The Frontstretch: Did You Notice?... NASCAR One-Hit Wonders, Potholes Pan TV Ratings, And Karma Bites A Start-And-Parker by Thomas Bowles -- Wednesday February 17, 2010

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Did You Notice? … Jamie McMurray is the most PR-friendly driver to win the Daytona 500 since Michael Waltrip several years ago? Not only is he a fresh face atop the NASCAR world, but his pure excitement in winning NASCAR’s Super Bowl shines through in everything he does. And whether it’s schmoozing with Regis and Kelly or conducting an interview with the hardcore NASCAR media, the once-introverted McMurray is suddenly none too shy about being himself on camera – the perfect antidote to NASCAR’s dose of political correctness spoon-fed to the nation over the last decade.

Just take a look at some of these heartwarming McMurray quotes so far:

Though Jamie McMurray has fostered a longtime friendship with former teammate Greg Biffle, he also holds no regrets for leaving the RFR camp.

“But, you know, my dad and my wife, I mean, when you — you do something that you love, you know, you want to share that with the people you love (tearing up).” – Emotional in the media center after his win.

“I’m not quitting again, just so you guys know. I’m staying. (laughter ensues)” – Jamie McMurray to Felix Sabates and Chip Ganassi, referring to his four-year departure from the organization to Roush – a move he realizes now was a mistake.

“I woke up this morning, and first thing I was hoping was that Danica wasn’t going to be on the cover of the paper…” – The day after his win.

“To be honest, I was thinking, ‘You need to stop crying and answer the question.’” – McMurray’s answer during today’s teleconference as to what he was thinking in Victory Lane.

Notice that nowhere in there do you see repeated mentions of sponsor Bass Pro Shops, or a desire to thank every single sticker that’s plastered on the side of the No. 1 car. And you know what? Those companies are still OK with that, knowing their exposure naturally increases with both every McMurray appearance and last lap highlight reel shown on TV. Now, if only the rest of the field could “let go” (Jimmie Johnson, are you listening?) we might have ourselves a series filled with quotable drivers once more.

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Did You Notice? … The Daytona 500 never serves as a true indicator of who’s going to make the Chase? Sure, drivers like Martin Truex, Jr., Clint Bowyer, and yes, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. had great runs, but that means nothing considering this package is used for just three regular-season races out of 26.

With that in mind, let’s look at how many top 10 finishers at Daytona’s first race have gone on to make the Chase in the last six years:

2004: 6
2005: 5
2006: 2
2007: 3
2008: 5
2009: 2
2010: ??

Surprising, huh? I think this year’s field will wind up being in the 5-6 range, as a low attrition rate kept several top drivers in the thick of things until the end of the race. But look at all the preseason championship favorites and where they finished Sunday: Kyle Busch (14th), Denny Hamlin (17th), Jeff Gordon (26th), Jimmie Johnson (35th) … do you really think that’s a sign they’ll fail to make the Chase?

So let’s wait three to four weeks, ladies and gentlemen, before making any serious judgments. We are an instant gratification society … but I think you need to take Earnhardt’s run especially with a grain of salt. A 30th, 25th, and 35th at the next three races (all intermediate tracks) would erase all the momentum from his performance in a heartbeat.

Did You Notice? … That despite one of the best Speedweeks in years, the ratings were down 16 percent for the 500? Turns out that pothole did a whole lot more damage than to just turn 2. As it is, thousands of fans in the stands that attended were already cold from unseasonable Daytona weather, and a two-hour, 25-minute red flag was just too much to bear.

It’s a darn shame, because the racing itself was more than worthy of their attention. One suggestion was that Valentine’s Day had a lot to do with the decline; after all, once you get to 6:00 EST you can only keep your significant other waiting for so long, right? Many people had dinner plans or other pre-planned activities they just couldn’t put off, the reason we have these standardized times in the first place.

With that said, I also believe the ratings speak to the razor-thin line NASCAR walks with fans heading into 2010. Once the first red flag happened and the excuses mounted, Twitter was ablaze with jokes mocking the sanctioning body for yet another mistake. At the time, there were rumors the race would be called, and all of us cringed at the reaction of what was building to be a colossal comedy of errors. But while we were joking, fans were smoking mad and simply unable to give the sanctioning body the benefit of the doubt. Showing there’s absolutely no margin for error, they voted with their remotes that any type of slip-up from the powers that be is simply unacceptable.

That had to be it, because I haven’t met one fan yet who was upset with the quality of racing. Heck, NASCAR even broke ranks with the Indianapolis debacle of 2008, taking full responsibility for the problem after the race and giving a detailed report of what they did to fix it. In that sense, they’re making the right choices.
But those ratings send a clear message that fans don’t want to be bothered with issues, period – a scary thing for a sport that now knows it needs to score 100 percent on every test, every week, to keep a lot more from walking away. And now that we’re heading to one of the shakier venues on the circuit in Fontana, with weather in the forecast … man, does that make me nervous we may end the month of February with no momentum whatsoever.

Did You Notice? … That for Joe Nemechek, karma comes back around? He was involved in a serious incident during the 500, one in which he claims Sam Hornish, Jr. took air off his spoiler in causing his No. 87 to lose control and tear his primary car to shreds.

“Sam Hornish needs his brain examined,” he said after the wreck. “It’s a product of he’s four laps down and I don’t know what the hell he was thinking. Something’s wrong.”

But Nemechek wasn’t exactly a role model in his own right. His decision to pull Jeff Fuller from the lineup in the Nationwide race, taking a “bribe” from Jack Roush, reportedly earned him close to $50,000. Add in an outright start-and-park from a second Cup car, Fuller’s No. 97, during the Duels on Thursdays, and he earned over $70,000 for bringing second cars to the track that had no intention whatsoever of competing.

It was all part of a business plan to get ahead; instead, they’ll be spending that money just to break even and rebuild their totaled No. 87 Toyota.

Did You Notice? … Some other quick hits from the 500:

Bill Elliott ran in the back of the pack for the entire Daytona 500, with little horsepower to show for the FR9 under the hood.

- What the heck is with the new FR9 engine? No driver from the trio that ran it finished higher than eighth (Matt Kenseth). Elliott Sadler’s overheated en route to a 24th place finish, and Bill Elliott complained all week about not having enough horsepower under the hood. I was skeptical for months after listening to Ford officials’ concerns about a short-term rollout … now, I’m completely on board. Don’t expect the full use of the engine until midsummer.

- What’s with Kevin Harvick angering half the field with his antics late in the 500? He probably would have won the thing if he didn’t turn his Chevy into a personal battering ram.

- Ever so quietly, Bobby Labonte was 21st with the No. 71 TRG Motorsports car. Considering they made the top 35 in owner points last year despite failing to qualify for the 500, I’d expect nothing less the second time around.

- A.J. Allmendinger would have been an automatic top 5, if not your Daytona winner, without that ugly spin off turn 2. And he knows it. Still, expect great things from the No. 43 team the next few weeks. There’s a chemistry within that group that clicked the second they switched to Ford.

- Carl Edwards breathed a sigh of relief Sunday, with his future daughter giving him the wonderful Valentine’s Day present of staying inside his wife’s belly. The hope is wife Kate delivers the baby sometime this week; if not, Erik Darnell has been hired as a backup in California and Las Vegas should Carl have to jump on a plane and head home.

Did You Notice? … How much everyone likes Timothy Peters? The Truck Series Daytona winner seems to have the best of both worlds inside the garage; many view him as one of the most talented drivers coming up the ranks, and he has a winning personality to boot.

“From my perspective, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with his racing,” said Todd Bodine when I asked him why Peters is treated with such respect. “If you stand and talk to that kid for five minutes, you’ll understand. He’s a good Virginia boy that was raised right in the country, knows his values, treats people with respect and is polite. I mean, I really like the kid.”

“Then you go out and race with him, and he races hard. Man, that kid will race hard. But you know what, he races you with respect, too. That’s a hard combination to find.”

So you’re telling me there’s a Truck Series and Cup Series winner that’s a breath of fresh air? It’s the best-case scenario in a Speedweeks that should have dazzled.

Stupid pothole!

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M.B. Voelker
02/17/2010 06:05 AM

I think that the combination of Valentine’s Day and the Winter Olympics is a completely adequate explanation for any dip in Sunday’s ratings.

I’m quite certain that the “casual fan” — the sort of general sports fan who watches the Daytona 500 because its a big event rather than from any deep devotion to racing — was immersed in the still bigger event of the Olympic Games.

02/17/2010 09:06 AM

Kevin Harvick angered half the field with his antics?

What antics?

Oh you mean pushing Truex Jr. past Biffle and then getting to the inside before Truex could block him?

If those are antics, then he had a whole bunch of them from the green flag.

Don Mei
02/17/2010 10:11 AM

I completely agree with Voelker on the question of the ratings. I watched the first few laps then walked over to a wonderful party in the neighborhood with great food and good conversation. Didnt really care that much about the 500 since I generally hate plate races. Got home about 5;15 and lo and behold, instead of getting the results, I got 77 laps. Thanks ISC.

Carl D.
02/17/2010 10:36 AM

There’s no bigger fan of Bobby Labonte than me. That said, so how did Labonte manage a 21st place finish when he ran so unrenmarkably during speedweeks? ATTRITION.

02/17/2010 11:19 AM

Couldn’t agree with Mark more. What antics? I keep read how much Harvick upset half the field. As Mark said, Harvick pushed Truex past Biffle, dropped to the inside and then had the position on Truex. End of story. He and everyone else is racing for a Daytona 500 win, what do you expect.

I’m not sure he lost the 500 cause of that move, I think he lost it cause Edwards jumped out of line with a lap and a half to go before they were even up to full speed? Worked out good for Edwards, went from 3rd with an opportunity to race for the win to finishing 9th.

Kevin in SoCal
02/17/2010 01:30 PM

I would have thought Dale would have angered the field more. Or at least the two drivers (Biffle and Harvick?) that he body slammed out of the way to get towards the front, at the end.

02/17/2010 01:41 PM

I find it pretty ironic that Todd Bodine is talking about racing with respect. I didn’t know he even knew that word existed. He’s a Bodine. A member of a family whose claim to fame should be that they’ve crashed more drivers out of races than they’ve competed in.
Give me a break “Onion”.

Kevin in SoCal
02/17/2010 01:59 PM

Tom said: Notice that nowhere in there do you see repeated mentions of sponsor Bass Pro Shops, or a desire to thank every single sticker that’s plastered on the side of the No. 1 car.

Actually, he did mention Bass Pro Shops to thank them, and Ganassi, for taking a chance on him and giving him this ride. And he was genuinely thankful.

Bill B
02/17/2010 03:50 PM

I didn’t miss any laps of the race but I made damn sure I changed the channel once the red flag ran more than 15 minutes. I can’t handle watching the three stooges try to kill dead air with (t)witty banter but mainly it was to register my complaint. I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of watching a red flag show (for the record I don’t watch the halftime show of the Superbowl either).

I channel surfed until the race restarted (both times).

MI Mike
02/18/2010 10:29 AM

Joe“start and park Nemecheck”, has finally got his due. Karma will take a bite sooner or later. Im totally disgusted with these start and parkers.
I bet nemecheck is proud to be in the ranks of last place finishers of all time. Him and Cope are two of a kind….last put not least.

02/18/2010 12:21 PM

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. People who are talking about Joe Nemechek in such a negative way need to step back and take a good look at his character. I took a trip down to the Charlotte area last summer and visited several race shops, his included. His rather small area for visitors was packed full of personal memorabilia from his career in racing plus it had two full-size race cars squeezed into that tiny space. Why was I impressed? Because that was his life, sitting right there for all of us to see. Nothing fancy, just history and memories. It was a very heart-warming sight. Not long before going there we had visited the Red Bull shop which had very little to offer besides some t-shirts for sell.

Joe has a strong character and he is a racer. He is doing what he has to do to survive. He can’t afford to run the distance every week, but every single time he was able to get a sponsor last year, he did run the full race. That tells me that he wants to race and he’s doing the best he can. He also ran nearly the full Nationwide schedule last year and I don’t think he ever parked his car early in one of those races. Placing him in the same league with teams that have no intention of ever running a full race just shows ignorance. I’m disappointed in Tom and those who have responded with such comments.

02/18/2010 12:23 PM

About NASCAR needing to get 100% on each test (race) or risk losing fans — that’s what they get for catering to new jump-on-the-bandwagon fans while running off the old fans. Their new changes might help a little but don’t go far enough. You still get a lot more value attending your local tracks.

02/18/2010 01:16 PM

I starte out watching the 500 with high hopes. Was bored utterly witless about 20 laps in because of the lousy Fox coverage. I channel surfed back and forth between the race and the olympics and when the red flag was out and the 3 stooges (I love it) were talking, I switched it off and watched Soapnet to catch up on my soap opera. I hate RP racing, too. The last 20 laps were exciting but a commercial break under green with 20 to go was stupid and switching to Jr’s in car camera during the pass when a wide shot would have been much better and would have let everyone see the pass.

02/18/2010 04:44 PM

The pothole incident was such a shame. With the rules changes, my interest has been reved back up The race Sunday was thrilling and promised to the best one in a few years. I’d say nas$car’s karma came back on them here. I am hoping this is portent on the racing getting better this year though. I think getting rid of that rear wing will help too. All we have to do is get by California’s snorefest and it’ll get better.


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