The Frontstretch: Did You Notice? ... The Cost of Sacrificing A Sport Through One Man by Thomas Bowles -- Wednesday July 21, 2010

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Did You Notice? … The selective way in which fans worry about driver aggression? I’ve been bombarded since Saturday night with emails over the Carl – Brad incident, to the point they make Dale Jr. look like a boy scout on the corner holding a giant No. 3 sign that says “Pay Attention To Me.” Through it all, the majority point the finger at Carl, notably upset at his actions considering Brad Keselowski is about as popular as the BP execs, LeBron in Cleveland, and Tiger Woods at a feminist rally … combined. For fans to turn aside their own hatred, turning a man who was once NASCAR’s Most Despised into an innocent victim shows their utter disgust for how Edwards conducted the final five seconds of the race.

In the end, the fans’ opinion is supposedly what shapes the future of the sport. At 70 percent Team Brad, 30 percent Team Carl, you wonder if that’s going to force NASCAR to act in an era where the Fan Council is gaining more power at the bargaining table than Mike Helton. The chances of a fine and suspension in my view have clearly risen the past 24 hours because of you.

But at the same time, that’s what worries me. Because as much as the sport wouldn’t be here without their support, I don’t know if the fans have NASCAR’s best long-term interest in mind with this one. They’re acting out of passionate anger … but sometimes, acting with your heart clouds a decision you should be sitting back and making with your head.

Why? Because the number one argument in fans’ arsenal centers around one thing: danger. I’ve read more emails in the last few days claiming one driver was attempting to kill another than I have in my entire five-year career as a NASCAR professional. Reading some of them, you’d almost think people have called their local police to have Edwards arrested for murder.

Yes, the bump Edwards made on Keselowski was on his right rear corner, the type of contact that hooks a car into the wall in a maneuver most people claim leave the victim defenseless. Yes, the move was made at a higher-speed portion of the racetrack that puts everyone at greater risk.

But murder? You’re accusing Carl Edwards of attempted murder? I’m sorry, boys and girls, but your memory must be short-circuiting. Because if NASCAR contact produced attempted murder, there’d be a whole lot of drivers in jail over the dozens of drivers tragically lost through the years. Just like there’d be a whole lot of boxers in jail for one fateful punch, a whole lot of football players for one ugly, paralyzing tackle … the list goes on and on.

You see, it doesn’t matter whether Edwards slams into the right rear corner of someone down the straightaway, or Jeff Gordon lightly taps Martin Truex going into the slowest turn on the circuit in Infineon. Contact is contact, and the second you change a stock car’s trajectory at as slow as 35 miles an hour it can turn tragic. Sure, the chances Truex’s turn 11 spin taking a turn for the worse was 0.0001 percent compared to Keselowski. But the bottom line is, the risk was there.

So let’s switch up this situation a bit. What if Kurt Busch’s nudge for the lead on Jimmie Johnson went a little too far at New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago? What if that small nudge caused Johnson to spin around, third-place Tony Stewart slams into Johnson at the wrong trajectory, and the four-time champ ends up hurt or worse? Should Busch be fined and suspended for going for the lead? Should he be jailed for 1st-degree assault?

The bottom line is in that situation, Busch and Johnson’s contact was universally accepted because both were trying to achieve the goal they were hired for: win the damn race. Not run for points or park after 50 laps – that’s been working really well to build our fan base, right? – but do the very thing that forms the concept of why they compete in the first place. So why is it not the same thing here? Because of the severity of the impact? That should make no difference, because the risk was still in play. Edwards never said he wanted to physically hurt Keselowski … he was trying to win the race. There’s a difference.

Remember Dale Earnhardt’s death in 2001? Let’s not forget that didn’t result from the type of contact we saw on Saturday night. It came from the slightest touch between he and Sterling Marlin, two cars battling for position where Earnhardt’s crash looked half as ugly as the one we saw with Keselowski. But it was a tragic, tragic reminder that the second we bump fenders in this sport, death’s door could be waiting on the other end. It’s been the ugly part of racing since day one, and simple laws of physics tell us we’ll never completely erase it.

Speaking of Earnhardt, remember his wreck with Terry Labonte in 1999? In that wreck, the Intimidator spun Labonte out on the final lap, robbing him of a victory while sending him smack into harm’s way, in front of six or seven cars that slammed right into the No. 5. Earnhardt could very easily have gotten someone killed in that wreck, with boos showering down from the grandstand. Yet I don’t remember a fine or suspension issued by NASCAR; instead, while fans were upset with what they thought was a dirty move, they universally understood physical contact is part of the sport the same way punching someone is a part of boxing. Just like two men that enter that ring, everyone knows the inherent risk they take the second the bell – in this case, the green flag – lets them loose.

So why is everyone on their high horse now? I know three deaths in the last 11 years have a way of changing perspective, but with tragedy possible around every turn, how is that more or less relevant over this incident compared to any other? I think fans worried about safety should be asking themselves a different question: do they want a NASCAR where there’s never any rubbing of fenders, ever?

Because that’s the message these fans – and drivers – complaining about what Carl did are sending to me. Yeah, that’s right, even those Cup veterans bitching about this incident would be put between a rock and a hard place if NASCAR suspended Carl. Despite this incident’s severity, suddenly, “Have at it, boys” would be out the window, and we’d be back to the same type of gray area that caused Talladega to be a single-file parade over bumpdrafting fears. Once again, contact would become a judgment call, a gray area over what’s acceptable and what’s not. And when drivers are trying to win the race, suddenly the possibility of being penalized will mentally creep back in the back of their heads when trying to make the type of physical maneuvers that typically leave no one wrecked – just a whole lot of cheering fans and the type of water-cooler talk that left NASCAR a grassroots sensation.

Look, I understand Edwards isn’t the most popular guy. He’s clearly had his share of run-ins with several drivers, including people on his own team. But don’t let your anger over the individual overshadow the concept of whether contact is acceptable in this sport. Because a vote for a serious Carl penalty is a vote that any type of physical contact no longer works; and folks, I’ve seen the attendance and reviews of what happens when we have a single-file parade with racing “clean.” That’s a sport whose future is unsustainable.

So just like in football, boxing, and other sports we need to take a deep breath and understand the inherent risks involved. Punishing Carl here isn’t going to keep another driver from dying in the future; it just won’t. So take a good look in the mirror, and envision this sport without any type of physical contact (I’m NOT talking about wrecking here; I’m just talking about two cars battling, trying to make the pass) and tell me if you find that worth watching. If you do, great! But I think you’re in the minority. Two cars passing each other five feet apart is something we see on the highway every day. But two cars bumping fenders and smoking tires, ala “Kurt Busch and Ricky Craven at Darlington several years ago”: is I think what the majority of fans really want. It’s two guys trying to win the race any way possible; and that comes with inherent risk. Whether tempers flare and a guy spins out, or if tempers don’t and accidental contact ensues could be the end of a life at any time.

The sooner everyone understands that, refraining from using Carl as a sacrifice so we feel like we’re preventing something that’s clearly unpreventable, the better. But I’m not optimistic.

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Did You Notice? … Not much space left this week, so just a few quick hits after that long rant…

- Why is it that Cup drivers seem to have more fun racing during their off week, when they’re not in a stock car, then on Sundays? Let’s put it this way: NFL players don’t have more fun when they’re busy playing a playground flag football game on the side. That’s a red flag if I ever saw one.

- Mark Martin’s last five finishes at Indianapolis: 7th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 2nd. He’s done that with four different teams, in almost every type of circumstance imaginable: from being on the edges of the Chase bubble in ’05, to a bankruptcy / merger announcement the weekend of the race with Bobby Ginn in ’07, to a runner-up finish after winning the pole in his career year of ’09. So if he doesn’t score a top 10 at Indy, folks … man, maybe we should be concerned about him missing the Chase after all.

- I see about 12 start-and-parkers listed for the Nationwide ORP race on Saturday night. And that’s a short track! I’m beginning to shudder at what the numbers could be like come September and October, as there are another four or five teams that are clearly running on fumes with money.

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Tom Bailey
07/21/2010 04:19 AM

I’m sorry, but how can you consider Brad K to be as popular as LeBron in Cleveland? He’s a multiple time MPD winnner! He’s Dale, Jr.‘s boy! Brad is very well liked, if for nothing more than the fact that he used to drive for JR Motorsports

07/21/2010 06:42 AM

Tom have you gotten so THIN SKINNED that you now delete opinions that do not agree with you? I posted at approx 2-2:30am and it is no where to be found.

07/21/2010 07:41 AM

Once, again, I think you are right on the money, with your comments, Tom. Let them race. I will be totally disappointed in NASCAR, if they penalize Carl for actually “racing” in a race.
I agree 100% with your article!

07/21/2010 08:25 AM

Bringing Dale Earnhardt into every wreck reminds me of the liberals blaming Bush into every argument. That accident was long ago. Get over it.
Some guys know how to race. Some know how to bump and run, like Tony, and others know nothing except to wreck someone. Maybe driver’s training is needed.

Chuck Ellison
07/21/2010 08:27 AM

Your whole argument is based on a false premise… There is a difference between bumping someone in order to move them out of the way( even if you accidentally turn them in the process), and INTENTIONALLY WRECKING them out of anger! Edwards has no excuse because he admitted it was the latter….

07/21/2010 08:54 AM

God!, I just hate cry babies!! The man is right!! racin’ is dangerous, ANY driver who doesn’t “race to win” is not worth watching!! Go and hide behind your Mommie’s skirt and leave racin’ to the MEN. What’s that old saying: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!! Whine babies!!

07/21/2010 08:59 AM

Tom. If you cannot see the difference between bump and run vs. diliberately put someone in the wall, then you should change your line of work. You can change the names of the drivers and put them in that wreckage, yhr results would be the same. Don’t sugar coat this, damage could have been devastating to this sport all because of one selfcentered dumbass move.

07/21/2010 09:02 AM

Tom. If you cannot see the difference between bump and run vs. diliberately put someone in the wall, then you should change your line of work. You can change the names of the drivers and put them in that wreckage, the results would be the same. Don’t sugar coat this, damage could have been devastating to this sport all because of one selfcentered dumbass move.

07/21/2010 09:27 AM

Nascar should be able to tell if something is a bump and run, and what is right out revenge. Pentalizing Edwards, should not stop boys will be boys. People can tell the difference between a fist fight and assault.

07/21/2010 09:34 AM

Mr. Bowles..your argument is a good one..with one exception..Mr. Edward’s reputation, past antics, and temper. I get tired of the “Senior” comparisons to any and everything that happens on the track. This is NOW. Carl has a serious problem..he cannot see past “himself”. Now I know ALL drivers have tempers and anger issues at different times (i.e. we all remember Stewart’s issues) but the point being is they find a way to control it..but Carl has been out of control for a few years…(i.e. run ins with Stewart, Harvick, Junior, his own team mate Kenseth and now Brad), He doesn’t seem to be able to control himself on or OFF the track. There lies the problem. I truly don’t think you could find a handful of drivers who would have pulled that “stunt” on another driver … (yeah Brad got into him at Talladega..but Carl was as much a part of that situation as Brad..and at Atlanta Brad did slide into Carl early in the race..but it certainly didn’t look intentional or a payback) and if they did..they deserve and and everything they get back. I love racing..all the beating and banging and rubbing .. and yes I will admit I like a wreck here or there… but I cannot stand..nor will I be a part of a lunatics actions against another driver in the name of “a win”. Carl needs to seriously get a life….

07/21/2010 10:11 AM

I think the difference here is bumping vs wrecking. Bumping in NASCAR has been around forever and Carl hasn’t figure out the bump yet. He wrecks to win or to take out his agression on the race track. Brad ‘bumped’ Carl and Carl promptly ‘wrecked’ Brad.

I also believe Carl made things much worse with his post-race comments. His team deserved to win huh? I guess Brad’s team just didn’t work as hard cause if they did, then it gives him the right to wreck whoever gets in his way because his team ‘deserves’ to win.

Bottom line Carl needs watching. Rubbin is racing, wrecking ON PURPOSE is not.

07/21/2010 10:15 AM

I’ve been around a long time—worked for DiGard—long enough to know racing is a dangerous sport…

And we all know the risks.


There’s a vast difference between wrecking somebody (even when Earnhardt did it) and just a racing incident.

What Edwards did borders on the pathological and maybe even the psychotic.

The past is gone. We’re in TODAY’s world—even Nascar. And what happened saturday night can’t be tolerated. The sport is dangerous enough, but to allow DELIBERATE wrecking of another driver is to make a joke of the sport comparable to the WWE.

Edwards needs to be sat down, fined, and on probation so severe as to make him really think about his actions—even to seek out professional help for his obvious issues.

Bob McKinnon
07/21/2010 10:27 AM

This article does exactly what you say it does…takes up alot of space. When you have seasoned veterans stepping up to the plate to criticize the Edward’s win, how dare armchair drivers condone the reckless actions of a frustrated individual who endangered the lives of everyone behind on the track. Come on. Get real. Alot of things have changed in the past nine years to make the sport safer, but unltimately there is no need to push it to the limit and cross over a very fragile line…and condone it.

07/21/2010 10:32 AM

IF Carl would have “rubbed” Brad and won nobody would say a thing, but Carl doesn’t have that skill. He just wrecks everyone on the last lap because he wasn’t the fastest car. No wonder everyone is angry. He shouldnt get the points for that race.

Hey WCfan,

Not sure what you’re talking about with your comment … at 230 AM, everyone was sleeping! Really! I don’t know what the glitch was, but please post away …

Bette Geraud
07/21/2010 10:56 AM


07/21/2010 11:08 AM

Carl is my LEAST favorite driver, but I support NO PENALTY from NASCAR because the other drivers will handle him. They are the ones who have to deal with what is and is not acceptable on track. As Gordon said, alot more “self-policing” goes on than the public is aware of.

07/21/2010 11:23 AM

Well there you go. If it sells tickets, then by all means it must be ok. Aggressive driving versus revenge driving – why make any distinction??? Its all good as long as it helps NA$CAR make more money. Carl is generating big press for Nascar and they are loving it. Brad K is very aggressive and IMO that’s the way it should be. Carl E is proving to be a huge jackass.

07/21/2010 11:29 AM

When you take Carl Edwards’ body of work as a whole, you see that this isn’t one isolated incident. Go back years and you see a consistent pattern of “aww shucks” to the media, yet uncontrolled anger towards his competitors. We’re not talking about someone being overly aggressive here. We’re not even talking about payback of a nudge to the LR quarter-panel, resulting in a spin. We’re talking about him deliberately turning a guy into the wall head first, in front of the field. What other direction could a car hit in the right rear quarter panel go? The laws of physics apply to racecars too.

Taken by itself, OK, it was a one time thing, the guy was really angry, he won’t do it again, he understands he went too far. But, then for that arrogant fool to stand up in front of the world and say he did it deliberately, in a coldly calculated manner? That it was his, the Great Carl Edwards’ race, and no one was going to take it from him? (note to Carl – if you didn’t lead the most laps, it wasn’t your race) What are we supposed to think?

We think about him running into Junior’s car, narrowly missing his hand after a NW race didn’t go his way. We think about him attacking Matt Kenseth, while Matt was being interviewed. We think about him attacking Kevin Harvick in Harvick’s garage stall after Harvick walked away. We think about Atlanta, and his feigned shock about a car flipping, when he had inadvertently flipped the 88 NW car 3 weeks earlier at Daytona. We think about him running Kurt Busch into the wall at Daytona 2 weeks ago, and then confronting him in the garage. We think about a lot of things.

Most of all, we think that “have at it boys” was never intended to replace racing with deliberate wrecking – it takes no talent to do that. We think it’s gone far enough. We think that maybe next time that pompous jerk stands up there telling people that Brad or Tony or Jeff or Jimmie or Kevin or Kurt tried to take his rightful win, his speech may be unheard by a horrified crowd watching EMT’s work on a fan gravely injured by debris from a car Carl deliberately wrecked in a fit of pique.

We think.

07/21/2010 11:48 AM

Awesome Article!!! Spot on. If you want to watch a non contact sport, try bowling or golf. Both are about as much fun to watch as watching paint dry! Give me good hard racing or I wont bother watching!

07/21/2010 11:49 AM

“So just like in football, boxing, and other sports we need to take a deep breath and understand the inherent risks involved.”

YOUR WORDS, Tom. Yet even football and boxing, ESPECIALLY football and boxing, have rules for illegal hits and penalties that are actually enforced!

Part of the reason NFL football is the most popular sport in the U.S. is that it is both physical and it is officiated fairly. Blocking from behind – illegal. Head butting – illegal. Roughing the QB when he is in throwing position – illegal! Need I go on? There is an immediate penalty for an infraction on the field and there are further penalties for blatant or intentional cheap shots. Could anything be more intentional than Carl’s two hits on Brad this year? He admits himself he did it intentionally.

If NASCAR wants credibility, they have to start with penalizing Carl. They won’t have the balls to make it suspension that includes Cup racing, but at least take away his points in the Nationwide series!

Yeah, racin’ is racin’ and football involves hard hitting, but everybody knows when a line has been crossed. And I personally don’t like either driver, so I don’t even have a dog in this fight.

I would ask every member of the media who has defended Carl this week how much of that defense is due to Carl being one of your easy interviews, always grinning and sucking up. Isn’t your “Carl love” influencing your reactions to his actions on the track? What is the cost to YOUR credibility in selling out so easily for one man?

scott b
07/21/2010 12:39 PM

This is not about turning NASCAR into a non-contact sport, or even into F1.

If you want to see what defines “acceptable contact” in my mind, watch a replay or Ricky Craven and Kurt Busch trading paint on the closing laps of Darlington in 2003.

Saturday’s NW race could have been another highlight reel ending, had Edwards not spoiled it with his cheapshot deliberate takeout.

The risk of injury is not the only reason to consider penalties against Cousin Carl. Allowing someone to deliberately wreck a rival is not good from a competition standpoint, either, in the long run. Sure, it’s created a media sideshow this week, but once it becomes routine (and it will if it goes unchecked), how long will the fan interest be sustained?

Every sport has rules that require judgement calls. NASCAR needs to draw a line in the sand somewhere, and like a lot of fans, I’m thinking what I saw Saturday night was on the wrong side of that line.

07/21/2010 12:45 PM

DID YOU NOTICE THE COST OF SACRIFICING A SPORT THROUGH ONE MAN? I do believe you are giving us fans much to much credit Mr. Bowles…The fans are not responsible for what Edwards did on track, NASCAR is not responsible for the actions taken on track…and Brad isn’t responsible for what Carl did. If you really want to finish your headline you should have added…the “COST” being a life…and the “ONE MAN” costing us our sport.. Carl Edwards. The other drivers seem to get it…Mr. Edwards is still stuck in his own little world.

07/21/2010 01:32 PM

I posted this after the Atlanta Dust up, and it still applies:


Carl seems to have forgotten when he refused to give an inch to another driver back in 2004. He of all people should know better than to assume another driver is going to give you an inch. That incident was chalked up as a racing deal (it cost Dale Jr big time, but you never heard or saw a reaction like we have seen from Carl), just the same way Carl getting wrecked by Brad was just a racing deal.

Check the Common Denominator in these scenarios

Off Track
Carl Edwards goes after Dale Jr in Victory lane
Carl Edwards goes after Kevin Harvick in the garage
Carl Edwards goes after Matt Kenesth post race

On the Track
Carl leaves pit road during the cool down laps and slams into Dale Jr following a Nationwide win at Michigan, moments after Dale Jr had pulled his arm back in the window
Ran over Elliott Sadler to win a Nationwide Series race at Richmond
Wrecked half the field at Talladega because he cannot bump draft
Ran over Kyle Busch to win at Bristol
Spun out Tony Stewart (On pit road, once again endangering other people)

Brad has not done anything yet that ole Golly Gee Go Get Em Carl Edwards has not already done himself. I guess Carl AKA Eddie Haskell does not see it that way.

07/21/2010 01:33 PM

I agree with Susan,Ellen,Bob,J.J.,Rob.Lydia,(especially)runner88,Harold, Chuck,& Tom. I believe NASCAR also said “Have Fun”, this is not. It also seems to me that the majority have forgotten NASCAR also said something like “Have at it, to a point, cause we can step in and you don’t want us to “have” to do that.” Am I the only one that remembers “that” press conference on Speedtv. People say NASCAR painted themselves in a box, but they didn’t because “I remember” them saying “DO NOT STEP OVER THE LINE” Carl has clearly did that

07/21/2010 01:37 PM

I believe all fans best “long term” interest is all drivers finishing the race safely, and as long as one driver will dump the competition instead of race it. That is not always the outcome.

Severity of impact and intent SHOULD MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world.

Thomas you should read Vito article and maybe you will start to get an understanding of why most real fans of the sport are so upset. Do you think if Brad would have went and beat the sh t out of Carl nascar would have done nothing? No Way

The reason you have received more comments about Carl trying to kill someone in the last few days compared to the past 5 years is this is second time THIS YEAR Carl has intentionally DUMPED someone\Brad this year in a wreck that could have killed somebody. Do you want to drive a race car with Mad Carl behind you?

07/21/2010 01:43 PM


Just because you think the world revolves around you does not make it so.

We are not all on the same time my 2-2:30am was the time this site gave for my first post

07/21/2010 01:50 PM

I still contend that Edwards should have to take the pee test, if for no other reason than, like NA$CAR accused Mayfield, the amount of wrecks he has been involved in. That was NA$CAR’S chief reason for testing Mayfield. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…er duck. That could also clear up the steriod issue one way or another.

Doug In Washington (State)
07/21/2010 03:44 PM

No Penalty form NASCAR? Fine. I’m waiting for someone else to finally give Carl what he has coming… preferably at Richmond and knocking him into 13th or 14th in the points and missing the chase.

As for me, I just boycott his sponsors (not hard, I only ever patronized one of them anyway and there are plenty of better alternatives). If his Sponsors make him sit down a race, then maybe I’d consider going back.

07/21/2010 03:46 PM

Spot on Tom!
What a bunch of whining crybabies the modern Nascar fans are. If they are so worried about death and destruction they should NEVER WATCH any racing of any kind. Bowling is more their speed.

07/21/2010 04:01 PM

Another writer who exagerates for emphasis … Don’t think much of your opinion either..People see way to much black & white here…Bye Tom

07/21/2010 04:04 PM

Also think Harvick or Hamlin opinions are far more correct than some writer who won;t bother with facts

Kevin in SoCal
07/21/2010 04:09 PM

At the very least, Carl Edwards should step up and pay the repair bills for the other cars that wrecked on the last lap. I’m sure the teams would appreciate it and he wouldnt lose so much of their respect.

larry ostrander
07/21/2010 06:03 PM

whine whine whine-for crying out loud just let them race and quit boo-hooin about how rough one driver might be

07/21/2010 06:37 PM

Like Susan said, all sports have rules and if they are broken, you suffer the consequences. In boxing, for instance, you are allowed to beat your opponent bloody, but you dare not hit below the belt, or otherwise suffer points deductions. What Carl did was a hit below the belt. Drivers can race hard, they can trade paint and love tap the other guy. But you cannot hit below the belt and get away with it. If Carl did not have a history, if this was a first offense, if he had shown some contrition, than maybe our view of things would be different. But with his history of stupid moves, of going after even his own teammate, Carl got what he deserved. Maybe now that good old Jack got a 60 point penalty, Carl will get his arse kicked by the old man.

07/21/2010 08:11 PM

Thomas Bowles says “in my entire five-year career as a NASCAR professional.”

I’m glad you finally admitted that it’s your job to kiss nascar’s ass.
That’s exactly what a “nascar professional” is…a giant ass-kisser.

Drivers are the most expendable items in the giant nascar conglomerate. They can always be replaced. So, of course nascar isn’t concerned if a driver gets killed.

With idiots like Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards in the mix now the next on-track driver death may be in the near future.

In the meantime, while we wait for the next tragedy to happen, you need to keep kissing nascar’s ass. You’re very good at it and I’m sure they appreciate it.

07/21/2010 08:27 PM

If pit wall had stopped Brad when he came down from the outside wall rather than spinning him around, he would have been t-boned in the drivers door and very possibly hurt really bad. And Carl never expressed concern for Brad’s safety or any of the drivers who were involved in his “I did it” tirade. You call that racing? That was a really proud moment for him, right?

Rowdy, your points were right on.

07/21/2010 09:08 PM

Mr. Bowls. Broken record here, but there is a huge difference between a bump and a wreck. Huge difference in skill. And I think sometimes even when someone wrecks another driver, it can just be from over-driving – as in I am going to push my car hard – or crap I just got out of control in the corner and had to turn into the guy next to me to save my car – is different than what Carl is doing. Well at least I know not to waste my time clicking on other articles by this writer, given this thought process. Waste my time once, shame on you, twice shame on me. When is Matt’s next piece being posted?

07/21/2010 10:50 PM

Why doesn’t Carl just say “I just wanted to rattle his cage.” Case closed.

07/21/2010 11:42 PM

What the Phuck did Brad Do? Got dumped and kept his mouth shut and still gets probation. Nascar afraid he might finally do their job for them.

Good Bye Nascar, Aflac Fasstenal, Scotts and Vitamin Water.

07/22/2010 09:59 AM

Thank you, Tom. You put a lot of what I’ve been thinking since saturday night into words.


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