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Top 10 Things More Exciting than the 2007 Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono

10. Grandma’s Quilting Bee
At least you get all the latest juicy gossip.

9. Watching the commercials
For, like, the millionth time, just because it says Bud ON the car, doesn’t mean there is Bud IN the car, Crazy, mutant, desert, consumers.

8. Watching NOL’s Garage Cam for 10 hours straight
At least you see your favorite driver, even if his name isn’t Junior or Kurt.

7. Living on a deserted island
Those messages in a bottle really spice up the decade.

6. Driving on the New Jersey Turnpike
Not much to look at, but at least some people get passed.

5. Most of the previous NASCAR races at California Speedway
10,000 fans under the grandstands can’t be wrong!

4. Counting Sheep
At least you don’t have to pay $100 to fall asleep.

3. The Championship game in the 108th Annual U.S. Open Chess Tournament
Even if there were more fans than at California Speedway this spring.

2. Waiting for your Shrub to grow up
May take forever, but at least it’s entertaining.

1. Watching cement set in
It’s actually just as boring, but it doesn’t last as long.

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