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Voices from the Heartland;

The Color of Money

Jeff Meyer
March 25, 2004
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Please Note: The voices expressed in this column reside solely in the mind of the writer, and are not necessarily heard by anyone/thing else on this planet. Should anyone find that they vehemently disagree with the voices in his head, PLEASE do not, rob a bank, kick your cat or send hate mail to the editors of Frontstretch.com. Simply send the writer a friendly little email saying something like "….you're a complete idiot….". The writer will understand. Now, on to the voices…..


Here it is, only going into the fifth race of the season, and NASCAR has got more problems than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest. These problems include, but are not limited too, the points system, sponsorship, parity, field fillers and alienation of fans, all of which can be blamed on George Washington. 

NASCAR royalty, having learned I could not afford the whole four year operation to have all my common sense removed by an institution of higher learning, has contacted me to solve some of there problems, using my simple countrified ways. (Not really, but they should.) This Fronstretch.com exclusive is a preview of my final report. 

The Points System

This is an area that never needed any change. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) comes into play here. 

Brought on by Matt Kenseth vs. Ryan Newman during 2003, many felt the system needed revising because Kenseth won only 1 race while Newman won 8, yet Kenseth was the champion. More emphasis needed to be placed on winning some felt. I too felt this way at first, so, in my own simple way, proposed giving the winner 20 more points than second place whilst leaving the rest of the system intact. Surely, I thought, Newman would be the victor. 

I (and you may never hear this again) was wrong! After doing the math, Kenseth still came out on top 5037 to 4821. Further analysis of the stats revealed why. Matt had only 5 finishes of 20th or below, with only 2 of those being below 35th. Ryan had finished 20th or below 11 times with 7 of those being 35th or lower. Further more, while Newman’s average starting position was 6.6, his average finish was 13.9. Kenseth’s starting position averaged 21.3 with his finish averaging 10.2! Clearly, in my own egotistical mind, Matt was the better racer and was deserving of the trophy. It’s just that when Newman sucked, he REALLY sucked! 


A few years ago, companies couldn’t find a car to put their logo on. Now, you can’t find a company willing to put a logo on a car. Why? All those George Washingtons. (Not the quarters silly, the green ones!) The RBCs, (Really Big Corporations) have priced the littler ones out of the game. Any amount is spent to get that pretty car in Victory Lane. 

Solution; Strictly limit or set a definite price to sponsor a Cup Series car. Team owners can make up any differences they see the need to. Want your logo on that car? 10 million bucks please no more, no less. Can’t afford that? Well perhaps you’d like to look our list of Busch or Craftsman Truck teams. You think that’s not fair? Read on, parity will make the difference. 


If NASCAR is SO worried about keeping the different makes equal, cut the crap and have ONE generic body style for the cars. You can use an engine of your choice that is within current guidelines. We’d still have Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge. The manufactures can still have their bragging rights. Hell, none of them out there now look anything like what’s on the street anyway. 

NASCAR can foot the bill for wind tunnel testing and anything else they want to play with for the bodies. Have you ever seen an IROC race? Some of the best racing on the planet. 

Changes like that would bring down the cost for the teams, thus attracting sponsors. DOH!  Anyone taking notes here? 

Field Fillers

If NASCAR takes any of my above advice, these will be a moot point. Heck, Bodine, Cope, Park and R. Gordon have been fillers for years and nobody cared. (Remember, no hate mail to the editors…..) 

Alienation of Fans

Best thing that ever happened to RedNeckJunk.com was not being able to have their full name on that car! By most all of Jeff Foxworthy’s descriptions, every race fan I’ve ever met is a redneck and damn proud of it! The France family needs to remember who padded their nest! 

You lucky reader you! This has just been a preview of my final report to NASCAR. After another week’s worth of beverages, you’ll get to see more! Till then…. 

Stay off the wall! 


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Copyright, 2004, Frontstretch Enterprises, LLC.

You can e-mail Jeff at jeff@frontstretch.com.



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