The Frontstretch: What's the Call? Jeff Gordon vs Mike Bliss by Amy Henderson and Tom Bowles -- Monday July 18, 2005

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What's the Call? Jeff Gordon vs Mike Bliss

Amy Henderson and Tom Bowles · Monday July 18, 2005


Welcome to Frontstretch’s newest column, What’s the Call? Every week, we’ll take a controversial topic in the NASCAR world and have two of your favorite writers duke it out, one-on-one, with their opinion on the issue. Then, you, the fans, have a chance to comment below and let us know your thoughts, as well as who YOU think has the better argument! Let the fun begin!

This Week’s Question: After a wreck last Sunday at Chicagoland between Mike Bliss and Jeff Gordon, the two drivers reporterdly had a post-race confrontation in which a punch was thrown. Nothing has been confirmed, but Bliss arrived to the track at New Hampshire with a black eye. The incident raises the question: should NASCAR investigate driver fights or assaults that happen outside the track and issue penalties if necessary? Or is what happens after the race none of NASCAR’s business?

Throwing Punches Throws You Open to Invesitgation
-by Tom Bowles

I’ll admit off the bat, arguing for the investigation of Jeff Gordon after last Sunday’s incident with Mike Bliss is a difficult one to pursue. That’s simply because once NASCAR drivers leave the track, they are no longer at a NASCAR-sanctioned event, and therefore beyond the sport’s jurisdiction in a sense that any incident that goes on is likely not in view of the public.

But it’s one thing to have a vocal argument in private, and quite another to throw a punch. And if Jeff Gordon did throw a punch, his status in the sport should leave him open to an investigation. Jeff Gordon, as well as Mike Bliss, are no regular citizens: they are professional athletes, role models for millions of individuals, and as such need to be held to a higher standard. Physically assaulting another competitor is simply unacceptable in this day and age of NASCAR’s modern era.

What if it was Bliss assaulting Gordon, and the punch damaged Gordon’s eye to the point he needed to miss a race because of it? Millions of Gordon fans everywhere would be up in arms, calling for Bliss to be burned at the stake. But because Bliss is one of the less popular drivers on the tour, he’s allowed to walk around with a black eye without anyone giving us even a hint of what happened in the airport last Sunday afternoon.

If a NASCAR driver does drugs outside the track, he is suspended accordingly for his misdeeds. Why wouldn’t we extend those same policies to drivers who break the law in other ways? And while a punch can just be a punch, it is a form of assault, and charges can be pressed because of one. NASCAR would be wise to at least do a little poking around to see what happened here, because the next time someone gets punched in the eye, there might be a little more damage done then simply someone’s pride.

Gordon vs Bliss is None of NASCAR’s Business
-by Amy Henderson

While NASCAR has every right to police the actions of drivers and crew members at the track, they do not and should not have the authority to investigate or take action against them for their actions off the track. That’s like your local police officer giving you a speeding ticket because he heard you were over the speed limit in Wyoming last week. It might be perfectly true that you were a bit leadfooted that day in Wyoming, just like it may be true that Jeff Gordon and Mike Bliss had fisticuffs in an airport, but it’s A) hearsay, and B) out of the local guy’s, or in this case, NASCAR’s, jurisdiction.

While Gordon and Bliss may have done something that they would regret in the morning, they should not be called into the Oval Office, chewed out, fined, docked points, or made to write 500 times, "I will not violate 12-4-A." Yes, NASCAR does have an image to think about and a gajillion sponsors to kowtow to, but there is a line here. NASCAR is not the Nice Police; they are the national sanctioning body of a sport. NASCAR does not employ drivers; they oversee races. Once the race is over, the drivers and crews are beyond the long arm of NASCAR’s law. It would be an invasion of privacy to investigate every off track incident. If that incident were to carry over onto the racetrack, endangering the safety of others, then, yes, of course, NASCAR should intervene. But in this instance, that was clearly not the case.

So while Mike Bliss may have nursed a bruise or two, and Gordon may have chinked his image a bit, the events that occurred between them should remain between them. While I wouldn’t advise their method of settling racing differences, I would also hate to see NASCAR do the wrong thing in this case. The precedent it would set is far too detrimental.

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jr. fan
07/19/2005 06:42 AM
07/19/2005 07:13 AM
I totally disagree, baby Jeff has no right to put his hands on anyone. It is because it was Jeff Gordon who can do no wrong in Nascar eyes, look how he crawled around the track and was not black flagged. He really should be charged with assualt and battery.
07/19/2005 07:30 AM
Oh, for heaven’s sakes, leave it alone. Years ago there were lots of times when drivers settled things between them. We’ve become so incredibly politically correct that you can’t just settle things without involving the whole world. If a punch was thrown, leave it up to them to deal with it. NASCAR shouldn’t be involved. It should be handled between the people involved.
07/19/2005 07:43 AM
NASCAR should mind it’s own business. However, had this been anyone but Jeff Gordon (let’s say Robbie Gordon)NASCAR would have jumped in. I agree with Savannah,
Jeff was not meeting minimum speed and NASCAR did not black flag him.
07/19/2005 07:49 AM
Good grief, what a bunch of whiners we have here. You guys must all be Junior fans, bc that’s what Junior fans do: whine and make up excuses for Junior’s failures, then try to bust on Jeff Gordon every chance you get.

Here’s a clue for you: if NASCAR was about races where the best drivers wins, Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart would win every week. There is not another driver on the grid who can come near to matching the talent of these two guys, so NASCAR has to keep changing rules to give drivers like Junior a chance to win. So how is it that Gordon get’s preferential treatment?

Bliss got punched by Tony Stewart last year, now Gordon this year. Maybe he’ll learn to be more careful on the track, and keep his mouth shut off the track.
07/19/2005 08:04 AM
Its hard to imagine Jeff Gordon throwing a punch because he’s such a little guy. But Mike Bliss is about his size so if they actually were scuffling it was a fair fight.

I don’t have a problem with an argument getting physical in certain circumstances—sometimes a punch in the nose is just what the doctor ordered for an attitude problem (Jimmy Spencer is the best friend Kurt Busch ever had—a position that does not endear me to my fellow Kurt Busch fans). As long as its a fair fight they can be men about it and not whine.

Bottom line is, what happens between drivers off-camera, on their own time, and out of the public eye is their business and not mine. If formal assault charges are filed then and only then it becomes a public matter. Otherwise, its a private issue and can stay that way.
Carl D.
07/19/2005 08:15 AM
This isn’t about Jeff Gordon or Mike Bliss Or Tony Stewart or Junior. It’s definately not about being black flagged for driving too slow at New Hampshire. Let’s stick to the topic as posted.

If ANY driver gets into an altercation off the track, he’s putting his season at risk because, well, he might get hurt and miss a race or two. For a driver without “star” quality, it might cost him his ride. That in itself is should be enough to make a driver think twice before getting involved in a fight.

That said, if a driver DOES get in a fight, believe me, the owners, sponsors, and race teams will remind a driver just what they stand to lose should it happen again. Nascar doesn’t have to deal with it, and shouldn’t deal with it. It’s a race team issue. If it becomes a full blown criminal assault, I’m sure the law would deal with it apprpriately as well.

Let boys be boys, men be men, if the men want to behave like boys, let them pay the same price the rest of us pay.

What really surprises me is that Jeff Gordon won the fight. Guess he’s not the wimp a lot of us thought he was.
07/19/2005 08:25 AM
My goodness the Whiney Jr fans are crying their eyes out here! Grow up!!! These babys are not real race fans! They only like to whiney about anything & everything Jeff does! See, it is fans like you that give us real Jr fans a bad name. I don’t like Gordon at all, But it happened away from the track NA$CAR should just leave it alone! Good for Jeff! I just gained a ton more respect for him! Thank goodnes NA$CAR is mature enough to stay out of it. Unlike the whiney babies here!
07/19/2005 08:27 AM
I think what nascar has done is just fine. If Mike Bliss wants to make it a bigger deal then I believe he has that right. But, as long as he doesn’t want to talk about it then everyone should just let it go. We all know that nascar penalties are a joke anyway. The fines end up going back to the drivers. Why don’t these funds go to the Victory Junction Gang. That is what needs to be discussed.
07/19/2005 08:53 AM
I just really want to know why some people feel it’s necessary to call names of the drivers or their fans in order to argue their point??

IMO: What happened with Gordon and Bliss was away from the track; therefore, NASCAR should stay out of it. If they want to have a talk with the drivers that’s one thing, but no need to fine or suspend. If the two were “normal people” at the airport fighing, police would be involved if one of the parties wanted to press it. Apparently, Bliss does not, so that’s that.

TOTALLY off topic: David, I agree that NASCAR giving the fines back to the drivers is ludicrious. If you are going to do that, they need to give to the drivers who have NOT been penalized, which might give some of the under-funded teams a little more pocket change. I agree charity is a good answer, but let’s not forget that while the VJGC is a great charity, is it not the only one deserving of help!! There are so many out there, including the Kenny Irwin camp, which seems to have been forgotten. If not to charity, I think NASCAR should start thinking about putting it in a fund to help out drivers as they get older or if they suffer serious, career ending injuries. Like Nadeau, who apparently had to sell everything and move his family in with his parents after suffering his injury. There are alot of great things that NASCAR can do with those funds, outside of making the rich richer. Hmmm…I smell an article coming on….
07/19/2005 09:12 AM
It’s none of Nascar’s stinking business.

Tony Stewart should have been thrown out of Nascar with all the things he pulled.

Gordon should have knocked Bliss’ teeth down his throat.

Bliss intentionally got into him.
07/19/2005 09:21 AM
I’m pretty sure almost every driver is quilty of intentionally getting into someone at some point, even Jeff Gordon. That doesn’t mean physical harm is necessary to get your point across. Although, it apparantly did help Kurt Busch…

It’s racing, it’s emotional, it happens. C’est la vie!!
07/19/2005 09:26 AM
There were at least 100 witnesses to this incident. Jeff and his entourage went to Bliss’ plane where Jeff walked up and cold-cocked Bliss who then went to the ground and was out. There didn’t seem to be any conversation between the two and punches were not exchange.

If NASCAR doesn’t and shouldn’t get into the drivers’ business off track then why is it that NASCAR does random drug testing and suspends drivers for failing the test? When Wimmer got fined for a DWI and resisting arrest and had his state drivers license suspended why did he get to continue driving on the race track? NASCAR is inconsistent with it’s rules and fines.

I agree that if it was any other driver (T. Stewart, K. Busch, J. Spencer…pick one) it would have been all over the news and NASCAR would have something to say. But because it is the “Golden Boy” nothing is done. Pay closer attention to how Jeff’s attitude and demeaner has changed since his driving has started falling off!!

I love NASCAR racing and I am a fan of Jr., Tony, Johnson, Sadler, Kahn, Mayfield, Busch (both of them), Robbie Gordon, Jarrett, Labonte, Mears, Edwards….but Jeff Gordon can kiss my patootie!! He’s done!!
07/19/2005 09:42 AM
I don’t think you compare fighting to drugs. If a driver is doing drugs off the track, it can definitely affect his performance and the safety of other drivers on the track. While I am a Wimmer fan, I’m not exactly sure why he didn’t get some kind of suspension, even if it was just one event. However, he seems to have kept himself out of trouble since that incident, which is something a certain someone caught with drugs in his system wasn’t able to do. I agree, NASCAR has been a little inconsistent where this is concerned (drugs vs. alcohol), but I dont think you can compare NASCAR’s reactions to a fight with their reactions to drug abuse.
Joe Wheeler
07/19/2005 09:57 AM
Who cares. I just like good racing no matter who the driver is.
07/19/2005 10:21 AM
Bliss deserved it!!!!!!!!!!!
07/19/2005 10:32 AM
the incident is none of nascars business, it was away from the track after an event, they have no right or jurisdiction over what the drivers do on their own time, just like any other job the employer has no right to tell a person what they can and cannot do away from work. ps, jeff had a good argument, bliss is an idiot
07/19/2005 10:37 AM
Wow…some pretty nasty comments about Jeff but on to the subject. My opinion is that as long as it isn’t drug related which could affect the other drivers of Nascar…and it was off the track and not at a Nascar sanctioned event…it’s none of Nascar’s business and it’s none of mine as a fan of Jeff’s nor is it any of you all that are calling Jeff wimp, crybaby and other like names.

It does amaze me though the crap that the media will go with to get a few headlines and it amazes me even farther what the jealous anit-Gordon fans can think of to say. But then you have to figure most aren’t old enough to know who Fireball Roberts is so you have to realize it’s their age that leads them to such asinine comments…and the fact that they are Jr fans.
07/19/2005 11:06 AM
Mike Bliss, as I saw it, was busy handling Bootie Barker’s wheel chair when Jeff Gordon blind sided him…hmmm! Is it fair for the richest drivers in Nascar to get away with throwing punches…Mike Bliss could be rich if he would have sued Stewart who was waiting in his transporter for him and Jeff Gordon who waited until he was busy with helping his crew chief!! Isn’t that assualt with wealthy fists!!
07/19/2005 11:33 AM
It’s all speculation that Jeff gave Bliss a Black eye. I really don’t think Jeff could whip himself out of a paper bag.
Nascar should not get involved if it doesn’t happen inside a Nascar funtion.
Race fan
07/19/2005 12:22 PM
Welcome to the real world of racing Jeff. That is the way most of the drivers in Cup racing live week to week.
07/19/2005 12:28 PM
I would say no because it was an off track incident. But thinking about NASCAR and their stupidity, remember a few seasons back when NASCAR had the gull to step in after Scott Wimmer’s little drinking mishap? NASCAR virtually had no right to do anything but….since they can do just about anything they want, they put him probation. They treated it as as an on-track incident, they sure as heck should do the same here. In that case he should get Jimmy Spencers treatment, banned for one race.

But then again theres no consistancy in NASCAR’s ruling so. And considering Jeff is apparently gods gift to racing, NASCAR won’t dare touch him.
07/19/2005 12:52 PM
I am old enough to remember Fireball Roberts, who I met at my first race in Darlington, and to remember NASCAR when it was just racing and not the side show it is today. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to watch it but it’s not what it used to be. I hate that we have lost all the old tracks to cookie cutters and the veterans are thrown to the wolves as being too old….anybody remember Harry Gantt??

Anyway…the Gordon-Bliss encounter did not make it to the headlines and it’s not a made up encounter. There are plenty of people who witnessed it. I just think Gordon took a cheap shot. It was “just racing”!
gordon fan
07/19/2005 01:20 PM
I would say no because it was an off the track incident. Its none of NASCAR’s business.If it was drugs it would be different because drugs can hurt your body. I agree Jeff Gordon hitting mike bliss. mike bliss shouldn’t have wrecked him out.
07/19/2005 01:57 PM
leave it alone. It’s their problem not ours. Let nascar check with the guys to make sure that it not gonna carry over to the track. If it continues then NASCAR can get involved.
07/19/2005 02:15 PM
all you jr. fans need to just shut up. if it werent for jr’s daddy and jeff gordon, nascar wouldnt be where it is today. for god’s sake i dont even race and i have as many championships as jr.
07/19/2005 02:51 PM
LOL I see some of these Jeff fans are closet Jr fans after all. Jr has absolutley nothing to do with the story and his name has already been mentioned several times by them.
Anyway all kidding aside, I think NASCAR should at least address the situation. Unlike the Spencer-Busch incident, this was just a racing deal after all. Mike got into the corner too hot and unfortunetly got into Jeffs path. Petty’s done it, Sr’s done it, Jeffs done it… any driver who hasn’t.
07/19/2005 03:55 PM
Nascar should stay out of it. Fans should stay out of it. Why even ask for their opinions, you will never get anything resolved anyway. All of the name calling and bringing other drivers into it. Let’s just support the sport, our drivers and the love of racing. We live in a world where everyone has an opinion and they are welcome to share it, but it will not solve anything. Jeff and Mike are probably laughing at all of us for all of the attention we are giving this incident.
07/19/2005 03:59 PM
I say way to go Jeffy, if Jeff did smack him, Bliss had it comming. He clearly ran over Jeff, and I’m glad to see Jeff Gordon stick up for himself for once. Let’s not forget the way Mike Bliss cried and cried when he was turned around at the all-star race qualifier in Charrlotte earlier this year. and now he does even worse to Jeff. Bliss is never going to make it anyway. Final answer,NASCAR needs to stay out of it .
07/19/2005 04:09 PM
No I don’t think that NASCAR should
07/19/2005 04:15 PM
NASCAR shouldn’t have anyting to do with this incident. It wasn’t at the track, so it’s up to Bliss if he wants to press charges. And all you Dale Jr. fans should just keep your mouths shut because we all know that Junior is the biggest baby in NASCAR. You just want to take out on Jeff beacuse Little E can’t back up his on-track performance with all the hype he doesn’t and never will deserve.
07/19/2005 04:27 PM
its good to know that so much envy for a driver can so cloud one’s fair judgement. everyone has thier favorite driver but when it comes to opinions on an incident such as this fair views cannot be found. im a huge gordon fan, and i will say no matter who was involved bliss needed a poke in the nose
07/19/2005 04:33 PM
I was at the race in Chicago and listening via headset. Jeff Gordon was not the only one that was unhappy at Bliss. Mike could not control his car that day and had no business racing. Instead of racing as hard as he did he should have backed off and just tried to finish the race. He could have had his best finish of the year, that would be 39th or so right? As for you whiny Jr. fans… SHUT UP! I am sick and tired of you whine-heads! His Dad was great, yes; he is not!
07/19/2005 04:58 PM
I think that NA$CAR should stay out of it. It didn’t happen at the track or on film that I know of. I doubt that Bliss will file charges... I’m just glad that Jeff showed that he has balls off the track too!!
07/19/2005 05:25 PM
Right on Linda!
Gayle Jarrett
07/19/2005 05:30 PM
I have read all the messages from the Jeff Gordon fans who think he is so perfect. However, I do not think Nascar will get involved simply because it was their “fair haired child”. Jeff can do no wrong in their eyes. What if the tables had been turned and it was Bliss who delivered the blow—how many of you think Nascar would not get involved then ???????????
07/19/2005 06:23 PM
jr. fans
07/20/2005 05:54 PM
what the hell does jr. have to do with any of this?? This is about... gordon who has to walk up with his buddies and sucker punch bliss,and not be a man about our opinion nascar should not get involved, it was off the track.I agree with the woman who said gordon couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag. Bliss should beat the crap out of him. How many times has gordon put someone out of a race, but he always seems to have something to WHINE about nothing is ever good enough for him. Yes we are junior fans but he has nothing to do with this because if he were involved he would have beat the crap out of gordon and Gordon would have tried to get nascar involved and i am sure he would have succeeded.GO JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/20/2005 09:05 PM
I think nascar should stay out of this because this was between gordon and bliss.Bliss deserved what he got for taking gordon out of the race.All you junior fans can keep hating because you all know that gordon will rally and make the chase, while junior will be on the outside looking in, then what will you be complaining about. Go Gordon!Refuse to lose!
07/21/2005 09:25 AM
OMG, Jr. fans’ only buisness here is to piss on Jeff. You people are lame and your opinions are all hype like your driver. Get lives for once! So Jeff punched a guy… who cares. It’s his buisness. Nascar shouldn’t get involved. As for you people claiming Jeff sucker punched Mike, B.S.! Show us the proof. You are all going off rumors, you all weren’t there so STFU!
07/21/2005 09:40 AM
I have read all the comments posted and some are very far fetched. the topic here is about NASCAR and the incident between Gordon and Bliss. I am not a Jr fan, but I think that all the smearing of Jr is uncalled for. I am a Gordon fan. What we are dealing with is speculation. I believe that there were witnesses but there are several renditions to the story. I do not agree with anyone hitting someone else, because I believe that is wrong, no matter who you are. I believe Bliss did take Gordon out. However, Gordon did say if he were running where he should have been running, up front, then he would not have been there to get hit by Bliss. Unfortunately, when you are not having a good season, and you are frustrated, being human, tempers are going to rise. It was wrong for Gordon to punch Bliss, if that is indeed what happened. I agree with a comment earlier that the team and sponsors are going to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Whoever you are, when you are in the spot light, and you are a role model to kids, you need to hold yourself to a higher standard than the local bar hop. NASCAR is responsible for their driver images, because even though this incident happened away from the track, NASCAR needs to tell the boys to clean up their act and remind them of their status, and make sure it doesn’t carry onto the track. Just like the local college boys here, when they get into an altercation, they are suspended from a game or two, to make a point that that stuff is not tolerated. I think that NASCAR needs to fine them or something. They should not take points away since it happened off the track. Whether charges are filed or not, NASCAR needs to take a stance that this will not be tolerated. I also agree that the money needs to go to charity or to some driver fund.
07/21/2005 10:15 AM
I did not see what happened, so I do not know what happened. No two of those who say that they did tell the same story so what they say doesn’t matter either. As a Jeff fan for years (married to a Jr. fan) I can only go by his (Jeff’s) past actions. For all the bumps and slurs and rudeness and booing he has quietly taken for years I can not believe he would blow up for nothing at this time.However, if he did….Yes, he should not have lost his temper and yes if he did hit someone,he should be fined $5000 and it should be given to the victory junction gang in Bliss’ name, and if he isn’t fined, Jeff should make the gesture on his own. This would be even better than Nascar getting involved with off the track activity.
Had this happened in the day of REAL races , Jr.’s Daddy would have just run over Bliss to the cheering of the fans, ... and fights were not that uncommon.
Sure, the best race would be one with Jr., Jeff and Tony racing each other, but can we realize that if the only driver out there was our favourite running around the track by themselves, there would be a very boring race day? We can love one driver without being a potty trash mouth to another one, we need them all to have a great race and a wonderful sport.
these guys are real people too, and they can make mistakes, too, let’s not be the catalist that hurt someone’s carreer..
07/21/2005 10:31 AM
If NASCAR takes the stance of post-race incidents being none of their business, they will lose the ability to instill discipline for the things drivers do that are detrimental to NASCAR’s image and reputation. For example, Shane Hmiel’s suspension cannot be upheld, comments in victory lane are not subject to fines and penalties, etc. Should NASCAR fine Jeff Gordon? Absolutely! I’m a Jeff Gordon fan and I can tell you he needs a huge wake-up call. He should have been fined in Dover for threatening to deliberately spin out Tony Stewart and he should be fined now and not some piddly little $2000. I’m talking a big fine and oh by the way, he doesn’t make the chase because he just lost another 150 points. I don’t care that Gordon is in a slump. It doesn’t change the fact that I am his fan, but he is acting like a spoiled little kid and not the responsible adult I know he is. Whatever it takes to straighten him out, I’ll take it.
07/21/2005 12:19 PM
well,well,well…this is the most amazing stuff! No one is going to agree on this issue and I’d like to see how any one of us would have reacted in the same circumstances. I agree that this happened off the track which should take NASCAR out of the equation as a major factor. Mike has legal recourse should he be so inclined. I have been a Gordon fan since he made his NASCAR debut, but that doesn’t mean I always agree with everything he does on or off the track. There are very few times I have felt he did something out of line. He has almost always been a gentleman and accepted blame when he should have. One of the things I have most liked about him is how obvious it is that he thinks carefully about what he says publicly even if he has every right to “go off’ on someone. He has been one of the greatest role models for young people in the business of sports that I have seen over time in a world gone mad in that respect. The fact that this has been a frustrating year doesn’t lessen the fact that most of his problems haven’t been from not being one of the best drivers on the track, but because of things (mechanical and wrong place, wrong time) out of his control. All of us have a limit as to how much we can handle for how long. Fisticuffs is not the way of handling anything. I look forward to Jeff racing his way back into the chase and if that doesn’t happen..his fans will support him anyway and look for a wonderful season next year. Go get them next week Jeff!!!
07/21/2005 12:54 PM
You go Jeff Gordon!

Five time champ.
07/21/2005 02:08 PM
I am a huge Jeff Gordon fan. Although I don’t feel it was right for Jeff to hit Mike I can understand where the frustration is coming from. I don’t believe it is any of Nascar’s business. It was after the event and off the grounds. It’s between Mike and Jeff and if Mike wants to file charges then Jeff can pay the consequences. Otherwise I say let sleeping dogs lie. It’s none of Nascar’s concern.
07/21/2005 02:27 PM
No one knows for sure if Jeff really hit him..If jr. would have hit someone everybody would be saying “AWW poor jr. he is having a terrible season”.. So what if he did hit him, He should not be in the Cup series anyway, Bliss is to slow! I do agree that alot of people whine about Jeff, but if they would just stop and listen to themselves they are whinning about his accomplishments!!! Just look at the pay from some of the races he can come in dead last and still make more than the winner.
07/21/2005 04:20 PM
To put it in simple terms, Mike Bliss is a poor driver. He took out Gordon and who knows, maybe it was payback for Vickers at Charlotte. Anyway, Bliss got what he deserved. I also agree with other posts here that its mostly the... JR fans who want to demonize Jeff. If it was JR who decked Bliss, all we would be hearing is how Bliss deserved it and what a hero Jr is or he’s a chip off the ol block. Thats what his daddy would have done. Well I got knews for you. Bud-Boy is not his daddy, in life or on the track.
07/21/2005 05:00 PM
Wait a minute, some of you said that he get away with that incident? I don’t think so. There is several drivers includes Tony did the same thing. So Jeff is not as special driver as the others. They all are treated the same. It happens away and far from the track. Nothing NASCAR can do even it is outside the track.
07/21/2005 09:25 PM
Jeff did what I would have liked
to go jeff,
07/21/2005 09:35 PM
as for scott wimmer and nascar drinking and driving um your a race car driver who dosnt understand the diffrence jeff is a race car driver not a boxer um who dosnt understand the diffrence see wimmer drinking and driving jeff race car driver not a boxer so away from the track nascar need do nothing however if the boxing federation wants to fine gordon or punnish him fine also JEFF WILL SURPASE BIG E IN WINS MAYBE NOT CHAMPIONSHIPS GO JEFF
07/22/2005 07:54 AM
You people are as dumb as your spell checks. Would you chase down another driver on the interstate and hit them for cutting you off? and not expect to be arrested or fined? What makes Jeff better than other drivers? Well most of his wins came when he was with Ray Everham and his not with him now. Why is this??? I do believe it’s because of Jeffy’s attitude. The Great and Wonderful Jeff is on a downward spiral and it is showing in his interviews and his driving. To all you Jeff fans, I ask you to watch your man and how he talks about you wonderful fans. When was the last time he give you credit???
07/22/2005 08:55 AM
The point some people are missing is there are 2 sets of rules one for Gordon and one for the other drivers. That is why people are unhappy about they way this has been handled. Had that been any other driver NASCAR would of gotten involved.
07/22/2005 03:24 PM
Most of the replys here are from who else, non-Jeff fans so that explains the negative responses. Talk about whiners, look at you all! You don’t see the Jeff fans doing all the talking but you guys sure are. Go back to your Dale Jr., Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, and come back and talk when they’ve set the records Jeff has AND also won four championships!! Guess it will be awhile before we hear from you again…LOL
07/22/2005 05:36 PM
I think Jeff is the greatest driver ever!! He sure has proved that. These people are just jealous, because Jeff has beat their driver at one time or another. They have booed him and bad mouth him till I am sick of it myself! I think it just shows what he’s made of! Like someone else said, how did he take it this long? He’s a real driver and a great person and I admire him so much and no one has the right to condem him ! They just wish their driver was half the man and driver he is! Tony can do anything he wants and get by with it. He’s one of the reasons Jeff is in this mess, spinning him out started this mess. I did like Tony until then and notice where Tony is in the points, he knocked Jeff out of the chase as far as I’m concerned. Why was he not punished? He gained and Jeff got hurt in points. I think Nascar should look into that. After all he did it to help himself and get rid of Jeff
and I think people are brain dead if they can’t see that!!!
07/23/2005 06:48 PM
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07/23/2005 08:59 PM
Look, guys are guys and they do dumb stuff sometimes. Chicks do dumb things sometimes. Maybe Jeff shouldn’t have socked Bliss in the eye but he did. It’s none of NASCAR’s business since it didn’t happen on the clock so to speak or at the race track. I personally don’t feel that Jeff is perfect because he’s a human being like anyone else and he is allowed to make mistakes. i may be a fan of his but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything he does or says or thinks. That’s totally unrealistic. How many of us have cold cocked someone because they made us mad? I did. Do I regret having done that? No, not really because sometimes the only way you can get through to folks is to sock them one in the face. I’ve been a fan of Jeff’s for almost 10 years and he’s made his share of mistakes. Hell, who hasn’t? As a matter of fact I have grown to like Jeff more and more because of the fact that he makes mistakes like other mortal beings and learns from them. As far as being a role model to millions, I don’t feel that celebrities should be role models. I don’t feel like they should be forced to act like perfect saints. They should be viewed as the human beings that they are and appreciated for their talents and nothing more than that. Parents should be children’s role models, not total strangers. At the end of the day Jeff and Mike are two grown men and they can take care of themselves without all of us getting in a shouting match over it. I will say that if this is the second time Bliss has been socked in the face then maybe he needs to look in the mirror and take inventory and change something about himself. Jeff needs to watch his temper. End of story.
gordon fan
07/24/2005 04:26 PM
gordon had a reason fo it so that’s why he did it. It’s probably because mike bliss dumped him into the wall and gordon got very mad. I don’t blame him because I would have gotten mad too. that’s my stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go gordon
07/24/2005 04:39 PM
mike bliss was just being his normal cry baby self and he got in Jeff Gordon’s way. He probably made Gordon very very mad when Bliss put gordon into the wall at Chicagoland motor speedway. It’s just what i think would’ve happend if somebody else I new got that mad because of somebody else’s faults!!!!!!!!That’s my stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/24/2005 05:59 PM
Its funny to see how driver loyalty clouds peoples veiws of right or wrong or fairness.

Lets just for one mintute forget the names of who were involved and look at the incident. Theres no super star, there is no tail rider. Just two drivers of even rank, punching one another.

Now look at the overall precedent NASCAR has set up for governing the sport. Judging by what NASCAR has done in the past, its only right it police the situation. Now, it doesn’t have to have sevre consequences for either party involved. It still should require some investigation considering what NASCAR has done in the past. Just to show that NASCAR is trying to be consistant (which we all know is BS anyway but…)

secondly its pretty sad that Bliss apparently deserves it becuase hes ranks below Jeff. I don’t like Bliss as much as the next guy but….come on people. What do you say about Jeff clearly running over Mike Wallace at Pocono? Mike deserved it because he was in Jeff’s way? Either way Mike has no right to swing at JG if the case may be. And using Jr as a scape goat won’t be neccessary considering I’m all Mopar support.
07/24/2005 08:28 PM
It’s all a set up! NASCAR is getting just like WWF setting up fights and drama. NASCAR sets up races by creating rules to cause more drama on and off the track to gain ratings that they didn’t get from changing the points system last year.

All of it is manipulation of you the fans and of the drivers!!!

Depersation at work. That’s what all of this is and it stinks!!!
07/25/2005 08:59 AM
I had to chuckle this weekend when I saw Gordon get into Mike Wallace and turn him around…not because I was happy about it, but because of the whole Bliss situation. The replays weren’t very good, but I would have LOVED to hear them interview Wallace after that incident! Hello, Pot!
07/25/2005 03:09 PM
It isnt gordons fault at all. Mike Bliss just needs to look out for his driving style, and not talk junk off the track. Im pretty sure after all this, Gordon will come back and win the championship.
07/26/2005 07:15 AM
I am a Jeff Gordon fan A PROUD Jeff Gordon fan. For the way he has always been polite and kept his calm during all the years of fan abuse and for all the times when HE would have loved to shove a reporter, or hit a fan or another rude driver and has been an ambassador to the world for Nascar to intelligent people, no matter how Nascar permitted him to be abused I think he deserves a medal.
I must agree to some extent with the person who compared the way this sport is going to wrestling. It is time that those fans who are an embarassment to most fans,I refer to the can throwing, sreaming, foul mouthed, rude, ignorant people who ruin it for the rest,were treated as the criminal element they are!
Perhaps it is time for a ‘no can’ rule. It is hard to hurt a driver or another fan with a paper cup… is hard to make a weapon of one too, a thing necessary to think of in our world today.
I am also concerned that this impound rule makes it more dangerous for drivers who might have problems that could be fixed, and thus avoid an accident in the early stages of the race.
It is also surprising that one of the best racing stables cannot put together a car that one of the best drivers cannot drive to victory lane….for both Jr. and Jeff….....
07/27/2005 06:38 AM
First of all if Jeff did what has been floating around I am very disappointed in his actions. Since none of us were there we can’t say how it came about. As far as Bliss is concerned I hope he and his team enjoy those free HMS engines they received the other day :-) Since it was not at the track and no charges were filed then it is not NASCAR’s business. I have a feeling there was a private meeting at some point between NASCAR and the 2 drivers to make it clear that what ever the problem was it should stay away from the track.
07/27/2005 09:29 AM
the 0 car gets those motors because it is a Hendrick backed car. Think of it this way, as Chance 2 is to DEI…..

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