The Frontstretch: Time For Mayfield To Fix Self - Forget NASCAR by Tommy Thompson -- Thursday September 24, 2009

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Time For Mayfield To Fix Self - Forget NASCAR

Thompson In Turn 5 · Tommy Thompson · Thursday September 24, 2009


The Jeremy Mayfield saga took an ugly turn for the worse Monday with the news that sworn testimony had been gathered from four men that claim to have first-hand knowledge that Mayfield did use methamphetamine on a regular basis. The three affidavits and one deposition adds credence to similar claims of drug abuse previously made by the 40-year old NASCAR driver’s stepmother. Mayfield had categorically denied Lisa Mayfield’s accusations and had portrayed her as a person with an ‘axe to grind,’ as well as being, in is opinion, criminally responsible for the death of his father.

Drug allegations came to light when Mayfield, driving for his own one-car team, failed a random drug test performed at Richmond International Raceway in May. From the time NASCAR informed Mayfield the following weekend at Darlington that he was suspended for violation of the sanctioning body’s drug policy, the Kentucky native has insisted that he did not, nor has he ever taken drugs illegally. Mayfield asserted that the positive results from the drug screening were due to a prescribed drug that he uses for ADHD (Adderall) and an over-the-counter allergy medicine (Claritin D) that he had used in combination prior to the testing in Virginia.

Whether Mayfield indeed had illicitly used methamphetamine has become a matter of frequent debate amongst followers of the sport. In fact, public opinion seemed close to being evenly split as to Mayfield’s innocence. Many within the stock car racing community sided with Mayfield and believed that NASCAR’s testing procedures were flawed.

Certainly the Mayfield case has put the spotlight on aspects of the NASCAR random drug testing policy. Issues concerning NASCAR’s reluctance to provide a readily available and definitive list of banned substances have come under fire. Likewise, the organization’s one week delay in notifying the driver of the test results and allowing him to practice and attempt to qualify at Darlington have put NASCAR “under fire” as well.

On Monday, news broke that NASCAR has sworn testimony from four men that claim to have first-hand knowledge that Jeremy Mayfield used methamphetamine on a regular basis.

However, though legitimate questions concerning the sport’s drugs testing procedures may still remain, the question of whether or not Jeremy Mayfield used amphetamines has now been adequately answered to the affirmative. Common sense dictates that one, or maybe even two, acquaintances might be bought, intentionally lying or mistaken, but it is highly doubtful that five individuals close to Mayfield would all be wrong or conspiring to ruin him.

In a deposition given with Mayfield and his attorney present, Mayfield’s former brother-in-law David Keith recounted witnessing Mayfield snort methamphetamine in his home, garage and car from 1998 through 2000. According to Keith, Mayfield’s drug use increased to daily usage.

Because Keith is an ex-in-law, it might be understandable to be suspect of his statements and discount his testimony as possibly malicious, not knowing the specifics of their relationship today. However, three friends of Mayfield have given sworn affidavits recounting drug use by Mayfield consistent with that of Lisa Mayfield and now, Keith.

Barry Lee, a friend from Kentucky, recounted having seen the driver use methamphetamine at least 50 times up to 2000.

Another member of Mayfields’s inner-circle, Michael Buskill, lived on the Mayfield property during 2006 and 2007 and also confirmed the drug use. In addition, another Kentucky friend Steven Russelburg stated, “During that time, I frequently saw Jeremy use methamphetamine, almost on a daily basis.” Russelburg said that Mayfield did not want his wife, Shana to know of his drug use and, “Most of the time this occurred at a barn on the property that had been converted to a shop”

Damning testimony to be sure. Mayfield has yet to offer a response to these latest accusations. Though, at some point he will have to surface and offer some feeble explanation for the avalanche of eyewitness testimony that pointedly contradicts his claims of innocence.

Jeremy Mayfield is in a corner and there will be no way for him to get out of it with his integrity completely intact. Many have rallied around him and even more have given him the benefit of the doubt as his story of a “false positive” was plausible. But the sad and startling truth is that Jeremy Mayfield is a user of methamphetamine and most probably has a drug problem that he now needs to face and deal with.

Why Mayfield has pursued the issue to the great extent he has is a question that may never be answered. He has offered heartfelt and courageous denials of drug use and vowed to fight the injustice of suspension from NASCAR even at great personal expense and with the knowledge that he probably never would compete in NASCAR again.

He and his high-powered attorney, Bill Diehl, have spent countless hours and, for Mayfield, countless dollars fighting NASCAR’s suspension of him every step of the way. He all but called NASCAR liars on numerous occasions on any number of issues, from when and if he had been notified of the drug identified in the original drug screening to how much time he was afforded to travel to a NASCAR approved testing lab for follow-up random drug screenings.

At any time Mayfield could have entered into a drug rehabilitation program and worked towards reinstatement in NASCAR. Instead, he chose to deny that he was in fact guilty and chose to lash out at anyone that said otherwise.

In addition to the new testimonies that NASCAR attorneys have provided the court, NASCAR has requested that U.S. District Judge Graham Mullen order Jeremy Mayfield to report for a psychiatric, neuropsychological and physical examinations by NASCAR selected physicians. Order or no order from the Judge, the Mayfield issue has all but come to an end.

To be sure, there is still plenty to question concerning NASCAR’s Drug Policy. Nevertheless, it did accomplish what it is intended to do – detect drug use among drivers and team members. It is not at fault for Jeremy Mayfield’s drug use.
Whatever the reason for Jeremy Mayfield to carry the ruse as far as he has, it is now over. The wife must know the truth that Jeremy tried to hide from her. There is nobody left to fool. The truth is out in the open, now.

If only NASCAR, in the first year of its augmented random drug program, had been in error! Programs are much easier to fix than are people. But that is now what Jeremy Mayfield will need to begin doing—fixing his problem.

And…that’s my view from Turn 5.

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09/24/2009 12:59 AM

Mayfield is officially history as a driver and team owner as far as many people are concerned. Here is a young man that was so pompous that he was sure he could beat the system. I am not saying that NA$CAR is perfect…they are FAR from it. Their investigation has proven that Mayfield IS a meth head. For you NA$CAR haters, look at the facts. If you are still supporting this loser, then you are probably smoking crack or doing meth yourself!

09/24/2009 04:11 AM

I have never been a big Mayfield fan, but I still find it hard to believe he was using Meth on a daily basis according to witness, and no one at the race shop or track suspected anything. This is hard to believe. Most every drug class I have sit in talked about how you started losing your teeth and hair if you were a regular user of METH. I do not know one way or the other if Mayfield is a drug user or not but it would be hard to hide the type of use described for 10+ years.

09/24/2009 08:25 AM

Isn’t it just so cozy how all these witnesses and statements are delivered to the public from one single source, NASCAR. I do believe that they do have a rather big dog in this hunt. Yet by so many of these wanna be reporters Nascars word is gospel and nothing Jeremy say’s has any merit. For those that have offered their UNBIASED, BASED ON NASCAR FACTS, ever wonder how you are going to duck being held responsible, liable, should there be no conviction of Mayfield? Don’t forget, this is NASCAR who is ALWAYS truthful and unbiased. These are lawyers who never put a spin on something.

Why don’t we just wait for this to work its way through the courts. At this point I’d lean away from NASCAR being straight forward and honest on this case. They have the most to lose.

The Turnip
09/24/2009 08:34 AM

I fell of the “TURNIP TRUCK”, (thats how NA$CRAP likes to view it’s fans), maybe you fell off the CABBAGE truck!

Your “ the question of whether or not Jeremy Mayfield used amphetamines has now been adequately answered to the affirmative.”



Let me count the $$$$ these people will make by “supporting” NA$CRAP’S claim!

And last but not least, your “ Though, at some point he will have to surface and offer some feeble explanation for the avalanche of eyewitness testimony that pointedly contradicts his claims of innocence.”


Maybe you should write a disclaimer to go along with this article!


(end of disclaimer)

The Turnip
09/24/2009 09:42 AM

Latest news from NA$CRAP Regarding the Jeremy Mayfield drug issue:






(last time these four (4) guys were seen, they were driving brand new pick up trucks) How nice!

AND THE REAL POINT of all this is????

If Jeremy used drugs as frequently as these guys stated, and NA$CRAP only caught him ONCE!

What does that say about their “drug testing” procedure/policy?

Never mind their “credibility”!

Whoops, there I’ve done it again, using “credibility” in the same sentence as nA$CRAP!

Well, just call me a DUMB TURNIP!

09/24/2009 09:51 AM

Wow, turnipguy you have issues. you need i would guess to see a shrink on a daily basis for 10 years like mayfield. lookit race fans mayfield has been coming unglued for years. the behavior is classic. it really started in public with the mayfield v evernham fiasco. look where that got him. word gets around the garage area fast guys and gals. no one wanted mayfield after that. sure he got in at bill davis racing but almost anyone can get in now with a check book. but it even started way before that. he couldn’t get along over at penske and they wasted him. only later did he say that he should have done better there. then he got his little wifey in there helping in the pr thing. the mayfields have been trash for a while.

Now lets see; let’s recount here:

first off it’s penske’s fault, ney evernham, ney nascar, ney bad lab tests, ney unprofessional lab guys, ney nascar spiked my urine, ney my mother-in-law, net my brother-in-law, ney “the system,” ney brian france, ney triad racing, ney dodge, ney my crew chief, ney myex-wife, ney bad directions, ney only 5 mins to pee, ney…on and on and on. trouble is with a drug addict is that all their lies, it’s really hard to keep up with and all their excuses. so a long list of people from penske (maybe even further back, huh? Maybe cale)…all these people are conspiring to hurt lil ole jeremy mayfield. the world is against him, he has so many conspirators lined up out his drug, uhh, i mean race shop to testify against him or to do him harm? please, for chrissakes. the guy has imploded and the mark of a drug abuser is taking everyone down with him that he can; drag all of who you can think about through the mud. hey, maybe his dad dies of a broken heart…anyone ever think abou that. maybe his dad knew. I gotta tell ya folks the people that are lined up to defend mayfield are ion for a rude awakening. the news media that jumped on his bandwagon to defend him just because they don’t like nascar are gonna eat crow. drug abusers will break your heart and they will use you up. go ahead and defend this piece of crap who will lie till the end of time to save his butt. that’s his only strategy and on his drug days he sees that the only way to pay his bills and keep his house and pannies he has to lie and creat enough doubt that a jury trial would be too expensive for nascar and they will settle. so a few million will take him a couple of years down the road (only a couple mind you because drug abuse will eat up most his money).

Now yall go ahead and defend this guy. What about the two business (may be more out there) that he has stiffed for a total of $150k? Hey what about those guys? did they conspire against mayfield? did they give him faulty parts and pieces and engines? he has taken their money and given it to his legal team. I can bet ya that $150k is gone. those lawyers took that up in the first 5 weeks of this mess. maybe mayfield will sell drugs to fund the legal habit he has created.

This guy is a gonner and he has no one but himself to blame and those who defend him just need help, that’s all there is to it.

09/24/2009 10:57 AM

This article, like most others, only gives Nascar’s side of the story. Mr. Thompson only reports the news that shows Nascar in a good light. Those court filings he refers to were dated Aug. 27th and give Nascar’s side of the story. No one in the Nascar Media has bothered to report of Jeremy’s court filing on Aug 14th. It lists 23 people who will testify that he does not use meth. This filing includes: Mayor Vance Readling, Catawba,NC. and Cecil Cook, Chief of Police, Catawba Nc. and many others who have personal contact with Jeremy.

It’s really funny how the Nascar Media can find all kinds of courts filings for Nascar and almost none for Jeremy. Nascar controls, yes they do.

09/24/2009 11:12 AM

Maybe it’s not so much folks are defending Jeremy? Maybe that it’s the lack of anything more than one drug test, which he then counters with another with different results, and unproven statements from folks whose credibility has not been put to the test by any measure except of course NASCAR!

Having been around and inside NASCAR, a licensed mechanic back in prehistoric times, since 1964, I have learned to take with a grain of salt the words out of Daytona, especially if they are being challenged. Before Jeremy gets convicted any more, lets look at this a year from know, lets see the real EVIDENCE! Lets see if NASCAR settles this out of court as in Marcia Grants case where she too was lying according to NASCAR. Why did they fire those accused people again?

It’s not to defend Jeremy, it’s about fairness, innocent until proven guilty and that hasn’t quite happened yet. OH! Was Jeremy honest about what he said about Evernham? Guilty of doing crack because he runs off at the mouth? No, that makes him guilty of running off at the mouth!

09/24/2009 11:34 AM

No way he was using for 0ver 10 years and nobody noticed? This is not a little weed, this is Meth, you cannot be a functioning daily user for that period of time. And who are these people? Users also no doubt.

09/24/2009 12:00 PM

wgg I have been around NASCAR too for many years. I was on DiGard’s team in the 80s. I know this sport as good or better than you do. I know about Bill Gazaway, I know about Richard Petty’s big engine win, I know about the “company car.” I know about a lot of stuff. So just because I do don’t make me right. But just because you do don’t make you right. I ain’t a fan of NASCAR whatsoever but you guys that are against them are just full of biterness…and hey NASCAR breeds that. They have nothing but themselves to blame on that.But for zeezuz sakes man. Mayfield is using these lawyers to create misdirect. That’s what they are good at. That’s what they get paid big bucks for. But tell me where is the money going that Mayfields owes his suppliers, HUH!? So they are innocent PERIOD! Mayfield made those contractuals arragements in his “good name” then went and spent the money on drugs or lawyers…You would be the same type that still thinks OJ Simpson didn’t murder anyone. Innocent until proven guilty, yea right. Simpson wrote “if I did it” he was so arrogant. He did it alright and stuffed it in front of everyone’s face until just recently. And even after Simpson was found “not guilty” in a court of law that didn’t mean he didn’t do it…Conversely, how about all those black folk inNC and TX that are now being freed because of new DNA evidence that proves they didn’t do it. Hey, where is your indignation about that one guy? All these years…yea they were “innocent until proven guilty” alright…they were guilty until proven innocent. But it took 10-20 years for the most part…So don’t spout that claptrap about innocent until proven guilty thing. What a crock. You think any self-respecting person would accuse NASCAR of the things Mayfield says they did, “spike his urine, Brian takes drugs, gave me the wrong directions, she killed my father”! Good gawd man they guy is twisted. he will say anything to get off. and for the record nascar saw where they were somewhat liable for the Marcia Grant case because they had some employees that misbehaived. they had to settle because yes there was some liability there. but it is documented that she ain’t a princess herself. so comparing these two cases is like drawing a line through dog do do. I guess you got your hands dirty.

Henry, ahh. The case of the dueling afidavits. wow that’s something new under the sun. mayfield has smart lawyers, whom by the way he is paying for with OPM.

Keep diggin Mayfield supporters. You are gonna look like the Simspon jury who should have done their job in the first place instead of holding OJ up for some sort of Martyr for perceived past injustices. OJ did it and so did Mayfield.

09/24/2009 12:17 PM

Dave —— My point is, that the Nascar Media does not report all the news. If you are going to put out stories about how guilty Mayfield is, why not put out his side of the story also. The media has done this from day one. About the only place you can find articles giving Mayfield’s side are the local Charlotte stations. You can’t tell me Nascar is not controlling this. If they are not, then you tell me why this is happening.

Bill B
09/24/2009 12:17 PM

I would think it is possible to be a user without being an addict. Most of the stories and sensationalized stereotypes are of full blown disfunctional addicts. Believe it or not, there are more functional users in the population than disfunctional users (functional meaning that they can hold a job and can pull it together enough to at least get by).
Those people you read about in the papers are the extremes.
With regards to the teeth issue. A full blown addict probably doesn’t have access to dental care or money to get things fixed, they probably don’t even brush their teeth for days at time while they are on their trip. On the otherhand someone making six figures (or more) can afford implants if need be.

09/24/2009 12:30 PM

And oh, by the way, where is that BIG SPONSOR mayfield claimed that was going to resue him? huh? they were just waiting to bring zillions of bucks to sponsor a has been! oh yea, I believe that one big wgg. I really do…Ooopps I know you are gonna argue, just like Mayfield, that WHEN HE FLUNKED A SECOND DRUG TEST (that of course NASCAR fixed too) that scared off his BIG sponsor. His “sponsor” was just waiting to place large sums of cash into mayfields pocket, especially when they found out he had stiffed other people. Oh, I know the world is against mayfield. NASCAR is all at fault for this. yes yes yes. little jeremy is so persecuted…man that’s just classic drug abuser doublespeak…I am tellin ya drug abusers will break your heart and use you up. until they get off their demons that is their MO. And dupes like you buy it hook line and sinker.

Amen Bill B. You might not want to make my argument for me and I understand that. But your comments are right on. People can be drug users and abusers and get on for years without detection. Hey Bernie Madorf fooled some of the smartest people on the planet for years in the BILLIONS of dollars. Thought he wa a good guy too. But look what he did. Robbed people of their lifes savings in some instances. made them nearly penniless. hey but he was a “whiz” on wall street. largest ponzi scheme in the history of the universe conducted right under peoples’ noses. so what does mayfield have under his nose…and hey wgg, a BUNCH or people covered for Madorf and didn’t even know it. thought he was innocent until proven guilty too, ey? look at the carnage he left.

Bill B
09/24/2009 12:41 PM

Look at Billy Mays. Even though he had a hyper personality in his infomercials I don’t think anyone associated him with coke. And look at how successful he was and how he was at the top of his profession.

09/24/2009 12:56 PM

Dave —— This is a quote from Mad Mike at Laidback Racing, concerning the $150K Jeremy owes the parts suppliers. Seems they will get their money. See, the media only reports for Nascar.

“Along with this, the NA$CAR controlled media continues to pile on their usual garbage attacks. When it came out that Mayfield was being sued by some parts suppliers, this was their lead story. Of course, what they failed to mention was that Mayfield had already talked with them and will have them paid off by December. A fact conveniently omitted by the lamestream media”

09/24/2009 12:56 PM

Amen Bill B. No one would have suspected Mays. And look at his family. They are doubting the autopsy results too. And that is very understandable. No one wants to find out that their loving spouse, child, or friend is something they have not seen or can’t even recognize. NO ONE wants to admit to that or swallow that. It’s human nature. But you know, something that hasn’t been talked about are two things:

1. I wonder when Mayfield’s team members were caught in the drug test earlier this year if they put NASCAR on to Jeremy? If they were using chances are they were dointg it themselves. And hey, let us not forget the press release Mayfield HIMSELF put out about that one guys and gals. Go find that wgg and Henry and all you Mayfield stooges. Go look at that. Mayfield HIMSELF says it all in that release…he didn’t doubt NASCAR’s test results on that one did he? (Now one could think Mayfield was trying to suck up so NASCAR wouldn’t come looking at him or one could think this guy is just downright brazen). And I didn’t make this stuff up guys and gals. Mayfield put that out there.

2. How about others that have been caught since Mayfield was? What about them? There have been at least half dozen or more banished because of failed tests. you don’t see them flying off al over the universe challenging these results? So what are you telling me that Jeremy is the only stand up guy here? if those failed tests were fallable then those who were innocent would dam right fight for their rights. Don’t tell me there isn’t enough at stake in their lives to try to fight NASCAR if they truly were inncent. You don’t here these “little people” squawlking about how NACSR spike thier urine…

09/24/2009 01:09 PM

I have had my say on it. So I am done but I will leave yall with two other points:

1. So Henry go ahead and “credit default swap” bet on that Mayfield will have those suppliers paid off by December…yea yea yea. I want to see that paid receipt on that one.

2. This was lifted from a reputable web site. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the piece but I saw the original press release so it must be true…

STATEMENT: The following is a statement from driver/owner Jeremy Mayfield of Mayfield Motorsports regarding Paul Chodora, who was found to be in violation of the NASCAR substance abuse policy: “Mayfield Motorsports respects the decision by NASCAR to indefinitely suspend Paul Chodora. We as an organization appreciate NASCAR’s drug testing policies and policing efforts as it makes the sport stronger overall. If Paul doesn’t comply with NASCAR’s reinstatement process, then he will no longer be an employee of Mayfield Motorsports.”(Mayfield Motorsports/Co-Pilott PR)(2-19-2009)”

Guess it doesn’t apply when it applies to YOU, right? Mayfield didn’t respect NASCAR’s drug policy when they got into his pannies. So why wasn’t Mayfield indignant about Paul Chodora’s results? I guess Paul Chodora is a drug user huh? But not Jeremy. And now that Mayfield has FLUNKED TWO tests, I guess the statement above that HE WROTE is just not valid, right? Yea and the Gulf of Tonkin resolution was righteous and the hunt for WMD was just.

09/24/2009 01:10 PM

Again, Dave, you listen to the Nascar media:

“”“I wonder when Mayfield’s team members were caught in the drug test earlier this year if they put NASCAR on to Jeremy? If they were using chances are they were dointg it themselves”“”

At Daytona a pit crew member Mayfield picked up while at the track to pit the car tested positive. The gentleman worked for MMI for a total of two days prior to the test and was let go immediately after the test. There were two crew members that tested positive the same weekend as Jeremy but neither was associated with MMI

The Turnip
09/24/2009 01:12 PM

WOW! People still “supporting” the NA$CRAP point of view!

Hey people, once again, how can ANYONE (supposedly) take that quantity of drugs, for that long a time period, and NOT FAIL A NA$CRAP DRUG TEST before the one in question?

And this issue, once again, is of the CREDIBILITY OF NA$CRAP! I don’t see it as one of the credibility of Mayfield as such, but with NA$CRAP’S history, (that counts right?), anyone that thinks NA$CRAP is pure and honest in all this just might be smoking that funny weed themselves!

Now we are comparing Madoff, O.J. Simpson, Billy Mays, etc, to the Mayfield vs. NA$CRAP thingy?

Only one left out, must have been an oversight, is a reference to Charlie Manson, but I am sure that comparison will be forthcoming!

AND! Why not compare Mayfield to King Brian, oh, right, King Brian takes his drugs, but the local police just drive him home so he doesn’t hurt himself or others.

Thank you very much for the tickets to the Speedway Mr. France!

So why is one ‘drug addict”, in this case Brain Farce, being allowed to make accusations against another (maybe) addict?


it is all about credibility!

09/24/2009 01:38 PM

Dave —- For your information, Paul Chodora did not test postive for meth. He did test postive but that was not the substance.

09/24/2009 01:54 PM

OK Henry you are correct. We are “point/counter-point” about the little things. I keep going over in my head, like Turnip I am being controlled by NASCAR

it’s Penske’s fault
it’s Rusty’s fault
it’s my crew chief’s fault
it’s Ray’s fault
it’s Erin’s fault
it’s NASCAR’s fault
it’s my stepmom’s fault
it’s the lab’s fault
it’s Dr. Black’s fault
it’s my car chief’s fault
it’s Brian’s fault
it’s my step brother’s fault
it’s my fathers’s fault
it’s my supplier’s fault
it’s my friend’s fault
it’s my sponsor’s fault
it’s the CoT’s fault (well that one may be true)
it’s the test result’s fault
it’s the caller’s fault
I was given faulty directions
it’s the reporters’ fault(s)
it’s Claritin’s fault
it’s hyper-activity’s fault
it’s the cup size’s fault
it’s the water I drank
it’s in the drinking water
it’s its its its

poor ole Jeremy Mayfield, the whole world is agin im.

09/24/2009 03:47 PM

For those that are comparing coke to meth? Ya got it all wrong, again. That is like comparing apples to oranges. Most competent medical folks will tell you that one hit of meth affects brain cells and receptors immediately and begins the process of addiction. Coke has always been used for recreation, it’s a different animal. Like I said, use the facts not NASCAR facts.

I’m defending the system, the need for facts, the need for real evidence. What the truth is in this deal is yet to be known. Jeremy hasn’t proved anything more than NASCAR has. Both are using rhetoric, not evidence, to make their own case. I simply can’t and won’t judge until I have a whole lot more than is out there now.
For the person ranting about Jeremy and his lawyer? Check out the powerhouse lawyers working for NASCAR, it sure ain’t poor NASCAR going it all alone against the world.

09/24/2009 04:46 PM

WOW – needless to say, someone of you will not be invited to the Mayfield Thanksgiving Day Feast. A few observations… One earlier post offered that Mayfield had plenty of support, people willing to vouch that they never saw him take any drugs. Not sure how that’s supposed to reassure me – so the mayor wasn’t with you at 10:30 at night while you were in your barn/shop?? Or at 7:30 in the morning when you first woke up and needed that extra something to get the morning off on the right foot? Also, everyone has a different tolerance level to any drug. One person is a quiet drunk after 10 drinks, another is a happy drunk after 5 drinks and others are nasty alcoholics no matter what. Same holds true across all drugs. There was another person who wanted to know why Mayfield only ever tested positive this one time, even though his alleged addiction had been going on for years. You need to be asking the question, how many times over the years has Mayfield been tested? I just don’t remember Mayfield waving around a document of dates showing every single prior test, planned or random, that was administered and passed – perhaps because there were no prior samples taken, or his system had been cleansed by that time? I just don’t know…I want to believe the guy so I’ll wait and watch the story play out but I just cannot see ANY corporation setting someone up to take the fall by “paying off” close friends – who could just as easily turn around, jump to Mayfield’s side and testify on his behalf that they were paid off to lie!?!?! Even if they signed confidentiality clauses, they’re only good if you are not breaking the law, and false accusations in an affidavit are against the law. Do we really believe the powers that run NASCAR are going to risk losing EVERYTHING by setting one man up, rather than just offer (on day 1 of this drama) the following response, “sorry Mayfield, our test was wrong. We’re hiring the best outside firm based on independent consultants so that this never happens again. And here’s $10 million for your trouble.” They would have taken a hit for a few weeks at best, brought in a new testing team and moved on. But now we’re supposed to believe that NASCAR is paying millions, and we do mean 10s of millions, to attorneys to keep this story alive?? I’ll give you one thing – if that’s what’s really going on, say hello to the new CEO of NASCAR – his last name is Mayfield.

The Turnip
09/24/2009 05:04 PM

And I take GRAVE issue with Tommy Thompson for making a statement such as follows (quote: “But the sad and startling truth is that Jeremy Mayfield is a user of methamphetamine and most probably has a drug problem that he now needs to face and deal with.”

What gives you, Tommy Thompson, the right to make a “statement of fact” as to whether or not Jeremy Mayfield , UN-EQUIVOCALLY has a drug problem?

What gives this writer the right to convict and hang Jeremy Mayfield based on “suspect testing” and “suspect witnesses”?

And what gives this writer the right to state, quote: “that Jeremy Mayfield is a user”, etc.?

Talk about irresponsible?

And I am wondering why the FS editors allowed this kind of statement by one of their writers to be printed?

And, for all you folks out there that may question MY stand and statements, I AM NOT A WRITER, I AM NOT TRYING TO BE PUBLISHED OR SPEAK FOR AN ORGANIZATION, in this case FS!

I think, and have always thought, that writers have a “moral” obligation to being somewhat “neutral” when making statemnts of “fact”!


And that’s my view from turn 8!

Richard in N.C.
09/24/2009 06:08 PM

The cited statements from (former) friends of JM are from filings made with the federal court – so they are exposed to criminal penalties, like Martha Stewart, if they lied. This is a lot more than he said, she said.

I have an idea, but I don’t know who is right and who is wrong. I do know 1 thing though – IF NASCAR is right, then JM has a problem that needs to be dealt with and all the media and court wrangling is only delaying his getting the needed help.

Tommy Thompson
09/24/2009 06:30 PM

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Tommy Thompson
Turn 5

09/24/2009 10:37 PM

@Roger…This ain’t your “normal” corporation. Or maybe it is, at any rate, read “The Dirt Under the Asphalt” by Jack Flowers. Some excerpts are available searching Google Books. The whole book should be mandatory reading for all those who think we’re just dodging black helicopters.

09/25/2009 12:13 AM

Like Dave I go way back with Nascar and like him, I too, worked for DiGard (back when Mario Rossi managed the team, Donnie Allison was the driver, and the race shop was located across from the Speedway in the old industrial park) . I left after Waltrip came on board, so I’ve seen a lot, too.

Here’s the thing, I think Mayfield has issues (mostly to do with insecurity and maybe even persecution complex), but I don’t think he’s a meth head.

Think about this, most of the people who claim that they saw his meth use on a daily basis say that it was daily. Then 1. why did they not step forward before? They had to know the danger [racing] the drug presents, 2. why wasn’t Jeremy detected before? If he was such a drug abuser wouldn’t it logically seem that there’d be rumors and an investigation into those rumors?

I think that what Jeremy says is true, that the false positive comes from a combination of the medicines used. And other labs/scientist agree.

Nascar does have a history of sticking to their views/story to the very end and Jeremy is the self-righteous sort and his pride is at stake…

Nascar and Jeremy will likely settle once all the “evidence” is introduced.

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