The Frontstretch: Bob's Corner Racing Game by Bob Henry -- Tuesday March 14, 2006

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Bob's Corner Racing Game

Bob Henry · Tuesday March 14, 2006


Editor’s Note: If you have any comments for Bob, feel free to email them to rather than posting them to our usual comments section below"¦

Three Nextel Cup races are now in the books for the 2006 season, although the last two events could hardly be considered “races.” The Las Vegas race, at least, was slightly more exciting than the California race was. There was a little more passing, a couple of cars into the wall, tires going down, and engines giving way.

Now, I get quite a few emails after races, with people giving me their view on the event. I really enjoy reading them, it gives me a great perspective on what the average race fan feels about any particular race. This week bought a lot of comments about the Lowe’s team, naturally. With the great finishes Jimmie Johnson and this team have had to start off the year and, of course, the team being caught for out and out cheating back at Daytona, some are almost downright certain that they’re still doing something illegal.

In my opinion, when a team is caught for such a thing and still does well, it is no wonder why. NASCAR either hasn’t found out how the team is cheating, or they are simply just overlooking it. It is no big secret that they want Jimmie Johnson to be the next champion…it has been that way since he first started. Some have put forth the following conspiracy: NASCAR found the original infraction and pointed it out as to say we won’t stand for cheating from anyone…. then no one would consider that they would, allowing them to overlook the future rule infractions.

Others have this theory: NASCAR was going to allow the Lowe’s team to cheat, but some overzealous inspector found the first infraction then told someone from the media, thus not allowing the rest of NASCAR to overlook it. Now, however, they have informed all inspectors to be sure to keep it quiet or they will be out of a job. One does have to wonder, you see…all of the inspectors are not from an outside agency. They are all NASCAR employees. I guess it would be possible for them to inform them in a meeting to be sure to overlook something on one particular team.

Now, I have been in the garage during inspections, It seems very official and done by various templates and other measuring devices that one person couldn’t change…but it really makes you wonder, as the inspecting is all done by the same corporation that crowns the champion.

Onto the Game"¦

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Bob’s Corner Racing Game Rules

1. All picks must be placed PRIOR to qualifying.
Email all picks to:

2. Ties will be broken by the number of correct winner picks. Should two people have the same amount of correct winners, then the winner will be decided by who sent in picks more often.

3. Correctly predicting the polesitter earns 10 points.

5. Correctly predicting the Top 5:

1st place earns 10 points.
2nd place earns 12 points.
3rd place earns 13 points.
4th place earns 14 points.
5th place earns 15 points.

6. Any three or more of the Top 5 correct in any order gives you an additional 5 points each.

7 All 5 of the Top 5 correct in any order gives you 20 extra points.

8. All 5 of the Top 5 correct in exact order gives you 50 points.
(This has proven to be all but impossible)

9. Pick who will be last from this list:

Tony Stewart
Greg Biffle
Carl Edwards
Mark Martin
Jimmie Johnson
Ryan Newman
Matt Kenseth
Jeremy Mayfield
Kurt Busch
Jeff Gordon

This correct pick will get you 10 points.

10. Top Finishing Rookie of the Race:

Denny Hamlin
J. J. Yeley
David Stremme
Reed Sorenson
Clint Bowyer
Martin Truex, Jr.
Brent Sherman
Chad Chaffin

11. Once in a while, I will put in a bonus trivia question.


So here is an example of the picks I’ll need this week.

BOB’S CORNER RACING PICKS For the next race:

Pole Winner: Kirk Shelmerdine

1st: Kyle Petty
2nd: Morgan Shepherd
3rd: Mike Wallace
4th: Mike Skinner
5th: Kenny Wallace

The following driver will finish last from the list above...Kurt Busch.

Top Finishing Rookie: Denny Hamlin.

Game Update After Las Vegas

1st: Jimmy Johnson
Fifteen of you picked him to win.

2nd: Matt Kenseth
Ten of you picked him for second.

3rd: Kyle Busch
None of you picked him for third.

4th: Kasey Kahne
No one picked him for fourth.

5th: Jeff Gordon
Three of you picked him for fifth.

*Last place finisher from the list*"¦ Ryan Newman
Three of you picked him for last.

Three Pick Rule
Eight of you earned points for this at Las Vegas.

Top Finishing Rookie of the Race: Denny Hamlin
Four of you picked him.

There were quite a few points earned this week, and we have a shake up in the top of the standings. It is also a much tighter race at the front. For those of you not in the race yet, and think it is too late, Look at Demelza888. In one race, he/she went from having no points to zoom all the way up to fifth place. That’s right! In just one race, Demelza888 earned a whopping 45 points. So don’t despair… get in the best points game on the web today.

Top 5 in points after Las Vegas

1. Fourby makes the pass for the lead with some great picks this week. He now has 72 points.

2. Wnewcomb seems to have dropped a cylinder in Las Vegas, dropping him to second with 62 points.

3. BradnSC makes the pass from fourth to third, right on Wnewcomb’s bumper with 60 points.

4. Firemedic181 drops back to the fourth spot with 55 points.

5. Demelza888 makes some wild passes from all the way at the back of the field up to fifth with 45 points.

Look for the return of NASCAR trivia to return to Bob’ s Corner Racing Game next week.

One other thing that needs mentioning as the season begins to progress. I am human, and I occasionally make mistakes. I have to manually go through each and every email to tally the points, and it is always easy to miss one or two. If you happen to see I missed something, simply drop me a NICE email and I will check it out and correct any errors I may have made.

Remember, the latest results and game column are always linked on the left column of every page on our site here at the Frontstretch!

Good Luck, everyone!

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03/17/2006 09:08 AM

love the game just have to remember to send it my picks. keep up the good work bob!