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Cheryl Walker

Cheryl Walker's son, Joshua, got their whole family hooked on stock car racing just by happening upon a televised race one dreary Sunday afternoon. As a teenager growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania, Cheryl clearly remembers dating a guy that was absolutely crushed that she didn't follow NASCAR. At that time, she could not understand his fascination.

Now that she's been “bitten,” she devotes a lot of her time to all things racing-related.

Cheryl and her son, Joshua, have been writing articles about NASCAR, as well as Tourette Syndrome and related-disabilities awareness, since February of 2001. Cheryl’s time at FS may have come to an end in 2005, but she is still an active writer, posting her material on her website cawsnjaws.com.

She is thrilled to be able to combine their obsession with racing with their passion for educating people about disorders that affect them and their family personally.

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