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Top 10 Robby Gordon Excuses for the Object Seen Flying From His Car

10. “It’s me, not you! Err, the dog ate my homework! Umm….”

9. “That wasn’t roll-bar padding, that was a bottle of Jim Beam. I thought they really needed the airtime.”

8. “I ran over something on the track, and this time it wasn’t another car. What is everyone complaining about?”

7.Reed Sorenson did it!”

6. “It was just a little roll-bar padding. I figured NASCAR would overlook it; after all, they somehow didn’t see the safety truck at Charlotte!”

5. “I’m named after my Dad, too, but does NASCAR throw ‘debris’ cautions to keep me on the lead lap? No… so, I had to make my own.”

4. “No one thought the No. 31 car was a championship contender when I drove it; time to make sure it stays that way!”

3. “I was just trying to play fetch with the Lucky Dog!”

2. “NASCAR paid me to do it. They wouldn’t stand for Jeff Burton to win the Nextel Cup in the Cingular car.

1. “It was debris left over from when I took this baby off-roading in Baja last month!”

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