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Product Placement, Political Ads and Weak Minds
Jeff Meyer
July 31, 2004
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From the “Give me a freaking break” file; 

Mike Helton, President of NASCAR, told drivers prior to last weeks Siemen’s 300, “do not take it upon yourselves to remove products", referring to products that are placed on the winning car in Victory Lane. 

 "For years there have been sponsors that conflict with a car's sponsor or a driver's personal sponsor," Helton said. "We've been able to work through those with politeness and respect, and we need to get back to that. You can maneuver away from it or work around it. If that doesn't begin happening again, we will be forced to deal with it." 

Aren’t there more important issues to deal with in NASCAR? 

Listen up NASCAR, Sponsors, and while I’m at it, all current and future Presidential candidates: 

Nobody, who possesses half a mind and can think for themselves, ever bought a product because they saw it on top of a race car! If you have, you are mindless and weak. 

The same is true with political ads. If there is ANYONE out there reading this, who has ever changed his or her mind about whom you were going to vote for because of an ad you saw on TV, please email me! (On second thought, please don’t! If you do, I will give your email address to ALL the political parties and then you’ll be really confused!) 

People who can think for themselves drink what they drink because they like it. They vote with their party (usually) or not at all. They buy the products that provide the best quality and value, not because it was on top of the winning car. 

My advice… 

To NASCAR: let the sponsors of the CAR that wins put THEIR stuff on the car. Nobody gives a rattus’s natch (that’s a rat’s ass for those of you who have been swayed by a political ad) what product is on top of the car. Deal with the problems in NASCAR that NEED to be addressed. 

To sponsors: Give us a break. If your product stands on it’s own merits, we probably already use it. If your product sucks, use the advertising money to improve it, then get back to us. Nothing is more annoying than over exposure. 

To politicians: (please excuse me while I find a pig to give singing lessons to…) 

Don’t be stupid! Stay off the wall. 


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Copyright, 2004, Frontstretch Enterprises, LLC.

Jeff was born the day after Junior Johnson recorded his 39th career NASCAR win. He currently resides in a small rural community near Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife Lora, whom he married six days after Terry Labonte’s 6th career Cup win. Jeff has two teenage daughters; Erin, born just four days before Rusty Wallace recorded his 4th Cup win and Leah, who entered the world four days after Kyle Petty’s 3rd career Cup victory.

His hobbies include NASCAR, hunting, fishing, shooting and outrunning local deputies on his bicycle. Any fan that emails Jeff with the correct dates (and names of the races) mentioned in this bio will receive a autographed, used beverage coaster from the Finish Line Bar and Grill, where Jeff spends a fair amount of time. (the coaster will be thoroughly dried out before shipping.)

You can e-mail Jeff at jeff@frontstretch.com.



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