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Top 10 Reasons Kyle Busch is REALLY Mad at his Hendrick Teammates

10. They have supermodel wives – AND can remember their names.

9. The company holiday cards were sent out signed “Rick, Jeff, Jimmie, Casey and Kurt’s Little Brother.”

8. Just because it says Corn Flakes ON the car doesn’t mean they need to put all those Corn Flakes IN the car!

7. They make him use the guest bathroom at the shop – and all the fans stare.

6. They named all the shrubs out front “Kyle,” but they talk to them more than him!

5. Underwear mysteriously appears at top of HMS flagpole at least once a month.

4. Exploding golf balls.

3. They’re forever eating his lunch out of the shop fridge.

2. He has normal eyebrows – and the girls STILL like them better – it’s not fair!

1. Somehow always gets “accidentally” elbowed into that damn fountain EVERY single week!

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