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Top 10 Things Heard on The Rick Hendrick Team Radios Last Sunday

10. No. 24: “Junior bumped me, Junior bumped me, Junior bumped me, Junior bumped me, Junior bumped me again. Tell NASCAR to make Junior stop bumping me, If Junior bumps me again, I’m telling!”

9. Pre-race, to the Nos. 5, 24 and 48: “This is Rick. Can you boys hear me? OK, good. You’re my boys! You know I love each and every one of you. Go out there and get ’em!

8. No. 25 (all race long): “Hello?” (tap tap tap) “Hello?… Is this thing on?… Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home? Hello?”

7. Pre-race, to the Nos. 5, 24 and 48: “Hey boys, this is Papa Rick again. Y’all remember the new hand signals from the last team meeting we, wait a minute, OK, listen boys, everyone just nod their heads so that other guy will shut up!”

6. No. 24: “Junior is bumping me again! Make him stop! We are going sooooo fast, this is really unsafe! Tell him to stop bumping me!”

5. No. 5 to the Nos. 24 and 48: “I got 10,000 junior bacon cheeseburgers that says I beat both of you today!”

4. No. 25: (tap tap tap) “Hellooooo!? Helloooo? Echooooo echoooo, Now now batting batting for for the the Yankees Yankees… (giggle)”

3. No. 5 to the No. 25: “Calling No. 25. Come in No. 25. I can’t remember your name, but I got 5,000 junior bacon cheeseburgers for you if you give that No. 48 a nudge!”

2. No. 48 to the No. 25: “OK, number 25, listen up! At the count of three, we pull out and pass Jr. Ready?! 1, 2, ”

1. No. 25 cutting in on the No. 48: “Hey guys! My radio is working now! Wait! Wait! Do we go ON 3, or 1, 2, 3 and then, OOPS!… Oh, great! I suppose they’re gonna blame me for that now, too! Helloooo?”

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