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Chris Windom Wins his Second Sheldon Kinser Memorial

Saturday July 6, 2013


Chris Windom once again proved his mastery of the red clay banks of the Bloomington Speedway in winning Friday night’s Sheldon Kinser Memorial Race. It was the 25th running of the event and it paid $5,000 to win. Windom was at the wheel of the Jeff Walker Racing Maxim Sprinter sponsored by Hoosier Tire, Jam
It In Storage, and Super Shox. In winning Windom joined an elite group of only four sprint car drivers who have been repeat winners of one of Hoosierland’s most enduring sprint car races. Windom also won the Sheldon Kinser Memorial in 2011.

As Windom took command of the 30 lap feature in a sprint to the finish, a duel was waged behind him for second place. Kyle Cummins would use every inch of the speedway in working his way around Jon Stanbrough. The two traded positions with Cummins holding claim to the runner-up spot from lap 24 on. Stanbrough would finish third. Robert Ballou and Dave Darland turned in equally steady performances
in rounding out the top five positions.

Chase Briscoe finished sixth in the feature ahead of track points leader Brady Short, Ethan Barrow, Chase Stockon, and current MSCS Points leader Kevin Thomas Jr. Briscoe was among 5 drivers who started the feature at midfield or further back and continued to move up. Brady Short had used an MSCS provisional spot to start the event. He had been black flagged after an incident in the fourth
heat and then failed to advance enough spots in the B to transfer to the feature. However after starting 21st in the A, he advanced all the way up to seventh thus earning the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race.

Rookie driver Bradley Sterrett was just outside the top ten at the finish. He was presented with the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award for his eleventh place finish. Carson Short, who is another MSCS rookie this year, finished third in the second B Main thus missing the feature transfer by just one spot. Brandon Mattox won the first B Main and Casey Shuman took the second B.

Thirty six drivers registered to compete in this year’s Sheldon Kinser Memorial. The four heat races were won by Jon Stanbrough, Bradley Sterrett, Kevin Thomas Jr., and Hunter Schuerenberg. Chris Windom earned the most passing points during the heats with a third place finish after starting ninth in heat four. Windom raced hard and capitalized on the MSCS Passing Points System by turning the
worst pill draw at registration into an outside pole starting position for the feature.

MSCS will be idle for the next three weekends and then resume racing on Saturday August 3rd with the annual Hoosier Sprint Nationals at Tri-State Speedway. That race will signal the beginning of the second half of the season. It will also pay $5,000 to win.

Provided as News and Information for MSCS.

“Sheldon Kinser Memorial”
Bloomington Speedway
Bloomington, IN
July 5, 2013

Hoosier Tire MSCS Sprints:
(36 Entries)

First Heat – 1) 66 Jon Stanbrough, 2) 2E Shane Cottle, 3) 3c Kyle Cummins, 4) 3x Dakota Jackson, 5) 5E Bobby East, 6) 23x Kyle Dautrich, 6) 3 Jake Simmons, 8) 92 Daron Clayton, 9) 35x Chris Babcock

Second Heat – 1) 90x Bradley Sterrett, 2) 15F Aaron Farney, 3) 71 Bub Cummins,
4) 2x Chase Stockon, 5) 5J Jordan Kinser, 6) 27A Andrew Elson, 7) 54 Matt Westfall, 8) 1x Kurt Gross, 9) 44E Eric Edwards

Third Heat – 1) 17rw Kevin Thomas Jr., 2) 5B Chase Briscoe, 3) ? Robert Ballou, 4) 15 Ethan Barrow, 5) 17 Nick Bilbee, 6) 21 Carson Short, 7) 56 Levi Shields, 8) Daylan Chambers, 9) 3H Danny Holtsclaw

Fourth Heat – 1) 35 Hunter Schuerenberg, 2) 71p Dave Darland, 3) 11 Chris Windom, 4) 21k Casey Shuman, 5) 28 Brandon Mattox, 6) 6s Josh Cunningham, 7) Ethan Fleetwood, 8) 77 Dalten Gabbard, 9) 11p Brady Short

First B Main – 1) Mattox, 2) Westfall, 3) Elson, 4) Babcock, 5) Gabbard, 6) B. Short, 7) Cunningham, 8) Shields, 9) Gross, 10) B. Cummings

Second B Main – 1) Shuman, 2) Bilbee, 3) C. Short, 4) Holtsclaw, 5) Dautrich, 6) Chambers, 7) Fleetwood, 8) Simmons, 9)Edwards, Clayton DNS

Feature (30 Laps) – 1) Windom, 2) Cummins, 3) Stanbrough, 4) Ballou, 5)
Darland, 6) Briscoe, 7) B. Short, 8) Barrow, 9)Stockon, 10) Thomas Jr., 11) Sterrett, 12) Shuman, 13) Farney, 14)Cottle, 15) Jackson, 16) Schuerenberg, 17) Kinser, 18) Westfall, 19) East, 20) Bilbee, 21) Mattox

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