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Top 10 Excuses Given by Craig Curione For Knocking Kevin & DeLana Harvick to the Ground

10. “So, we were walking right by the No. 7 hauler when suddenly, a large piece of something black and round comes flying through the air outta nowhere! I was just trying to protect Mr. Harvick and his wife.”

9. “Everyone says Kevin is such a hothead… so I wanted to see for myself!”

8. “I was just trying to ask them for an autograph, and I stumbled.”

7. “Well, it’s been a long time since I had a good ass-whooping, and the timing just seemed right.”

6. “Hey, you don’t mess with the Curione Family! You put one of ours in the wall… we put two of yours on the ground!”

5. “I don’t know what happened. Somebody must have ‘checked up’ in front, ”

4.Mr. Riggs paid me $20,000 to do it.”

3. “I swear! I said, ‘There’s the Goodwrench Team!’… not ‘There’s a Good wench for the team!'”

2. “I was sick and tired of my dream job anyway.”

1. “All I know is I got right up behind her and it must have taken the air off her rear end ’cause the next thing I know, she got real loose, waggled a bit, and went down. I never touched her… Kevin just got caught up in it.”

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