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Truckin’ Thursdays: Truckwhackers? Not a Problem

With all of the talk about Buschwhackers and their invasion of the Busch Series, I started to wonder about “truckwhacking” and whether or not it might become a problem in the near or distant future for the Truck Series. Although you have the occasional appearance from guys like Mark Martin and Kyle Busch, truckwhacking will most likely never be the problem buschwhacking has become, even though it might in some cases be helpful for the series.

The Craftsman Truck Series runs plenty of standalone races that conflict with the Nextel Cup schedule, making it difficult for drivers to “double-dip.” Many times, qualifying schedules overlap or are timed so closely that it’s virtually impossible for the Cup Series drivers to make both races. The Truck Series also uses completely different setups, making truckwhacking virtually useless to those just looking to get more track time. Guys like Martin and Busch race the Truck Series simply because they enjoy it. Do I agree with it? Sure, why not? Who am I to say a guy who loves to race can’t do just that?


Truckwhacking wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if NASCAR were to regulate it correctly. The experience the Nextel Cup drivers would bring to the Truck Series could add to not only the learning opportunity for the younger drivers but also to the excitement of the races. Add to that the added ticket sales simply for those that are Nextel Cup fans, and you’ll see more publicity and money to help the series become a bit more popular.

Although there is a large fanbase that attends Truck races simply because of the Truck Series regulars, the series could still benefit from having a few truckwhackers in the field each week. But don’t worry Truck Series fans! I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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