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Top 10 Reasons NASCAR Threw the Green with Safety Trucks Still on the Track

10. It was all a misunderstanding. When race control said, “That wreck was MEAN!” the flagman thought they said, “Next time, we’re going green.”

9. Shane Hmiel sent a pepperoni and magic mushroom pizza to NASCAR’s suite.

8. Nothing boosts the TV ratings than total destruction on the track.

7. Can you say brain fart?

6. With all the weird things that happened in the Busch Series the night before, NASCAR couldn’t let them get all the weekend publicity.

5. OH! Those darned night races start AFTER Happy Hour!

4. The driver of the safety truck wanted to make sure his “Dale Earnhardt Jr. ROCKS!” sign made it on national television.

3. How do you follow a 14-car melee at the end of lap 1? Send the field flying at 180 mph toward a few safety trucks! Wreck-mongers, rejoice!

2. Traditionally, NASCAR waits until the safety trucks are back on pit road. That’s now history! And why not, since they have abandoned their roots and most of the traditions and history of the sport already?!?

1. Huh? What green flag? If NASCAR can be in denial, we can, too!

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