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Greg Pursley wins the NAPA Toyota 150 at CNS thrilling the huge crowd

Wednesday August 1, 2012


Greg Pursley in the #26 Ford was the class of the K&N Pro Series West field as he won the NAPA Toyota 150 at Colorado National Speedway. With the win Pursley took over the K&N west Series points lead from last years CNS winner #03 Dylan Kwasniewski.

NAPA Toyota 150

A record number of 26 K&N Pro Series West cars rolled into Colorado National Speedway for the NAPA Toyota 150 but this years event had a special feel to it as 2 time Daytona 500 champion Michael Waltrip made the trip from Owensboro Kentucky to raise funds to help the American Red Cross deliver disaster relief for the tragic Colorado wildfires. Not only was Waltrip on hand to present a $72,000 check to the American Red Cross he also brought along his NAPA driver’s suit and was ready to compete in this years NAPA Toyota 150 at CNS. Waltrip qualified 7th quick, yet it was last years winner young Dylan Kwasniewski in the #03 Royal Purple Ford who grabbed the pole position with a blistering 16.580. Lining up outside Kwasniewski was #26 Greg Pursley with a time of 16.635. The CNS stands were packed with rabid NASCAR fans who were then treated to one of the better races that the paved 3/8ths mile had seen in a long time.

At the drop of the green flag Pursley jumped out in front of Kwasniewski and began to build a several car length lead over the rest of the field. It was obvious early on that Pursley was the car to beat as he led lap after lap and masterfully navigated lapped traffic. #20 Eric Holmes who was running 4th used a slower lapped car to perfection and made the pass on #21 Michael Self to move in to 3rd position. Kwasniewski who had been running in 2nd position for the first stage of the race began to fall back a bit and that gave 2nd place to the advancing Holmes. There were several caution flags during the race yet time after time Pursley in the blue and yellow #26 Ford proved he was the car to beat as he skillfully pulled back out front each and every time. Young gun from Alberta Canada Cameron Hayley in the #24 Toyota who was running strong in the top 5 spun coming out of turn 4 and brought out the caution sending Hayley to the rear of the lead lap cars. Hayley’s misfortune moved crowd favorite Michael Waltrip in the #55 NAPA Toyota into the top 5 which caused the crowd to roar in excitement.

Michael Waltrip in then NAPA Toyota #55 ran strong in the top group of cars all race long Photo by Starr photo

With 25 laps to go Pursley’s Ford was still out front and an absolutely thrilling battle for second place heated up between Holmes, #6 Derek Thorn, #22 Jonathon Gomez, Waltrip, Kwasniewski, and Hayley who had amazingly worked his way back into contention from the rear. With just 3 laps to go #42 Taylor Cuzick from Tolleson, Arizona brought out the caution setting up a thrilling green, white, checker finish. And in typical fashion Pursley nailed the restart catapulting him to the win to the cheer of the crowd.

Yet it was behind Pursley that had the fans buzzing as #6 Derek Thorn barely nipped #24 Cameron Hayley for 2nd in dramatic fashion just at the finish line. In 4th was #21 Michael Self from Park City, Utah and rounding out the top five was a resurgent #03 Dylan Kwasniewski from Las Vegas Nevada in the Rock Star Energy Ford. Waltrip hung on to 6th spot and Holmes took 7th. With the win Greg Pursley took the K&N Pro Series West Point lead away from Kwasniewski.

QUICKTIME: #03 Dylan Kwasniewski 16.580


#76 Chad Cowan jumped out to an early lead in the Pair A Dice Interior Finishes Sportsman division main event and the #41 of Dale Reeder was maintaining second position. However after just 5 laps the #98 of Lee Kemmit and the #8 of Jeff Walbaum had moved into 2nd and 3rd and had pulled up on Cowan’s bumper. Kemmit got under Cowan and was inching past him for the lead but became trapped behind a slower car and Cowan was able to regain his lead. After a yellow flag and a late race restart Cowan and Kemmit ran side by side lap after lap bringing the massive CNS crowd to the edge of their seat. #67 Stephanie Brown spun in turn 3 and brought out the caution while the majority of the field got by her #47 Jan Oxley could not avoid Brown’s car and hit her causing a huge amount of damage to both cars. Thankfully both drivers were uninjured. On the restart Cowan got a little loose in turn one which allowed Kemmit to grab the lead. Kemmit won yet another main event with Cowan finishing an impressive 2nd place. #8 Jeff Walbaum took 3rd, #84 Bruce Borchardt was 4th and #3 Wade Grove rounded out the top 5.

QUICKTIME: #98 Lee Kemmit 17.801


15 Snap-On Tools Pro Trucks lined up for the main event and the bright yellow #7 of Adam Deines took the early lead, yet two former champions #27 Roger Avants and #07 Chris Leaf were battling for 2nd right behind him. With 19 laps to go the black #07 of Leaf spun down the back straight bringing out the yellow and Leaf was promptly sent to the rear of the field. Halfway through the race and #7 Deines and #41N Mark Neff put on a great battle for the lead but when Neff got sideways on the back straight Deines was able to regain control of the race. Just a short time later Neff spun down the back straight and was sent to the rear which gave 2nd place back to Avants. #36 Matt “the Pebble” Burton began to pressure Avants for 2nd and that dog-fight was clearly the best battle on the track. With 5 laps to go several cars spun and crashed in turn two which brought out the red flag. The cleanup put the race past the time limit and #7 Adam Deines was awarded the win. Avants took 2nd, Burton was 3rd, #34 Rudy Vanderwal finished 4th and #17 Jeremy Barclay finished an impressive 5th.

QUICKTIME: #41 Mark Neff 16.653


#17 Harry Livermore Jr. jumped out to the early lead in the 25 lap Figure 8 main event but the rocket fast #90 of John Johnson had moved into 2nd place and was hot on Harry’s tail. Livermore and Johnson battled for the lead lap after lap as #50 Justin Mackeachie maintained 3rd position. #15 Jereme Wall had moved into 4th all the way from the 13th starting spot. With 17 laps to go Johnson dove under Livermore to grab the lead causing the crowd to hold their collective breath. The #03 of Luke Zike was the star of the show running at the rear of the field causing countless and hair-raising close calls in the X. At the finish no other cars were able to mount any serious challenge to Johnson who won his 3rd main event of the year. #15 Jereme Wall was 2nd, #17 Harry Livermore Jr. was 3rd, #50 Justin Mackeachie was 4th and #24 Joe Martinez was 5th.

COMPLETE K&N Pro Series West Qualifying Results

Order – Car # – Driver Name – Hometown – Sponsor – Car – Time – Avg. Speed

1. 3 Dylan Kwasniewski, Las Vegas, Nev. GPM/Rockstar/Royal Purple Ford 16.58 80.338
2. 26 Greg Pursley, Newhall, Calif. GPM/Star Nursery/ Real Water Ford 16.635 80.072
3. 17 David Mayhew, Atascadero, Calif. MMI Services/Ron’s Rear Ends Chevrolet 16.655 79.976
4. 21 Michael Self, Park City, Utah Rockwell/Golden Gate Meat Chevrolet 16.682 79.847
5. 24 Cameron Hayley, Calgary, Alberta * Cabinets by Hayley Toyota 16.704 79.741
6. 20 Eric Holmes, Escalon, Calif. NAPA Auto Parts Toyota 16.705 79.737
7. 55 Michael Waltrip, Owensboro, Ky. NAPA Knows How To Care Toyota 16.728 79.627
8. 6 Derek Thorn, Lakeport, Calif. Sunrise Ford/Lucas Oil/Eibach Ford 16.76 79.475
9. 22 Jonathon Gomez, Twin Falls, Idaho Century Boatland Chevrolet 16.835 79.121
10. 61 Braeden Havens, Spokane, Wash. * UNIPAR/Hilliard Chevrolet 16.863 78.99
11. 96 Ben Kennedy, Daytona Beach, Fla. G-Oil/NAPA Toyota 16.897 78.831
12. 5 Dylan Hutchison, Fair Oaks, Calif. * Bay Bio Diesel/Johnnie Walker Chevrolet 16.961 78.533
13. 52 Ryan Philpott, Tracy, Calif. Philpott Race Cars Ford 16.973 78.478
14. 9 Austin Dyne, Malibu, Calif. * William Rast/Sunrise Ford/Lucas Ford 17.039 78.174
15. 42 Taylor Cuzick, Tolleson, Ariz. * Freightliner of Arizona Chevrolet 17.058 78.087
16. 71 Daryl Harr, Edmonton, Alberta i World Connect Chevrolet 17.141 77.708
17. 14 Travis Milburn, Eagle, Idaho Cooks /Holleran’s Perf. Chevrolet 17.163 77.609
18. 2 Carl Harr, Edmonton, Alberta West World Computers Chevrolet 17.181 77.528
19. 54 Anthony Giannone, Colorado Sprgs, Colo. * K&N Air Fillters/MGP Chevrolet 17.29 77.039
20. 15 Jack Sellers, Sacramento, Calif. Bay Bio Diesel Chevrolet 17.429 76.424
21. 18 Billy Kann, Tempe, Ariz. Interstate Batteries Toyota 17.457 76.302
22. 36 John Wood, Eagle, Idaho Holleran Perf./Pegasus Trans. Dodge 17.534 75.967
23. 38 Zack Huffman, Manteca, Calif. * Holleran’s Performance Ford 17.678 75.348
24. 7 Daniel Graeff, Miami, Fla. * Children’s Tumor Foundation Ford 17.791 74.869

Finish for the NAPA Toyota 150

1. 26 Greg Pursley
2. 6 Derek Thorn
3. 24 Cameron Hayley
4. 21 Michael Self
5. 3 Dylan Kwasniewski
6. 55 Michael Waltrip
7. 20 Eric Holmes
8. 17 David Mayhew
9. 96 Ben Kennedy
10. 61 Braeden Havens
11. 2 Carl Harr
12. 9 Austin Dyne
13. 14 Travis Milburn
14. 36 John Wood
15. 22 Jonathon Gomez
16. 18 Billy Kann
17. 38 Zack Huffman
18. 42 Taylor Cuzick
19. 54 Anthony Giannone
20. 5 Dylan Hutchison
21. 71 Daryl Harr
22. 52 Ryan Philpott
23. 15 Jack Sellers
24. 7 Daniel Graeff *


Pos No. Name Hometown Car Info

1. 98 Lee Kemmit Thornton CO 08 Charger
2. 76 Chad Cowan Gering NE 12 Monte Carlo
3. 8 Jeff Walbaum Brighton CO 03 Impala
4. 84 Bruce Borchardt Lafayette CO 03 Grand Prix
5. 3 Wade Grove Thornton CO ’08 Impala
6. 41 Dale Reeder Westminster CO 08 Charger
7. 58 Jeff Webb Arvada CO Monte Carlo
8. 53 Joshua Meranda Laramie WY 78 Camaro
9. 72 Gary Cagle Fort Collins CO 03 Taurus
10. 97 Adam Gastineau Aurora CO 03 Monte Carlo
11. 28 Alan Carter Commerce City CO ’10 Monte Carlo
12. 04 Brent Cave
13. 29 Rayshawn Carter Commerce City CO ’92 Monte Carlo
14. 49 Dennis Pobanz Colorado Springs CO 01 Monte Carlo
15. 01 Pete Maas
16. 47 Jan Oxley Ft Lupton CO 03 Monte Carlo
17. 85 Kaden Webb Arvada CO 03 Grand Prix
18. 67 Stephanie Brown Littleton CO 07 Impala
19. 21 Jack Malick Sterling CO Ford

Pro Trucks

1. 7 Adam Deines Longmont CO 04 Dodge
2. 27 Roger Avants Littleton CO
3. 36 Matt Burton Englewood CO 08 Silverado
4. 34 Rudy Vanderwal LaSalle CO 99 Ford F150
5. 17 Jeremy Barclay Henderson CO
6. 31 Justin Simonson Wheatridge CO
7. 15 Mike Bernard Ft Collins CO F150
8. 5 Troy Whittar Eastlake CO 04 Chevy Silverado
9. 16 Scott Rhoades Westminster CO
10. 29 Matthew Brunker Lakewood CO 2000 Truck
11. 07 Chris Leaf Kersey CO
12. 41N Mark Neff Eaton CO
13. 11 Steve Johnson Windsor CO
14. 0 Billy Harkins Lakewood CO 2010 GMC Sierra
15. 2 Todd Hunter Centennial CO

Figure 8s

1. 90 John Johnson Golden CO 79 Chevy
2. 15 Jereme Wall Commerce City CO 72 Chevy
3. 17 Harry Livermore Jr Englewood CO 77 Nova
4. 50 Justin McKeachie Aurora CO
5. 24 Joe Martinez Centennial CO 08 Monte Carlo
6. 20 Lance Proctor
7. 23 Al Duran Lakewood CO
8. 40 Michael Mercer # Thornton CO 75 Nova
9. 10 Frank Gastineau Denver CO 64 Chevy
10. 03 Luke Zike Morrison CO
11. 86 Shirley Thompson Northglenn Co 77 Camaro
12. 26 Nick Martinez Denver CO
13. 81 Dave Smith Englewood CO
14. 69 Tammy Totos
15. 44 Buddy Hohn Jr.

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