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Vito Pugliese

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The first NASCAR race I attened was in 1982, at the Champion Spark Plug 400 at Michigan International Speedway – I still have the 8mm film of me cruising around on my Big Wheel to prove it. In those days, the infield grass was brown, and it sat maybe 50,000 people. Even then, it still took three hours to get out of Brooklyn after the race. My next race wasn’t until 1989 at MIS, when I made the decision to elect Mark Martin as my favorite driver. After enduring nearly two decades of peaks and valleys, highs and lows, heartache and heartbreak, I have earned the right to deem myself, “Bitter Martin Fan”. Journalists are expected to be unbiased and impartial; I am not.

I graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a Major in Marketing. I don’t just write about racing, I actually participate as well. During the spring, summer, and fall months, I enjoy competing in bracket racing at The Mid-Michigan Motorplex, and the occasional autocross event at Grattan Raceway, one of the tracks that Car & Driver often uses to evaluate performance cars. I am somewhat capable with tools, however after stripping the drain plug out of my Kawasaki KDX200 while attempting the daunting task of an oil change when I was 16, it became apparent to me that there is a reason today that the drivers are typically not expected (or allowed) to wrench on their racecars.

When You Can See Vito’s Frontstretch Columns:
Voice Of Vito: Tuesdays (Website)
What’s Vexing Vito? : Thursdays (Newsletter)

Q & A With Vito Pugliese:

Name One Person Or Thing You Can’t Stand. : Really nice, hot girls with these dopey looking loser guys. It’s an epidemic that is sweeping the nation. This aggression will not stand.

What Is Your Favorite Movie? : “The Big Lebowski” Also, all of the “Rocky” movies. (Except for Rocky III. The beach scene when Rocky and Apollo start hugging and frollicing in the water was a little weird.)

Who Is Your Favorite Mucial Artist(s)? : Alice In Chains (aka, The Best Band Ever) Layne Staley – RIP.

What Is Your Favorite Racing Moment? : Listening to Richard Petty win number 200 on MRN with my dad while driving in our ’69 Plymouth Valiant.

Who Is Your Favorite Cartoon Character? : Master Shake – Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It’s as if somebody drew me…with a straw jammed in my head.

Vito’s Favorite Non-Racing Sites He Recommends

  • The Onion
  • The Drudge Report Matt Drudge’s very popular news site (He’s like the Jayski of News)
  • The Phat Phree Very Ophensive, very phunny
  • GlobalSecurity.org If you like pictures of B-52’s (and lets face it, who doesn’t), this is the place.
  • Top Gear The best car review site and show that you’ve probably never heard of.

Past articles By Vito Pugliese

April 2014
04/10: Voice of Vito: Win And In? Five Drivers Who Can Call Their Shot [2]
04/03: Voice of Vito: Three Drivers That NASCAR Need Not Silence [5]
04/03: Fantasy Insider: Get The Lowdown On The Lone Star Showdown
March 2014
03/27: Voice of Vito: Going For Broke A Recipe For Disaster? [13]
03/20: Roush Fenway Racing: Resurgence or Regression? [3]
03/13: Voice of Vito: Proving How The New Chase Isn't Chad-Proof [15]
03/06: Voice of Vito: Rodney's Renaissance, Scheduling Suggestions & Opportunity [4]
February 2014
02/27: Voice of Vito: Daytona Dilemma, Flagship Ford, And Points Paradox [7]
02/20: Me and The 3: Famous Number's Return Elicits Varied Response [5]
November 2013
11/21: Voice of Vito: Making his Mark: Martin's Exit a Loss for NASCAR [7]
October 2013
10/03: Vexing Vito: Schedule Shenanigans And A Cussing Comeback [1]
September 2013
09/26: Vexing Vito: Nationwide No-Shows, Chase for Change, And Spacey Kasey [9]
09/19: Vexing Vito: Who Then Now? Furniture Row No. 78 Car Potential Pilots [5]
09/12: Vexing Vito: Add Penske To The Richmond 'Funny Business' ... But Was It? [22]
09/05: Vexing Vito: Burton Bows Out, Smoke Rises, And Martin's Move To SHR [1]
August 2013
08/29: Smoke Haas Risen, Kurt Busch's Rebirth, and Truex's Trials [2]
08/15: Vexing Vito: Summer Is Officially Over With Silly Season In Full Swing [6]
08/08: Vexing Vito: Tony Stewart's Defining Moment vs. Denny Hamlin's Missed Opportunity [6]
08/01: Vexing Vito: Formula For Success, Midsummer Malaise, And Newman Is Born Again [5]
March 2013
03/28: What's Vexing Vito: Joey Logano At A Crossroad [5]
03/07: Guns, Retirees Up Front And Faulty Restarts: What's Wrong With This Picture? [8]
February 2013
02/21: What's Vexing Vito: Delusional Daytona Dabblings [4]
02/13: Vexing Vito: 2013 Speedweeks Kickoff A Mix of Old and New
November 2012
11/07: Decision 2012: Election Night Parallels Between Keselowski and Johnson [2]
October 2012
10/25: Vexing Vito: Smith Signs With JR Motorsports & NASCAR Odds 'N' Ends [2]
September 2012
09/27: What's Vexing Vito: Chasing An Ideal Chase [5]
09/06: Vexing Vito: Another One Bites The Dust at Roush Fenway Racing [8]
August 2012
08/23: Vexing Vito: Harvick's Hard Bargain, Busch's Bad Moment And Tricks Of The Trade [7]
08/20: A "Pure" Michigan 400 - Back To Business As Usual At MIS
08/16: Vexing Vito: Petty's Saving Grace? [1]
08/09: Mopar To No Car - Dodge's Departure Sickens The Mopar Faithful [5]
July 2012
07/26: Vexing Vito: Much Like Mayfield, Allmendinger Test Reveals Amphetamines [5]
April 2012
04/12: What's Vexing Vito: NASCAR Hall of Fame Nominations Need Some Tweaking [3]
February 2012
02/23: What's Vexing Vito: Chad Knaus Is Exactly What is Right With NASCAR [4]
October 2011
10/12: Less is More: Nationwide Losing Some Dates Not a Bad Idea If They're the Right Ones [5]
10/05: Surefire Bets The Next Seven Weeks
September 2011
09/21: Kyle Busch: Another Chase Calamity? [4]
09/14: From The Back To The Front: Will Longshot Chasers Make Their Move? [2]
August 2011
08/31: Going To Extremes: NASCAR Ups And Downs That Have Defined 2011 To Date
08/22: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Michigan-2 Race Recap [16]
08/17: Spencer For Hire: Busch and Johnson Feud Honors Greatness [3]
08/10: Dodge and Keselowski: Brad-isfaction, Guaranteed [4]
08/03: Time's Up: NASCAR Drivers Nearing The End of The Line [8]
July 2011
07/27: What I Really Wish We Would See at The Brickyard 400... [6]
07/20: Crew Chief Revolving Doors: Could The No. 48's Pit Crew Be Next? [8]
07/13: 2011: The Year of the (Lame) Duck? [2]
07/06: Don't Shoot The Messenger: Earnhardt Asks Journalists for Their Opinion [16]
June 2011
06/29: Voice of Vito: Room For One More - Road Courses Prove Their Place in NASCAR [11]
April 2011
04/27: Up In Smoke: Yunick's Hall of Fame Legacy Burns in Daytona Beach [4]
04/13: Three Teams on The Verge of Victory and Utter Panic
04/06: Quantity Vs. Quality - Comparing The Nationwide Records of Martin and Busch [8]
March 2011
03/30: Five Races, Five Contenders: Who's Stood Out To Take The Cup Title In 2011 [4]
03/23: What's The Point? New Points System Proving It's Not Much Different Than The Old [2]
03/16: Car & Driver: What Made Bristol And NASCAR Great During The 1990s [1]
03/08: Three Races, A Trio Of Big Names Making Waves In NASCAR Nation [1]
February 2011
02/28: Daytona Delusions, Short Track Semantics and Cliched Catch Phrases [9]
02/23: Throwback or Throw Up? Plate Racing Realities Going Forward [8]
02/16: P-P-Push It Real Good: Restrictor Plate Realities Exposed [7]
02/09: NASCAR Turns To Mario Kart To Determine Sprint Cup Champion [5]
November 2010
11/24: Voice of Vito: 2010 Season In Review - Final Thoughts on NASCAR’s Grand Finale [8]
11/17: Hamlin, Johnson, Harvick - Pros And Cons For The Title Contenders [5]
11/10: Back to the Future: Pit Crew Swap For No. 48 Team Foreshadows A Monumental Meltdown [28]
11/04: Vexing Vito: What's Vexing Robby? Getting His Rig Towed and Running In The Back [4]
11/03: Decision 2010: Is a 3-Way Championship Fight Enough to Save NASCAR's Chase? [10]
October 2010
10/27: How Quickly We Forget: Martinsville Manages to Fog and Jog Some Memories [7]
10/20: How Jamie McMurray Has Single-Handedly Invalidated the Chase [14]
10/13: Uncovering the Truth About NASCAR's Proposed Chase Changes [17]
10/06: The Chase, Take III: Who's In, Who's Out, Who Will Win, And Those I Doubt [14]
September 2010
09/29: Why The Monster Meltdowns at Dover For Chase Contenders? [3]
09/22: Too Much Too Soon? First Chase Race Devolves into Free-For-All [7]
09/15: A Trio of Favorites: Why This Chase Is Not As Close As You're Being Told [10]
09/08: Busch Bashing: Justified Jeers or Just Sour Grapes? [12]
09/01: Road Course Ringer: Montreal Makes The Case for Twisties In The Chase [3]
August 2010
08/24: Life Beyond The Chase - Drivers and Teams on the Cusp of Cup Contention [3]
08/18: What A Difference A Year Makes For Budweiser ... And Kevin Harvick, Too [8]
08/11: A Chase Worth Catching: The Top 10 Tracks That Should Decide the Championship [11]
08/04: NASCAR Trying To Find Balance Between New World and Old School [7]
July 2010
07/28: Ford Teetering On The Brink of Success – And Irrelevancy – In NASCAR [3]
07/21: Reigning in the Recklessness: NASCAR Has Credibility Issues To Fix [29]
07/14: Tracking The Changes: 2011 Sprint Cup Schedule Shakeup Looming [15]
07/07: NASCAR Nails the Nationwide Car of Tomorrow [7]
June 2010
06/30: Who Can Make A Move? Daytona Sight of Seven-Man Battle Royale For Final Chase Spots [5]
06/23: New Hampshire Motor Speedway? More Like The Thunderdome This Sunday [5]
06/16: Ford's New Engine Not The Cure-All For Sprint Cup Performance Ills [5]
06/02: Teammate Turmoil in NASCAR: Growing Trend or Passing Fad? [10]
May 2010
05/26: Johnson's Struggles Have Created Power Vacuum In Sprint Cup Standings [6]
05/20: Super Subs: Mears Has Final Chance To Join Others In Reviving NASCAR Career [5]
05/12: The New Kyle Busch vs. The Old Vito Pugliese - NASCAR's Newest and Shortest-Lived Rivalry [3]
05/05: NASCAR's Throwback Race (The Southern 500) Couldn't Happen at A Better Time [10]
April 2010
04/28: Green-White-Wreckers: An Action Detrimental To The Sport of Stock Car Racing [20]
04/21: No Respect: Media Making Martin Odd Man Out at Hendrick [20]
04/14: Kasey Kahne to Hendrick Motorsports — But Is It For Martin Or Earnhardt? [32]
04/01: Doing What's Right and Doing What Matters: What NASCAR Can Use More and Less Of [23]
March 2010
03/30: Matt McLaughlin's Thinkin' Out Loud: Martinsville Race Recap [35]
03/25: Top Ten Uses For CoT Wings Now [6]
03/24: Paul Menard Turning Back The Clock With Top 10 Points Run [7]
03/18: Talladega Spoiler Test Bodes Well For Return To Track in April [1]
03/11: Qualifying Procedure In Desperate Need of Overhaul [13]
03/10: Carl Edwards' Free Pass From NASCAR Sets Dangerous Precedent [33]
03/03: Censorship Be Damned: Access to Drivers is NASCAR's Greatest Asset [4]
February 2010
02/25: The 'Stache: The Secret To Drivers Winning Races Is Right Under Their Nose [10]
02/22: Green-White-Checker Continues To Fly In The Face of Tradition [7]
02/17: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s Daytona Rally: A Shot In The Dark? [5]
02/10: Mark Martin and Dale Jr. - Bringing Two Teams Together From Worlds Apart [5]
02/03: Felix Sabates Michigan Comments Spark Outrage - And Acceptance [7]
November 2009
11/25: Keeping It Real: Nationwide Series Finale Raises Some Eyebrows - and Hopes For The Future [8]
11/18: Jimmie Johnson: Continuing To Dominate In Spite of a Dreaded Disease [15]
11/17: Broadcasting Brillance: My Picks For An All-Star NASCAR Commentating Crew [21]
11/11: Texas Race a Snapshot of What Could Have Been For Many Drivers in 2009 [1]
11/05: Enter The Era of DaniCAR: Patrick To Join JR Motorsports in 2010 [31]
11/04: Talladega Troubles Self-Imposed By NASCAR [17]
October 2009
10/28: Johnson's Fourth Title In Striking Distance, Yet Talladega Remains a Game Changer [2]
10/21: Media Crowning Johnson Champion Halfway Through Chase Lazy and Irresponsible [17]
10/14: Danica Patrick, NASCAR, and IndyCar: Motorsports' Torrid Love Triangle Heats Up [12]
10/07: Not In The Chase? You're Far From A Second-Class Citizen [6]
September 2009
09/30: Overlooking The Obvious: Media Largely Ignoring Compelling Chase Stories, Handing Johnson Title Prematurely [4]
09/23: Strong Chase Starts Not Always A Recipe For Championship Success [3]
09/16: Pugliese The Prognosticator: A Comprehensive Guide To The 2009 Chase For The Cup [4]
09/09: Limpin' Ain't Easy: Roush Fenway Trio Stumbling Into Richmond On Carl Edwards' Broken Foot [7]
09/03: Ousting A Veteran Driver At His Best Track For An Unproven Rookie: Par For The Course In NASCAR [12]
09/02: The Right Fit: Why Brad Keselowski Joining Penske Racing in 2010 Will Work [9]
August 2009
08/28: Fuel For Thought - Making The Case For Fuel Injection In NASCAR [15]
08/27: I Love It Loud: Driver Introduction Music At Bristol - How To Turn a Good Idea Up To 11 [2]
08/20: For Dale Earnhardt, Jr., The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is No Longer An Oncoming Train [6]
08/19: Take The Pain: Should Jeff Gordon's Back Injury Be A Storyline As The Championship Chase Looms? [7]
08/12: Forgotten On Race Day? Ford Looks To Rebound This Weekend in The Irish Hills of MIS [5]
08/05: NASCAR Rules Were Meant To Be Broken, So Can We At Least Fix These Three? [13]
July 2009
07/29: Looking Back At The Brickyard: Clichés, Controversy, And A Questionable Call [13]
07/16: Harvick's Potential Move To Stewart-Haas Racing Has Long-Lasting Implications [16]
07/15: Déjà Vu To You, Too: Hendrick Teams Virtually Guaranteed 2009 Sprint Cup Title [6]
07/08: Michael Waltrip: Motorsports Motormouth Finally Focusing Full-Time on Owner Role For 2010 [7]
07/01: No News Is Bad News: Dark Days Still Loom On The Horizon For NASCAR [5]
June 2009
06/17: Mark Martin's Middle-Aged Miracle: 1-On-1 Secrets Revealed For Revitalized Career [9]
06/15: Number Five Is Alive: Martin Outwits and Outlasts Opponents At Michigan [12]
06/10: Desperate Men Doing Desperate Things: NASCAR's Actions Speak Volumes About The State of The Sport [9]
06/03: Kyle Busch: Who Else Is Sick and Tired of His Act Besides Me? [62]
May 2009
05/27: The Curious Case of Castroneves, Reutimann, and Jenson Button [3]
05/21: What's Vexing Vito: Carl Long's Suspension and Fines A Cover Up For Mayfield Drug Test Fiasco? [23]
05/20: Big Three Bankruptcies and New Government Mandates Spell Doom For NASCAR and Motorsports [26]
05/14: Smokin' Weed or a Smoke Screen? Mayfield's Suspension for Banned Substance Provides More Questions Than Answers [5]
05/13: The Southern 500 and Darlington: Same As It Ever Was, Only Different [3]
05/06: Don't Tread On Thee: Three Straight Weeks of Nostalgic NASCAR Remind Us Of What's Right With Racing [3]
April 2009
04/29: Talladega Flights: Massive Crash Highlights Superspeedway's Continued Conflicts [3]
04/22: A Lifetime of Trials, Tribulation, and Tragedy: Mark Martin and Rick Hendrick Setting The Stage For NASCAR's Biggest Comeback Story [5]
04/15: The Prophet Pugliese - NASCAR's Future Hangs In The Balance With General Motors and Chrysler [6]
04/09: Vexing Vito: Economy Or No Economy, Parking No. 8 Car For Phoenix Dumbest Thing Ever [17]
04/08: Taking One For The Team: Earnhardt, Jr. and Martin Getting Gordon and Johnson's Leftovers? [41]
March 2009
03/25: Racing The Way It Used To Be: NASCAR Short Tracks Still Exist - If Barely [4]
03/12: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Should Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Tony Eury, Jr. Split Up? [27]
03/11: Don't Jump, It's Not Worth It! NASCAR's Biggest Names Stumbling Along The Ledge On Off Weekend [3]
03/04: Party Crashers In The Top 12 - Here To Stay, Or a Flash In The Pan?
February 2009
02/25: Running From My Problems: Finding Relief In Racing's Past And A Polish Donut [3]
02/18: Diary of a Madman: Cabin Fever & Stir Crazy Collides With an Irritating Daytona 500 [5]
02/10: The NASCAR Stimulus Package: What Can Be Done To Jump Start Racing In America? [11]
02/05: So This Is What It Sounds Like... When Buds Cry
02/03: America's Most Wanted: The Top 5 Drivers To Watch In 2009 [1]
November 2008
11/17: Johnny Benson, Jr: The Best Thing To Happen To NASCAR Championship Weekend [6]
11/13: Manufacturer Involvement In NASCAR Hanging On By A Thread [7]
11/11: You Were Always On My Mind - Johnny Benson Ponders His Future In NASCAR [5]
11/04: Haven't I Seen This Show Before? Deja Vu All Over Again In The Lone Star State [17]
October 2008
10/30: What's Vexing Vito : Mopar or NoCar Coming To Fruition [4]
10/28: A Dying Man's Five Racing Wishes... If I Were Dying, That Is. [19]
10/21: Jimmie Johnson - Modern Day Legend? Third Consecutive Title Would Put Him In Rare Company [8]
10/14: Johnson In Jeopardy? Burton Surging? The Two Square Off With A Title At Stake [4]
10/07: Talladega Blights: Smith Disenfranchised, Johnson One Step Closer [57]
September 2008
09/30: Nepotism In Reverse: Kyle Petty's Days Coming To a Close at Petty Enterprises? [9]
09/23: Food For Thought: What's Broken and What Works in NASCAR [16]
09/18: What's Vexing Vito : Politics, Religion, and NASCAR -- Why Can't Drivers Endorse Their Candidate? [7]
09/16: One Down, Nine To Go: 2008 Chase for The Championship Raises Interesting Questions At The Mystery Mile [4]
09/09: These Ain't Shetlands: Nationwide Series Hails Return of American Muscle With New Car of Tomorrow [7]
09/04: What's Vexing Vito: Can Richmond Reiginte The Spark So Many Fans Have Lost? [4]
09/02: Are We There Yet? 2008 Season Plods Into Richmond With Chase Set To Begin - Is Anyone Really Paying Attention? [29]
August 2008
08/26: Joey Logano - Racing's Next Best Thing and Worst Kept Secret [4]
08/19: The Shape of Things To Come: A Chase Outlook For The Big Three In 2008 [2]
08/12: Deep NASCAR Thoughts From The Professor Of The Obvious [3]
08/05: Charting The Championship Chase: Who's In, Who's Out ... And What's It All About, Anyway? [3]
July 2008
07/29: Reflections of Indy: Why It's The Worst Race Ever, And How It Got There [21]
07/22: Richard Petty: Long Live The King - And Rightfully So [2]
07/15: Enjoy It While It Lasts: Kyle Busch's Dominant Season To Be Derailed By Chase Format [18]
07/08: Into The Flood Again: Why Mark Martin Came Back To Full-Time Cup Racing [8]
07/01: Toyota: Ruling The Roost of NASCAR In Both Competition and Compelling Personalities [13]
June 2008
06/24: U.S. Army Deserting Chevrolet And Defecting To ... Toyota? [23]
06/16: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother: Cousins Earnhardt, Jr. and Eury, Jr. Silence Skeptics with Win at Michigan [19]
06/10: Polish Power: Brad Keselowski and Robert Kubica Notch First Wins [1]
06/03: The Next Big Thing In NASCAR Might Not Be Who You Think It Is [8]
May 2008
05/27: A Stupid Car and Blown Tires: NASCAR Hitting The Wall, Figuratively and Literally [25]
05/20: 2008 All-Star Weekend: Meaningless On The Track, But Memorable Off It
05/13: So I Was Just Thinking... NASCAR Odds 'N' Ends [5]
05/06: Kyle Busch: The Sound of One Hand Clapping Drowned Out By A Million Boos [23]
April 2008
04/29: Chalk Up Another One For Toyota [5]
04/22: Mexico City: The Answer To A Question No One Asked [8]
04/15: Playing It Safe: Martin's Team Trades Victory for Conservative Top 5 Finish. Why? [20]
04/08: Is Petty Enterprises Circling The Drain? [7]
04/01: Johnny Benson, Jr. - NASCAR's Longest Overnight Success Story [6]
March 2008
03/25: Five Ways To Save NASCAR From Itself [20]
03/18: The Day The Biscuit Wheels Fell Off Toyota's Gravy Train [30]
03/11: Whoo-Ah! Resurgent Roush Fenway Aiming To Keep Toyota In Check [12]
03/04: Mark Martin: He's Bad, He's Nationwide - The All-Time Wins Leader Continues To Make An Impact In Semi-Retirement [3]
February 2008
02/25: Car of Tomorrow Helps To Provide Parity Today [11]
02/18: Put A Dodge In Your Garage : Dodge Returns To Prominence At Daytona [2]
02/12: Tony Stewart : Center of Controversy Once Again [5]
02/05: Toyota's Preseason Testing Numbers: The Shape of Things To Come? [6]
January 2008
01/22: The Best Of The Frontstretch : Give Me A Break: The Significance of Martin Finally Taking The Week Off As Promised
01/21: The Best Of The Frontstretch: 2007: The Worst NASCAR Season Ever
November 2007
11/15: Driven To The Past: Yeah, Here Come The Rooster.....Ricky Rudd [3]
11/13: Hendrick Motorsports: A Decade of Dominance ... And Then Some [5]
11/08: No Small Feat: Tiny Lund [3]
11/07: Change For The Better: Helping The CoT From Becoming a PoS [10]
11/01: A Racer and A Gentleman: Ned Jarrett [3]
October 2007
10/30: 2007: The Year The Biscuit Wheels Came Off The Gravy Train For Dale Earnhardt, Jr. [6]
10/25: One Fast Cat in a Bad Hot Rod: Rusty Wallace
10/23: Getting Their Just Desserts - NASCAR Driver Earnings Finally Matching Those Of Other Major Athletes [5]
10/18: Three Brothers, Two Championships, and a Monkey: Tim Flock [5]
10/16: NASCAR Fans : Still Reviled Among The Elite [17]
10/10: Ain't No Joke: Joe Weatherly [3]
10/09: Talladega Plus The Car of Tomorrow Equals The NFL And A Nap [8]
10/04: One of the Very Best: Bobby Allison [7]
10/03: Much Ado About Nothing At Kansas: Attempting To Create Controversy Where There Is None [13]
September 2007
09/26: 2007: The Worst NASCAR Season Ever [35]
09/20: Wood, Whiskey, Women, and Winning : Curtis Turner [8]
09/18: Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers, Oh My! Busch Series To Ponycars in 2009? [13]
09/13: Blaze of Glory: Fireball Roberts [4]
09/11: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Martin Truex, Jr. : How To Handle The Chase for The Championship [1]
09/06: 83 Wins, 4 Daytona 500's, 3 Championships, and 9 Lives - Driven To The Past: Cale Yarborough [1]
09/04: Where's The Beef? Chase For The Championship A Far Cry From Past Battles [15]
August 2007
08/30: Sounds Like A Stock Car Driver: Coo Coo Marlin [3]
08/28: NASCAR: Lacking Southern Flair? [4]
08/23: Best Of Driven To the Past : Alan Kulwicki [1]
08/22: Blew By You: Kurt Busch Making A Case For Legitimate Title Contender...Turning Bud Fans Blue In The Process
08/16: Driven To The Past: Benny Parsons
08/14: Kyle Busch: Giving 110% for a Great Opportunity...And Other Favorite Cliches [2]
08/09: The Best There Could Have Been - Driven To The Past: Tim Richmond [4]
08/07: Pat Tryson: The Right Man, Right Time For Kurt Busch [3]
08/02: Junk In The Trunk - Driven To The Past: Junior Johnson [1]
July 2007
07/31: The Chase For The Cup: Saving Fans From A Championship Already Decided [5]
07/30: NASCAR: Still Showing What's Right With Sports [12]
07/26: A Winner In Any Era - Driven To The Past: Darrell Waltrip [6]
07/25: Turn That Frown Upside Down: DEI / Ginn Merger Has Upside All Around [7]
07/19: Driven To The Past: Phil Parsons
07/17: Kyle Busch: There's Nothing More Dangerous Than A Man With Nothing Left To Lose [18]
07/12: Turning The Blue Oval Gold - Driven To The Past: Fred Lorenzen [1]
07/10: Green & 13: Unlucky as Ever for Ginn Racing [3]
07/05: Driven To The Past: Greg Sacks [1]
07/04: What's In A Suspension? [6]
June 2007
06/28: Driven To The Past: Ricky Craven [4]
06/26: Why Things Aren't So Bad In NASCAR...Despite What You May Think [2]
06/21: Driven To The Past: Morgan Shepherd [3]
06/19: Get Born Again: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Leaves Behind Controlling Fans [32]
06/14: Stock Cars: Slightly Cooler Than Golf - A Father's Day Tribute [1]
06/13: Breaking News! Earnhardt, Jr. To Hendrick! Earth Thrown Off Axis, Headed Towards Sun! [11]
06/07: Wicked Fast - Driven To The Past: Pete Hamilton
May 2007
05/31: This Bud's For You - Driven To The Past: Bud Moore [1]
05/29: Another One Bites The Dust: Roush Racing Losing Talent Hand Over Fist [8]
05/24: Italians Do It Better - Driven To The Past: Mario Andretti [1]
05/20: NASCAR: Pandering To Everyone Except Race Fans [21]
05/17: A More Level Playing Field? Toyota Performing Well In Busch, Not So Much In Cup. [2]
05/17: Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em: Driven To The Past-Dick Trickle [2]
05/15: Who Will Drive The No. 8 in '08? [15]
05/14: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: One Tough Customer [4]
05/10: Driven To The Past: Lake Speed
05/07: Car of Tomorrow Plus Rain Delay Leads To Throwback Race Weekend
05/03: Driven To The Past: LeeRoy Yarbrough [1]
April 2007
04/30: Phantom Cautions: Nothing New To NASCAR [9]
04/26: Driven To The Past: Davey Allison [4]
04/19: Driven To The Past: Dave Marcis [1]
04/12: Driven To The Past: Bobby Hillin, Jr.
04/11: Playing By NASCAR Rules: Continuing To Dissect Section 12-4 [1]
04/05: Driven To The Past: Bobby Isaac [3]
04/03: NASCAR Rules : Actions Detrimental To Stock Car Racing [4]
04/02: The Voice of Vito : Rubbin's Racin'; Wrecking Is Not [11]
March 2007
03/29: Driven To The Past: Harry Gant [2]
03/22: Driven To The Past: Alan Kulwicki [4]
03/20: Give Me A Break: The Significance of Martin Finally Taking The Week Off As Promised [1]
03/15: Driven To The Past: Rick Mast [1]
03/08: Driven To The Past: Neil Bonnett [2]
03/01: Driven To The Past: Buddy Arrington [1]
February 2007
02/28: All That's Missing Is Some Turnbuckles [5]
02/23: Busch Whacked. Again. [3]
02/22: Salute To You III....IV....Anyone For V? [4]
02/22: Driven To The Past: Ernie Irvan [1]
02/15: Driven To The Past: Geoffrey Bodine
02/08: Driven To The Past : Buddy Baker
02/01: That's History Profiles: Derrike Cope [5]