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Top 10 Reasons Dale Earnhardt Jr. Didn’t Make the Chase

10. After all that’s gone on at DEI this year, Junior just didn’t want the pressure. Now, he can just race!

9. Didn’t want stepmom to have the satisfaction.

8. Didn’t want to have to leave his championship trophy at the “Dale Earnhardt Inc. Museum” that will be fielding cars in 2008.

7. Figured some of his winnings would be tied up in the lawsuit and used to pay off Sterling Marlin and Joe Nemechek.

6. Wants all of his championships to be with one team.

5. Well, when your average starting position is 13.9 and your average finish is 17, “You’re going the wrong way! You’re going to kill someone!”

4. In a cost-cutting measure, Teresa ordered the guys who build the engines for DEI’s Busch teams to also build Junior’s. Too bad no one told them the races were longer.

3. Figures if Teresa won’t let him use the No. 8, there’s no sense winning her a championship in it… especially now.

2. Steve Hmiel, in a desperate measure to get his son Shane to stop asking him for money, talked Teresa into hiring him to work as a “helper” in the DEI engine department.

1. Maybe, just maybe, he’s just not a good as the Busch brothers. (But at least he’s got them on looks!)

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