The Frontstretch: Open-Wheel Wednesday: Spiders Don't Drive Batmobiles, Do They? by Toni Montgomery -- Wednesday September 25, 2013

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Open-Wheel Wednesday: Spiders Don't Drive Batmobiles, Do They?

Toni Montgomery · Wednesday September 25, 2013


Curse this long off period between races! It makes it really hard to maintain fan interest and momentum when a racing series drops off the planet for a month when it should instead be waging a great battle for the big trophy. It also makes it really hard to find anything to talk about.

The only real news has been the move of Montoya to IndyCar and Penske Racing for 2014, but our Huston Ladner has already covered that. That the series won’t return to Baltimore in 2014 is the other recent bit of news, but that’s been a topic of discussion and speculation since before this year’s event.

There’s always discussion about next season, but that seems a better topic for the long off-season months, especially once things like the schedule and who will race where become a little more apparent. Blind speculation too early is just kind of silly.

So what does that leave? Fluff, pretty much. OK, so fluff it is. Fluff can be fun, right? This particular bit of fluff focuses on driver personalities. It’s a bit of a pet peeve that the perception of those who are not IndyCar fans is of a bunch of cold fish, wine and cheese loving, snobby drivers with little personality. After every race event, one of our tasks here at Frontstretch is to go through the photos from the weekend and pick those we use with our coverage. In the process, there have been those photos that don’t necessarily go with our recaps or previews, but that just beg to be shared because they show a whole different side of the sport than most casual observers see. A picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words.

The mayor of Hinchtown made quite a splash when he premiered as the driver of the car that used to be driven by some woman…

Someone in Milwaukee thought it would be a good idea to give the drivers cream puffs…

…which inevitably led to this.

“Excuse me Simon but I was wondering if you’d seen a friend of mine around here…”

“…they call him Spiderman…”

“…and he borrowed my car last weekend.”

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09/25/2013 07:16 AM

Thanks, those were pretty cute. Many of the drivers are far from the wine and cheese stereotype by the way. Those State Fair creampuffs from Milwaukee were so tasty but oh so messy! Very fitting for the Victory Lane celebration.