The Frontstretch: Running Their Mouth: Carl Edwards - Brad Keselowski Wrap-Up Edition by Summer Bedgood -- Sunday March 14, 2010

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Welcome to Running Their Mouth! Each week, we’ll go through media reports, interviews, PR, and all of our own stuff to find the best quotes from the Sprint Cup race, capturing the story of how the weekend unfolded. It’s the most original commentary you’ll ever find: the truth, coming straight out of the mouths of the drivers, crew members, and car owners themselves. This week was an off-week for the Sprint Cup Series, so we take a look at the best of what people had to say after a week of Carl Edwards-Brad Keselowski debate:

“My options: Considering that Brad wrecks me with no regard for anyone’s safety or hard work, should I: A-Keep letting him wreck me? B-Confront him after the race? C-Wait ‘til Bristol and collect other cars? or D-Take care of it now? I want to be clear that I was surprised at his flight and very relieved when he walked away. Every person has to decide what code they want to live by, and hopefully this explains mine.” –Carl Edwards via Facebook

“I respect NASCAR’s penalty, and look forward to our meeting in Bristol. I’m ready to put this behind us and get on with some good racing.” –Carl Edwards, via Facebook, on his three-race probation

“The only similarity between Talladega and Atlanta was the end result of the car going airborne. Anything other than that is not even the same race, so to speak. What makes Talladega and Atlanta different is intent. At Talladega, we were racing hard for position [for the win] and we both didn’t give an inch. Nobody intended to wreck the other guy. I didn’t intend to wreck Carl, and if the roles were reversed, I don’t think he would have intended to wreck me.”

“Let’s just say there’s different ways of payback to where you don’t ever have to do what Carl did to send your message across. There’s no reason, ever, to do what he did. And I’m not saying that just because it was me. I’m saying that because that’s the truth. There are so many other ways to do things that don’t endanger the other drivers, the fans, or the credibility of the sport.”

“Look, Carl Edwards made a gutsy move. I’ll give him credit for that. He risked his own career, his team’s equipment, his team’s morale, his complete fan base, his credibility … so many things, all out of retaliation against me. That’s a hell of a risk. So the best way for me to retaliate against his retaliation is to show that everything he risked gained him nothing. Because the mere fact I lost 20 or whatever spots I lost, doesn’t do anything for him. He gets nothing out of it, his team gets nothing.” –Brad Keselowski in his Diary Friday

“I also want to say that it’s important for all of us to step back and separate the issue of what happened with the 99 and 12 on the racetrack and the fact that the 12 car went airborne. We’ve not seen a car get airborne much on the mile-and-a-half racetrack, and that’s something that is very important to us, and we want to study very closely to figure out things that we can do to help prevent this very quickly in the future. It was a very serious issue, and that’s something that we’ll take a look at very quickly and try to figure out how to help prevent that happening in the future.” –Mike Helton, president of NASCAR

Carl Edwards wasn’t smiling after he got into Brad Keselowski at Atlanta, but he might have been after NASCAR handed down a three-race probation as punishment.

“I said that [he was too aggressive] last year, because he wrecked a lot of people, I’m sure a lot of people wanted to pay him back. Looking at the TV, somebody did.” –Juan Pablo Montoya

“To see a guy that’s a hundred laps down take out a guy that’s run really well, that was a tough, tough pill to swallow. It reminded me of when Keselowski was racing Edwards hard for the win at Talladega, and Edwards ended on the short end of the stick. That was racing for a win. That wasn’t where you were a hundred laps down.” –Kurt Busch

“I hope NASCAR’s got that sorted out. From what I’ve been told, it looks just like what happened to me at Talladega. I said after Talladega it’s going to happen at an intermediate track, but that window of opportunity is only at the end of the straightaway. At Talladega, it’s all the way around the race track. I guess I proved myself right. Luckily, it wasn’t me this time.” –Ryan Newman


“What Kesi doesn’t realize is that in order to do the best job that he can on the racetrack. He HAS to have the respect of the other drivers.” –Denny Hamlin

“You go #nascar!!! 3 race probation for Edwards! Awesome I love it!!! I bet Keselowski is scared now lol” –Scott Speed

“I’m thinking about asking for a refund for all of my penalties!!!!” –Kevin Harvick

“Holy crap. I just saw Brad’s wreck from yesterday! He is very lucky not to be hurt.” –Jamie McMurray

“In case anybody was wondering, I have no comment on the 99/12 incident, how about how can we keep cars on [the] ground??” –Elliott Sadler

“Now that everyone is OK…I will say this…I don’t think you will see Brad Keselowski spin anyone out soon….ha ha ha ha ha!…” –Kenny Wallace

“We all wish there was a way to settle differences off the track. But there just isn’t one.” –Hermie Sadler

“Wrecking people at these speeds was NEVER OK! Not ‘back in the day,’ not now, not ever!” –Kyle Petty

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