The Frontstretch: Talking NASCAR, The Way We All Do by S.D. Grady -- Tuesday March 25, 2008

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Talking NASCAR, The Way We All Do

Sitting In The Stands : A Fan's View · S.D. Grady · Tuesday March 25, 2008


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Your hands are held before you, palms down, a mere inch separating the dueling appendages. The left hand lurches forward … your left shoulder is pressed against your cheek, while the right one is kind of kinked up and away — providing for the banking. Seconds later, the right hand surges past the left in a high-riding maneuver of guts and glory. The pass is completed! You chuckle with your comrade in arms, reliving the amazing moment from Saturday’s race.

Of course, for those fans who prefer not to talk at all … the “paper bag” method of communication is always an option.

All is right with the world. And then … you feel an odd tickle at the back of your neck. You look behind you … and it’s not a pretty sight.

Your boss is staring with raised eyebrows — worry possibly clouding his gaze — and you’re thinking that promotion you wanted is probably a thing of the past. Boss-man clearly has never watched a race, and he doesn’t speak your language. One peep out of your mouth was all that’s needed for him to probably think you’re nuts.

Ah, well. It’s not all that bad … for you do have company. Maybe more in some regions of the country than others; but still, there’s always somebody in the room that will understand the unique noises and twitches that are part of NASCAR.

With that in mind, here’s some of my favorite racing noises — easily recognized when uttered by another fan of our sport. See if you can match them with the correct description; hopefully, they’ll match up with some of your favorite memories in the process. Here’s a hint:saying the sounds aloud will undoubtedly help.

Just check behind the water cooler for the boss first.

Instructions : Match the Sound in Group 1 with the Correct Description in Group 2 below.

Answers at the end of the column, underneath the Forum advertisement. Enjoy!

Group 1

A. blub-blub-blub-blub
B. vvoot-vvoot-vvoot-vvoot-vvoot
C. WHOOSH or whop-whop-whop… (said with arms flying and a huge grin on your face)
D. Huh? What? No, I can’t hear you and you can’t hear me! I said I can’t hear you. What is wrong with you? Hey! Where’d my hat go?
E. wwaaaAAAAAgh!
F. NEeeeeuuu
G. Yeah! Boo! Yeah! Boo! Yeah! Boo!
I. —zzzzzzz—
J. snick, pop….fzzzzzz
K. Ratatatatatatatatat

Group 2

1. A car accelerating out of the corner
2. The opening of my favorite beverage during the preshow
3. An engine hitting the rev limiter
4. Lug nuts being removed during a pit stop
5. The throaty sound of a race engine at idle
6. A pack of cars passing by you at full speed while you are standing the requisite eight feet back from the fence
7. A car slowing down going into the corner
8. A car hitting the wall
9. When the jet dryers pass by
10. Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr. trading the lead back and forth (pick which order you prefer)
11. A debris caution

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Answers to Sound Matching Column:
A.) 5
B.) 4
C.) 6
D.) 9
E.) 1
F.) 7
G.) 10
H.) 8
I.) 11
J.) 2
K.) 3

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