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Top 10 Things Going Through David Ragan’s Mind During Sunday’s Race

10. Wow! Look at all those people! So that’s what the stands look like when they’re full!

9. I’ll just follow these other cars for a while and see where they go…

8. Ya know, someday, I might win one of these things. I better practice making some smoke now!

7. This is great! In the Busch and Truck Series, we have a LIMITED number of tires to use!

6. What was that I learned in Driver’s Ed, if the rear of the car is skidding left, turn the wheel to the left, or was that right?

5. If only I can remember everything that Bodine guy taught me, I should do alright!

4. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Just how long IS this race, anyway?

3. Oh, CRAP! What was that again? Turn into the skid? No, I think it was the opposite, WHEEEEEEEE! Wow! That’s a lot of smoke!

2. Having just played his handheld Black Jack game before the race, suddenly the number “21” and “Hit me!” flashed through his mind.

1. I think I better stop here until that man puts that metal bar down! He looks upset. How long IS this race anyway? WHEEEEEEE!…

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