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Bruce Simmons

Since I don’t talk about me much, this is weird… Let’s see, a little bit about me.. um, ah.. My resume says that I am an Applications Programmer at SRI International and that I was a Research Analyst, Information System Security Manager & D.O.D. Security Administrator. No I’m not hundreds of years old, but I’ve overlapped on a lot of stuff.

So apparently I have some sort of talent at software and script programming and I’m a wiz at blogging and website administration. (I run 9 blogs and 3 websites.) In the past, I’ve also been a real estate agent, (Do not get me started on re agents.. they’re all… well anyway -) and a stand up comedian.. (George Lopez got me started in that.. Yea,m I knew George, Alan Alda and a few others.) but my political social skills sucked at that time.. But my social skills are better now.. late at night when no one is around.

In my spare time (That’s 2 weekends a year) I’m a Professional Bowler and a USA Junior Olympic certified Bowling Coach, Body Guard / Bouncer and I am aspiring to be a writer.

Every now and then, I sleep.. I think.

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Favorite Movie Gladiator / Godzilla – both great management technique training films
Favorite Racing Memory Meeting with Kevin Harvick At Mesa Marin. (Have you seen the shows where he’s always bagging on his wife all the time? That’s real.. he’s a funny sob.
Favorite Racing-related memory I can show Earnhardt sr’s history with my diecast collection PLUS my 1,000 trading cards (pulls) and over 1,500 diecasts.. Anyone want to buy a diecast?
Pre-race ritual Waking up .. Breathing… but that’s everyday
Things I’d like to accomplish in 2007 Breathing.. and breaking out in the world of writing.
Nicknames as.. .. Oh, sorry, can’t print that
Favorite TV shows Battlestar Galactica / Friday Night Lights
Favorite Athlete Dale Earnhardt
Favorite hobby The 3 Bs: Breathing, Blogging & Beer. Everything else is just a bonus.
My favorite qoute: Everything in life is temporary.. so enjoy it now.