The Frontstretch: No Suspension For Carl: Fear Can't Stop NASCAR From Letting Boys Be Boys by Thomas Bowles -- Monday March 8, 2010

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No Suspension For Carl: Fear Can't Stop NASCAR From Letting Boys Be Boys

Bowles-Eye View · Thomas Bowles · Monday March 8, 2010


Brad Keselowski’s car was still sliding on its roof when the first email screaming at Carl Edwards landed in my inbox. Like a bounty of fireworks, fans exploded with all sorts of colorful wording, and I’m sure if you searched my Yahoo! account this morning typing in swears would send you more results than any other words in the English language.

Before we get going, let’s do a little housecleaning. Full disclosure: I’m in one of the more unique positions within the NASCAR media on this subject. My current driver diary on SI is with Brad Keselowski, who replaced none other than Carl himself. When you work with someone like that on a personal level, especially in Carl’s case, it’s hard not to get to know them off the track. That makes it a fine line for me to draw, with personal ties that bind always leading to a trickier analysis.

Next in this three-step process (I promise, we’ll get to the good stuff!), let’s get the facts out of the way for anyone living under a rock Sunday. On Lap 41 of the Cup race at Atlanta, Edwards and Keselowski entered the turn fighting for position. Edwards thought he had Keselowski cleared, and moved to the bottom only for Keselowski to tap his left rear bumper. A wreck ensued, with Keselowski continuing on unharmed while Edwards landed smack in the outside wall – sophomore Joey Logano winning “Best Supporting Actor In A Wreck” as his day got ruined by the mess. After seeing the replay, in public Edwards was gracious at first.

“I really thought it was his fault, but it really doesn’t look like it was as malicious as I thought,” he said, although he added, “Brad never gives me any room.”

“I was underneath him, tried to cut him a break but it was too late, he turned down,” said Keselowski later. “I apologized to him, but there’s nothing more you can do in that situation.”

Turns out for both men, a simple “sorry” wouldn’t be enough on this day. 150 laps’ worth of watching his car get fixed was enough to sour Edwards’ mood, and with three laps to go he found himself sitting there with a chance at payback. Keselowski, now 6th and headed towards a career-best day at Penske, passed his ailing car coming off turn 4 and heading down the front straightaway. There was one second for Edwards to bump and run, one of those life-changing, do-or-die moments you can’t take back.

The No. 99 pulled the trigger, and just like that the No. 12 was off to the catchfence, shockingly flipping before hitting the wall upside down to the shock of, well, pretty much everyone. The harrowing video was eerily reminiscent of the flip Carl endured at the hands of Brad at Talladega last April – you would just never expect it at an unrestricted track, even one with the speeds they carry at Atlanta.

But that’s another story for another day. A feud is what we’re talking about, and the second that car came to rest one was officially born. Brad was OK, but immediately used his Oscar post-race speech to immediately point NASCAR in the direction of disciplining Carl.

“To come back and intentionally wreck someone, that’s not cool,” said Keselowski. “He could have killed someone in the grandstands. And I know it’s a little ironic he’s got me saying that, but at least I didn’t do it intentionally (at Talladega, Kes was fighting for the win).”

Yet for those looking for additional penalties, that’s step 3 of 3; and a lot of you might be sorely disappointed. I don’t have a definite answer, but the school of thought in NASCAR-land after several off-the-record conversations is it looks like any suspension is a longshot at best. No, I wasn’t in the meeting, but I know enough from enough people to put the pieces together and tell you anything beyond a monetary fine would be a big surprise. The answer is expected sometime early this week.

“We talked with Carl after the race, and we have an understanding about it, and we will talk internally again as a group Monday or Tuesday,” is the official NASCAR word from VP of Competition Robin Pemberton. “And make any decision on if there will be any other actions that we will take.”

So, we’ll have to wait and see, but if I’m a betting man I’d say it’s 95/5 Carl’s racing March 21st at Bristol, TN. And honestly?

I think that’s fair.

Continuing with the rule of three, I go back to the school of thought I originally posted on SI article. We’ll expand upon them here.

One: NASCAR must live up to its policies.

In the middle of January, we all sat and watched Brian France mouth the words fans have been waiting on for years: We’ll let the drivers police themselves. No more bumpdrafting police, sure, but most importantly no crazy points penalties, fines, or suspensions for drivers being their aggressive selves on the track. Of course, no one thought the policy would be tested so quickly, with an ill-timed tap leading to one of the scarier flips in recent memory.

But a policy is a policy nonetheless. If you’re letting drivers handle payback themselves, a wreck is going to be a wreck no matter whether it’s a simple 360 or one where the car goes upside down. How can that policy be effective where you’re picking and choosing where it’s enforced? We complain all the time about NASCAR’s inconsistency, yet by asking for a penalty on Edwards you’re expecting them to start the season off inconsistent. How fast is too fast? Which leads me to point number two…

Two: The argument that Carl should spin Brad at Bristol, not Atlanta, just doesn’t hold up.

So often, we hear everyone refer to Bristol and Martinsville as if they’re the only two tracks on the circuit where you can spin someone out and not seriously hurt them. Well, here’s a news flash: anytime you strap into a car, as a race driver you put your life on the line. Think about how Joey Logano’s car flipped over at Dover, a one-mile concrete oval. Think about the tragedies we endured with Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin, stuck throttles at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Think about the 3-4 deaths we hear about per year at local short tracks across the country.

It’s a horrible thing, but risk is just part of it every time you strap into a race car. You hope and pray that everything is safe, but you just never know. Denny Hamlin, for example, could have hit Keselowski at the wrong time in the wrong place at Homestead, sending the No. 88 hard into the wall and seriously injuring him. Do higher speeds increase the risk? Yes. But the risk is there nonetheless the second you start driving the cars in circles … so you’re either going to allow retaliation or clamp down on it like you’re the riot police. There’s just one problem with that …

Three: You’re never going to stop drivers from retaliating on the race track.

Let’s push any NASCAR rules, regulations, etc. aside for a second. The thing that gets me is how many fans have emailed me as if this wreck is the first time anybody’s ever gone after someone else on the race track. Um … have you been living under a rock? I know this sport’s gotten politically correct the last few years, but I didn’t think things were that bad people had actually forgotten how things usually work in racing.

1) Driver “A” makes a mistake and takes out Driver “B.”
2) Driver “B” either forgives Driver “A” or, if Driver “A” has crossed him in the past (or if he’s having a particularly bad day), he waits for the right opportunity to enact revenge on said driver.

It’s not rocket science. It’s called simple human emotion, and it’s not like an ignition switch in the car – people can’t turn it off. These drivers are the best in the world because they’re innately competitive, and there’s always going to be conflicts that end in bad blood. Whether it’s morally acceptable or not doesn’t change the fact that it’s going to happen. So what do you do? Do you castrate your drivers, keeping them from showing any emotion and making them so scared of disciplinary action they run single-file, afraid to take any risks, or do you let the drivers be themselves, understanding all 43 of them signed on the dotted line to be a part of a sport they love?

I’d go with answer B, personally. And that’s why I think we need to move on from this incident. No one would be talking about it to this degree if the cars didn’t flip. Yes, Carl was 156 laps down. Yes, he could have done his payback more tactfully. But it’s not like Brad is guiltless through the years, either. Note Montoya’s public comments, and I know of several drivers who have stated off the record they feel the same way.

I like Carl. I like Brad. They’re both great people. Like a sad parent, I hate that they’re fighting. But I also feel like you can’t take the “race” out of the “racer.” Suspending Carl would be equivalent to doing that for not just him but 42 other drivers who now have to wonder where to draw the line when competing against others on the race track. And isn’t that mentality one we want to get rid of?

So let’s all say a prayer nothing bad happened, chalk this up as a racing deal and move on. And I just have a feeling these two will figure out their differences over the next couple of weeks. Because when you’re two grown-ups, sometimes you don’t need Big Brother to work everything out.

By NASCAR’s actions the beginning of the year, they seemed to indicate they understood that. Let’s just hope they follow through.

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Brother Bear
03/08/2010 05:00 AM

Spot on and well said!

03/08/2010 05:24 AM

I have no problem with hard racing and beating and banging. But what Carl did was stupid and he should be punished for it. You cant’ justify what he did on the track after wrecking himself.

03/08/2010 06:00 AM

BK’s crew should have went down and kicked the SH!& out of the 99 crew, if Carl is going to run and hide. What a $#%^head. I will hate Carl as a person and a driver for eternity now. Park him for the next race. I figured BK might be dead when I first saw his car rolling to a stop.

03/08/2010 06:18 AM

Carl might want to switch to wearing some darker gloves in the future. Those white ones really made it clear how intentional his wrecking of Keselowski was. :)

With NASCAR’s yet to be proven new stance of “let the boys be boys” to put it simply, I really don’t know how I would rule on this case. The fact that his actions led to the melee of the restart should also be factored in too.

I really don’t like Carl to begin with, but NASCAR kinda got thrown the worst case scenario for the first test of what actions they’ll take against a driver for crap like Carl pulled. So I’ll wait and see. My guess… $200k/200 points because NASCAR never lives up to what it says it is going to do.

One of issue that has bugged me for years is allowing cars to stay on the track that are more the X number of laps down. When the number of laps downs is large, like 155 for Carl, it is easy to tell when they can’t pick up any more positions and should be pulled off the track. Each track is unique in the number of laps down where it would be hard to pull someone from the track. 10 laps down at ‘Dega with 10 to go wouldn’t be a problem, while at Bristol it would be. But I really think they should get these 10+ lap down cars off the track as soon as they can.

Bill B
03/08/2010 07:23 AM

If NASCAR penalizes Carl then all the drivers will be left wondering where the line is. If NASCAR doesn’t penalize Carl then the message is “do what thou will”. Both options have their downside.

03/08/2010 07:42 AM

NASCAR is making a huge mistake by not sitting Edwards out for at the very least the rest of the season. And if Roush doesn’t fire him NOW, then it just proves what I’ve said all along that Roush is a stupid jerk! Edwards biggest problem, other than he’s a brainless moron, is that Keselowski is 10 times the driver he is! If he’s that jealous, then get him off the track and out of NASCAR (at ALL levels) permanently, and do it now! And while they at at it, get the entire Roush organisation out of NASCAR too! The less the other drivers and teams have to deal with these two morons (Roush AND Edwards), the better off NASCAR wil be!

Mike In NH
03/08/2010 07:42 AM

I don’t think Carl meant for BK to take a flying ride like that, he just wanted to spin him, but the wing sealed the deal on what happened. The wing is going away, so that should theoretically reduce these flyaway flips when the cars get backwards. You can’t tell the drivers to have at it, then when one does, go nuts penalizing him. Parking him the last three laps was enough (lets face it, whens the last time even that happened? Not for awhile, it doesn’t happen often).

Let the drivers police themselves. Maybe if BK realizes that other drivers are willing to risk HIS life to retaliate when BK takes them out, he’ll cool his jets a bit and think about whether he really wants to get into that other driver. And maybe Carl will remember the risks now that he’s seen what can happen when he retaliates. I think this incident taught each of them something they won’t forget.

It’s like being a parent – kids don’t get some lessons until they learn them for themselves.

I will admit that I found BK’s calling for NASCAR to retaliate was a little like a bully running to the teacher to cry about getting beat up after another kid serves him up a dose of what he’d been shoveling.

03/08/2010 07:44 AM

Let the boys be boys…Nascrap put the wing on the cars….95% chance with a spoiler the car wouldn’t have gone airbone! that is nascrap’s fault. Now all you Carl haters, the reason those coward drivers of yours don’t go see Carl or his crew is that they would leave much the worse for wear!!All those who watch the sissy boy drivers will have to learn to live with it!! It goes on every week at tracks all around this country!!

03/08/2010 07:48 AM

I’ll just say in Hockey you can fight if you want to send a message but if you “attempt to injure” typically you get kicked out of the game and suspended.

Ed - GA
03/08/2010 08:37 AM

I was pretty much a Carl Edwards fan until yesterday. The original incident was Edward’s fault as much as it was Keselowski’s. Edwards should be fined and suspended. He not only intentionally tried to hurt Keselowsk. He also endangered the fans. Any other sport would do it. Brittany Grimes from Baylor was suspended for cold cocking an opposing player. This was no different.

03/08/2010 08:45 AM

I can’t decide which response is dumber , Carls or yours . IT DOESN“T MATTER WHICH TRACK CARL RETALIATES AT ! Let me clue you in on something Tom , as important as Brads safety was , the fans safety was also a very big concern . You might remember Bobby Allison at Talladega almost getting into the stands , same with Edwards . Turning Brad around at Martinsville , or Bristol , or anywhere you’re not traveling 185 MPH would obviously be a lot better idea .

Mike In NH
03/08/2010 08:54 AM

I’m taking a lot of the Carl hater comments with a grain of salt, because I suspect that a lot of them are also Junior fans whose allegiance to Junior has spread to BK since he was driving for Junior up to last year – a lot of the comments sound a lot like what the Junior fans sound like whenever someone messes with THEIR driver.

johnnie jimson
03/08/2010 08:58 AM

Spoken like a true bully. You and horsehead need to lay off the roids. So your answer is whomever is the biggest bully should win. What a wanker.
Horsehead should be punished just like a pitcher that intentionally beans a batter.

03/08/2010 09:13 AM

Heh .. NA$CAR can’t have it both ways, they HAVE to let this lie for now. ‘Intention’ is hard to prove and on a racetrack anything can happen to cause trouble, especially with these idiotic COTs. (The WING is dead, long live the WING but good riddence !!)
Maybe Crazy Carl managed to land on his head practicing one of his backflips and went off for a minute. On the other side, Brad K is a ‘throw-back’ racer and races hard all the time, you can’t fault that, it’s what this sport was built on.
Remember what Cale used to say .. “he crashed me .. so I crashed him back”. So .. I say let the guys handle it themselves. NA$CAR doesn’t need to backslide back into legislating whether or not these guys are driving ‘agressively’ or not.
This is the lifestyle they chose.
Optinions always Welcome. 8^)

03/08/2010 09:36 AM

First let me say I am a JR fan, but Brad got the big head driving for JR> his ego was way over sized. Now he thinks he knows it all. Finally someone put him in his real place!!! Hope he has enough sense to stay there. He may not get off so easy the next time. JR needed to teach Brad some track manners, He got what he deserved!

03/08/2010 10:10 AM

How many race fans thought that Dale Sr. was too aggressive? How many think just the opposite? Paybacks have been a part of racing seance the first race ever run, even before NASCAR, and they will always be a part of the sport. Today’s newer race fans have no idea of what true racing is about, they are too “politically correct” to understand what goes through the mind of a driver that has been sent into the wall by someone. What goes through their mind is “payback”. No driver wants to turn another driver upside down. That happened because of the design of the rear spoiler catching the air. That is not the fault of any driver. Paybacks are going to be a part of the sport just like they are going to be in any other sport. NASCAR, at the beginning of the year, said that they were letting the drivers be drivers. I expect a fine and probation for Carl, mainly because of his driving the wrong way on pit road in defiance to being parked, but for the incident involving Brad, if they do anything more than the fine they are cutting their own nose to spite their own face.

03/08/2010 10:11 AM

Perhaps I’m a bit biased, since being a Harvick fan, my driver got parked for taking someone out… in a truck race at Martinsville going 60 mph in a turn. For consistency’s sake, Edwards should be parked.

However, I have another reason for not parking him: it would make Carl look like a hero. Let’s face it, Kes isn’t a popular driver, and there’s probably people out there who think anyone who spins the kid deserves a medal. The last thing anyone needs is fans with “Free Carl” signs at the next track.

Besides, let’s face it: NASCAR can’t penalize Carl so it hurts anyway. Fining a guy with millions and taking points away from somebody who isn’t going to win the Championship anyway don’t send a message. The only appropriate penalty here would be for Carl to go down to the Penske shop (without bodyguards or handlers or anything) and apologize individually to everyone on the #12 team. Which he should do anyway.

03/08/2010 10:11 AM

First off, I did not see the race yesterday, but when I heard that “Big-Head Brad” got dumped, my thought was that he got what he deserved. But upon seeing what happened and that Edwards was involved, I do not condone what Carl did, and I thought Carl used very poor judgement. Then I prepared for all those Edwards haters, and I am guessing this is about 99% of NASCAR fans right now (Pun with the 99% intentional), to call for Edwards to be kicked out of NASCAR forever! Hmmmm! I thought that Brad should of had his Talladega win pulled for the same reason. And Tony’s win at Daytona last July! I’m wondering if, had the roles been reversed and it was Keselowski turning Edwards, would you all be making the same comments? Or if it had of been any other driver who turned Kelelowski (Denny Hamlin comes to mind), would you be launching your attacks on that driver? I think not!

03/08/2010 10:17 AM

It is pure luck that BK did not get seriously hurt on that wreck.

Luckily the car was far enough from the wall when the end over started.

BKs front left tire and fender hit the top of the wall first eating some of the shock then hitting the A pillar.

If the car was closer to the wall during the rotation it would have been A pillar first and that might have been the end of BK.

That was a close one.

George near Fontucky
03/08/2010 11:42 AM

Brad got what was coming to him. He wrecks way too many people. The worst thing that happened to this kid was driving for JR motorsports. Why? No matter how he performed on the track, JR Nation at large was cheering like hell for him because he was driving the 88. When he was winning races by virtue of his good equipment, I get that. But when he was wrecking people (not just Hamlin, Edwards, or Busch), they were still cheering his ass. That inflated his ego, and suddenly, he thought he was all that. Carl’s stock just went up in my book.

03/08/2010 11:45 AM

Carl more or less admitted during his post-race interview that he wrecked Brad on purpose . I say park him for a race and see if his attitude improves!

03/08/2010 12:03 PM

The statement from NASCAR “let the boys be boys” does not apply to a driver coming out of the garage onto the track over 100 laps down to intentionally wreck another driver. I fully expect at least a 6-figure fine, point deductions, and personal apologies.

03/08/2010 12:11 PM

Well said. A little dip into Carl’s wallet and an up close and personal chat is all that is needed…for now. In the mean time just let ‘em race.

03/08/2010 12:13 PM

I used to race and my rule was always if you wreck me 1X, I’ll turn around a wreck you 2X or atleast 2x as bad. So I guess if I was Brad, Carl could expect a waded up car at Bristol & Martinsville.

03/08/2010 12:16 PM

The more I think about it, the more I think NASCAR should park him.

Everyone knows that these new cars tend to flip over a heck of a lot easier than they should when they get turned around at speed. And they were racing at NASCAR’s fastest track.

So knowing that makes Edwards’ actions all that more dangerous, especially to the fans. Carl should have waited until after the race and confronted Keselowski then. No one would be saying “park him” if he threw a few punches after the race.

03/08/2010 12:46 PM

Some of you people need to give your head a shake. What if brad had been killed, or the car had gone in the stands, what would you have given carl for a penalty? Watch the video, it was close. That incident wasn’t about racing, it was stupidity.

03/08/2010 12:46 PM

As a Carl Edwards fan, I was deeply dissapointed, to watch him take such a cheap shot. Being a hundred and fifty some laps down and blatantly and intentionaly wrecking a driver, who was, at the time, running in the top ten, he deserves to be suspended, for one race, as was Kevin Harvick a few years ago. If NASCAR does not nip such a blatant practice, in the bud, where will it end? I believe in self-policing, but Carl Edwards crossed the line.

03/08/2010 12:58 PM

I think what Keselowski got yesterday was a much-needed reality check. I used to like him a lot more, but his ego has gotten way overblown. I don’t condone what Carl did, but I hope something good can come from this—that Keselowski’s ego can be trimmed down a bit and that would be good for everyone in the Cup series.

Everyone makes mistakes and bad decisions in the heat of the moment. NASCAR drivers are human beings just like the rest of us. We all know Carl didn’t intend for Brad to go airborne, so let’s not judge Carl himself based on one split-second decision that I am certain he now wishes had turned out differently.

Let’s also remember that history is a factor. If yesterday’s incident had been the only time those two had gotten together on the track, Carl would have looked at it just as a “racing deal” and moved on. But we all know that Brad has had his share of run-ins with Carl and other drivers, and that history led to the payback more than the single incident early in this race.

My opinion: Carl should get a minor penalty of money and/or points. NASCAR does need to take this opportunity to remind drivers that safety of both other drivers and fans is important and should be taken into consideration when considering payback. But I think that is all they should do. Given the severity of the incident, I truly believe that these two drivers will somehow work things out on their own.

Kevin in SoCal
03/08/2010 01:07 PM

Carl should have known better, and tried to wreck Brad on the backstretch away from the grandstands and fans.

That said, I’d fine him $50k (sent to Victory Junction Camp) and 50 points for driving the wrong way on pit road, and probation till the end of the year.

03/08/2010 01:17 PM

The biggest problem I have with this is that it dramatically affected the end of the race. NA$CAR dodged a bullet because Kurt was able to pull out the win but what if he hadn’t? If there wasn’t two restarts, how many other cars would have had better days? That the real issue in my mind.

03/08/2010 01:19 PM

If you look at how Carl spun BK, he was just trying to send him through the grass. If he wanted to “hurt” him, as some of you think, he would have nudged him the other way which would have sent him into the wall. Carl could have went “Spencer” on BK. It calmed Kurt Busch down. His mouth got him decked.
Besides, how did a beat up car catch a top 5 or top 10 running car to be able to spin him?

03/08/2010 01:26 PM

BK got what he deserved. CE did what everyone else has wanted to do for a long time…he wrecked him. im sure he didnt mean to make him airborne but that really was a wing issue. they will fine CE monetarily but not park him..if they park him, they will be shootin themselves in the foot. this “drama” brings excitement to the sport and more ppl will watch to see what CE/BK will do…

03/08/2010 01:33 PM

I know I’m going to sound like a BK fan here, which I’m not, but I can’t see how this is his fault. Looking at the original incident, Carl turned down into Brad. Why is that Brad’s fault? Carl’s spotter should have told him he didn’t have room. Why should BK lift to let Edwards in and get passed by 2-3 cars in the process? Same at Talladega last year. Carl was blocking and turned down into Brad. Brad is racing hard all the time. Isn’t that what we want?

03/08/2010 01:40 PM

I just knew Tom would see nothing wrong with Carl’s retailation. ‘It’s all part of the danger of racing, you need let the drivers show emotion,etc., etc.’
I got news for you Tom — when it’s that blatant and it is at that high of a speed that is just plain stupidity. As the old saying there is a time and place for everything.
I wonder if you and Carl would feel the same way if BK or a fan was killed? Maybe a charge of manslaughter would give you pause.

NASCAR said to have it, but I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything goes. The response should be 200 points (one race) and at least $200,000 (one race’s winnings).

If Carl wanted to bump him after the race, swipe his side during the race, punch him after the race it would be more acceptable.

Also, Danny Hamlin should have been penalized last year for the Homestead incident with BK. At least he had the balls to owe it. Carl’s response after the race in interviews and on his facebook were nothing short of rationalization of a poor decision. He should man up and just say “I stepped over the line, apologize, and accept whatever punishment NASCAR feels appropriate.” Then I’d respect him again.

As for BK I have thought he has handled both the Hamlin and Edwards conflicts with class. I see him as a hard driver, not a dirty driver. That gets respect in my book any day.

03/08/2010 01:50 PM

What Carl Edwards did is unacceptable. There is no ‘boys will be boys’. This drama stuff is bull. Let’s start flipping everyone over at Talladega and Daytona every time someone is mad at another driver. Carl Edwards has some serious anger built inside him and it exploded on Sunday. Another car could have come along and hit Keselowski. Would that have been okay that they were involved in a accident created by a stupid feud too?

When Allison and Yarborough had there famous incident at Daytona in ’79 they wrecked again at the next race. Other racers came up to them and told them that the stupidity had to stop. Edwards and Keselowski should not continue ‘feuding’ as it is not good for the sport for a driver to be eventually killed by these unacceptable and dangerous moves. This fake ‘macho’ activity is ridiculous.

Carl Edward as a racer and human being should have better sense than spin someone out at 190 mph. He should no how easy it is to flip over a car with the rear wing. There should be consequences and penalties to his actions. I would have felt this strongly about Edwards if he would have spun and flipped other drivers like Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr., Joe Nemecheck etc.

There is no excuse for his animal like behavior. Edwards helped ruin the finish of the race and he was over 150 laps down! He wrecked a car that was in the top 10! More cars were involved in a wreck after the caution he helped bring out. Millions of dollars down the drain. And instead of talking about a great finish that could have been between Busch and Montoya people talk about the stupid move by Edwards.

03/08/2010 02:26 PM

Unfortunately this seems to be Carl’s MO. After a race, he left his pit, went onto the track and slammed into Dale Jr’s car while he had his hand dangling out of his car on the cool-down lap. Then he went to VL and grabbed Jr by his firesuit and had his fist doubled up. Next, after a race he grabbed Matt Kenseth by his shirt while being interviewed, pulled back his fist like he was going to hit him, then smirked as he walked away. Next after taking 10-12 cars out at Dega, he goes into Kevin’s garage and grabs him in a choke hold and tries to punch him until he was restrained. Now he deliberately tries 3 times to hit Brad before being succesful. This wreck was just one more in the list of unreasonable actions Carl has taken. This man is unstable. He cannot control his rage or his actions. If Nascar does not take adequate action, he will eventually hurt or kill a driver or fan in the stands. He is out of control.

03/08/2010 03:22 PM

Forget the rivalry, forget the drivers involved, forget the violent nature of the crash. Bottom line: It is absolutely inexcusable, under any circumstances, for a car that is 150-plus laps down to intentionally wreck a car racing for a top 5 finish with less than 5 laps left. Based on that ALONE, Edwards is more than deserving of a lengthy suspension. He broke just about everything in the book of racing etiquette with that move. And even if Keselowski doesn’t retaliate, someone else will, because that wreck, caution, and subsequent restart/pileup totally ruined the race for a bunch of other drivers.

Edwards will be the least popular driver in the garage if he’s at the track next week.

03/08/2010 03:32 PM

Carl causes wreck with Brad at Talledega.
Carl causes wreck #1 with Brad at Atlanta.
Carl takes out Brad at Atlanta.
Carl shouldn’t be suspended? Boy, do I feel stupid. I guess I should have paid better attention in my Logic classes at college.

No Spin
03/08/2010 03:54 PM


NASCAR is making a huge mistake by not sitting Edwards out for at the very least the rest of the season. And if Roush doesn’t fire him NOW, then it just proves what I’ve said all along that Roush is a stupid jerk! Edwards biggest problem, other than he’s a brainless moron, is that Keselowski is 10 times the driver he is! If he’s that jealous, then get him off the track and out of NASCAR (at ALL levels) permanently, and do it now! And while they at at it, get the entire Roush organisation out of NASCAR too! The less the other drivers and teams have to deal with these two morons (Roush AND Edwards), the better off NASCAR wil be!”

03/08/2010 04:15 PM

Look at the first incident, then look at the front of Brad’s car after. No damage on the fender, no damage on the right side, all the damage is on the NOSE. No way Carl came down on him, so… payback is a b**ch, although maybe a little too obvious.

03/08/2010 04:20 PM

Mr. Bowles.. A blatant error Carl made was he didn’t apologize AT ALL for the incident..not to NASCAR, the teams involved, his sponsors, the drivers, the TV fans..or most importantly the fans in the stands where impact occurred. That would have gone a little ways in defusing this incident. BUT, instead Carl spoke with the media all the while having a little smirk on his face..looking like he wanted to burst out laughing. I could care less about the petty feud between the two of them…but when a driver takes a wounded car around the track for 150+ laps and while riding around he plots his revenge…plays it apologies..and posts his lists of reasons on his Facebook…it makes me wonder about that driver. It makes me more then wonder…it is downright scary, creepy, and has me wondering if Carl is playing with a full deck. We have all seen his temper at work..with Stewart, Kenseth, Earnhardt and several other drivers. What should they do with him? Well maybe some “anger management therapy” would help…or maybe he should buy his own seems to have helped another hothead…I just hope it happens before something bigger happens. We all have our demons..and Carl’s seem to be edging ever closer to the surface.

03/08/2010 05:25 PM

No Spin, your name is as much CRAP as Bill O’Riely saying he is a no spin zone. You don’t like Carl of Roush. Well too bad. Some of us DO!! BK needs to grow up and stop starting fights he can’t win. I am glad he was not hurt and of course I am glad no fans were hurt. But did he care about Carl or the fans last year? Jack is not going to fire a driver who won nine races in one season two years ago. Carl had no intention of BK taking that ride, but he did hit him. Nascar should fine Carl and tell both Carl and BK that if they have anymore suspitious run ins then they both sit out a race. I am not thrilled with the result of Carl hitting Brad but I am a Ford racing fan and I have gotten sick of other makes drivers pushing our guys around.(Mark Martin would never be agressive enough) Well I guess we aren’t going to take it anymore.

03/08/2010 06:29 PM

I only hope that Edwards is running for the championship at the end of the season, BK is out of it, and it’s payback time for pinhead Carl.

03/08/2010 06:53 PM

I wonder if Carl has learned that he may choose his actions, but not the consequences? (I meant to shoot him, but not kill him.) Would he feel as smug if someone in the stands had been hurt by debris? If Brad had been injured? Nascar did mention that ‘have at it boys’ wasn’t a get out of jail free card. I’m not saying that BK hasn’t caused some wrecks…but so has Carl. I think an appropriate consequence would be to make Carl pay Penske for the car…body, engine, everything…out of his own pocket. Then Nascar should sit him out for a race or two, or make him take an anger management course. Didn’t they have Tony stewart do that before?

Carl D.
03/08/2010 07:12 PM

Anyone who claims that the people defending Brad Keselowski are only doing so because they are Junior fans is just plain ignorant. I’m a fan of BK’s because he drives like Junior’s dad and not like Junior.

M.B. Voelker
03/08/2010 07:12 PM

Anyone who follows ALL of Nascar’s top series rather than just Cup knows that Kes is a reckless, rough driver who has had something like this coming for a looooong time. Welcome to the wonderful world of consequences, Brad. Try to learn something from your visit.

That said, Carl picked the wrong time and wrong place to introduce Kes to the concept that every action sparks a reaction. Big, fast tracks like Atlanta are too dangerous for that sort of stuff.

Nascar’s between a rock and a hard place with this one and I wouldn’t want to have to make that decision. Technically Carl is the aggressor but Kes is like that kid who used to kick you under the desk so that the teacher would punish you for fidgeting. Nascar’s response should be firm about the unacceptable nature of intentional wrecking at high-speed tracks while bearing in mind that Kes deserves to secure sponsorship from Maytag and Whirlpool both for Bristol and Martinsville.

03/08/2010 07:46 PM

LOL,Good Lord,Why say you are sorry if you are not?Why lie about it?Just more P.C.crap!Oh,I’m sorry!NOT!!!

03/08/2010 07:52 PM

The only driver I’m going to mention is Mark Martin. I’m a fan back to ASA and he is regarded as one of the most respected drivers. BUT…If my driver did the same thing I would be in total agreement to fine him and take points heavily and park him for a race.
The reason is this. It’s one thing to do a little sumtin’, sumtin’, in retaliation in the corner or after the race. That’s always been a part of racing and I think it’s what NA$CAR had in mind when the took the cuffs off of the drivers. But if a driver’s anger results in endangering fans, pit crew, or other drivers then it is blatantly unacceptable. NA$CAR should be able to penalize heavily in this situation without it meaning they’re going “back” on the original intent. There must be a message sent that there is a limit otherwise NA$CAR stands to look like the usual buffoons.

03/08/2010 08:13 PM

This From Kyle Petty – I like the pair of balls comment.
Kyle Petty: “No. His fingerprints are all over this. He can’t wear anygloves. Let me tell you something and I started to say it before. If this is our sport and we depend on NASCAR and we want to put on the best show for the fans, we’re in this together. This is a black eye on the media. This is a black eye on NASCAR. This is a black eye on the competitors. This is a black eye on everybody. I don’t care. This is wrong. This was a blatant, flagrant foul and he ought to be parked. He shouldn’t show up at Bristol and that’s just my opinion. Brad Keselowski said the ball’s in NASCAR’s court. We’re going to see if they’ve got a pair now. I’m just throwing that out there. They need to park him and send him home.”

03/08/2010 08:37 PM

Nascar can’t sit Edwards because now they have a great possibility to increase their somewhat poor TV ratings (however,Atlanta rating was up from last year) having this rivalry. Yes, it’s about money.
Thank God Keselowski or a fan wasn’t hurt. Even Carl didn’t want that. What’s done is done. I agree that if the car didn’t get air-born no one would be talking about this matter to this degree. Fine and probation. I’m a Mark Martin fan but I wouldn’t want to watch 43 Mark Martins racing every week.

03/08/2010 08:56 PM

If I was BK and they do not suspend Carl the only thing you could be sure about is at the drivers meeting at Bristol I would warn all the other drivers and I would tell Carl to his face that he will be wrecked a few times this season and he can kiss any chance of winning a championship this season goodbye because I’m gonna see to it.

03/08/2010 10:06 PM


03/08/2010 11:36 PM

Forget about a penalty for Carl.
The owners and drivers will police themselves like back in the old days.
The owners will clamp down on the drivers and tell them to quit wrecking their cars for revenge. If NASCAR backs up their mouth and let`s em “have at it” everything will be fine.
I think a Jimmy Spencer type nose re-alignment on Brad would go a long way to fix that boy.

03/09/2010 12:24 AM

Carl could have hurt fans or worse killed someone. He’s not sorry he did it and what I saw of the first wreck It was him who came down on Brad. He took a race car and in anger triggered what could easily been much worse. This is not the first time he’s done something this stupid. Didn’t he crash into Dale Jr.‘s driver side during a caution while Jr had his hand out the window near the window net? He is totally out of control. I’d like to see about 6 race vacation and oh say $500,000 fine. That would get his attention.

Mike In NH
03/09/2010 07:58 AM

NASCAR has let Brad wreck dozens of other drivers in NW and SC and has not come down on him (aside from a minor talking to once that didn’t do anything). So was Carl supposed to assume they’d say something this time, especially after the “have at it” speech”? Of course not.

NASCAR clearly gave the signal to Carl and the others: you’ll need to take care of this. NASCAR has set the stage for this, and there should be no shock this happened. NASCAR, Brad, and Carl all share the blame for this incident.

Another thought: why is it you don’t see other drivers messing with Carl? Because they’ve learned not to from past experience. They may not like him in the garage, but they don’t mess with him, either. The difference between him and Dale Senior is that Senior wore the Intimidator suit with pride, whereas Carl masks his in his nice guy persona. If he walked around like a gunslinger instead, nobody would be shocked by this.

The fans wanted racing like it used to be. Well I’m guessing a lot of fans have forgotten what racing used to be like. Here it is. Have at it.

I respect Kyle Petty a great deal for what he’s done with VJ, and as a member of the Petty family, but this is one of those times I have to disagree with him – how’s this a black eye on the media exactly? Or the other competitors?

03/09/2010 08:21 AM

Had one second to decide????? What about the lap before when Carl tryed and missed? I lost a lot of respect for Carl Edwards when he went to punch Matt Kenseth, he has a problem. Park him!!!

03/09/2010 11:22 AM

I agree Tom, but its more like Edwards had 150 LAPS to plan his revenge.
THAT is premeditated if there ever was any pre meditating.

Blatant disregard for anyone else but himself and REVENGE!

Can you even imagine.. this guy is a deputy sherriff as well? Wow! Carl Edwards with power to tell you what to do, a badge, and a gun..remind me NEVER to drive in MO. I might do something to inadvertantly PO Mr. Ed and then who knows whjat will happen. Ill probabaly get the pit manuever, handcuffed and then shot!

The guy needs seriuos help! Sybil comes to mind with Crazy Carls split personality.

03/09/2010 10:57 PM

nascar couldnt do anything to carl because of the statements they made at the beginning of the year dont really agree with how carl handled but he did it and its over now no one got hurt so we cant keep saying what if what we need to look at is that nascar for a change has stuck to their word (let the boys be boys )of course right now with the way attendance(did anyone else notice all the empty seats at atlanta ) and tv viewership is going nascar would do anything to boost their game so if anyone is going to blame anyone it needs to be nascar

03/09/2010 11:36 PM

Most drunk drivers don’t mean to kill people when they drive drunk but they do. I’m all for the drivers policing themselves, but it needs to be done so not to put the fans in danger. spin the guy on a caution lap or leaving the pits hell kick his ass in the garage if you want but turning another car at 190mph in front of the grandstands is just stupid and that is what Carl should be punished for.


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