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Jeff Meyer

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Jeff was born in Glendale, CA. the day after Junior Johnson recorded his 39th career NASCAR win. Growing up primarily in the great state of Nebraska, he currently resides in a small rural community near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Jeff has two daughters; Erin, born just four days before Rusty Wallace recorded his 4th Cup win, and Leah, who entered the world four days after Kyle Petty’s 3rd career Cup victory.

Jeff came to The Frontstretch from the now defunct Finish Line Bar and Grill in Van Horne, Iowa where he and a number of locals used to gather each week to watch NASCAR and consume cold beverages. During one of these weekly gatherings, it was rather impolitely suggested that, if he knew so damn much, why didn’t he become some hot-shot NASCAR writer? After a quick internet search yielded the valuable information that Frontstretch.com needed writers, Jeff’s weekly column, Voices From the Heartland, was born and we have been unable to get rid of him ever since.

Jeff’s hobbies include NASCAR, bowling, hunting, fishing, shooting, poker and outrunning local deputies on his bicycle. In the past, any fan that emailed Jeff with the correct dates (and names of the races) mentioned in this bio, received a autographed, used beverage coaster from the Finish Line Bar and Grill, however, since that bar is no longer open, a NASCAR coaster from his weekly poker game will have to suffice (the coaster will be thoroughly dried out before shipping).

If you’d like to challenge Jeff to a little Texas Hold Em, most weekday nights (except Wednesday) he can be found on Pokerstars.com using the nickname SKOOL (on the play money tables of course!)

When You Can See Jeff’s Frontstretch Columns:
Top Ten: Wednesdays (Website)
Voices From the Heartland : Thursdays (Website)

Past articles by Jeff Meyer

April 2014
04/15: Voices from the Cheap Seats: NOTeworthy News [8]
04/08: Voices From The Cheap Seats: The Tale Of Two Tires [4]
04/01: Voices From The Cheap Seats: BSNews! A New NASCAR CEO On The Rise? [6]
March 2014
03/24: Voices From The Cheap Seats: How To Mix Predictable And Incredible All At Once [13]
03/11: Voices From The Cheap Seats: NASCAR's Flirtation With Russian Roulette [13]
03/04: The Difference In NASCAR Between Oblivious And Relentless [12]
February 2014
02/25: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Daytona Just A Faster Version Of Rush Hour [9]
02/18: Voices from the Cheap Seats: To Three Or Not To Three [6]
November 2013
11/22: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Writing on the Wall Predicts the End [5]
11/15: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Bayne’s Diagnosis No Surprise [4]
11/08: Voices From The Cheap Seats: NASCAR, Don't Be "That Guy" [8]
11/01: Voices From The Cheap Seats: 'Tis The Holiday Season In NASCAR [4]
October 2013
10/24: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Silly Twits Monitoring Silly Tweets [13]
10/18: BSNews! No More Negative NASCAR Stories Allowed [9]
10/11: Voices From The Cheap Seats: "Francespeak" Found To Be Highly Contagious! [6]
10/04: BSNews: New NASCAR Movie Plot Unveiled! [1]
September 2013
09/27: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Another NASCAR Movie? [11]
09/20: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Not A Participant Anymore! [7]
09/13: Voices From The (Empty?) Seats: What Did You Think Would Happen? [21]
August 2013
08/30: Lower Attendance Leads To Better Experience At Bristol [4]
08/16: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Unfortunately, Humpy Is No France [9]
08/09: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Is Karma Biting Tony Stewart? [11]
08/02: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Prepare For NASCAR To Get Expensive [13]
July 2013
07/26: A Realist's View On NASCAR's Return To Dirt [13]
07/18: Voices From the Cheap Seats: A Move Towards The "Kit Car" [4]
07/12: Voices From the Cheap Seats: ISC/NASCAR Setting the Stage For Price Hikes [10]
07/05: Fans And Media Need To Remember Occam’s Razor [8]
June 2013
06/28: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Things That Please Me, Some Not And Others, Well… [7]
06/21: Voices From the (Expensive?) Seats: BSNews! France Explains DIS Improvements [7]
06/13: Voices From the Cheap Seats: NASCAR Officials to Be Replaced by Cops? [7]
06/07: Voices From The Cheap Seats: If They Can Keep At It, So Can I [13]
May 2013
05/31: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Stewart’s Excuses And Brian Francisms! [5]
05/24: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Discussing The Need For "Diversity" [6]
05/17: Voices From the Cheap Seats: It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother NASCAR! [5]
05/09: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Gibbs Redemption Shows NASCAR is Out of Touch [15]
April 2013
04/26: BSNews! Official NASCAR Rule Book Finally Revealed! [1]
04/19: Voices From the Cheap Seats: A Bad Day In A NASCAR World [3]
04/11: NASCAR A Winner At Shrinking Its "Carbon Footprint" [3]
04/05: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Off Week Thoughts On... Proper Pot Pies?
March 2013
03/29: Voices From the Cheap Seats: A Waltrip Makes Sense While France… Not So Much [17]
03/22: Voices From the Cheap Seats: BSNews? No, Unfortunately It’s Real [2]
03/15: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Dropping Appeal And Getting Paid What You’re Worth [17]
03/08: Voices From The Cheap Seats: NASCAR Told To Kiss Hamlin’s Posterior [27]
03/01: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Fans That Sue Are No Fans At All! [13]
February 2013
02/23: Voices From The Cheap Seats: Reality Of The Risk [1]
02/21: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Sex, Lies and Video Tape in NASCAR [2]
02/15: Voices From the Cheap Seats: NASCAR Thoughts Of Optimism and Pessimism [3]
November 2012
11/16: Voices from the Cheapseats: Finer Points to Bring Back Fans [8]
11/12: Fixing NASCAR's Product Is Simple, Yet Impossible [8]
11/07: Top Ten Things That ALSO Dropped Out Of the Sky at Texas
11/02: Voices from the Cheapseats: Dodge Needs to Put Up or Shut Up [5]
October 2012
10/25: BSNews! Allstate and Progressive Explore 2013 Sponsorship For Danica [5]
10/24: Top Ten Tests Dale Jr. Had To Pass To Be Cleared To Drive Again [7]
10/19: NASCAR Capitulates! “No Brainer” Seen As “Good Idea”! [7]
10/11: Voices from the Cheapseats: Repercussions of a Jr. Concussion [12]
10/10: Top Ten Things Funnier Than Tony Stewart Being a "Finely Tuned Athlete" [3]
10/05: The Psychology of Picking Your Favorite Driver (and MORE!) [11]
September 2012
09/27: Champions Don’t Need to be Told to “Fall in Love” [1]
09/26: Top Ten Things Darian Grubb Was Hiding On His Computer Screen
09/20: Voices from the Cheapseats: Allmendinger Sets Record Pace! [6]
09/16: BSNews!: Brian France Vows to Bring Peace to Mideast Via NASCAR [1]
09/12: Top Ten Things Slightly More Useless Than The Chase…According to the Fans! [8]
09/07: Voices From the Cheapseats: It’s On the Internet So It Must Be True [5]
August 2012
08/31: Voices From The Cheapseats: Fans Prove Bruton Smith Wrong [5]
08/29: Top Ten Things Tony Stewart Really Wanted to Throw at Matt Kenseth [7]
08/17: You Can’t Play the ‘Blame Game’ When It Comes to Lightning [11]
08/15: Top Ten Ways NASCAR CEO Brian France (et al) Plan to Add ‘NASCAR Flavor’ at Mitt Romney’s Fundraiser [1]
08/02: Masters of Spin It Again
July 2012
07/27: Do You Think of NASCAR and Integrity In the Same Sentence? [18]
07/19: Making Sense of Brian France and Urine Tests [13]
June 2012
06/28: BSNews! Phoenix Racing Welcomes Matt Kenseth [5]
06/27: Top Ten Sponsors Currently Courting Kurt Busch and Phoenix Racing [3]
06/21: With Bristol, Perhaps There Is Room For Compromise [2]
06/14: Voices From the Cheapseats: Has NASCAR Really Changed Your Life? [7]
06/08: Tony Stewart Could Also Learn To Shut Up [28]
May 2012
05/31: BSNews! NASCAR Defrocks Hall of Famer Wallace [5]
05/30: Top Ten Things The Gasman Said To Jimmie Johnson During The Last Pit Stop
05/24: Bristol Motor Speedway Earns Some Redemption For One NASCAR Fan [4]
05/18: NASCAR Missing a Golden Marketing Opportunity [8]
05/16: Top Ten Excuses Kurt Busch Might Give For His Latest Antics
05/11: BSNews! Bits and Pieces of BSNews From the Mayfield's Yard [4]
05/02: Top Ten Reasons Jeremy Mayfield Has Given Up On His Lawsuit Against NASCAR [2]
April 2012
04/26: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Is NASCAR Slapping Your (Pale) Face? [7]
04/20: Voices From the Cheap Seats: “Al Gore Effect” Grips NASCAR [5]
04/18: Top Ten Things To Be Said For The Race At Texas [5]
04/13: Whaddahyado When You’re Losing the Faith? On NASCAR Overload [12]
04/05: BSNews! Bruton’s Plans Extend Beyond Bristol’s Track [6]
04/04: Top Ten Plans NASCAR Had For The World's Largest Lottery Jackpot [2]
March 2012
03/22: Looks Like David Poole Gets the Last Laugh! [15]
03/21: Top Ten Things NASCAR’s Chief Appellate Officer Ruled On Tuesday [4]
03/08: Of NASCAR Twits and ‘Non-traditional' Tweets [3]
03/07: Top Ten Reasons Elliott Sadler Cannot Race a Toyota For MWR [3]
03/02: Penske to Ford? Whoopidy Dodgety Doo! [8]
February 2012
02/23: The Times, They Are A-Changing [6]
02/22: Top 10 Wishes For the 2012 NASCAR Season [2]
November 2011
11/23: Top Ten Things To Look Forward To When NASCAR Celebrates in Las Vegas [1]
11/18: Of Dreams and Nightmares, A Chase Clinch Scenario [6]
11/04: Voices From the Heartland; BSNews! Martinsville to be reconfigured [13]
11/02: Top Ten Things Brian Vickers DIDN’T Run Into at Martinsville [3]
October 2011
10/28: Voices From the Heartland; Ford Dictum Makes a Mockery of NASCAR and Racing [17]
10/20: Voices From the Heartland: ‘Open Letter’ Based on Emotion Not Reality [10]
10/13: Voices From the Heartland: Leader Has Spoken. Product Doing Well! [8]
10/06: Voices From the Heartland: BSNews; NASCAR Explains Empty Seats at Kansas [5]
10/05: Top Ten Possible Sponsors for RWI and Steven Wallace in 2012 [1]
September 2011
09/29: Voices From the Heartland: Back to Basics; What NASCAR Is Really About [2]
09/22: Voices From the Heartland: Sanctioning Body Totally Clueless...Again [10]
09/21: Top Ten "Yeah, Right! Whatever You Say" Statements [3]
09/19: Umm... What Did You Think Was Going To Happen? [11]
09/08: Top Ten NASCAR Excuses For Declining An Invitation From President Obama
09/05: Voices From the Heartland: One Big Disappointment Sponsors Another [9]
August 2011
08/24: "Professional Drivers" vs. The Rest of Us [7]
08/24: Top Ten NASCAR Causes of Tuesday’s Earthquake [6]
08/18: A Perfect Antidote For Danica-Mania [7]
08/11: BSNews! Carl Strikes Back, The Colombian Connection & Harvick Dumps A... [3]
08/04: The Writing on the Wall At Nashville... And the Art of Writing Pure BS [5]
July 2011
07/28: Fear And Loathing In Nashville, Tennessee [5]
07/27: Top Ten Events Likely To Draw a Bigger Crowd Than Stock Cars at Indy [2]
07/21: Sometimes, The Media Doesn’t Have A Clue [11]
07/14: NASCAR Ignores Dale Jr. and Series Sponsor’s Advice [8]
07/13: Top Ten Things SMI and Bruton Smith Are Offering Disgruntled Fans [1]
June 2011
06/29: Top Ten Reasons This List is NOT About Juan Pablo’s Rough Driving At Infineon [3]
06/16: BSNews: Brian France Meets With Driver’s Parents [8]
06/15: Top Ten Things Juablo Threatened if NASCAR Didn’t Fine Ryan Newman for Punching Him [7]
06/01: Top Ten Other Things Kimi Raikkonen Plans to Do In the States
May 2011
05/26: One-Line NASCAR Zingers From A Busy News Week [2]
05/19: BSNews! Al Gore And ESPN Team With France To Save NASCAR [3]
05/18: Top Ten Ways Recycling Your Cell Phone Can Help Sprint
05/12: Jimmie Johnson Named "Most Influential Athlete" In One Company's Eyes Only [12]
05/11: Top Ten Things Discussed in the NASCAR Hauler With Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick [1]
05/05: NASCAR Now Accidentally Tells The Truth [8]
April 2011
04/28: NASCAR’s Fan Council Canceled by Fan [5]
04/21: Calling It Like I See It: Contrived NASCAR Controversy [12]
04/20: Top Ten Reasons the FANS Think Dale Jr. Is Running So Well This Year [8]
04/14: Nearly Four Years Later, Judge Holds NASCAR Solely Responsible For Air Disaster [2]
04/07: In Some Cases, The Apple Does Roll Far From the Tree [14]
04/06: Top Ten Reasons Why Kyle Busch Has Been So Calm About Losing Lately [9]
March 2011
03/31: "Yurnings" of ISC and NASCAR Denied [1]
03/24: Toasting NASCAR Leadership: Cheap Tickets, Good Seats Now Everywhere [7]
03/23: Top Ten Reasons Fans Failed To Show Up At Bristol Sunday [5]
03/20: Voices from the Heartland: Women Should Have Their Own Series [1]
03/10: Former Diversity Driver Wants "NASCAR Cash" One Way Or Another [4]
03/09: Top Ten Things That Caused the Robby Gordon/Kevin Conway Fracas [6]
03/03: 2011 Shaping Up To Be Real "Feel Good" Season [2]
February 2011
02/23: Voices From the Heartland: Now That We Got THAT Over With… [7]
02/23: Top Ten Ways Trevor Bayne’s Life Will Change This Week
02/17: BSNews!: Possible Sanctions for Junior After Practice Crash [10]
02/10: Getting the "Cheerleading" Out of My Journalistic System [2]
02/09: Top Ten Things Brian France Has Decided to Make Simpler For All To Understand [10]
November 2010
11/24: Top Ten Things To Ponder When You Can’t Sleep During The Offseason [2]
11/18: Be Prepared, The Real Hype Starts AFTER Homestead [9]
11/11: NASCAR's "Stupidity" Over Middle Finger Is Actually The Right Call [7]
11/10: Top Ten Ways the AAA Texas 500 Could Have Been Even Better [3]
11/06: Voices From the Heartland: BSNews! Real NASCAR News Only Slightly Altered [6]
October 2010
10/28: Voices From the Heartland: NASCAR and Automakers Still Beating a Dead Horse [5]
10/27: Top Ten Christmas Gift Exchanges Amongst NASCAR Personalities for 2010 [1]
10/20: Voices From the Heartland: Brian France’s Denial Appears Contagious! [23]
10/07: When Joking About NASCAR Stupidity Becomes Reality [19]
September 2010
09/30: BSNews! NASCAR CEO Given "Special" Award Amidst Lavish Fanfare [13]
09/29: Top Ten Things Kevin Harvick Doesn’t Want to Have a Pissing Contest Against [4]
09/23: Fan Coun-ci-What? Just What Is It That NASCAR Wants To Study? [31]
09/16: Making A Mockery Of How The Chase Makes A Mockery Of Racing [12]
09/15: Top Ten Reasons People With No Sense of Humor Write In And Complain About These Lists [11]
09/02: How NASCAR's "Mouthpieces" Miss the Point ... And They're Not The Only Ones [11]
09/01: Top Ten (Plus Five) Reasons Wal-Mart Will Not Be Sponsoring Jeff Gordon [8]
August 2010
08/25: Voices From the Heartland: Look Around People, the Bubble Has Burst! [2]
08/19: As A Sponsor, Respect For ExtenZe Grows Bigger [5]
08/18: Top Ten Reasons ExtenZe Decided to Leave Front Row Motorsports [3]
08/12: Too Much Time On Someone’s Hands [12]
08/05: BSNews! NASCAR Announces Airbags Coming Soon [4]
08/04: Top Ten Good Things To Come Out Of The Jack Roush Plane Crash [2]
July 2010
07/29: Gateway Melee Overshadows Great Driving By NASCAR Up-And-Comer [3]
07/28: Top Ten Comments NASCAR Drivers Could Be Fined For [6]
07/22: NASCAR Approves of Edwards’ Actions While Placating Whiny Fans [45]
07/21: Top Ten Things, Besides Attempted Murder, Carl Edwards Has Been Accused Of [9]
07/15: Voices From the Heartland: Heartland Friends Ride Together Again [1]
07/01: Have At It, Boys: NASCAR's "Powder Puff" Fans Need to Find Something Else To Do [19]
June 2010
06/29: "Restart Circus" is the Drivers' Fault... Not NASCAR’s [14]
06/23: Top Ten Reasons Marcos Ambrose Pulled Over and Stopped at Sonoma [2]
06/21: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin’ Out Loud: Sonoma Race Recap [33]
06/17: It’s Decision Time For NASCAR: Sport Or Show? [33]
06/10: NASCAR Conspiracy Theory: Are the Helicopters Really Black? [4]
06/09: Top Ten Reasons Kasey Kahne Never Talks To A.J. Allmendinger [2]
06/02: Voices From the Heartland: I'll Take "New" Busch Over "Old" Anyday [7]
May 2010
05/26: Top Ten Tweaks NASCAR Is Considering For The Next All-Star Race [3]
05/20: Voices Returns: The Pros and Cons of NASCAR’s Furious Backpedaling [14]
05/12: Top Ten Exhibits You Won't See In The New NASCAR Hall of Fame [2]
April 2010
04/28: Top Ten Things Jeff Gordon Plans to Do or Say to Jimmie Johnson [3]
04/14: Top Ten Reasons An Obama/NASCAR Campaign Against Driving And Texting Shouldn't Happen [2]
March 2010
03/31: Top Ten Rehabilitation Orders Doctors Gave Denny Hamlin After Knee Surgery [1]
03/17: Top Ten Reasons Kurt Busch Struggled In His NHRA Debut [2]
03/03: Top Ten Signs NASCAR Has Employed Bill Weber the Magician [1]
February 2010
02/18: Grabbing A Little Part Of The Dream [4]
02/11: "Jesus Takes the Wheel" During Last Week's ARCA Race! [6]
02/04: Who Stands To Gain From NASCAR Cutting Purses? [2]
02/03: Top Ten Reasons Kevin Conway Isn't Running The Extenze Car At Daytona [2]
November 2009
11/25: Top Ten Things I Want To Say About The 2009 NASCAR Season [27]
11/19: NASCAR Scheduled To Throw Eight Cautions At Homestead [13]
11/18: Top Ten Reasons Jimmie Johnson Might Not Win The Chase, Redux [2]
11/12: Even The "Rosetta Stone" Couldn’t Help You Understand Brian France! [19]
11/05: One Day After Talladega, NASCAR Announces Awards For "Listening To the Fans" [13]
11/04: Top Ten Things Fans Decided To Do After 20 Laps At Talladega [10]
October 2009
10/29: BSNews: NASCAR To File Suit Over "Spin 'N' Crash" Raceway [10]
10/28: Top Ten Things Bob Griese Could Have Said That Would Have Actually Been An Insult [1]
10/22: If Only the Tony Stewart / Burger King Test Was a NASCAR Mandate [4]
10/21: Top Ten Questions Burger King Failed to Ask Tony Stewart During His Lie Detector Test [3]
10/15: You May Be A NASCAR Fan If… [8]
10/14: Top Ten NASCAR Hall of Fame Nominees That Just Missed The Cut [5]
10/08: Judging NASCAR's ISC: The Titanic Looked Pretty Majestic, Too, Even While Sinking! [17]
10/07: Top Ten Reasons NASCAR Gave a Warning To Brad Keselowski [10]
10/01: NASCAR Sponsors Shunning Women? What The Price of Higher Education Gets You Nowadays [9]
September 2009
09/30: Top Ten Things Going Through Joey Logano's Mind As He Crashed Spectacularly [6]
09/24: Voices From the Heartland: NASCAR Deems That Allmendinger is 'Expendable' [10]
09/23: Top Ten Reasons Mark Martin Signed With Hendrick and GoDaddy.com through 2011 [3]
09/22: Beyond The Cockpit: Austin Dillon On Racing With Grandpa Richard
09/17: What If The Emphasis Really WAS On Winning? [16]
09/16: Top Ten Punishments NASCAR Considered For Matt Crafton After the Race at Gateway [4]
09/10: A Funny Thing Happened At The Track Last Saturday… [7]
09/09: Top Ten Things That Will Happen If Kyle Busch Doesn't Make The Chase [8]
09/04: Voices From the Heartland: Looking Back at How Fun NASCAR Was Not That Long Ago; Part 2 [7]
09/03: Looking Back at How Fun NASCAR Was Not That Long Ago: Part 1 [7]
09/02: Top Ten Things We’ve Learned From Racing in the Rain at Montreal [2]
August 2009
08/27: No Need to Switch to Fuel Injection [15]
08/20: Turn Your Head and CotH? [3]
08/19: Top Ten Reasons Barack Obama Is Bringing NASCAR To The White House Today [17]
08/13: While I May Have Sympathy For Jason Myers, If I Were the Judge… [3]
08/13: Top Ten Ways Roger Penske May Benefit by Having David Stremme As a Driver [3]
08/06: Veto The Bill To Change the Rules [13]
08/05: Top Ten Sponsors That May Be Willing To Give Jeremy Mayfield A Shot If He Ever Races Again [4]
08/03: Beyond the Cockpit: Kelly Bires [1]
July 2009
07/30: NASCAR "Credibility" Not Really an Issue [13]
07/29: Top Ten Reasons Juan Pablo Montoya Was Speeding On Pit Road [4]
07/23: BSNews: NASCAR "Official" Bilked In Ponzai Scam (And Other Stuff!) [2]
07/16: Side-By-Side With Carl Edwards As He Rides For A Special Cause [2]
07/09: While Not Required, Sportsmanship Is Still The RIGHT Thing to Do [16]
07/08: Top Ten Similarities Between Brian France & NASCAR and Michael Jackson & Neverland Ranch [15]
07/02: Voices From the Heartland: Bad Economy Or Bad Decisions? [9]
07/01: Top Ten Reasons New Hampshire Was the Only Race This Year To See a Ratings Increase [5]
June 2009
06/25: Voices From the Heartland: Win On Sunday…Sell Out On Monday? [13]
06/24: Top Ten Surprises To Come From Infineon
06/18: BSNews! NASCAR Releases List! Random Morality Testing To Begin Immediately [14]
06/17: Top Ten Reasons More Foreign Manufacturers Should Be In NASCAR [8]
06/11: Despite Claims and Regardless of Guilt, NASCAR’s Drug Policy Fails [17]
06/04: Voices From the Heartland: Studies Have Shown, NASCAR Is ‘Full Of It’ [16]
May 2009
05/28: NAACP Threatens NASCAR With Proposed Publicity Stunt [17]
05/14: BSNews! Real NASCAR News That Fits the Headline Title [6]
05/13: Top Ten Excuses Jeremy Mayfield Gave For Failing The Drug Test [18]
05/07: From Yellow Lines to Yellow Flags [10]
05/06: Top Ten "Bromances" In NASCAR [13]
April 2009
04/30: A Yellow Line Rant Of A Different Color [10]
04/29: Top Ten Things Going Through Carl Edwards' Mind On That Last Lap [2]
04/23: Roush Fenway Saving the Planet? [10]
04/22: Top Ten Reasons Jim France Stepped Down As the Head of ISC [2]
04/16: NASCAR Athletes: To Be Or Not To Be [6]
04/15: Top Ten Places NASCAR Personalities May Have Found Their Easter Eggs [2]
04/09: Voices From the Heartland: For Johnny Benson, Sponsorship Vs. Coverage Should Be a Moot Point [9]
04/08: Top Ten Reasons Jeff Gordon Finally Won At Texas [4]
04/02: BSNews Spends a Day In The Office With Brian France [2]
04/01: Top Ten Things Brian France Has Scheduled For Today, Wednesday, April 1st [8]
March 2009
03/26: Pushing Through NASCAR's Press Conference Daze About Nothing
03/25: Top Ten Things People Who Think the Racing At Bristol Now Sucks Also Believe [10]
03/19: Things That Make You Go, Hmmmmm? [12]
03/18: Top Ten Things NASCAR Plans To Do About "Start And Park" Teams [5]
03/12: Bailing On The Auto Bailout, Loving Las Vegas, And Other Post-Vacation Thoughts [14]
February 2009
02/26: Week 2 At Auto Club Speedway... Like It Never Even Happened [10]
02/25: Top Ten Ways To Make the California Race More Exciting [13]
02/18: Will The Real Kyle Busch Please Stand Up! [16]
02/18: Top Ten Things That Make As Much Sense As Starting the Daytona 500 After 3pm Eastern [17]
02/11: Time For the "Old Men" To Show "The Boys" A Thing Or Two At Daytona! [5]
02/10: Top Ten Reasons James Hylton’s Car Wouldn’t Start at Daytona [5]
02/05: Relax! The Ever Benevolent NASCAR Has Everything Under Control ... Or Do They? [7]
02/03: Top Ten Things I Would Like To See Happen In NASCAR in 2009 [5]
November 2008
11/21: With The Season Over, I Leave You With a Few Parting Thoughts and Shots [12]
11/19: Top Ten Things I Want To Say About The 2008 NASCAR Season [16]
11/13: Don’t Worry! NASCAR Is In Capable Hands For 2009 and Beyond [16]
11/12: Top Ten Reasons Homestead May Have The Lowest Ratings To Date [1]
11/06: Almost On Cue, Bruton Dangles a Carrot, And Other NASCAR Tidbits [6]
11/05: Top Ten Possible Reasons Carl Edwards' Car Got Such Good Gas Mileage [1]
October 2008
10/30: Why Is the Obvious Always So Hard To See? [39]
10/29: Top Ten Reasons Jimmie Johnson Might Not Win The Chase [4]
10/23: Reader's Comment Inadvertently Reveals The Problem With Jimmie Johnson [23]
10/22: Top Ten: Comparing Jimmie Johnson To Cale Yarborough Is Like Comparing… [6]
10/16: Connecting the Dots For A Possible NASCAR Future [5]
10/15: Top Ten Recent Understatements By NASCAR-Affiliated Personnel (With Commentary!) [3]
10/09: Smith vs. Stewart Takes the Heat Off Cousin Carl [14]
10/02: Kansas Casino Proves That, Yes, Virginia, There Is A NASCAR Monopoly [11]
10/01: Top Ten Reasons Sponsors and Drivers Are Leaving DEI [7]
September 2008
09/25: NASCAR Takes the Long Way Around the Barn With New Drug Policy [8]
09/24: Top Ten Good Things That Can Be Said About "The Chase" [4]
09/18: BSNews! Roid 'Rage In NASCAR? And Bobby Hamilton, Jr. Eyes Short Stint in Cup [1]
09/11: At What Point Does Fame Make You Become a Jerk? [11]
09/10: Top Ten Reasons Rolling Stone Should Stick To Writing About Rock Stars -- Not Tony Stewart [5]
09/04: Well, That About Wraps It Up For Ganassi - The Sequel [8]
09/03: Top Ten Things Auto Club Speedway Could Do To Fill the Stands [3]
August 2008
08/28: Only The Racing Has Gotten Better At Bristol [1]
08/27: Top Ten Ways You Know You Just Spent a Week At Bristol [1]
08/14: Voices From the Heartland: With Another New Name, It’s Still a Chicane! [3]
08/13: Top Ten Foreseeable Problems With NASCAR In China [1]
08/07: In Less Than a Year, An Overrated Driver is Found Out [25]
08/06: Top Ten Nice Things You Could Say About Certain NASCAR Personalities or Entities [4]
July 2008
07/31: Biggest BSNEWS Scoop of the Year! One Word: Indianapolis [6]
07/24: Heartland Racing At Its Best In The Gateway To The West [4]
07/23: Top Ten Things I Didn't Miss During the Sprint Cup "Off" Week [1]
07/16: Top Ten NASCAR Marriages I'd Like to See [8]
07/10: Voices From the Heartland : Time To Get The Manufacturers Out of NASCAR [8]
07/09: Top Ten Ramifications of a DEI Sale [4]
07/03: BSNews! DEI Announces New Stable of Drivers For 2009 ... And Other Bits From The Newsroom Floor [14]
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June 2008
06/26: DEI Fans Up In Arms Over Intended Humor [41]
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06/19: An Honest Assessment of the Discrimination Lawsuit [12]
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May 2008
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April 2008
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March 2008
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February 2008
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January 2008
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December 2007
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November 2007
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October 2007
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September 2007
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August 2007
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July 2007
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June 2007
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May 2007
05/30: Despite Lack of Horsepower, Emotions Still Run High When You Wreck Someone
05/23: The Longer Nextel Fights, The More Racing Customers They Will Lose [10]
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April 2007
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March 2007
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February 2007
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January 2007
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December 2006
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November 2006
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October 2006
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September 2006
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August 2006
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July 2006
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June 2006
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06/23: NCTS Milwaukee Mile Happy Hour Update
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May 2006
05/31: If "Child" Busch is the Future, You Can Keep It! [32]
05/24: BSNews! New Red Neck restraint to be approved by NASCAR [2]
05/23: Top Ten problems that may arise once NASCAR becomes fully ‘Diversified' [8]
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April 2006
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March 2006
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February 2006
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January 2006
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December 2005
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November 2005
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October 2005
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September 2005
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August 2005
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July 2005
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June 2005
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May 2005
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April 2005
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March 2005
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February 2005
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