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Top 10 NASCAR-Themed Halloween Costumes

10. Demolition Denny – Looks almost like your local FedEx carrier, but comes with crumpled sheetmetal and an empty but mysteriously wet gas can.

9. The Brian – Looks almost like NASCAR’s head man, but comes with crumpled sheetmetal and an empty Coke can.

8. Ricky Bobby – Back by popular demand! Slap on a pair of tighty-whiteys and start running.

7. Combat Carl – Complete with Raging Red Face, Super Smirk and Air Punch Action.

6. Dale Jr. – The most popular of all costumes. Dads, quit following him around… just cause there’s Bud on the costume, doesn’t mean there is Bud anywhere in the costume.

5. Loren Wallace – Don’t beat him to the door, or he’ll put you in the wall. That is, if you can catch him; he’s a hundred miles away, son.

4. Casey Mears – Hide behind your friends in Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson costumes (sold separately) and then sneak in virtually unnoticed and steal some pretty good candy while they argue over who’s faster.

3. The All-New Jeff Gordon – Comes complete with a tolerable personality and an ample supply of diapers.

2. Hollywood Hammond – Comes with free inflatable Sidekick Darrell. WARNING: Wearing this costume does not enable the wearer to wrestle steers or sit in the hot tub.

1. NASCAR Blonde Bombshell – Completely interchangeable! Just hang on the arm of the driver costume of your choice – it’s the only way anyone can tell you apart.

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