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Kurt Smith

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After losing his beloved Baltimore Orioles to Peter Angelos (or as he fondly refers to him, “Slimeball”), Kurt needed to fill a sports void, and found himself increasingly interested in his participation in his brother’s NASCAR fantasy league. By 2002 Kurt was hooked, tuning in every week to see how his drivers were performing.

After nearly taking the league title in 2003, losing to his father by just a scant 72 points out of over 10,000 (even with a late season surge fueled by Tony Stewart), Kurt decided to keep stats and take notes to better learn who to activate each Sunday. The failure to activate Michael Waltrip for the 2003 Daytona 500 had been the difference, and Kurt did not want to make that mistake again.

In 2004 Kurt began sending short summaries of races to other members of the league, using his notes to describe the action and poke fun at Darrell Waltrip’s occasional tortured syntax. Response to his diatribes was favorable and gradually he spent more and more time composing columns each week. Then, in August of 2006, he sent a column to That’s Racin’, and Kurt became a member of the Infield blog. And finally, after years of heartbreak, near misses, and frustration, in 2006 Kurt’s fantasy team (“Vapor Trails Racing”) won its first Fairgrounds Racing League championship. Only buying his 2002 Mustang gave Kurt more joy. Vapor Trails Racing then followed up with back-to-back division titles.

After a year and a half of contributing to the Infield, Kurt auditioned for the Frontstretch in January 2008, and the rest is history. Now Kurt offers his take as the “Official Columnist of NASCAR” on all things Sprint Cup Racing in his “Happy Hour” column on Fridays, and hopefully the world is better for it. This year Kurt began the Frontstretch Foto Funnies, his humorous take on what’s really going on in those recent race photos.

Kurt has never been a racecar driver, nor has he been a crew chief, mechanic, or even a sports editor. He is just a regular guy from New Jersey. In fact, he treasures few things more than being regular. Kurt lives in Turnersville (exit 3 of the NJ Turnpike), not far from the new track in Millville. He has been married (sorry girls) for 1.5 years to his lovely wife Suzanne, who is not the slightest bit of a NASCAR fan. But Kurt tolerates it because she’s tolerant of his endless hours in front of a laptop banging out NASCAR insights. And not to diminish its importance, but he also has a fine collection of music and can cook a little bit too. Recipe for world-class salsa upon request.

When You Can See Kurt’s Frontstretch Columns:
Happy Hour : Fridays (Website)
In Case You Missed It : Fridays (Newsletter)
Frontstretch Foto Funnies: Wednesdays (Website)

Q & A With Kurt Smith:
What Is Your New Favorite Technological Gizmo? : Cruise control

Who Is Your Favorite Musical Artist(s)?: Rush, Jeff Beck, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stevie Wonder, The Police and many many others. Hey, if it’s good I want to hear it. Just became a big Trace Adkins fan…didn’t think I’d ever be a country boy.

Do You Have Any Pre-race Rituals? : Nachos/salsa/guacamole/etc. preparation. And opening a beer.

Who Is Your Favorite Cartoon Character? : Foghorn Leghorn (“I’m wide, I say I’m wiiiiiide open! Shoot me a lateral!”)

What is your favorite vacation spot? : Wildwood NJ. No contest.

Kurt’s Favorite Non-Racing Sites He Recommends

Ballpark E-GuidesPDF-format guides to 14 major league ballparks, with lots of info
Roadfood – a great resource for finding great and inexpensive places to eat on the road
Hotwire – the best place for finding hotel rooms, trust me
How Stuff Works – believe it or not, it helped me get through college

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July 2009
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June 2009
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September 2008
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August 2008
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July 2008
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June 2008
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May 2008
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April 2008
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March 2008
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February 2008
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