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Top 10 Things Brian Vickers Is Doing Instead Of Attending Hendrick Team Meetings

10. Battling with Nick Lachey and Stacy Keibler over who will be the point guard for the Hollywood Fame ABA team that all three partially own.

9. Plotting against Jeff Gordon and planning the demise of the Hendrick empire.

8. Watching more Cartoon Network.

7. Practicing plugging his sponsors, just like fellow future Toyota driver Michael Waltrip.

6. Picking out aftermarket accessories for his complimentary Camry.

5. Sleeping in.

4. Visiting Internet dating sites now that his Hendrick teammates won’t introduce him to supermodels.

3. Building a mean addiction to Red Bull.

2. Starting rumors about who will be his Red Bull Racing teammate next year.

1. Meeting with Toyota Racing Development executives, divulging the secrets he learned at Hendrick Motorsports over the last four years.

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