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Top 10 Ways to Pass Time During the Offseason

10. Celebrate all the holidays you missed throughout the racing season… like your wedding anniversary and spouse’s birthday.

9. Christmas IS coming, so drink enough spiked egg nog that you lose track of time. It’ll be Feburary before you know it!

8. Memorize your children’s names. Remember, practice makes perfect!

7. Put in a few extra hours each week at work. The overtime pay will help you afford your favorite driver’s new gear.

6. Write angry letters to Brian France and Mike Helton.

5. Head to a Nextel Cup team’s shop in Mooresville. If you squint really hard at the cars through the glass of the viewing area, they almost look like they are making laps.

4. Take a road trip! Make a conscious effort not to draft other cars, perform a bump and run, or clip a palm tree while entering your condo complex.

3. Lobby your state representative to sponsor/support a bill to make the Monday following the Daytona 500 a Federal holiday.

2. Wander aimlessly around Lowe’s for hours signing “We are the Champions” repeatedly until security escorts you out. Thanks, Mistie!

1. Keep reading Frontstretch! We’ll keep you entertained, at least when your boss isn’t looking.

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