The Frontstretch: Top Ten Reasons Jeremy Mayfield Is Out Of A Ride This Week by Tom Bowles and Beth Lunkenheimer -- Wednesday August 9, 2006

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Top Ten Reasons Jeremy Mayfield Is Out Of A Ride This Week

Frontstretch Top Ten · Tom Bowles and Beth Lunkenheimer · Wednesday August 9, 2006


10. Got tired of Erin Crocker sneaking into his race car on Sunday mornings…as if no one would notice.

9. Too many of Kasey’s cars got destroyed by the Allstate commercials, so there’s none left for him.

8. The boxers left a not-so-nice gift on Ray Evernham’s office chair.

7. Shana threatened to divorce him if he didn’t take her to the outlets on Sunday…70% off!

6. Forced to enter therapy after traumatic incident involving Tony Stewart’s niece and a pinata.

5. Michael Waltrip scheduled meeting to make last ditch effort to sign him, which means by the time he’s done spitting out the sponsor list the whole weekend will be over.

4. Selected as a contestant for the game show, “Where In the World Is Ray Evernham?”

3. Thought throwing cans at other drivers was so much fun, figured he’d go try it himself!

2. Figured since he’s gonna get replaced by a “young gun” in the end, anyway, so why not just retire now?

1. Hard to compete when your replacement goes by the name “Million Dollar Bill.”

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08/09/2006 11:10 AM

Thanks for the list!

#11 reason – The new future owner of the 19 car (Mary Evernham) liked Jeremy and wanted to keep him!

08/09/2006 12:35 PM

There were no cars or Crew chiefs left for Jeremy, that’s for sure!!!

08/09/2006 02:07 PM

Man, Evernham sure screwed Mayfield over this year—I’m surprised Jeremy managed to keep his cool so well. Evernham destroyed the solid team chemistry Mayfield has enjoyed for the past two years to bolster golden-boy Kahne’s operation, and after some early-season success, Kasey looks like he’s going to choke away a spot in the Chase. If I was a free agent driver, I’d take a hard look at what Evernham has done before I’d commit to his race team. That three-car team should’ve been built around Mayfield as their ace, not the under-performing Kahne. Are you paying attention to all this, Scott Riggs? You may be the next one to get screwed over….

08/09/2006 03:00 PM

Fact is Jeremy is a mediorce driver. He faded both times in the chase. He tanked at Penske. If it happened only at everham then OK, but now twice?

08/09/2006 04:54 PM

fred you are 100% right couldnt agree more .he should have never said he was going to bill davis racing do to all the law suits that dodge has with bdr so with him out of the top 35 in driver pionts i dont blame ray one bit

08/09/2006 06:37 PM

I like how people jump on Ray for switching around his teams. How many times has RCR done this and it acctually turned out better? I mean look at how RCR has ran this year and they have switched around a lot. On top of that like what is mentioned Mayfield is mediocre at best. How many wins did Mayfield have last season with this team? One and it was a fuel mileage win. Kahne has taken the same resources and won 4 times thus far. These last few weeks I wouldn’t say Kahne has choked at all he’s had some horrible luck. How can you blame Kahne for his engine blowing up at Pocono with ten to go at while running in the top 10 or for the car being off at Chicago? The #9 team is in a little bit of a rut right now like all teams go through at some point in the season but he has a good stretch coming up after Watkins Glen that includes California, Michigan, and Richmond all three are tracks he has run very well at. Tony Stewart just got out of his rut and back into the top 10. This sport is full of ups and downs it doesn’t mean somebody is choking it means the team is struggling at that point but good teams overcome adversity and I’m sure the #9 team will do just that and it will be a lot better having Bill there to help out.

08/09/2006 07:22 PM

Here’s the bottom line… 2005 & 2006, Mayfield, 2 for 2 for the Chase. 2005 & 2006, Kahne, 0 for 2 for the Chase. Consistency is what Cup is all about, and Mayfield has shown it—Kahne has not. Wins mean almost nothing—would you say Mark Martin has been a disappointment the past 2 years for winning 1 race? Of COURSE you wouldn’t. Mayfield has done EVERYTHING that has been asked of him, and Kahne has not. And Jeremy’s reward? Get screwed by his car owner. He’s better off at BDR. At least he’ll be treated like the winner that he is. Kahne? All flash and no substance until he can accomplish what his teammate has. Let’s see if he can stop choking and get his crap together with Team Evernham’s number one crew chief. If he’s a better driver than Jeremy, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

08/09/2006 08:31 PM

Put Jeremy in the 23, Sadler in the 19, and Ward in the 28/38 and see what happens.

08/10/2006 10:09 AM

Kahne is the bset driver Evernham has without a doubt. Jeremy is and has been mediocre at best. Evernham builds champions ala Jeff Gordon. And besides he’s the owner and has every right to change up what ever his little heart desires. Everything I have read is that Jeremy can be a little difficult to work with and who in their right mind would call out their boss in front of the media ??? Put awesome Bill back in the car next year and there will be two if not three Evernham cars in the chase.. Kasey will make the chase this years as well..

Carrie Hancock
08/10/2006 02:06 PM

I say Jeremy has guts to call it like it is. How long is a driver supposed to suck up and keep their mouth shut, when golden boy gets coddled by the boss. Jeremy didn’t have success at Penske like he has had at Evernham. It’s too bad that NASCAR has gotten so much into the “pretty boy” attitude… If Kahne does end up chocking Evernham won’t get rid of him, because he’s the golden boy… UGH!!

08/10/2006 03:05 PM

Evernham devoted too much time this year trying to jump start Erin Crocker’s career. That was a total waste of time since the only cars she passed this year were on the interstate.

The rest of his time and all of his resources went to Kasey Kahne. Kasey is a good driver, but Ray can’t afford a one-pony show. You would think that he would have learned a few things during his tenure over at Hendrick Racing about having several teams in the Top 10 at the same time.

I think that Jeremy took the only option open to him that would further his career.

08/14/2006 01:57 PM

He was doing more than jump starting her career.

Jeremy is no dummy. His mouthing off at the press conference was a means to the end and more power to him I say.

He’ll settle into a team and soon show what a great talent he is.

Maybe we’ll see him in the 88?


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