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Top 10 Things Overheard During the Kyle Petty/Denny Hamlin Exchange

10. “Look at that! Kyle’s glasses are all steamed over. Ya think he’s upset about something?” – Anonymous Hamlin Crew Member

9. “Listen here, you little puke! Don’t you know who I am!? I’m the Prince of NASCAR! My daddy is the King!” – Kyle Petty

8. “I am sooooo mad right now! Why, I oughta poke you in the eye with this little finger brace thingy I’m wearing!” – Kyle Petty

7. “Just cause you got a handicap plate on your car don’t mean you gotta drive like one, old man!” – Denny Hamlin

6. “Denny, if he tries anything, go for his teeth! Can you imagine a Petty missing a left front tooth!?!” – Denny’s crew chief, Mike Ford, via in-helmet radio

5. “Hey graphics, get ready! When we replay this incident, I want you to put a pointer on each guy and follow them using PPM (punches per minute!)” – ESPN Production Trailer

4. “Don’t move! You got a fly on your visor! Let me get that!” – Kyle Petty

3. “No wonder there is a No. 45 on the side of your car! You’re so slow, that’s the position you finish in!” – Denny Hamlin

2. “You don’t know it boy, but you just blew it! From now on, all the shipping needs for the Victory Junction Gang Camp will be handled by UPS!” – Kyle Petty

1. “Hey, ma! Check ‘dem boys out! Now dat’s funny right dare, I dun’t car who you is! Dey sure as heck ain’t no Allison and Yarbro now, is dey?! Dem boys knew howda put awhuppin on back den!” – Anonymous Southern sofa tator, yellin’ to his woman

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