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Top 10 Signs Your Crew Chief Is About to Resign

10. He was seen entering the NASCAR trailer with a resume in hand.

9. The kid in the shop with the broom now has a hard card and all the car notes.

8. His lawyer sent you paperwork for a legal separation.

7. Instead of his name on the back of his uniform, it says “Space for Rent – Your Name Could Be Here.”

6. He leaves the clipboard in the car so you can “take notes.”

5. He made sure his golf clubs and fishing pole were packed on the hauler, but forgot his toolbox and laptop back at the shop.

4. You have been driving the same two cars all season, one regular and one CoT, because he “just doesn’t feel like building them.”

3. After you get a Darlington stripe, he tells you “Bring her behind the wall so we can beat traffic.”

2. His motorhome now has a sign in the window that says “Boca Raton or Bust.”

1. He tells you, “Just because it’s my setup ON the car, doesn’t mean I care what goes on IN the car!”

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