The Frontstretch: Get Born Again: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Leaves Behind Controlling Fans by Vito Pugliese -- Tuesday June 19, 2007

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"Sad sufferin'
I knew him when
Fair-weather friend of mine…"

Opening lyrics to “Get Born Again” by Alice In Chains

With the recent announcement this past week from Dale Earnhardt, Jr., the fans have begun to react in earnest to his decision to leave DEI and drive for "The Enemy," a term used in many responses to Junior's race team for 2008 and beyond.

Wait a minute…“The Enemy?” Seriously, is this what it’s come to? Last I checked, Junior's driving for Hendrick Motorsports…not Taliban-Fenway Racing or Hamas Enterprises. When I was growing up in the early 1980's, "The Enemy" was what was emblazoned on the packaging of the G.I. Joe action figures or battlefield assets that belonged to Cobra, the arch-nemesis of the Joes. For whatever reason, a reasonable chunk of Junior fans seem to be expressing a similar sentiment regarding a certain Charlotte-area car dealer. In this case, salesman Cobra isn’t just hocking consumer vehicles but also happens to own some race teams nearby, including a powerhouse team that their hero will join in the very near future, much to their dismay.

How they reach such a flawed conclusion is absolutely beyond me.

To be honest, I question if these are really Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fans or if they are Dale Earnhardt, Sr. fans that had chosen to follow his son in name only. Whoever they are, I am having a hard time relating to these acts of treason they claim have been recently perpetuated by Driver No. 8.

How did the fans lose their sense of reality? Well, you could see the divisions forming in early May, when Junior announced his intentions to leave DEI. There were those that were aghast that he was leaving what his father had built for both Junior and his siblings, along with those that wanted to greet him with a Tecmo Bowl high-five for sticking it to his stepmother, who they claimed refused to acknowledge who really was the "E" in "DEI". These were the people prophesying the impending doom of DEI in the wake of Junior’s departure, labeling it a second tier team with no chance of winning races again, all but assured that Teresa would run the company into the ground.

Since the opinions ranged all over the board to begin with, when it was announced that Junior was going to Hendrick this past week, it wasn’t surprising that many fans grew even further apart, with some beginning to show their true colors. What? How DARE Junior befriend the likes of Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon, the naysayers said! He might as well have gone and driven a Ford for Jack Roush! And why wouldn't Junior just go drive the No. 3 for Childress?! EVERYONE wants to see the No. 3 out there. What's wrong with him?!

Wow. A guy makes a decision for himself for a change, and people respond by turning their back. For all that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has had to endure since February 2001, these so-called "fans" owe him a lot more than what many have shown. It's bad enough he's had this specter of his father's success looming over him, constantly casting a shadow over everything he's ever accomplished or attempted to do. He’ll never escape these inevitable comparisons to his father, and will never stop hearing the questions of what the Intimidator would think of his career. But instead of backing him up in a time of great change, understanding the weight expectations constantly drag down upon their man in trying times, these fans are bringing their loyalty to their driver into question…and responding by threatening to walk away.

The excuse many have given to be upset about the Hendrick signing concerns those bemoaning the “end” of the Earnhardt-Gordon on-track competition. And what of this "rivalry" that everyone keeps talking about? When I think rivalry, I think of Richard Petty and Bobby Allison. Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt. Kurt Busch and ….well, half the field. Well, the only rivalry I ever saw between Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Jeff Gordon was between those whose cars and trucks were festooned with a caricature of comic strip hero Calvin relieving himself on a No. 24, or Gordon fans cheering as the black No. 3 made a hard left turn behind pit wall. The two drivers never had cross words for one another, and had mutual business interests to boot. Anytime they outran one another, each considered it an achievement. If anything, their relationship was a cordial friendly competition on the racetrack, hardly a “rivalry” of the epic proportion that some have erroneously made it out to be.

The “rivalry” has been even more diluted with Junior. He was the first to congratulate Jeff Gordon on tying his father's number of wins at Phoenix this April, and hasn't had any on-track run ins with Gordon since. As for Jimmie Johnson, he recently remarked that he was trying to pass him once, watched the left front wheel of Johnson's car as he was sliding it through a turn, and thought out loud to himself, "Man, this S.O.B. is TRYIN'!"

That doesn’t sound like someone who’s referring to an enemy. On the contrary, all Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has ever wanted was respect and appreciation for his efforts, not for what his last name is or whose son he was. It was why he left DEI in the first place. When he addressed the media for the first time following his father's passing in February 2001, he sat in a red long-sleeved Budweiser T-shirt with his hat on backwards and said, "I've cried for my father out of my own selfish pity."

Until now, that was about the last time Dale Earnhardt, Jr. had done something for himself. How pitiful that a man so selfless is left to deal with so many supporters that have turned so selfish.

Well, it's high time some race fans set aside their own ambitions of seeing the black No. 3 out on the race track and give the Intimidator’s son an opportunity to flourish. It’s time for Junior to not drive constantly in the shadow of his father, to go out and make his own way with a new team and a fresh start. Junior has made it abundantly clear that living with his father’s career hanging over him is the exact opposite of what he wants to do while driving a race car. He is not the driver of car No. 3. He is not his father. He is not trying to be his father. Yet there are many who still refuse to accept that out of their own selfish interests. It’s surprising, as this is a professional race car driver in his own right who has had a pretty successful career to date. Junior’s 32 years old now, not the 15-year-old with a mini-mullet and GM Goodwrench uniform, observing from the background as we've seen in a number of video vignettes as of late. Respect should be a given at this point, not a reward for decisions selfish fans want Junior to make.

Hopefully, all of this means that Junior will start from scratch with Hendrick. I would venture to guess that he would like to as well. While he would probably love to take the No. 8 with him since it was his grandfather's number, maybe it might be best to leave that in his past, too. I believe he will run car No. 81, his number from JR Motorsports that he runs in the Busch Series. I have a hard time believing that Teresa would exchange car number 8 for number 5, the number that was synonymous with Geoff Bodine, two drivers that had a genuine disdain for each other in the mid-1980's when The Intimidator was One Tough Customer in the Wrangler Jeans Chevrolet.

In the end, though, the number won’t matter as much as the physical change of scenery for Junior. Although it is sad to see that it actually did come to this, a son leaving the company his father created for him, it is also an exciting time in the life and career of one of the most popular and charismatic drivers in the sport. Junior is now out of the comfort zone of driving for his family and stepping out on his own. Leaving behind a tumultuous eight years behind, Junior has the chance to be reborn at Hendrick Motorsports and establish his own identity for himself.

Unfairly, it’s a move that will seem to continue to upset more than a few fans of his and his father. Of course, any meaningful growth in life comes with some pain, trial, and tribulation. Junior is sure off to a strong start in that regard with the reaction from the NASCAR fan faithful, but as he has shown in the past with his father's passing, driving injured, and missing the Chase in 2005, Junior will emerge from this a far stronger individual, no matter how many supporters he has remaining.

And, with any luck, a Nextel Cup Champion.

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06/20/2007 05:41 AM

Sorry, your mistake!

Jr. is the DIS-LOYAL ONE!

Jr. was led down the path of destruction by Sis Kelley, he did not do this on his own!

Jr. is the one that threw DEI under the bus!

Jr. is the one that did not perform at DEI!

Jr. is the one that never went to team meetings to provide input to improving the DEI cars!

Why would any fan want to follow this little lost child?

06/20/2007 06:25 AM

I am and always will be a fan of Dale Jr but one thing I won’t do is buy any Junior merchandise with a new sponsor or car number on it as part of the proceeds will go to Rick Hendrick which will in turn support Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. Call me a fair weather fan or whatever you want but as much as I want to see Junior succeed I also refuse to support Jeffy and Jimmie in any way, shape or form.

I realize and freely admit that Hendrick has the strongest equipment on the track over the past couple seasons and that from a performance standpoint alone Junior made the right decision but as a lifelong fan of the Man in Black or anyone else with the last name Earnhardt it is my opinion that nobody…I repeat NOBODY would have worked harder and more tirelessly to give Junior championship caliber equipment than Richard Childress.

Now before you jump all over me I am NOT a fan that wanted Junior to jump into a black #3 Goodwrench Chevy. Do I hope to see that car on track with an Earnhardt behind the wheel someday? You bet your a** I do but I want it to be done when Junior or anyone else with the last name Earnhardt decides the time is right and wants to do it.

Nick Danger
06/20/2007 06:27 AM

Article is dang skippy.The previous comment from Doug is WAAY off base.I think Jr. should use the # 08,this would signify his new start in 2008.Thanks

06/20/2007 06:33 AM

Thanks Douglas for underscoring Vito’s point. You Douglas were never a fan of Jr’s.

06/20/2007 06:46 AM

Vito I agree with everything you say a true fan would not turn their back on their favorite driver. I look for JR to drive the 08 or 81 like he did in bucsh a few times. Go JR!!!

06/20/2007 07:02 AM

Prior to this announcement Jr’s fans were comprised of three contingencies; True Jr fans, Sr fans that became Jr fans by default, and jackasses that are more into hating Jeff Gordon than liking Jr (these are the idiots throwing things onto the track). If nothing else this move will cull out those that are have agendas other than supportind Jr. Good riddance to them. Jr will be better off in the long run without them. Plus this was his goal, to make his own legacy and not live in the shadow of his father and the past. What better way than to cull out those that were fans for the wrong reasons.
As for the rivalry why won’t people realize that it is non-existent in reality. The only rivalry is in the fans’ minds. Why is it so important to make a villain where there is none.

M. B. Voelker
06/20/2007 07:08 AM

Very well put.

I’m neither for nor against Jr. and I was a Big E fan. But for years I’ve been vainly crying out against those Jr. “fans” who want to turn Jr. into a clone of his father’s ghost.

IMO, anyone who would abandon Dale Jr. for a change in team, sponsor, or even manufacturer if he’d chosen that route never was a Dale Jr. fan to begin with. A fan of the legend of Big E perhaps, but not a Jr. fan at all.

(The legend of Big E having, at this point, very little connection with the actual man Ralph Dale Earnhardt).

Steve Cloyd
06/20/2007 08:05 AM

I never cared for Earnhardt Sr., mostly because of the fans that supported him. I always have liked Jr. in spite of many of those same fans. These are typically the same no nothing idiots that throw beer cans on the track.

Now maybe I can fully support Jr. if enough of these fools jump off of his bandwagon. For that alone I think it was a great move on his part.

By the way, this made me laugh; “Jr. is the one that never went to team meetings to provide input to improving the DEI cars!”

Wow! Someone privy to all the behind the scenes action at DEI is here with us! Amazing! I’m sure that is a 100% factual statement because I read it on the internet! Hahahhahahhaaa!

06/20/2007 08:07 AM

I agree with everything the intimidator said except I don’t ever want to see the #3 back on the track except for special occasions.

Enemy? Ask a Packers fan what they consider the Bears or the Vikings. Enemy is probably one of the nicer words. I love all the judges and juries and “experts” who have decided who’s a “REAL” fan and who’s not. Why does it matter to you? You’re staying with the guy. Some people are moving on and it looks like the Gordon and Johnson fans are happy to jump on the bandwagon so he’ll probably end up with more fans than he had before last Wed. I’m think the Hendricks bunch is hoping they won’t catch so much crap from Jr. fans now. Still a free country, guys. We can pick and choose a different driver every week if we want to. I was with Jr. all the way in leaving DEI, but I have never followed Hendricks…even before Gordon and it’s not going to start now.

06/20/2007 08:40 AM

I have to say that I have never been a Hendrick fan so that part is going to always feel weird, but I am a JR fan.
I followed Ernie Irvan for years and had to endure many moves late before he retied. But I remember a certain bush race with a young kid in Gargoyle’s car running pretty well till it broke. Right then I liked the “kid” driving it, cause we was very honest. Yeah I followed JR from then on. Once Ernie retired I was sort of lost, no driver. JR became my driver then. Im not dropping my support for him now. Cant say as I will be pulling for JJ much, but I have gained respect for Gordon and think Mears is cool. I’m just glad I wont have to deal with fans such as ole dougie boy anymore

06/20/2007 08:43 AM

Vito…you are WAAAY off base!

First off WHO are you to tell anyone what makes a “Real” fan??

I CAN be a fan of some individual but not like the person , or company they work for, or keep.
Or, that against YOUR rules for me too Vito?

I am a Jr. fan in your words, “by default” since I was a a Sr. fan from waaay back.
BUT, I DO NOT CARE if Jr. drives the #3!! If he does, he does.. if not OK. Just saying I think no one other than an Earnhardt should is all. And, if not Jr. FINE!

I agree if Jr. doesnt want to, AND I support his decision to leave DEI , or more specifically Teresa.

What I dont support however is his CHOICE of teams.

I (and I suspect many others) would have been fine with ANY other team BUT HMS!
ANY OTHER TEAM!! Got that Vito??
I DONT (and have NEVER) like HMS!! Period!!

While I DO support Jr. I do NOT , can not,and will not support HMS in any way shape or form.

You misunderstand Vito.

It has EVERYTHING to do with not liking Rick Hendrick and HMS , then ANYTHING to do with not supporting Jr.

06/20/2007 09:06 AM

Maybe it has to do with the fact that Hendrick is a convicted felon who bought himself a presidential pardon.

Maybe it’s the fact that FMS (Felony Motor Sports) teams are known for being the biggest cheaters in the sport. Maybe it’s both.

Some people just won’t support any driver or person who associates themselves with someone like Rick Hendrick.

06/20/2007 09:06 AM

And why is it that you don’t like HMS? Do you realize that you are letting your hate (for HMS) dictate your actions instead of your love (for Jr.). Doesn’t that seem a little warped and negative?

William T.
06/20/2007 09:26 AM

Maybe it has to do with the fact Jr. fans are the biggest diehard, hard-headed a**holes on the face of the earth.

I like Jr. but I do not follow him simply because his fans. Has anyone realized that the Majority of Jr. fans have the brain capacity and intelligence level of a 3rd Grader? If you don’t believe me, just scroll back up and read postings above

M.B. Where are you? We need some of your lashing out when needed. Talk about irrational animosity. This way over does Jeff’s hatred of the Busch Brothers.

06/20/2007 10:16 AM

You said, “Wow. A guy makes a decision for himself for a change…”
You were kidding, right? Kelly makes the decisions. I’m becoming more and more convinced that Jr is incapable of thinking for himself.
He and Kelly tried to strongarm the company way from TE. Jr might be that dumb, but Kelly isn’t. She had to know that it wasn’t gonna happen, but would help with the public perception when they made their move. Would they really expect to take what the possible inhertance of Kerry and Taylor as well? If he was willing to throw his other siblings under the bus due to “the magnitude of being” him, good riddance.

06/20/2007 10:51 AM

I like all drivers except Busch’s, get tired of JJ winning, like Jr and think he is really a mature guy and has handled a big load. More power to him, I hope he is successful and can’t wait to see how he does with better equipment. Tomorrow he is going to tell all these posters where they can work and how they should live!!!!!

06/20/2007 10:53 AM

One more win and he’ll tie Geoff Bodine! Get a grip people…can’t you just like the guy because he is a nice guy instead of making more of this than it is?

06/20/2007 11:45 AM

Sympathy fans. That is what makes up the majority of the Dale Jr. fans base. Is this a revelation to people? Without the untimely death of his father, Jr. would be just another mid-talent driver. At least going to Hendrick, the question of just how talented he is can now be anwsered.

06/20/2007 11:46 AM

I have been a longtime Mark Martin fan. Not only because of his ability to drive a race car, but who he is as a person. When he changed teams AND manufacturers I never once questioned my loyalty. I had to respect his decision. I have never been a rabid Jr. fan but have always cheered for him to do well. Not only for his ability to drive a race car but for who HE is as a person. So I also have to respect his decision. Ability and character is what I look for in a driver. Not who they drive for or against and Jr. has both. Respect his decision.

Michelle Ivey
06/20/2007 12:24 PM

I am glad that someone has finely said the truth. A real true diehard fan of Junior’s would care less who is drives for as long as he is happy. To me thats all that matters. Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of the other drivers for Hendrick, but that will not stop me from cheering for my man. He needed someone who acts like they care about him and lets face it DEI and Teresa didn’t. That was apparent when she had the nerve to ask him to pay for a company that is his birth right. It’s not only his but Kelly, Kerry and Taylor’s birth right too.

06/20/2007 01:10 PM

bold 2 time Busch Series Camp, 17 time winner in Cup, winner of an All Star Event, Winner of the Daytona 500. Yup, he can’t drive. We just support him out of sympathy.
Give your head a friggin shake.


06/20/2007 04:01 PM

No long drawn out post for me. I’ve never been a fan of Hendrick Motorsports but do respect their talent. If that’s the place where Jr can finally get great equipment I’ll follow him all the way. How many times does he have to say he LIKES rick Hendrick. The so-called rivalry is mostly in the minds of the fans.

Race Fan
06/20/2007 04:08 PM

Nobody that is a true fan of NASCAR would stop rooting for a driver because he changed teams. The people jumping off the bandwagon are the idiots you see at races who act like Dale Jr. is the only car on the track. If Dale Jr.‘s team change results in these people going bye bye, I have no problem with that. His true fans will be happy that he is going to such a high caliber team as Hendrick Motorsports. Notice that Junior has not been setting the track on fire lately. Going to Hendrick will help him contend for wins and championships like he never could at DEI. If I was a Dale Jr. fan, I’d be salivating at the prospect of seeing him in Victory Lane as often as we do Jeff and Jimmie. As another poster said, these idiots are Gordon haters more than anything else. Unfortunately, there are so many people walking around wearing the Bud #8 you can’t tell who the real fans are.

06/20/2007 06:00 PM

I never have been nor will be a Dale Jr fan! With that said, I think he is a traitor but the good thing is it will show all Jr nation once and for all hes not a great driver! He is your next Mark Martin, he will win no doubt but never will get a championship. As far as Kyle Bush, It doesnt matter to much where he goes, by the time he is Jr’s age 32, he will be a 2 time champion! I hope Hendrick regrets letting his best driver getaway for just a name and a few wins!

06/20/2007 08:45 PM

Kinda reminds you of that “6.7” Budwiser commerical doesen’t it.
To all you Kelly haters out there, “lighten up” cut her some slack, she looked out for him when they were growing up.

06/20/2007 09:05 PM

I agree with Marti and Renegade points. Also Don’t expect Junior to win anymore of those most popular driver awards anymore either!
Some of the three legions of Junior fans will be following someone else real soon, like now! My guess is the Dale Sr. fans like myself will go to someone with more like Harvick and Childress or the other DEI teams. We will have to start comparing guys like Harvick and Stewart to being the new anti-Gordon’s! Guys who stand up to everyone else in the garage and don’t back down. Who cares about Hendrick’s teams anyhow! It sort of reminds me of how in the 90’s how the Bulls kept defeating my beloved Knicks every year in the playoffs and guess what? I never ever praised the Bulls! So that’s loyalty! Cheering for Hendrick’s teams just does feel right, so don’t do it! Maybe Hendrick will gather up a bunch of 3 dollar bills and buy another Presidential Pardon from President Clinton.

06/21/2007 08:03 AM

Mindcrime, I respect your views and Im hoping you can respect mine.

While I really do like, and wish Jr. well in his career…I simply don’t know how to seperate the driver from his team owner now.

How can I support Jr. winning, buying merchandise, etc. and it not benfit Rick Hendrick??

Hers a portion of rather long post I made @,1436.15.html if you’d care to read it and maybe see where Im coming from…and feel free to join in if you arent already.

“First and foremost I was a fan of the late Dale Earnhardt for basically..well… lets just say pretty much forever.”

“Jeff (Gordon) is from a different generation, I have little in common with him.I cant see Jeff with grease under his nails or busted knuckles.I cant see myself going fishng with him or having a beer together, or going out to the garage to work on my old Chevy with me. A pretty face with manicured nails is what I see.A guy that claims he is from Indiana..or is it California? It seems to be wherever he is at the time.
An upstart that seemingly came from thin air, given the best equipment and never came up thru the Busted Knuckle Hard Knock Academy. The kind of guy who dates models and runs in the club scene, hobnobbing with Hollywood.
A guy quick to blame others, a guy that readily takes credit, a sense of entitlement and air of superiority.A guy that seldom if ever admits fault. A NASCAR “yes man” who takes every opportunity to appear as the voice of ALL drivers. A guy that with the loss of Dale Sr. when NASCAR needed a face of the sport.. Gordon became the chosen one.

In Rick Hendrick I see much the same. A man who appears arrogant and superior (to me). One of those “Everybody has a price” guys. A flashy money man.One who cheats,manipulates, bribes to get Im sure has NASCARS ear.A guy who doesnt hesitate to use death or health as a way to benefit, or promote himself.A disgusting, despicable man.

I simply don’t like them!!”

“I wish Jr. well in his endeavors …wherever he is. I care what happens to him and I understand why he is leaving DEI.Even though he is younger he is a lot like the old man and he is therefore blood to me

Yes,I like Jr….I AM a fan! But…I simply cannot root for HMS.

Kinda like a son who has a drug problem, or involved in somehting you despise. You love the son..but you hate the drugs and what they represent.Love the sinner..hate the sin. “

I simply cannot, and will not support what I feel to be a cheating, manipulating,rotten from the head down, corrupt organization that I see in HMS.

In short…I feel Jr. signed a deal with a smooth,sweet talking Devil who was in the right place at the right time and knew exactly how to play Jr.

06/21/2007 08:58 AM

It makes me laugh when people cannot differentiate between driver/team, and also hate people they do not even know, let alone see what is really going on inside of their souls.

Hating on Jr., Kelly, Hendrick, Gordon, Buschs, or anybody shows your shallowness, and weakness in the character department of being a human being.

It is just racing, it aint about life. Do the racers and those involved in it pay your bills, did they beat up your dog or kid, did they cheat on your spouse, or foreclose on your home…..get the picture.

If a driver is your driver, it don’t matter what team he races with. He is your driver and you support him. Enough said!

I support Jeff Gordon, and I support HMS only because they give HIM good equipment. I could care less about JJ, Mears, or Busch unless they can help him in a race so that he can either win or get in the top 10. Other than that, they can wreck for all I care. I want my driver to win.

I believe any true JR fan would feel the same.

06/21/2007 08:05 PM

I’ve been reading all this palaver, and it seems to me that a lot of people need to get a life. It’s okay to enjoy racing, but it just entertainment. Jr’s going to work for HMS is not on the same level as say, Colin Powell heading the Al-Queda. Also seems to me that a lot of people have mistaken NASCAR for church, perhaps because both are on Sunday, and have mistaken their favorite driver for Jesus Christ. Love everybody, worship only the savior, and watch the racing, but don’t get all knotted up over it. Jr will be all right wherever he is. He’s smart, he’s a good driver, and has won about as many races as Buddy Baker and Neil Bonnett, Dale’s best friend. I would say that puts him in pretty good company.

06/22/2007 07:42 AM
permalink all win. Im NOT a “true fan “(even though Ive been one for over 27 years) I guess.

Rick Hendrick is a saint!

“Racing is my Church and Jr. is my God “(I never even once said anything remotely like that even though thats what im being accused of)!

Im a “hater” (never ONCE said that ugly word..and I dont BTW)! “Shallow and weak in character” because I cant support HMS!

Ive tried to explain my feelings but evidently since I only have a “3rd grade education” Im incapable of expressing thought.

WOW!! Im glad this is all cleared up now.

THANKS Vito and others for telling this idiot (Me) how, and what I SHOULD be feeling and thinking!!

Go HMS!! (Ive been assimilated!!! Not! :) )

PS: I cant help but notice one thing. Most of the ones who arent bothered by this are Gordon or HMS fans. Of course THEY cant possibly see why I say, or feel the things I do. Im told I should be happy, and its a good thing!

And it IS! For THEM!!

As I said previously..ANY, ANY other team and we wouldnt be having this discussion.

Anything good Jr. does (win races, sell merchandise, etc)will directly benefit Mr. Rick Hendrick and I will NEVER NEVER help encourage , or support that! Sooo…while I still like Jr. VERY much, I wont actively cheer for, or purchase merchandise of his any longer due to this.

I dont like Rick Hendrick ..PERIOD!!And that is my right, and opinion. We are (I thought) still entitled to that.

Thats all I got, like it or’s mine!

PPS: I doubt Rick, Jeff, etc will lose any sleep over this fact.Why should it bother you who disagree with me?? You wanna cheer him, and HMS on..go right ahead, and good for you…I wont be though

06/22/2007 10:01 AM

Has anyone other than myself thought that Teresa is the reason Jr. left his father’s company. I am and always will be a fan of his wherever he may go. I think his father is probably very upset with Teresa right now. That company was built for Sr’s kids.

06/22/2007 06:03 PM

I have to say that I think that the stinking movie “3” by Barry Pepper has done more to mess up the image of Dale Earnhardt and his family than anything that could have been done. New fans don’t know the difference and old fans like myself, Blu, and MB don’t understand the hoopla. I like Dale Jr, and like to see him win. I wish he would get a sponsor besides Bud, and I wish him well wherever he is.

Just thinking back, I have a friend, Glen Bright, who quit watching racing totally the day Dale died. Now that is a true fan of Dale. It was kind of like the day Buddy Holley died, or maybe Elvis. I am afraid that this larger than life fictional legend is getting way out of hand.

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