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Danny Peters

In many ways, Danny Peters is the most unlikely NASCAR journalist ever. He grew up in the UK and was weaned on a steady diet of football, football, and more football (or, soccer if you prefer.) Danny moved to Manhattan just six weeks after 9/11 and settled into New York life without ever giving NASCAR so much as a second glance.

But then a new job, working at an ad agency for Sprint brought him in contact with NASCAR. As you can probably imagine, it was something of a rude awakening which is, in many ways, curiously appropriate as Kyle Busch won the first race he ever watched (it was actually his first victory.) Danny remembers tuning in that day and thinking “I will never – repeat never – like this sport.” As you can probably work out, he changed his mind pretty quick.

This is Danny’s third year writing a weekly commentary piece on Frontstretch (Tuesdays). The name of the column is The Yellow Stripe – originally, due to his rookie status as a columnist. He felt felt it right and proper to keep the name, even though he hopes by now his yellow stripes have been removed from his columnist’s back bumper, so to speak. As much as possible, Danny tries to err on the bright side of things, reasoning there’s so much good stuff in the sport and that it seems a shame to accentuate the negative; but he’s not afraid to state his case, where necessary.

Away from NASCAR, Danny is obsessed with the fortunes of The Arsenal Football Club, one of the English Premier League’s oldest and most famous teams. He also manages EMC FC First and Reserve teams, who play in the Cosmopolitan Soccer League in New York: one of the United States’ top five amateur soccer leagues.

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When You Can See Danny’s Frontstretch Columns:
The Yellow Stripe: Tuesday (Website)
Nuts For Nationwide: A Look Around The Nationwide Series: Fridays (Website)

What Is Your Favorite New Technological Gizmo? : Nintendo Wii

What Is Your Favorite Sports Team? : Arsenal

Who Is Your Favorite Athlete? : Cesc Fabregas

What Is Your Favorite Racing-Related Possession? : Signed Denny Hamlin cap/t-shirt

Something I Really Enjoy Is… : Football (soccer)

Past articles by Danny Peters

April 2014
04/17: Five Points To Ponder: NASCAR's Take-A-Breath Moment [1]
04/10: Five Points To Ponder: NASCAR Report Card Time As Darlington Looms [2]
04/01: Five Points To Ponder: Keselowski Rivalries, Titans, And Short Track Success [13]
March 2014
03/24: Five Points to Ponder: Five Winners, Fontana In The Chase And The Real Deal [3]
03/11: Five Points to Ponder: Troubling TV Ratings Despite Unexpected NASCAR Success Stories [20]
03/04: Five Points To Ponder: NASCAR Gambles, And So Do Teams With Vegas Looming [21]
February 2014
02/18: Five Points to Ponder: Pole Conspiracies, Smoke Rising and the Great American Race [17]
November 2013
11/19: Five Points to Ponder: A Feel-Good Champ, Franchitti Says Farewell and Dillon's New Pressure [3]
11/11: Five Points To Ponder: A Champion Looms While Martin, Montoya Make Exits [2]
11/05: Five Points To Ponder: Whittling Down The Field And The Season [6]
October 2013
10/29: Five Points To Ponder: When Families Fight, Champs Win And Friends Hurt [1]
10/21: Five Points To Ponder: Out With The Old, In With The NASCAR New Already [2]
10/15: Five Points to Ponder: Earnhardt's Milestone, A Champ And A Rookie [1]
September 2013
09/24: Five Points to Ponder: Who Makes Their Mark With 250, 500... And 875 [3]
09/17: Five Points To Ponder: Exorcising The Demons And Leaving Ganassi [2]
09/10: Five Points to Ponder: Chase Trickery, Missing the Show, NNS Turns 1,000 [19]
09/02: Five Points To Ponder: Future Champs, Lame Ducks And Fighting Pain [3]
August 2013
08/27: Five Points To Ponder: Counting Points And Tales Of Redemption [3]
08/13: Five Points to Ponder: Tweeting Angry, Farewell to SPEED, Missing Smoke [8]
08/06: Five Points to Ponder: Struggling Sagas, Effortless Wins And Doin' The Dew [7]
July 2013
07/30: Five Points to Ponder: Chasing The Chase And Pocono Thrills [13]
07/16: Five Points to Ponder: Watching Words, Chase Finalists, ESPN On-Deck And More [9]
07/08: Five Points to Ponder: The Pains and Gains of Plate Racing [4]
07/02: Five Points To Ponder: Who Is Making Noise Halfway Through The Year? [6]
June 2013
06/04: Five Points To Ponder: TRD And Keselowski Trip While 'Dinger Runs Into Trouble [10]
May 2013
05/28: Five Points To Ponder: Halfway To The Chase, Trophies And Last FOX Race [10]
05/21: Five Points to Ponder: Jimmie vs. Matt And The Best Day In Motorsports [3]
05/07: Five Points to Ponder: Firsts, Families And Failing Pit Crews [6]
April 2013
04/30: Five Points to Ponder: Politics Surrounding Short Tracks, Injuries, And Jeff Burton [4]
04/23: Five Points To Ponder: Stenhouse Amongst Sprint Cup Trio Hitting The Ground Running [1]
04/16: Five Points: Ranting About Fines, Kyle's Win And Vickers' Vigor [14]
04/09: Five Points to Ponder: Genius Of Hendrick, Gibbs, Martin And McMurray? [5]
04/02: Five Points to Ponder: Anger Management, NASCAR Ads And Martinsville Mayhem
March 2013
03/26: Five Points to Ponder: Learning Curves, Hamlin's Back and Missed Walls [20]
03/19: Five Points to Ponder: NASCAR Rivalries Unleashed And A Champion Returns [12]
03/05: Five Points to Ponder: Second Race Success, Stumbles And Missing Sponsors [8]
February 2013
02/25: 5 Points To Ponder: Edwards' Early End, Bowyer-Gordon And Old Habits Die Hard [3]
02/18: Five Points to Ponder: A Reigning Champ Flying Under The Radar & Daytona Dreams [8]
November 2012
11/12: Double Standards in Play as Gordon Avoids a Deserved Suspension [42]
11/07: Five Nights in SoPo: Sometimes, It's Good To Just Watch A Race [1]
October 2012
10/22: An Ode to Martinsville: The Short Track That Could [8]
10/15: Five Points to Ponder: Johnson's Streak, Martin's Mark and AJ's Smile [3]
10/08: Five Points to Ponder: A Sad Season, Not-So Fab 4 and Captain's Hope [6]
10/01: Five Points to Ponder: Game Changers, Rule Changes and Game Over [8]
September 2012
09/25: Bold Brad and Determined Denny Primed to Put the Six Pack on Ice
09/17: One Year Later: The IndyCar Finale [3]
09/11: Five Points to Ponder: A Chase-tastic Edition Ready, Set, Chase [1]
09/05: The Greatest Street Course Racing Has Never Seen [10]
August 2012
08/27: Five Points to Ponder: Wild Things On-Track Impact Bristol, the Chase [2]
08/20: Call of the Wild: Who Will Get the Two Coveted Chase Spots?
July 2012
07/24: Your 2012 Cup Champion: Look No Further Than These Five Drivers [5]
07/10: Because You Asked: Why I Love NASCAR [3]
07/06: IndyCar Preview: 2012 Honda Indy Toronto [1]
07/02: NASCAR 2012: Halfway Home with Plenty More in Store [1]
June 2012
06/19: 8 Things That Could Turn 2012 Into a NASCAR Season to Remember [7]
06/12: Five Points to Ponder: Record Speeds, "That" Last Win And A Rejuvenated Racetrack [1]
06/06: The Chase: Who's In, Out, On The Bubble And The Next Keselowski? [4]
May 2012
05/28: Grading the NASCAR Cup Field with 12 Races Down and 24 to Go [4]
05/24: IndyCar Preview: The 2012 Indianapolis 500 [2]
05/21: The Greatest Sunday in Motor Racing [4]
05/15: Five Points to Ponder: All-Star Race Edition [9]
05/07: Is Roush Fenway Racing the Team to Beat in 2012?
05/01: Winning Has to Be More Important in NASCAR [2]
April 2012
04/23: Denny Hamlin Hungry for More After Kansas Victory
04/17: Five Points to Ponder: Looking for Some Excitement in 2012 [7]
04/13: IndyCar Preview: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
04/03: 5 Points to Ponder: Junior Hendrick's Head Honcho? SHR Showing Up The Boss And A.J.'s NASCAR Recovery [7]
March 2012
03/29: IndyCar Preview: Barber Motorsports Park
03/27: Long Term Prognosis Solid for Kahne Despite Tough Start to 2012
03/24: IndyCar Preview: Season Opener on the Streets of St. Petersburg [1]
03/13: Two Drivers to Watch and Three Who Might Need to Watch Out [2]
03/05: The Biff is Back! [1]
03/02: Phoenix (Hopefully) Without The Flames
February 2012
02/20: 12 NASCAR Wishes for 2012 [4]
November 2011
11/22: For The Love Of NASCAR [5]
11/15: NASCAR 2012: A Look Ahead [4]
11/08: Bad Math: The Points System Is Still Fundamentally Flawed [14]
11/01: Six Drivers Who Can’t Wait For 2012 [2]
October 2011
10/25: Five Points to Ponder: A Paper Clip Edition [5]
10/17: Tragedy In The Face Of Triumph: A Tearful Goodbye For Dan Wheldon [20]
10/11: Is Ebullient Edwards The Natural Heir To Johnson's Throne? [4]
10/04: Bowyer's Proposed Move To MWR Fraught With Personal Peril [13]
September 2011
09/27: Who Would Be The Best NASCAR Champ For 2011? [10]
09/23: All Done For Denny In 2011?
09/15: Ready, Set, Chase: Ten Things To Watch In NASCAR's Playoffs [4]
09/08: 5 Pts To Ponder: Atlanta Loses To... Kansas?, Even Champs Get Shaky & "Chase Time" [10]
August 2011
08/30: Five Points to Ponder: J.J. vs J.G., Plus The More Laps You Lead, The More You... Fail? [7]
08/23: The Chase: Who's In, Who's Out and Who Might Just Make It [1]
08/17: Five Points to Ponder: A “Twistie” Edition [1]
08/09: Five Points to Ponder: Road Racing, Ruffling Feathers And Fond Farewells [2]
08/02: The Bookies Never Get It Wrong [1]
July 2011
07/19: Five Points to Ponder: 100 Wins, The One-Two Punch and An Empty Brickyard [20]
07/12: Halfway Home: 2011 Sprint Cup Midseason Awards [3]
07/05: Nine Observations With Nine Races To The Chase [6]
June 2011
06/21: In 2011, "Road Course Ringer" Has a Brand New Definition [2]
06/14: Poor Pocono Finish Aside, Edwards Best Placed to Topple Five-Time [4]
06/07: 5 Points To Ponder: Gauging Keselowski, Earnhardt Momentum Post-Kansas [9]
May 2011
05/31: Dale Junior: What a Difference a Year Makes [7]
05/24: The Greatest Day In The Annual Racing Calendar [1]
05/17: The Most Pointless Vote In The History Of Secret Ballots... But Does It Matter? [10]
05/10: Who Will Be Sprint Cup's Next First-Time Winner?
05/03: NASCAR Patriotic: The Lady In Black Turns Historic Post-Bin Laden [5]
April 2011
04/26: The Winner Might Just Take It All... Even With A Mediocre Regular Season [6]
04/19: Love It or Hate It, Plate Racing Showcases NASCAR to New Fan Base [4]
04/05: 800 Starts, One Sprint Cup Title? Martin's Push For Last Run At The Chase [3]
March 2011
03/29: Ailing Hamlin In Need of Some Martinsville Medicine [2]
03/22: Growing Up Is Hard To Do: But If Kyle Busch Does It, Will It Make Him A Champ? [3]
03/15: Third Time's The Charm: Stewart-Haas Racing's Strong Start Brings Hope For '11 [3]
03/08: Ten Observations and Questions On The Season So Far [9]
February 2011
02/28: Vickers Returns To Cup Racing With A Crash, Bang, And A Wallop [4]
02/22: Crime Scene Investigation: Denny Hamlin Looking To Bury Phoenix Hatchet [3]
02/15: What Happens After Daytona Is Much More Important For Junior [5]
02/08: Eleven NASCAR Wishes For 2011 [3]
November 2010
11/24: An Interview with Jimmie Johnson on the Set of "No Restrictor Plate" [3]
11/23: Five Points to Ponder: Have At It, Boys ... They Certainly Did [18]
11/16: ABJ (Anyone But Johnson): Who Would Be the Best 2010 Champion? [7]
11/09: Five Points To Ponder: It's On, A Crew Chief's Plea, And Dr. NASCAR Evil's Biggest Mistake [17]
11/02: It's Not All About the Big 3: Five Men Who Have Three Races To Prove Themselves [4]
October 2010
10/26: Five Points to Ponder: Ageless Wonders Join With Earnhardt For Martinsville Magic - Now Can It Last? [18]
10/18: The Cool-Down Lap: If You're Thinking Johnson's Unbeatable... Hold On a Sec [8]
10/12: Five Points to Ponder: Fontana Surprises, Hamlin Holds Serve, And A Missed Opportunity [9]
10/07: Changing Lanes: Well Worth Changing Channels to Watch [4]
September 2010
09/28: Five Points to Ponder: Kyle Keeping Pace, Who's Out Of The Chase, And Denny Saving Face [10]
09/22: Beyond the Cockpit: One-on-One With Denny Hamlin, Primed for Title Push [2]
09/14: It’s Not All About the Top 12: Ten Wild Card Storylines To Watch In NASCAR's Chase [7]
09/02: Grading The Pack, Part III: Drivers Keselowski - Vickers
09/01: Grading The Pack, Part II: Drivers A-Kenseth [2]
August 2010
08/31: Grading the Pack, Part I: The Teams [2]
08/23: Six Ways to Change Up the Chase [15]
08/17: Your 2010 Sprint Cup Champ: Assessing the Runners and Riders [1]
08/10: Proposed 2011 NASCAR Schedule: More A Band-Aid Than "Impactful" [20]
08/03: For Sadler, McMurray Shows There Can Be A Brighter Tomorrow [1]
July 2010
07/20: Channeling My Inner Ricky Bobby: Realizing A NASCAR Dream
07/13: Is It Worth Making the Chase If You’re Just Making Up the Numbers? [3]
07/06: Nine Drivers Who Need a Reset Button... Now [1]
June 2010
06/29: Smoke Busting His Sophomore Slump, Heating Up at Just the Right Time
06/22: Five Points to Ponder: Tasmanian Gift Horses, Another Gordon's Monster Effort, And Corked Wine For JGR [5]
06/14: Who Would Be the Best 2010 Champion for NASCAR? [17]
06/08: Miss Sprint Cup: Not Just A Pretty Face [14]
06/01: Second-Place Finishes Might Lead to Chase Nirvana for Jamie Mac [2]
May 2010
05/25: Is the All-Star Format a Template for NASCAR’s Future? [20]
05/19: Grading The Pack, Part II: Drivers A-Kenseth [2]
05/19: Grading The Pack, Part III: Drivers Keselowski - Vickers [4]
05/18: Grading the Pack, Part I: 2010 NASCAR Awards For The Best Drivers, Ads, And Races [9]
05/11: The Odd Couple: Busch and Hamlin Ready to End HMS Dominance [3]
05/04: Why Richmond Will Always Be A Can't Miss On The NASCAR Circuit [1]
April 2010
04/06: Speed Reads: "The Weekend Starts on Wednesday" NASCAR Gold [1]
March 2010
03/30: Five Points to Ponder: Earnhardt's Error, Biffle Steady, Hamlin Heroics... [3]
03/23: High Time For Kurt Busch To Ruffle Johnson's Feathers [10]
03/16: Five Points To Ponder: The Busch Brothers Focus On Kicking Carl-Brad Off Center Stage [2]
03/09: Five Points To Ponder: Atlanta Payback, Unusual Suspects Up Front, And Jimmie Didn't Win (Shocker) [15]
03/02: Five Points To Ponder: Juggernaut Jimmie, Mediocre Montoya, and "Eh, Not again" Earnhardt [18]
03/02: Don't Rule Out Hamlin Just Yet: Preseason Fave Set for a Rebound [6]
February 2010
02/22: After a Disappointing Season, RCR Contenders Again [3]
02/16: A New NASCAR Season Brings New Commercials...and They're Good! [9]
02/08: Ten Wishes For 2010 -- Some of Which May Actually Come True [6]
November 2009
11/24: Nine Drivers (Who Don’t Race for Hendrick) To Watch In 2010 [11]
11/17: Is Jeff Gordon's Drive For Five Permanently Stalled? [24]
11/10: Can Mark Martin Do The Unthinkable And Prevent The 4-Peat? [13]
11/02: Reasons To Keep Watching NASCAR In 2009 (No Really, There Are…I Think) [25]
October 2009
10/27: What Might Have Been For Hamlin, What Never Was For Mears, And What Will Never Be For Johnson [15]
10/13: Edwards Eyes Next Season After Disappointing Year [6]
September 2009
09/29: Earnhardt, Busch Among Ten Drivers Who Can't Wait for '10 [23]
09/22: Montoya Shows 2010 Championship Credentials in 100th Start [3]
09/18: The Chase Field Hits Manhattan, Hard Rock Café Style [3]
09/08: Harvick, RCR Headed For Happier Future After Great Weekend
09/01: Has This Season Really Been All That Bad? [17]
August 2009
08/25: Two To Go: Five Points To Ponder Ahead Of The Off-Weekend [8]
08/18: Dale Junior in Guatemala: The Kid from Lake Atitlan [12]
08/05: Emotional Win For Hamlin Overshadows Clouds Of NASCAR's Perfect Storm [4]
July 2009
07/14: NASCAR on TNT A Breath of Fresh Air After FOX Hype [8]
June 2009
06/30: Ten of the Best Motorsports Writers You Should Be Reading (Outside Of Frontstretch) [6]
06/23: The Remarkable Rise of Michael Waltrip Racing [6]
06/16: Crucial Weeks Approach for Chase Hopeful Montoya [6]
06/10: Will Hamlin's Supposed "Bad Luck" Derail A Promising Career? [9]
06/02: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day: A Solid Start To Life After Tony Eury for Dale Jr. And Co. [4]
May 2009
05/27: So Near And Yet So Far: The Story Of RCR's Struggles In 2009 [2]
05/21: Grading The 2009 Sprint Cup Pack: Part Two [6]
05/20: Grading The 2009 Sprint Cup Pack: Part One [4]
05/12: This Bud's Not For Kasey: After Killer Start, The Only Way For Kahne To Go Is Up [9]
05/05: Race For The Chase Far From Over For Those On The Outside Looking In [2]
April 2009
04/28: Why I Don't Love Plate Racing Anymore and Up Next: The Best Month of the Season [5]
04/21: 50 Is The New 20 For Mark Martin [6]
04/07: Can Tony Stewart Win A Sprint Cup Title In His First Year As An Owner? [6]
March 2009
03/31: Is Roush Fenway's Slow Start A Case of Short Track-itis ... Or A Sign Of Something Else? [13]
03/24: Taking It To The Next Level: Which of These Ten Drivers Will Win a Sprint Cup Championship? [13]
03/17: Who's #1? Listing The Ten Best NASCAR Tracks In The Cup Series Today [13]
03/03: Catch 21: Thoughts, Questions, and Observations Three Races Into 2009 [9]
February 2009
02/24: The Track Too Tough To Watch: How To Change The Boredom At California With One Simple Fix [31]
02/17: Oh, So Close: Tough Luck For Elliott Sadler, Joe Gibbs Racing, And Fans At The Daytona 500 [5]
02/10: 2009: A Dream Season ... How It Might Happen [6]
02/03: After NASCAR's Worst Winter Ever, Hope Springs Eternal In 2009 [4]
November 2008
11/17: Top 15 Commercials Of The 2008 NASCAR Season [11]
11/11: Looking Ahead: 10 Things To Watch With NASCAR In 2009 [12]
11/04: Lewis Hamilton, 50 Up For The CoT, Banquet Seats, 35th Place And It’s All About The Trophy [2]
October 2008
10/28: Did The NASCAR Genie Pull Through? [4]
10/21: It's Jimmie Johnson's World - We're All Just Living In It [9]
10/14: Sizing Up The Standings : What's Left To Decide In NASCAR's Top Three Series [2]
September 2008
09/30: From Sandstone To Sterling: The Top 10 Trophies In NASCAR [7]
09/23: The Power of Three : Why Kansas, Talladega, and Lowe's Can Make Or Break The Chase [5]
09/16: NASCAR In New York: A Rare Treat [1]
09/12: 28 Down, Seven To Go In NASCAR'S Second Series [1]
09/09: A Chase Dream Broken: Who Just Missed, Who Just Didn't Make It, And Who Busted Up Trying [3]
August 2008
08/26: Grading The Pack Two Thirds Of The Way Through [1]
08/19: Why I Don't Hate The Chase -- And You Shouldn't, Either [15]
08/15: Nuts for Nationwide: 24 Down; 11 To Go In the Second Series
08/12: Ten Plus One Reasons To Still Cheer: Why The Rest Of 2008 Is Still Must See NASCAR [11]
08/01: Nuts for Nationwide : Adios Mexico, Now Only Canada Remains On NASCAR's International Slate
July 2008
07/29: Can The Nice Guy Really Finish First? Assessing Carl Edwards' Chance At A Championship [2]
07/22: Drivers I Never Got To See, But Wish I Had [4]
07/15: 18 Into 12 Just Doesn't Go: Handicapping The 2008 Chase Down To The Wire [2]
07/08: 18 Storylines After 18 Races: The Cup Series At Halfway [5]
07/01: If NASCAR Drivers Were Movie Stars, Who Would Be On The A-List? [7]
June 2008
06/24: Drought Busters: Who's Gone The Longest Without A Trip To Victory Lane? [11]
06/20: Nuts for Nationwide : Pretenders and Contenders for the 2008 Crown
06/17: Is Brian Vickers For Real? [11]
06/10: Baby Steps for Sam Hornish, Jr. ... In More Ways Than One
06/06: Sliced Bread : Yep, I'm A Believer… [1]
06/03: Will The Real GEM Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up... [7]
May 2008
05/27: Sprint Cup Report Cards : Grading the Pack 1/3 Of The Way Through The Season [8]
05/20: Shooting TV Ads With The NASCAR Stars: My Memories Behind The Scenes [8]
05/13: Seven Golden Rules for a Rookie NASCAR Columnist [6]
05/09: Are We Primed For the Closest Nationwide Championship Race In Years? [1]
05/06: They Come In All Shapes And Sizes: Ranking The Types of NASCAR Tracks Across America [11]
05/02: A Talk With Joe Balash On The Nationwide Series' Past, Present, And Future [7]
April 2008
04/29: Why I Love Talladega ... And You Should, Too [6]
04/22: Eight Thoughts After Eight Races [16]
04/18: Should NASCAR Race Outside the US? [9]
04/15: Does The Three-Peat For Johnson Start Here? [2]
04/08: Is It Already Bust Rather Than Chase For Juan Pablo Montoya? [7]
04/04: Nuts for Nationwide : Ten Years Ago Today
04/01: How Much Will Be Enough For Dale Earnhardt, Jr.? [25]
March 2008
03/25: Is Hamlin Suffering A Junior Jinx? [6]
03/18: Kevin Harvick, Your 2008 Sprint Cup Champ? Here's Five Reasons Why It Could Happen [15]
03/14: Nuts For Nationwide : Four down, Thirty-one to go. [1]
03/11: Like It Or Not ... Toyota's Here to Stay [16]
03/03: Managing Expectations ... And Fending Off Disappointment [3]
February 2008
02/28: Nuts For Nationwide : New Sponsor, Same Old Issues [4]
02/28: From Snake Eyes To Box Cars : Sizing Up NASCAR Odds In Vegas [2]
02/18: The Yellow Stripe: The Perfect Day [5]
02/14: Nuts For Nationwide : 2008 Series Preview, Part II
02/12: Ten Wishes For NASCAR Heading Into 2008 [5]
02/07: Nuts For Nationwide : 2008 Series Preview, Part I
02/05: The Most Unlikely NASCAR Fan Ever [7]