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Top 10 Possible Reasons for a Family Switch at the Helm of NASCAR

Author’s note: In an article by SPEED’s Robin Miller last week, he spread a rumor that Jim France will assume the throne at NASCAR, becoming CEO and replacing his nephew, Brian France. Supposedly, Brian will remain in the racing business, simply moving to the France family-controlled Grand-Am Series instead as CEO.

At this point, it is only a rumor; but the prayers of millions of NASCAR fans certainly couldn’t hurt!

With that in mind…

Top 10 Possible Reasons For A Family Switch At the Helm of NASCAR

10. There IS a God after all!

9. God lost a bet to Dale Earnhardt Sr. in a Heavenly Poker game.

8. The request for the switch was found in the very last paragraph of Bill France Jr.’s will.

7. The Grand-Am Series is suddenly in need of “over 75 million fans.”

6. The Grand-Am Series is running just perfect… but Brian knows in his heart that he can make it better.

5. Brian likes and uses the Series sponsor (Crown Royal) infinitely more than he does Sprint.

4. Uncle Jim got a hold of some incriminating photos of Brian, a palm tree stump and a “Coke.”

3. There are too many wings and splitters on the Grand-Am Series cars, and it looks like they need to be replaced by spoilers and valences. Brian is just the man to get the job done.

2. Grand-Am Series television ratings are just way too high.

1. The rest of the family – on the advice of their broker – finally realized that he just shouldn’t have ever been the CEO in the first place.