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Doug Turnbull

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Doug has been writing for Frontstretch.com, since April, contributing a weekly NASCAR TV column, as well as filling-in for columnists on other pieces. Doug also writes weekly for MotorSportsNews.net, monthly for Motorsport America and Pole Position Magazine, and on occasion for Cox Newspapers’ NASCAR Insider.

Doug’s day job is working at News/Talk 750 WSB in Atlanta as a traffic reporter and producer. He also contributes weekly, on-air, and produces the weekly NASCAR show the Bellamy Strickland 120, every Saturday from 2-4 p.m. on WSB and wsbradio.com. He has been with WSB since late 2004.

Doug recently graduated from Georgia State University, with a degree in political science and a minor in journalism.

Doug is married to his beautiful bride Sarah and they both attend Dunwoody Baptist Church and live in NE Atlanta.

When You Can See Doug’s Frontstretch Columns:*
Talking NASCAR TV: Tuesdays (Website)

Past articles by Doug Turnbull

March 2011
03/23: Did You Notice? ... Bayne’s Own Rookie Existence, The Dividing Line, And A House Of Cards? [5]
November 2010
11/22: The Cool-Down Lap: How Should NASCAR Nation Feel About Five Straight? [29]
11/17: Top Ten Ways Denny Hamlin Can Ensure He Wins The Championship [1]
11/09: The Kyle Conundrum: Sunday Meltdown Latest Fault of His Fire [38]
11/03: Top 10 NASCAR Political Donations
11/01: The Cool-Down Lap: Is Clint Bowyer The Next Jamie McMurray? [3]
October 2010
10/26: Two Jeffs, Two Long Winless Droughts, and One Big Reason Why [10]
10/20: Top 10 Reasons Kasey Kahne Left the Track Early on Saturday Night [2]
10/13: Top 10 Unconventional Brian France Flag Calls [3]
10/06: Top 10 Entitlements for Chase Drivers
10/04: The Cool-Down Lap: David Slays Goliath - Kyle Busch's Double Standard Proves Faulty [34]
September 2010
09/27: The Cool-Down Lap: 'Dinger Does Dover - What His Good Run Means [6]
09/22: Top 10 Start-and-Park Explanations
09/20: The Cool-Down Lap: Does Big Mo Mean Big Things For Bowyer?
09/13: The Cool-Down Lap: Junior, No. 88 Team Have Fight Club Moment at Richmond [23]
09/09: Beyond the Cockpit: Diversity Pioneer Lyn St. James [1]
09/08: Top 10 Reasons Dale Jr. Didn't Make The Chase [6]
09/06: Great Racing, Bad Crowd? The Curious Case Of AMS - Where To Go From Here [14]
August 2010
08/30: The Cool-Down Lap: The Domino Effect If Unhappy Harvick Had Gotten His Way [4]
08/24: Top 10 Things Not to Yell on a Racetrack PA System
08/23: The Cool-Down Lap: Bristol--A Picture of Parity in NASCAR [4]
08/18: Beyond the Cockpit: Newman Speaks Out On Logano Feud, Chase Chances [7]
08/16: Logano Takes Wrong Approach With Newman in Latest Clash [19]
08/11: Top 10 Ways Marcos Ambrose Can Screw Himself Out of Ever Getting a Cup Win [1]
08/10: Talking NASCAR TV: ESPN Cup Coverage at Watkins Glen Wins [3]
July 2010
07/26: The Cool-Down Lap: Happiness And Heartbreak All In One For Chip Ganassi [7]
07/19: Dale Junior and LeBron James: Big Decisions Equal Big Results? [2]
07/14: Top 10 Lessons Taught at the "Juan Pablo Montoya Driving School" [4]
07/12: Score One For The Underdogs: Breath Of Fresh Air Sorely Needed In NASCAR [7]
07/05: NASCAR Beginning to Throw Cautions the Correct Way
June 2010
06/30: Top 10 Candidates to Become Matt Kenseth's Next Crew Chief
06/21: More Than Numbers: Putting Raymond Parks' NASCAR Impact In Perspective [3]
06/16: Top 10 "Pieces of Debris" That Caused The Last Caution at Michigan [6]
06/14: Drivers As Leaders? Not If You Listen to Team Radios [9]
06/07: Young Logano Sends Loud Statement to Points Leader Harvick [35]
06/02: Top 10 Things DW Plans to Do Now That FOX's NASCAR Coverage is Over For 2010 [4]
May 2010
05/31: How Penske Pulled The Block On Ganassi's Historic Double [6]
05/24: Busch-Hamlin Teammate Tussle Won't Derail Either's Title Hopes [3]
05/19: Top 10 Reasons Old Spice Parted Ways With Tony Stewart [1]
05/17: Nine Lives Mears Runs Respectably in Vickers' Absence [1]
05/10: Time for Tony Stewart and No. 14 Team to Step Up Their Game [1]
05/05: Top 10 Reasons Terry Cook Left the No. 46 Team [1]
05/03: RIR and 'Dega Polar Opposites: But Different Styles Still Equal Great Races [2]
April 2010
04/27: Beyond the Cockpit: Reed Sorenson's Recent Resurgence Could Lead To Cup [1]
04/26: 88 is the Magic Number in Talladega... and Junior Didn't Even Win [4]
04/21: Top 10 Least Likely Sponsors for Kasey Kahne in 2011 [1]
04/18: Richard Petty Should Step Away From NASCAR and Protect his Legacy [13]
04/11: Will Jimmie Johnson's Main Rival Please Stand Up? 'Cause I Don't See One
04/07: Top 10 Rejected Acts from SPEED's "Fast Track to Fame" [1]
04/05: NASCAR Retro Paint Schemes We Need to See [7]
March 2010
03/29: New School NASCAR Non-stalgia Eroding Sport’s Fan Base [11]
03/21: The Cool-Down Lap: A Johnson Win We Finally Can Stomach? [7]
03/15: The Cool-Down Lap: Harvick's Success Has Come In Unorthodox Ways
03/10: Beyond the Cockpit: Rick Crawford On Memories, Sponsorship, And More
03/10: Top 10 Other Ways Carl Edwards Could Have Retaliated Against Brad Keselowski [2]
03/09: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Atlanta Edition
03/06: Keyed Up Motorsports And Mears Face Uphill Climb In Cup Ranks [1]
03/03: Beyond The Cockpit: Kurt Busch Breaks Down Kyle, Penske, And The CoT
03/01: McMurray's Honeymoon Ends... Rocky Marriage to Follow? [6]
February 2010
02/23: Top 10 Reasons Auto Club Speedway Should Keep Its Two Race Dates [2]
02/22: Quality Racing at Auto Club Speedway May Not Be Such a Good Thing [8]
02/15: Still Many Reasons To Have A "Hole" Lot Of Enthusiasm For '10 [9]
02/10: Top 10 Things To Look Forward To In Danica Patrick's NASCAR Debut [7]
02/08: Who's Hot/Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Budweiser Shootout Edition [3]
02/08: Restrictor Plate Demons Hamper Martin, Hamlin's Title Hopes
02/01: Changing Rules Still Mean Same Ol' Racing In 2010 [4]
November 2009
11/17: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Chase Race #9 Edition [1]
11/10: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Chase Race #8 Edition [3]
11/02: Who's Hot/Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Chase Race #7 [3]
October 2009
10/27: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Chase Race #6 Edition
10/20: Who's Hot / Who's Not In Sprint Cup: Chase Race #5 Edition [3]
10/12: Five Points to Ponder: Pepsi 500 Edition [5]
10/06: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Chase Race #3 Edition [3]
September 2009
09/29: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Chase Race #2 Edition [2]
09/22: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Sylvania 300 Edition [3]
09/15: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Chase Elimination Edition [1]
09/08: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Atlanta Labor Day Edition
August 2009
08/26: Top Ten Things Going Through Chase Austin's Head When He Wrecked Kyle Busch [6]
08/25: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Bristol II Edition [1]
08/18: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Michigan (2) Edition [8]
08/12: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Watkins Glen Edition [3]
08/04: Who's Hot/Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Pennsylania 500 Edition [5]
July 2009
07/14: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Chicagoland Edition [7]
07/07: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Daytona Summer Speedweeks Edition [9]
June 2009
06/30: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: New Hampshire Edition [1]
06/24: Petty and Earnhardt (Possibly) to Toyota? The Times They Are-a-Changin' [4]
06/23: Who's Hot/Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Infineon Edition [4]
06/16: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Michigan Edition [8]
06/09: Who's Hot/Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Pocono Edition [4]
06/02: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Dover Edition [3]
May 2009
05/28: Who's Hot / Who's Not In Sprint Cup Heading To Dover [1]
05/19: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: All-Star Edition [3]
05/12: Who's Hot / Who's Hot in Sprint Cup: Darlington Edition [2]
05/05: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Richmond Edition
April 2009
04/28: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Talladega Edition [3]
04/21: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Phoenix Edition [4]
04/21: Beyond the Cockpit: Scott Lagasse, Jr.
04/14: Who's Hot / Who's Not In NASCAR's Other Top Series [1]
04/07: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Texas Motor Speedway Edition [4]
March 2009
03/31: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Martinsville Speedway Edition [3]
03/24: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Bristol Motor Speedway Edition [1]
03/10: Beyond The Cockpit: David Ragan Talks UPS, Getting Aggressive, And Roush's Future
03/10: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Atlanta Motor Speedway Edition [1]
03/07: Did You Notice? Quick Hits From The Atlanta Motor Speedway Garage [2]
03/03: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Las Vegas Edition [3]
February 2009
02/24: Beyond The Cockpit: Joey Logano On Patience, Pressure, And ... His Personal Car?
02/24: Who's Hot / Who's Not in Sprint Cup: Auto Club Speedway Edition [4]
02/17: Who's Hot / Who's Not In Sprint Cup: Daytona 500 Edition [2]
02/10: Who's Hot / Who's Not: Budweiser Shootout Edition
November 2008
11/17: Talking NASCAR TV: NASCAR on ESPN Finale in the Books...the Grading Begins [4]
11/11: Talking NASCAR TV: ESPN on ABC... Sort Of? Why The Plug Was Pulled On A Playoff Race [12]
11/04: Talking NASCAR TV: ESPN Pit Reporters Bring Their A-Game To Texas [2]
October 2008
10/28: Talking NASCAR TV: ESPN Atlanta Coverage An Improvement Over Past Weeks [3]
10/27: Drivers Take Turns at Trying to Solve Rained Out Qualifying [7]
10/21: Talking NASCAR TV: Mistakes Mar ESPN's Middling Martinsville Coverage [3]
10/16: Beyond The Cockpit : Matt Kenseth On A Lost Chase, Free Agency, And The CoT [4]
10/14: Talking NASCAR TV: ESPN Finally Points The Camera Lens Beyond The Chasers
10/07: Talking NASCAR TV: ESPN Not Detail Oriented In 'Dega [4]
September 2008
09/30: Talking NASCAR TV: The Chase Gets Chased Off The Air On Non-NASCAR ESPN Shows [6]
09/23: Talking NASCAR TV: ESPN Conquers Monster Mile, But Leaves Room For Improvement [1]
09/16: Talking NASCAR TV: Classic ESPN Speed World Links Past Success, Failure With Present Coverage [3]
09/09: Talking NASCAR TV: Dramatic Richmond Race Had ESPN Covering All Sides [3]
09/08: And Then There Were 12: Richmond Unkind to Ragan and Kahne [6]
09/02: Talking NASCAR TV : ESPN Is The Mark of Inconsistency For Sunday’s California Race [6]
09/01: Win Just More Proof That Johnson and Knaus Are the Definition of "Clutch" [2]
August 2008
08/26: Talking NASCAR TV : ESPN Shines Under The Bristol Lights [1]
08/19: Talking NASCAR TV: SPEED's TWIN Needs To Double Coverage Of Other Series [3]
08/12: Talking NASCAR TV: Punch, Pit Road, And Post-Race Are Where ESPN Needs To Improve [10]
July 2008
07/29: Talking NASCAR TV: Terrible Tires Overshadow ESPN's 2008 Debut [5]
07/24: Doug Turnbull Mouths Off : Brickyard Is Big, But Daytona Still Reigns Supreme [6]
07/22: Talking NASCAR TV: ESPN Needs To Learn From Mistakes To Improve 2008 NASCAR Coverage [5]
07/16: Journeyman Riggs Long Forgotten In Stewart Shuffle [2]
07/15: Talking NASCAR TV: SPEED's Stewart Announcement Debacle Overshadows TNT Season Finale [3]
07/14: Sprint Cup Rookie Report: Rough Ride For NASCAR Freshmen At Chicagoland [1]
07/08: Talking NASCAR TV: TNT's Wide Open Coverage Has Some Gaps [12]
07/08: Who's Hot / Who's Not In Sprint Cup: Coke Zero 400 at Daytona Edition [4]
07/01: Talking NASCAR TV: SPEED Satellite Failure Not The Only Weekend Problem Over The Airwaves [2]
June 2008
06/24: Talking NASCAR TV: Noticeable Glitches Undermine Solid TNT Effort At Sonoma [7]
06/23: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Infineon Edition [23]
06/17: Talking NASCAR TV: TNT Not The Only Network To Step It Up A Notch This Week [6]
06/12: Matt McLaughlin Mouths Off : Today's Drivers Don't Hold A Candle To Old School Toughness [17]
06/10: Talking NASCAR TV: TNT return is dyn-o-mite! [22]
06/03: Talking NASCAR TV: FOX Finale Adds Some Spice To Snoozer At Dover [4]
May 2008
05/13: FOX Wines And Dines The Lady In Black To A Second Straight Saturday Night Success
05/06: Richmond Race Coverage Conveys Short Track Drama Well
April 2008
04/29: Unrestricted Thoughts On Restrictor Plate Coverage From FOX And ESPN [2]
04/22: Critiquing NASCAR TV: Who's Turned Things Around In 2008 ... And Who Hasn't