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Top 10 Things Overheard at MIS During the 2-Day Rain Delay

Authors’ note: We’d like to thank fellow Frontstretch¬†editor Cami Starr for helping us with this week’s top 10!

10. Tony Stewart: “Hey, anyone want to build a raft? We could race…”

9. Denny Hamlin: “Hey Tony, now that I’m not the new guy, Can we start hazing Kyle yet?”

8. Kevin Harvick: “Tu me conduce el guapo, er, el gato, uh, el guano, You drive me bat****, Montoya!”

7. Ryan Newman to Martin Truex Jr.: “I know the infield is a lake, but the only thing you are going to catch out there is crabs…”

6. Brian France: “We will do all we can to get the race in this week – unless MIS wants to write us a fat check; then we can postpone it until November.”

5. Kyle Busch: “OK, Who put the flour in my umbrella? REAL funny, Denny, I’m not even your teammate yet!”

4. Casey Mears: “OK, Junior, the first Bingo number is B9, No, 9 is taken, you can’t have that on the car next year, OK, O48, Sorry, ok, I17, okay whose bright idea was this? Jimmie!”

3. JJ Yeley, Kenny Wallace, Joe Nemechek, Sterling Marlin¬†and Jeremy Mayfield: “So, Mr. Childress, can I take you to dinner?”

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr.: “OK, guys, just because I have Bud IN my coach doesn’t mean I want Bud ON my coach!”

1. NASCAR Officials: “Hello, O.K. Snowplows? I’d like to inquire about reserving a pace plow for the day after Thanksgiving, “

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