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NAMRF Slowly Exposing Their True Goals, Part 3
(the conclusion)

Jeff Meyer
October 27, 2004
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Before you get too deep into this commentary, and if you really want to know what I’m talking about, I strongly suggest that you read an article by free-lance journalist Richie Whitt entitled "NASCAR: Racing or Race-ism”. It can be found at RichieWhitt.com. It is a bit lengthy, so don’t forget to come back and read this when you are done. Since it is a bit lengthy, as will be my response, this will be a multi-part commentary. Part one can be found here Part two here.

 Mr. Whitt’s article is supposedly an unbiased report about NAMRF, but after reading it, you may feel, as I did, that Mr. Whitt needs to check on the definition of ‘unbiased’. After all, I found his article from a direct link from NAMRF’s website. NAMRF wouldn’t be so proud of it if it didn’t favor them. You don’t see links to MY articles. Why is that I wonder? Again, to start things on the lighter side… 

(Whitt) Surprisingly, NAMRF actually commends NASCAR for jump-starting a diversity program. Sort of. “But is it legit or just smoke-and-mirrors?” asked Brown. “And will it go far enough? All I know is there’s a reason the TV cameras never show the infield because they’re afraid of what they’ll see. They have the President of the United States waving the start flag, and 100 yards away a group of drunk fans is organizing another wet T-shirt contest.” 

(Meyer) Is this a great country or what!? Why, just a few short years ago, it would have BEEN the President that was doing the organizing! 

But seriously folks…since when is having fun a crime or a racism issue? NAMRF claims women don’t feel safe in the infields of NASCAR. Uh, excuse me, in order to have a wet T-shirt contest, don’t you need willing contestants? Those women must have been forced into that contest… 

(Whitt) In clips from the documentary, white males are recorded on film possibly in NASCAR infields promising to hang African-American fans from the “highest tree” and incite a “Civil War in the infield” if minorities infiltrate their good ol’ boy sacred sod. It is believed that NASCAR officials, however, consider the people in the clips actors, an accusation Griffith and his film company strongly denies. The racing organization also suspected correctly that Griffith was initlaly using an alias, Shawn Moore. 

(Meyer) I have viewed the clips, and I too believe them to be staged. They could have improved the script though. I mean, when was the last time you saw a tree in the infield? 

As for the Shawn Moore alias, why is it that this group always wants to use deception as a way to get what they want? As pointed out in the article, the documentary’s creator (Shawn Griffith) dresses, looks and acts like Michael Moore of Fahrenheit 911 fame. That is shameless deception in an attempt to open doors that might otherwise be closed. 

(Whitt) So who exactly is NAMRF? And how exactly does its tiny organization plan to step into the ring with one of America’s biggest businesses?

All NAMRF wanted, it turns out, was a free, unbiased journalist to further document its sojourn. And I was treated professionally, cordially. I was included in most dinners, closed out of most meetings and generally encouraged to take notes but not ask questions.

The group consists of only two public faces – Brown and Griffith. If you didn’t know better, you’d double-take at the peculiar pairing of Bob Marley and Michael Moore working in cahoots. 

I wasn’t allowed to speak with NAMRF’s generals, but I did get to know their front-line soldiers. I can safely say that the group is well-funded, well-educated and, in my opinion, well-intentioned.

Other than the fact that the group’s attorney – Phillip W. Offill Jr., -- is Dallas-based, there are no other clues as to where they call home. One of the production assistants mentioned she was “really missing her puppy back in Vegas.” Some letter heads indicated an address in
Daytona Beach, Fla. And business cards the group presented to NASCAR sponsors sported a phone number with a St. Louis (314) area code.
(Calls to that number, in an attempt to get a comment from the group’s hierarchy, were answered by voice mail and not returned.)

(Meyer) Remember folks, this is a “exclusive, mystery-unraveling, behind the scenes look” at NAMRF! 

So, besides pointing out NAMRF’s penchant for secrecy and deception, what mystery exactly did Mr. Whitt unravel for us? Oh, yeah… 

(Whitt) Well, for starters, they have a really cool bus 

NAMRF’s roving, rolling fortress is a pristine, white (insert punch lines here) Prevost tour bus, more suited for a high-voltage rock band than a modest group of activists chasing down racial equality. Inside the bus are nine beds, complete with privacy curtains and pull- down TVs with remote controls and satellite access. In the front there’s a giant, flat-screen TV, plush leather couches, a bathroom with a shower and enough Atkins shakes and bananas in the mini fridges to make you think you’d stepped onto the Jack Lalane retro tour.

(Meyer) Well, thanks for clearing that up Mr. Whitt! Oh, by the way, that’s Jack LaLanne, and he just celebrated his 90th birthday about a month ago. 

Folks, if you read this far, you’ve no doubt read Mr. Whitt’s entire article. I am still waiting for that one piece of email to tell me I’ve got too big of a lead and am about to be picked off! (That’s ‘way off base’ for you non-baseball fans) 

NAMRF, in my opinion, will never be a credible organization until they stop the deception and put aside their own inner hostilities and confrontational tactics. If and when they come out and say “How can we use our resources to help the situation?”, maybe then true progress can be made for all. 

Stay off the wall, 

Jeff Meyer

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Copyright, 2004, Frontstretch Enterprises, LLC.

Jeff was born the day after Junior Johnson recorded his 39th career NASCAR win. He currently resides in a small rural community near Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife Lora, whom he married six days after Terry Labonte’s 6th career Cup win. Jeff has two teenage daughters; Erin, born just four days before Rusty Wallace recorded his 4th Cup win and Leah, who entered the world four days after Kyle Petty’s 3rd career Cup victory.

His hobbies include NASCAR, hunting, fishing, shooting and outrunning local deputies on his bicycle. Any fan that emails Jeff with the correct dates (and names of the races) mentioned in this bio will receive a autographed, used beverage coaster from the Finish Line Bar and Grill, where Jeff spends a fair amount of time. (the coaster will be thoroughly dried out before shipping.)

You can e-mail Jeff at jeff@frontstretch.com.



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