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Sonya Grady

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S.D. Grady joined the Frontstretch staff in May of 2007. Her weekly perspective on the world of NASCAR, “Sitting In The Stands : A Fan’s View” runs every Tuesday in the Frontstretch Newsletter she also crosses over to the website to do an occasional column now and then.

Ms. Grady has always been a fan of motorsports. Her mother suspects it began while the family watched the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb in the 60’s, followed by a refusal to be cut out of the Hot Wheels action with her brothers. However, growing up in the Northeast, she had little opportunity to become enamored with NASCAR itself until the arrival of cable TV in the mid-80’s. But watching the fledgling ESPN and TNN networks, it didn’t take long for the names of Ned Jarrett, Dr. Jerry Punch, Buddy Baker, Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt to become part of her weekend lingo. S.D.‘s been addicted ever since.

Now married and living in Massachusetts, Ms. Grady met her future husband in college; in a region that tried to ignore stock car racing, she actually found a guy that knew who Richard Petty was. They have since fueled their mutual obsession by attending NASCAR races at venues nationwide.

Aside from writing for Frontstretch.com, S.D. Grady now runs a movie theatre during normal work hours. Besides sports commentary, she also writes romance novels and has her own personal blog on NASCAR, which you can find by clicking here.

When You Can See Sonya’s Frontstretch Columns:
Sitting In The Stands : A Fan’s View : Tuesdays (Newsletter)

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