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Top 10 Pieces of Debris That Punctured Kevin Harvick’s Tire

10. Metal canister filled with strange liquids that rolled out of David Reutimann‘s car after his crash.

9. Kyle Busch‘s hedge trimmer; he forgot he took it with him for a quick shave before the race.

8. Nail from coffin used for Michael Waltrip‘s season.

7. Paper shredder used by Dale Earnhardt Jr. to rip up DEI contract after engine failure.

6. Needle from Tony Stewart‘s Ronald McDonald voodoo doll… with [Kevin] Harvick‘s head plastered on.

5. Shock absorber which “mysteriously” broke off Jeff Gordon‘s Chevrolet. Miraculously, another one appeared just in time for post-race inspection!

4. Dale Jarrett‘s rearview mirror, thrown out the window due to lack of use.

3. Cell phone carelessly thrown away by fan, mistakenly thinking it was useless after hearing “Cingular Is The New AT&T.”

2. Bullet shot by sniper standing on top of U.S. Army pit box.

1. Actually, the tire just went flat, but when Goodyear’s involved, you’re contractually obligated to say “debris.”