with names like Kyle Krisiloff, Brad Keselowski, Brian Conz or Shelby Howard instead of Edwards, Biffle, Kenseth, Bowyer and Harvick – wouldn’t fans actually get to know some of these drivers and start cheering for them. I am not saying they have to totally ignore the stars, but everyone seems to complain about it, but I really think the power is in the hands of the media. The media has always created the stars in my opinion.
I agree though, drivers like Carl Edwards and Kevin Harvick race in the chase and seem to have made the Busch series the CUP lite. And when the series is dead, whos gonna care? Maybe myself and some other fans of the Busch series, who have to struggle week in and week out for any information on the drivers we are looking for. The drivers that we watched come up through ARCA or other series, and now they are lost in a sea of Cup Chase Stars.

Its a tough deal. Whats a fan suppose to do? I try to stay involved, but it’s almost a waste of my time too, since I can almost count on not getting any information or even a glance of any of the drivers I am looking for.
I will keep trying and hoping that it works itself out. I doubt anyone will actually take the time to fix it.

Its a tough deal alright.
02/10/2007 10:09 AM


Your suggestion for re-naming the now Busch Series, “Cup Lite”, is a good one. However, I fear if things continue the way they’re going, it’ll soon be Near Beer. It’ll be a race, but will it getcha where y’all wanna be?

I think the Brian underestimates the IQ of NA$CAR fans. I don’t think he can remember all the names racing, and figures no one else can/does either.

Like fans of other sports, who can remember the names of pitchers and quarterbacks, but not the rest of the players, I think the Brian figures big time, known names are necessary to fill the stands.
And, he might be right, —- to a point. Perhaps it’s just another case of splashing names around to attract the newer fans, and/or the fans who don’t really get involved with the behind the scenes happenings.

How many fans of major league sports keep track of the minor leagues? Is that what NA$CAR fans are, too? Some, I’m sure, —- but not the really hard core and long time fans who pay attention to details and expect to see a sport. The Brian, on the other hand, is trying to feed us ‘entertainment’, which already exists within the sport.

When anything doesn’t make much sense, follow the Money Trail. If the Brian could figure out what a REAL NA$CAR fan is, I think he’d make the proper adjustments. But he sees NA$CAR through green tinted glasses while the real fans see the same images through black & white, checkered glasses.
Big difference.
I think.

Thanx for sharing YOUR view, Meegan!
I appreciate that you did.
Write on!

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