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Top 10 Reasons There Will NOT Be a Petty Racing at Daytona This Weekend (First Time Since 1965!)

10. Been there, done that.

9. “The King” just turned 70 this week and let’s face it, the older you get, the longer it takes to recover from birthday parties.

8. All of the Pettys are at that age where nothing beats a good nap on a Saturday afternoon.

7. Richard didn’t want to risk winning number 201, and Kyle is simply happy with eight.

6. Figured they’d skip one since some of their prior investments seem to be panning out.

5. Just no fun in Daytona since Bill passed away.

4. Pettys are boycotting Daytona since Brian officially changed his title to “The King of NASCAR.”

3. Didn’t want the consecutive number of years at Daytona to exceed the numbers on the Petty cars.

2. NASCAR-issued restrictor plates were accidentally delivered to the Victory Junction Gang Camp, and the kids used them to heighten the “trucks” on a camp skateboard.

1. Kyle’s mom grounded him for two weeks – “if that’s the kind of language you use when doing that silly racing thing!”

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